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  10. Dog show weekend for Scarlet
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  19. Scarlet's going to a dog show!
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  22. Question
  23. Specialty shows
  24. Rumor question -forgive my ignorance!
  25. Rumor at Westminster
  26. I can't get my GSD to lead in the ring
  27. So close and yet so far... Can he be 6 months old yet?! (also, lead/collar recs?)
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  29. Who was the 2016 World Sieger champions?
  30. Why do you show?
  31. CH Soul Eater
  32. The dog show world is awesome
  33. Just a week away
  34. German Shepherd Handler in Ma
  35. Belated new Champion
  36. Really want to get into exhibiting dogs.
  37. Busy busy busy!
  38. What a weekend in Canfield!
  39. No more stacking coming to America?
  40. I would like to see Rumor Has It bred with Omen vom Radhaus
  41. ICKC shows
  42. We have a CHAMPION!
  43. Westminster 2016
  44. SV Rating Show Advice Needed
  45. Orlando Show
  46. When's the 2015 World Sieger Show?
  47. GSD specialty this weekend
  48. To show or not to show?
  49. The Marcato Crew is WESTMINSTER BOUND!!!!!
  50. GSDCA National
  51. Everything you need to know about Conformation
  52. Service Dogs at Dog Shows?
  53. Gait training, and what collar?
  54. Conformation Class
  55. Practice paid off!!!
  56. W00t w00t!!
  57. Getting ready for the show season
  58. Coat color
  59. The Bob Seger Littler - Ten Months
  60. showing Carly tomorrow at a UKC show
  61. Body Condition
  62. Stacking
  63. WGSL in AKC?
  64. She's DONE!!!
  65. Shwoing working dogs?
  66. Major brags!
  67. Where to get a good show lead
  68. When did you know your puppy was ready to show
  69. Westminster 2015
  70. Need to get my dog UKC evaluated.... WHERE?
  71. Who is the 2014 World Sieger Champion?
  72. First point!!
  73. Ratings Shows and What to Expect
  74. Grooming for AKC shows
  75. Dog show day
  76. Breed Handling classes
  77. German Showline Breeders in NY/PA/CT/NJ area
  78. Anyone going to the Orange County NY show in September?
  79. Steel Valley Cluster
  80. WUSV North American Sieger Show 2014 in Dallas
  81. Learning about GSD Conformation
  82. What to consider when agreeing to co own.
  83. New Grand Champion
  84. How to get started??
  85. Showing with ears taped?
  86. Sieger shows in US and Germany?
  87. Showing W/L in breed shows?
  88. 2013 Cruft GSD Winners, I LIKE them! :)
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  90. Westminster
  91. Who's going to the National Seiger show in May?
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  93. Advice on showing a puppy?
  94. Critique my stack?
  95. Showing Carly in Chickasha OK
  96. My convoluted birthday dog show weekend
  97. List of all USA Sieger winners?
  98. AKC Judge Information
  99. Can someone explain this picture to me?
  100. New Champion
  101. Sending Show Dogs To Colder Climates
  102. Raise a Year old female Neck for show
  103. 2013 GSDCA National - unofficial blog
  104. How to get them animated?
  105. 2013 WDA Southwestern Regional Conformation Show, AD and Breed Survey
  106. DDR AKC Show Dog!
  107. Sabra is now a UKC champion and has AKC points as well
  108. anyone attending the canadian nationals?
  109. Preparing for the national
  110. 2013 UScA Mideast Regional Conformation Championship, AD and Breed Survey; Oct. 4-6
  111. Question to the AKC confirmation peeps
  112. No VA placements, only ratings
  113. The (frustrating) road to getting Sage's championship
  114. SV Show and Breed Survey - Houston
  115. Any shows/events coming up on east coast?
  116. Looking for a pro handler
  117. Sables in UKC and AKC
  118. Win pics!
  119. Sabra got her first AKC points this past weekend
  120. Honey Doll is doin' me proud
  121. Mentor
  122. Show product on your GSD?
  123. Working line shepherds and confirmation
  124. Action shot of Sage
  125. Wesson's Best Opposite photo
  126. advice needed
  127. Apsel starting to practice for 2013 nsgsdss
  128. How to decide to show your GSD or not?
  129. Go, Wesilu, go!!!
  130. Sage, goes from tornado to dog show
  131. learning conformation
  132. World Dog Show GSD BOB
  133. Why do some gsd puppies wiggle when they walk
  134. Sage's Best of Breed photo arrives
  135. 9 month boyo.
