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  1. Georgia Protection Training Needed Roswell, GA
  2. IPO Nation Live
  3. Experiencing Being Sidelined For 1st Time
  4. American Schutzhund
  5. Considering Schutzhund/IPO
  6. Experience On Intro/New Puppy
  7. Prancing
  8. Getting Started with a Puppy Books?
  9. Interview with Mike Diehl
  10. IPO training in Virginia Beach, VA
  11. IPO not just for fun?
  12. Daily Schedule
  13. Who bred this dog?
  14. Puppy Supplies/Toys
  15. Recording titles
  16. New to IPO
  17. BH a prerequisite?
  18. Do you know this Dog
  19. IPO in Delaware or Maryland
  20. Helping a beginner
  21. Heel transitioning from lure above head to a ball/tug reward located elsewhere?
  22. FCI/AWDF/USCA issues
  23. Bottcher harness
  24. In the books!
  25. New to ipo
  26. Schutzhund the way it was intended to be
  27. Forrest Micke
  28. Question on puppy bite training
  29. Usca or dvg
  30. Pictures From Last Saturday Club
  31. Schutzhund
  32. Ipo in omaha
  33. exaggerated neck position in focused heal??
  34. Will IPO clubs allow a non GSD to train at their club?
  35. LE dogs-Why not go for the gun arm?
  36. Lacking Engagement?
  37. Not interested in playing
  38. SVV1 vs IPO
  39. New rules for IPO 2019
  40. IPO training in Southern AZ?
  41. Schutzhund Club/IPO Training in Los Angeles County, CA
  42. Unintentionally Capping Drive?
  43. How to teach IPO when dog is not food motivated?
  44. Suggestions for when dog picks it’s head up off the track?
  45. Will someone let me know the appropriate place to sign up for IPO 1?
  46. Trying to find a good place to train my 8mth pup
  47. Seeing the track?
  48. Favorite way to teach hold the dumbell
  49. Looking for Schutzhund in Washington State
  50. Interesting Tracking App
  51. Dog- Fantastic..Human-needs to walk along walls for a week.
  52. Introducing Age to the Track
  53. Nosework sport vs IPO tracking
  54. first day at a IPO club
  55. Schutzhund training
  56. A Few Things I have Heard or Read..
  57. Learn IPO training online. Possible?
  58. Ipo woes
  59. Nearly Ready For BH!
  60. collie IPO
  61. Observations from my first IPO Trial
  62. puppy obedience for IPO
  63. Dave kroyer.... great site.
  64. Phasing Out The Tug
  65. IPO pup training needs needed (my fingers hurt!)
  66. Suggestions for a Beginner
  67. AWDF Championships
  68. 11 Months Old, first off the table sleeve work
  69. Never done ipo and had a question about my dog
  70. Ok got the focus to fix all the positioning lol
  71. Schutzund Newbs
  72. New to IPO
  73. Working Puppies!
  74. Focused Fuss entice/object and being vertically challenged
  75. Dak attack!
  76. First Time..
  77. How long is a FH1 track in miles?
  78. Aggression incident today - still okay to train schutzhund with my dog?
  79. Difference Between IPO3 and ZVV3
  80. What is a Schutzhund club supposed to do?
  81. IPO training in Northern AZ?
  82. Training help!!
  83. Burn, obedience and protection
  84. Get a new dog or retrain current dog??
  85. PP vs Schutzhund / IPO
  86. 2 Dogs, only 1 doing schutzhund... Help!
  87. Teaching Bark and Hold
  88. The puppy is a year old! Questions about getting a BH test and titles?
  89. when to start in protection
  90. Probability of "non-papered" GSD success in IPO?
  91. Jackson (Metro Area) Mississippi training
  92. Club choices in Ontario
  93. Difference between IPO 1, 2, and 3?
  94. couple pics from Athena's training
  95. Schutzhund genetics
  96. IPO protection work
  97. WGSL dogs are IPO sport dogs, right?
  98. Copper gets Tr1 and high tracking
  99. Good app for tracking?
  100. random thought about self preservation
  101. Uggh! Too much whip!
  102. Looking for Locals
  103. Thought this was a good video
  104. Apollo likes the sleeve.
  105. schutzhund protection training books?
  106. 2 dogs got their BH today
  107. How to evaluate a young puppy for Schutzhund
  108. Burn vom Feuergarten, BH!
  109. 2017 USCA GSD Nationals
  110. Off day or not....
  111. Using bite tugs with treats inside or smell with food to increase bite intensity
  112. Advice on getting my dog titled/ipo
  113. Beginning decoy/helper work advice thread
  114. a reminder,
  115. Mix breed vs pure bred USCA
  116. Training in boots?
  117. Dealing with two sport dogs in the home and on the training field
  118. Info on Bolle Ja Na Ka?
  119. Newbie needing advice.
  120. Club day. Athena doing a little bite work.
  121. Bark and hold.
  122. good clubs/trainers in Southern California?
