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Basic Care

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  1. Recommend ear cleaning solution?
  2. Anti Venom Vaccination
  3. Groomers and DA/shy dogs?
  4. Testicles and neutering question
  5. Lyme disease vaccination
  6. sterilizing female gsd
  7. Veterinarians, Partners with you on your dog's well-being
  8. How long to blow their coat?
  9. Tips for brushing teeth?
  10. Keeping nails longer in winter - thoughts?
  11. Tick spray for one and half month puppy
  12. Hello everyone! I have some questions about my 16 month old male gsds eating habits?
  13. Banfield at PetSmart, feedback please! Anyone ever did the puppy plan?
  14. Couple of quick questions
  15. Interceptor or Heartgard?
  16. Shedding question
  17. Torn Paw Pad
  18. need help with gsd puppy
  19. Iverhart max
  20. Trifexis - Ineffective on Fleas?
  21. Vaccinations/Heartgard
  22. Am I pushing my GSD too hard? How much heat can she handle?
  23. Flea and Tick Preventatives
  24. Vet Recommendations San Antonio, Texas
  25. GRAY muzzle
  26. How long does GSD hair behind the ears take to grow back?
  27. Quick question about x-raying hips/elbows.
  28. Suggestions Required..
  29. My dog just puked what looks and smells like poop?
  30. Vaccination opinions?
  31. X-Rays for Hip Dysplasia
  32. Do outdoor dogs have better coats than indoor dogs?
  33. Homemade dog bed questions
  34. Calling all neutered male GSD owners
  35. Questions about puppy in heat
  36. :O Vomiting! HELP!!
  37. Vet recommend Sierra Madre/San Gabriel area
  38. Bowls for use in crate that won't tip?
  39. How often do you clean your dogs ears?
  40. spaying vs Uterus removal
  41. Neutering question
  42. Shower head hose recommendations??
  43. Blizzak has a flat!!!! (again!!!) lolll
  44. Gaia broke a nail..
  45. Just got home from the vet.....
  46. Australian interceptor?
  47. I need help getting rid of fleas!
  48. My puppy's fur is dull
  49. Vet Recommendations (Portland metro area)
  50. Tea tree oil
  51. Need help from some groomers - sani trim on a GSD?
  52. Can recommend a dog dryer
  53. pet insurance
  54. Cut on paw.
  55. Paw care
  56. Not Grooming Certain Breeds
  57. Fleas!!!
  58. Doggy Smell
  59. 2nd heat
  60. hair not growing?
  61. The shedding is killing me.
  62. Nashville Vet Recommendations?
  63. Pet insurance... Which to choose
  64. What's the longest your dog has been crated?
  65. Question on heartworm prevention and flea treatment
  66. Auto water bowl
  67. Elevated feeders... Where did you buy yours?
  68. Exercise Suggestions
  69. Fleas, fleas....MORE FLEAS!
  70. Out of dog shampoo....
  71. Best brushes
  72. Anyone know what these are and if they'll hurt my dog?
  73. To neuter or not to neuter?
  74. hair growth?
  75. mating problem
  76. How Much Do You Spend On Your Dogs Annually?
  77. Do dogs gain weight during the winter?
  78. Shampoo and flea and tick recommendations
  79. Raw Brake Pad due to Running
  80. Baths and brushing!
  81. Flea/Tick Prevention - Shortage??
  82. Recommendations for a Vet in Rochester, NY
  83. Neutering and Winter Coat
  84. keeping doggie diapers on
  85. Is merely existing enough for a dog?
  86. Would You Take Him to the Groomers if he were Scared?
  87. Nail Trimming
  88. What dremel to get?
  89. Silverback coat?
  90. Unhealthy relationship with dogs?
  91. Shedding in Long Coats
  92. swiming
  93. Hypericum-Calendula Cream for post-neuter stitches
  94. Neuter Recovery time/behavior
  95. K9 Advantix II - False Hopes?
  96. Hair Cutting!
  97. Long coat messy GSD - some help!
  98. Keeping them fresh between baths?
  99. Plaque on upper canines?
  100. Do dogs ears 'pop' when the elevation changes?
  101. Neutering
  102. Nutrition/food for a better coat?
  103. HOw to keep coat in condition while taking swim lessons
  104. nail clipping/ trimming help
  105. How 'hardy' do you think shepherds are?
  106. What would you use?
  107. How many times do you give your pup a bath?
  108. OK to leave him slightly wet?
  109. How often to trim nails?
  110. Grooming--reasonable expectations? costs?
  111. This whole neutering thing -- UGH!!!!!!! Do you like my handiwork?
  112. licking paws
  113. Question about being in heat
  114. It DOES grow back!
  115. Sam lost 23 Pounds!
  116. Please Recommend an Undercoat Rake Brand
  117. second heat 4 months later?