  136. Going to our first show!
  137. First time UKC show
  138. Info about Frank Tate?
  139. Need Help - German Shepherd Gaiting
  140. SV-Conformation Questions
  141. Attaining a Major
  142. new AKC point schedule for 2013
  143. showing a female in season?
  144. Westminster
  145. USCA Sieger Show 2013
  146. OG Carolina Spring Conformation Show
  147. OG Landheim Conformation Show
  148. Showing Question (WKC specifically)
  149. UKC Show This Weekend
  150. Judges for 2013 GSDCA National & Centenial Events.
  151. Brag for Wesson
  152. Which venue?
  153. Should I even try to show my dog?
  154. UKC is NOT lower quality
  155. Shampoo
  156. workıng line in a conformation show
  157. Joining a Club
  158. white shep turning yellow..
  159. Dryer for show?
  160. Gaiting vs. Pulling
  161. List of Bundessieger winners?
  162. Long hair question
  163. Vixie's first show
  164. Should I Show Varick In The Future?
  165. So day 3 of the dog show was GOOD
  166. The National Dog Show
  167. I've been bitten by the "show" bug (aka I showed Kip for the first time this weekend)
  168. GSDCA National
  169. Losers this weekend, I have win photos from the last show!
  170. More dog show tales with a naked GSD
  171. stacking, and conformation; what exactly is this ? why is this important to gsd?
  172. Conformation questions
  173. Stacking help
  174. junior showmanship tips?
  175. Carly goes Best of Breed today.
  176. Considering showing my Eastern European GSD.
  177. collars, leashes, martingales, etc - need recommendations
  178. Whisker trimming
  179. Molly's first points
  180. Carly's winners photo from the Okla City shows
  181. Adventures at the all breed show in Little Rock
  182. white shep
  183. Apsel's having a good summer
  184. Anybody gonna be at the Steel Valley Cluster?
  185. Apsel makes me a proud Mama again
  186. winning is WAY more fun
  187. New Ch Title
  188. Pictures from the OG Buckeye Regional Conformation Show
  189. We are 5 days away! Eeek!
  190. Registrations and Conformation?
  191. SV show: OMG! All the running!!!
  192. Specialty Brags (New Champion)
  193. Upcoming Show in CT
  194. NACA results (Molly's first show)
  195. BIG Brag!!
  196. GSD specialty in Oklahoma
  197. SV Shows - Eligibility?
  198. Zefra: SV show next month
  199. Joining the GSDCA
  200. Amended UKC Standard, Thoughts About Possibly Showing
  201. Filly settles in!
  202. A Long Weekend
  203. Showing in UKC with a fault (non GSD)
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  206. SV/Specialty Ring Training
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  208. Lucy Ball shows a dog!
  209. New addition
  210. CH now heeling...
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  213. sable gsd seiger
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  215. Westminster Dog Show 2012
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  217. What does it take to be a Seiger World Champion
  218. 2012 USA Sieger in Indianapolis
  219. GSD won the herding group at the Eukanuba show today!
  220. Show and work?
  221. Kopper is very easty-westy!
  222. Well, it's official...
  223. What doe having a "weak rear" mean?
  224. Orlando Nat.
  225. Preparing for a conformation show
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  229. Well, we did it...
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  231. Nass 2012
  232. Show Collar Preferences
  233. How can I get these little "horns" to lie down?
  234. Anne-Isles Promise Keeper
  235. Handlers available for the 2011 NASS
  236. GSDCA Nationals
  237. What Sire is Known for....
  238. Codie, Calie, Kenna, and Connor
  239. Dura
  240. A Few Show questions...
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  244. Critque/tips?
  245. Canadian Victor & Victrix 2011
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  248. Canadian Nationals
  249. I like ta move it, move it!
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