  123. At a loss on what to do...
  124. Schutzhund clubs
  125. Training heeling/obedience for schutzhund?
  126. Tracking articles in trial
  127. Burn, May obedience/protection
  128. IPO Beginner Obedience
  129. Schutzhund Clubs in Charlotte, NC Area?
  130. Schutzhund training clubs in Southeast Michigan?
  131. Resources for someone interested in Schutzhund?
  132. IPO/Schutzhund Clubs in SoCal Area?
  133. All New! By Popular Demand! Raff Training Pics & Video!
  134. Looking for scratch pants/jacket on a budget
  135. Training the Send Away
  136. Have you run into any dogs from . . . ?
  137. New Raff Pics--Training in the Park!
  138. How often do you train your dogs?
  139. Lord
  140. Sorry for all the questions but if anyone can give me feedback about this please!
  141. Question on understanding title "lingo"
  142. How do I get started with Schutzhund Training?
  143. SchH/IPO Clubs/Trainers
  144. Blind search command
  145. SchH/IPO Club in MI?
  146. Faster than a Speeding Puppy!
  147. All New Raff Training Video!
  148. Updated Raff Training Pics!
  149. Schutzhund Clubs - Muskegon, MI?
  150. By Popular Demand--All New Raff z Weberhaus Training Pics & Bonus Video!
  151. Too old to start?
  152. Evaluating young dog for IPO or Ring
  153. All New Raff Training Pics!
  154. Schutzhund competition
  155. Insurance/liability issues when your dog has IPO training?
  156. I have some questions about schutzhund/ipo
  157. Yay or Nay? IPO Puppy Playing With Older Dog
  158. Training the Jumps
  159. Raff z Weberhaus's Excellent Day at IPO
  160. Anyone knows a White GSD titled with IPO3/SchH3?
  161. Weather or Not?
  162. Rock Star Raff's Second Club Training Day-Pics!
  163. Harness or a collar
  164. Fake Euro Titles
  165. Raff Starts IPO
  166. Pitbull vs German Shepherd
  167. Schutzhund Training/Helper Training Southeast Ohio
  168. Bitch in heat off her game
  169. My Delicate Flower
  170. Helper Certification
  171. Don't tell her she's old!
  172. A Frame training
  173. Burn IPO obedience foundation, 6 months
  174. BH!
  175. 10 week old DDR, When could I start training for IPO?
  176. Opinions/experience with pitbulls in IPO?
  177. Grimm 4 months now on bite wedge
  178. Opinions on Mals competing in Schutzhund/IPO
  179. Helper College, Niagara Hundesport Club
  180. Who won in Meppen WUSV 2016
  181. Is anyone going to nationals?
  182. we still have a few openings
  183. Ever seen a cattle dog do Schutzhund?
  184. Why or how did you start in Sch/IPO?
  185. Tie-Out Training in Protection
  186. Voraus question
  187. IPO 3 tracking
  188. How much does size matter?
  189. Looking For Some Information and Tips
  190. Schutzhund/IPO groups in MA/RI
  191. How to prepare for BH
  192. Seeking out opinions :)
  193. IPO Dogs: Crate/Kennel or House Dogs?
  194. Looking for IPO A-Frame
  195. Thinking about this...
  196. IPO training near Jensen Beach Florida
  197. Bite suit material
  198. Object or Handler Driven?
  199. Sleeve progression
  200. Visitor Etiquette--invited to observe a practice
  201. Ninety two pound GSD, Mom bites the dust, broken arm
  202. Tibetan Mastiff for Schutzhund/IPO?
  203. Schutzhund magazines
  204. Needing Speed on Dumbbell Retrieve
  205. Williamstown WV/Marietta OH
  206. Struggle with toy drive
  207. Pulling back vs. Torquing the sleeve- revisited
  208. Does a dog have to be "Pure" to compete in SchH or other sports?
  209. Schutzhund Guide
  210. Closest club is 2 hours away
  211. What are the most important imprinting methods before starting SCHH and IPO?
  212. Training near Flint, MI
  213. Training in near Flint, MI
  214. Pics from WUSV 2016 Qualification Trial
  215. Group sought in Central NY
  216. 2016 WUSV Qualifier
  217. Loss of Drive on the Field
  218. Dumbbell Training
  219. Training the 1 yr old in Schutzhund
  220. Heeling
  221. Fast outs
  222. Single handle or double handle tugs?
  223. Merlin ~ New BH Title
  224. 2016 USCA Working Dog Championships
  225. will it show up this time
  226. Feeling Overwhelmed
  227. Clubs/Trainers in Bakersfield or Fresno, California?
  228. Joining a club
  229. Question for the schutzhund crowd.
  230. 2016 AWDF championships
  231. Arro, obedience and protection
  232. 2 ball to 1 ball?
  233. Video- Malinois does super fast, sliding vorous
  234. Training break before trial?
  235. Flirt pole vs handheld tug
  236. Bite Sport Club Membership Fees
  237. How's my boy looking? Video included
  238. Tall, leggy, narrow dogs and IPO
  239. Working Boxers vs GSD?
  240. 3 brothers - 6 months old
  241. AD...UScA or GSDCA...does it matter?
  242. Civil - defense and IPO?
  243. Developing an Eye for Dogs
  244. Too old to train Schutzhund?
  245. Schutzhund training plan
  246. Brian Harvey, Pronounced K9
  247. Finish Problems
  248. Schutzhund Club - Detroit, MI
  249. Bart Bellon commands
  250. 4 month old first time on puppy bite sleeve