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Schutzhund/IPO Training

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  1. Change in performance from helper to helper
  2. Do you work your own dogs in protection?
  3. Seminars in the northeast?
  4. Internet experts
  5. SchH3, what does it take?
  6. 2 handled tug - which one is best?
  7. Out of motion exercises
  8. Shutzhund in CT???
  9. OMG, too cute!!! BT doing Schuthzund
  10. Training near Sulphur Springs, Texa?
  11. Starting bite work on my own ?
  12. Hoping for some help.
  13. Meaning of "ZVJS"
  14. Schutzhund & Prong/pinch collars
  15. Schutzhund, absolutely a family sport!! (video brag ;))
  16. Uma's first bite at Schutzhund!
  17. tribute to german shepherd :)
  18. Bitework and Proper Engagement
  19. can a show german shepherd make a good job as a schutzhund?
  20. Different Drives?
  21. Pictures from the Masters Tournament
  22. How often are there "public" events for SchH?
  23. It has begun...
  24. Congrats LynnP!!!!!!
  25. Is it too late?
  26. Anyone following the WUSV in Hartkirchen?
  27. Trial pics form Michigan
  28. Number of SchIII dogs getting titled per year.
  29. Age to start??
  30. SchH competition....
  31. 4 months down the line...
  32. New to all of this...
  33. Schutzhund With A Jack Russell
  34. Nadia's Tracking Troubles ~ UPDATE!
  35. Training my "foster to be" if she isnt bought tomorrow...
  36. Too much Obedience
  37. Regulation Equipment?
  38. Control in protection
  39. Rebuilding Confidence After Injury?
  40. Is your working dog also your pet?
  41. Training the Retrieve
  42. New to Schutzhund
  43. Prong collar issue...
  44. Just, wow...
  45. Schutzhund/German Shepherd Shirts
  46. Jogi Zank seminar this weekend..
  47. Dave Kroyer Seminar
  48. Now that summers here, coolest scratch pants?
  49. Schutzhund training in/near Durham, NC
  50. Ontario [Canada] Regionals
  51. what are your go-to resources?
  52. BH: What would you do?
  53. Losing ball drive...
  54. Dave Kroyer Seminar
  55. Anyone training in SW Washington?
  56. Becoming a helper
  57. AD daydream question?
  58. puppy versus vacuum.
  59. Have you had any run ins with PETA types or animal control?
  60. Bernhard Flinks seminar
  61. Andi Bojovnik AKA Brenna Protection Training
  62. Andi Bojovnik Tracking
  63. How old is "too old"?
  64. Peter Verachtert Seminar
  65. BH under non SV judge
  66. Free tracking
  67. interview with schutzhund top competitor
  68. Club dues, what do you pay?
  69. How does Schutzhund influence a dogs calmness in a non-working environment?
  70. Got an invite to a local club. Thoughts?
  71. Trainer allowing me to foster...
  72. Puppy Bonding
  73. Masters Tournament
  74. Yelling during Schutzhund trial
  75. Bark and hold... or just the hold for my dog
  76. Helper issue, is this right?
  77. Odd remarks by trainer
  78. Working Dog Championship -scores anywhere?
  79. Finally!!!
  80. Training last night....
  81. Doesnt car if he wins
  82. Is it normal to get THIS EXCITED?!
  83. Breeder Issue/Questions
  84. Hold and bark training techniques
  85. Workin the flirt pole.... Advice?
  86. GSCDA-WDA Nationals
  87. tie out line, tracking lines, flat leather collar
  88. Kibble for tracking
  89. new training club
  90. GSDCA-WDA National Championship
  91. newbie here!!
  92. SCVSV June 2011 Club Trail in MN
  93. Checking out a Club this weekend
  94. Dave Kroyer Seminar
  95. Schutzhund videos
  96. Dante's SchH 3 Protection Video
  97. Tuck-Butt Sit
  98. Helmut raiser seminar in fl 2011
  99. Shutzhund vs. PSA
  100. The SchH trained dog and TDI
  101. WorkinG Dog Champioship entry extended
  102. Wolf needs a job
  103. Electric collar training?
  104. Sooo Excited
  105. Evaluation today
  106. Anyone going to the USA Sieger show this weekend?
  107. A little Easter fun and my Gotcha day!
  108. BH in 2 weeks
  109. Heeling with the ball as a distraction...
  110. Odin heeling
  111. SchH and Hard Surface Tracking
  112. Just an example of "who" can pass the BH
  113. Long bites
  114. Beginners w/ titled dogs vs. green dogs
  115. How did you start SchH traning?
  116. "Capping" drive
  117. Peter Scherk Seminar
  118. Calming him down during bitework?
  119. Pinch test?
  120. Harnessing Prey Drive
  121. My trainer...
  122. My puppy is already a crazy, driven beast...
  123. Shutzhund Question
  124. He is a natural!
  125. What does it take to be a SCH dog?
  126. Killian's first training day in ScH....
  127. What does it mean when.....
  128. Need some help, guidance and advice...
  129. strong nerve dogs never get afraid?