  118. Perio-Support Powder
  119. Vetrolaser
  120. vaccines and worming tablets
  121. Frontline Plus
  122. Balens interesting teeth (pics) IDK what to think....opinions plz
  123. Whats's in your first aid kit?
  124. Air Dry Or Blow Dry
  125. Canine massage and accupressure
  126. calling all groomers :)
  127. help Elizabeth collar and play time?
  128. Elizabeth collar and crating
  129. Stinky Breath & Dental Care w/Bones
  130. A couple questions
  131. New male sterilization procedure
  132. Joey's vet visit
  133. What to expect after spaying?
  134. Can you brush a GSD too much?
  135. Dirty bottom
  136. What do you do with the long bum hair?
  137. spay/neuter incontinence
  138. Which metro dryer do you have?
  139. shampoo for white shep needed...
  140. Coat burn?
  141. my poor Jerry Lee :(
  142. stinky fur
  143. Alright, I am getting very nervous!
  144. Nail length - need advice
  145. Veterinarians
  146. deshedding shampoo??
  147. Stinky Coat
  148. Neutering or not?
  149. Question about Neem Shampoo
  150. what do they mean by an "open coat"
  151. How do you bathe your dog?
  152. Ok I need some advice
  153. What is your health care philosophy?
  154. OMG how can I stop ticks? Tips please!
  155. Puppy tooth broken/adult tooth coming
  156. Are these nails normal?
  157. Stinky/Smelly dog
  158. How do you buy your medications?
  159. Long or short haired furminator?
  160. Extra firepower against ticks?
  161. Gross Stuff-Who Cleans It Up?
  162. Do Long Coats shed less than Stock Coats?
  163. vets in orlando FLA?
  164. First heat??? Questions
  165. Stray dogs attracted by bitches in heat?
  166. Nail clipping
  167. Decision to neuter early
  168. Seatbelt tests
  169. Horror Stories, Bad Veterinarians
  170. Skunked
  171. 15wk pup vomitted
  172. Zoe's dental chews
  173. Diatomaceous Earth for fleas???
  174. Getting him back in shape
  175. Bones and teeth
  176. The good vet thread!
  177. Tail fur
  178. need a great conditioner
  179. Spot-on fly repellent? (non GSD)
  180. Zinc neutering
  181. How do you know if undercoat is dead?
  182. Grooming - fixing collar line?
  183. will the kennel cough nasal spray affect her in tracking class
  184. Mosquitos
  185. Using Frontline and a Tick Collar (Just while camping?)
  186. How do YOU get your German Shepherd ready for a show? (GROOMING TECHNIQUES!)
  187. Fleas again
  188. dry pads
  189. Spay questions
  190. Advice on Neutering & Gastropexy merged
  191. Odor at the base of the tail?
  192. How do i deal with my bitch's period
  193. Mane'n Tail Shampoo
  194. vaccinations???
  195. Flea Trouble
  196. To neuter, or not to neuter, tis be the question... (might it help?)
  197. questions about neutering ?
  198. Grooming techniques/Blowing coat Help
  199. Dremel nails
  200. News Story About Driving With Unsecured Dogs
  201. Vetericyn ingredients
  202. Summer readiness
  203. rant about getting Sibs nails done..
  204. Dog Owners Beware ProHeart6
  205. Brushing teeth questions
  206. Flea tick and heartworm products??
  207. flea spray
  208. Poop Freeze?
  209. Found a very interesting "Warrenty of Vaccine Safety"... thoughts?
  210. anyone have info on Liberty flea & tick treatment?
  211. Shedding
  212. Winter pups wilting in summer heat?
  213. hair hair every where!
  214. Hot days without air conditioning
  215. Shorter nails for agility? how is this achieved
  216. Need suggestions for soaking Frieda's foot
  217. Advantage Multi
  218. Tamiflu for Parvo
  219. How many heats did you allow before spaying?
  220. Giardia Vaccine??
  221. Bio Spot Defense Spot On vs. K9 Advantix II
  222. itchy skin
  223. flea medicine
  224. How can a dog lose THIS much hair? He's going to be bald!?! Is this normal??
  225. War on ticks... Am i being too excessive?
  226. Apple cider vinegar in drinking water
  227. Anyone heard of or used Vectra 3D?
  228. Bitch's and heat
  229. Running with older dogs
  230. Only Natural Pet EasyDefense Flea & Tick Tag
  231. Shampoo that smells good
  232. Denta snack from 1st choice nutrition
  233. nail clipper suggestions
  234. Suture reaction after spay
  235. Grooming at home
  236. Stinky, stinky dog breath!
  237. What clippers to buy for hot spots?
  238. Can I groom too much?
  239. Dog clippers? Groomers help or anyone who knows anything about dog clippers.
  240. Striations in coat
  241. How long can you keep fresh bones?
  242. going to vet today... how do I go about getting OFA done?
  243. What do you use to clean ears?
  244. crate training..
  245. Jumping in and out of an SUV. Ok?
  246. Any suggestions on a good to great slicker brush?
  247. Surviving Heat - Suggestions Needed!
  248. Chew treats questions
  249. Flea and Tick Collars
  250. How to properly dremel