  130. AWDF Obedience Video
  131. AWDF Protection Video
  132. "What does the dog do if the intruder is wearing a bite sleeve?"
  133. Spanish Championship 2011
  134. Essential equipment for schH?
  135. Hitting "Center Mass"
  136. AWDF - post trial summary?
  137. 2011 DVG Bundessiegerprüfung
  138. AWDF Results???
  139. Riley gets evaluated Friday for Schutzhund. Questions
  140. How to teach fuss without getting you hand eatten?
  141. Retirement age from competition
  142. Arros obedience video
  143. Our old man working at 8.5 yrs
  144. SchH Clubs: In your opinion...
  145. Socialization for a working dog?
  146. We lost a GSD board member "Joker"
  147. Do you know this dog?
  148. Would you work your dog under this helper?
  149. Raising a Schutzhund puppy - Are these good resources?
  150. Shutzhund Newbie
  151. Dominance over your working line dog.
  152. Lunge Line (Bungee)
  153. Anybody else going to be in Albany this Weekend?
  154. Developing a New Test
  155. Strong and Weak Nerves
  156. Why do you train in SchH?
  157. SCH Trial - New Orleans, LA - March 19th!
  158. Who said Goldens can't do Schutzhund?
  159. Books about Schutzhund?
  160. dumb question
  161. Is anyone attending...
  162. Baltimore area people
  163. proofing and distractions
  164. USA SE Regionals
  165. Wolf did an "oust" and a rebite
  166. First time on the sleeve..
  167. Equipment on ebay?
  168. Best way to raise pup with Schutzhund in mind?
  169. Will Schutzhund affect Herding?
  170. Schutzhund and personel protection
  171. Does this look ok or starters?
  172. Beginning Schutzhund
  173. French Linen Tug
  174. Fast Pace/Slow Pace
  175. Tracking Harness
  176. Semi-brag for Diabla
  177. Schutzhund puppy nerves?
  178. Halelujah my girl finally did a proper fuss! and my heeler took on a Attack!
  179. Ike heeling - 17 months
  180. Cancer fundraiser weekend
  181. To harness, or not to harness?
  182. Just thought I would share a training video with you (protection)
  183. Barking during obedience
  184. Tracking Suggestions ( shoes)
  185. Send away proofing
  186. Schutzhund Clubs in Greater Chicagoland Area
  187. Do you think this looks ok?
  188. Seminars in MN!!!
  189. Advice on retiring a Schutzhund dog
  190. Question about Mr. Murphy, the JRT
  191. Schutzhund Evaluation
  192. Socializing the Schutzhund bred dog
  193. no trainer for Shutzhund in my area should I forget about it?
  194. Could I have some advice please?
  195. Schutzhund training in Jacksonville Fl
  196. Schl oB
  197. Schutzhun Clubs near Muskegon, Michigan
  198. James Laney Helper Seminar in Florida March 5th
  199. Questions about BH
  200. Command for stop barking
  201. United Schutzhund Renewal Fees
  202. Bernhard Flinks Seminar in Indiana, March 25-27, 2011
  203. United Schutzhund Club Questions
  204. will tis help?
  205. AWDF who is going to be there?
  206. First exposure to tracking
  207. Meet our newest addition...
  208. Slowing Down My Wanna-be Sled Dog
  209. Late Bloomer?
  210. Got Bite?
  211. Greg Doud
  212. looking for Sch in NW Illinois
  213. Saw a protection harness with brass snaps
  214. My first schutzhund club meet
  215. Has anyone formed a Sch Club? Need 501c help!
  216. Non stop barking...starting SchH training..correct or no?
  217. Is this aggression that needs correction?
  218. Schutzhund: Why?
  219. Schutzhund club in NC
  220. Went to my 1st SchH class.
  221. does a dogs age matter?
  222. conditioning/strength training
  223. Upcoming Bernhard Flinks seminar
  224. Training at two different Clubs?
  225. How often...
  226. 5 weeks old - bite work
  227. This video gets me excited!!!
  228. What do you wear when you train?
  229. Help schutzhund folks!!!!!!
  230. Attention Ruthie: a good video about aggression
  231. where to buy .
  232. World class!!!! Funny
  233. Live in NYC or Jersey? Want to try Schutzhund?
  234. Developing the bark
  235. Anyone here familiar with Schutzhund?
  236. Petting for drive change/calming
  237. Raising a potential Schutzhund dog.
  238. Starting your own club.
  239. Posting video of training
  240. Schutzhund Training...cost?
  241. Pictures from Diesel's BH
  242. Impossible finding Shutzhund training in our area
  243. Frans Slaman Seminar
  244. Excellent Seminar with Gene England.
  245. Club for the Working GSD Israeli style
  246. A nice Schutzhund group in Northern California
  247. Schutzhund Evaluation
  248. Nice Shot Man
  249. Is boarding training actually effective
  250. FH Title