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Basic Care

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  1. Should there be a grooming sub-forum?
  2. What is the best deshedding tool (moved to Basic Care)
  3. Teething
  4. Dexter was neuterd yesterday
  5. Broken tooth
  6. Keeping them calm on crate rest
  7. What's your favourite brand of undercoat rake? Especially for LCs
  8. Best time to neuter?
  9. My dogs don't really shed.
  10. Need solution to stop licking.
  11. Insurance for pet
  12. Ticks!!!!
  13. Dog Boarding Question
  14. Question about neutering
  15. Empty stomach
  16. Aischa has bald spot - going to show tomarrow, need opinions
  17. Dog booties for winter walks?
  18. Seresto Collar $20 Mail-In Rebate
  19. Nails
  20. New location, new problem, worried about treatments
  21. Anyone use a vaccum attachment for grooming?
  22. Tick? Or something else...? Please help!!!
  23. Flies are bad this year. Any suggestions?
  24. Furminator?
  25. raw between toes/pads
  26. Advice for itchy GSD with lots of derm problems?
  27. Incisors Out of Alignment
  28. Safe to Spay at Shelter
  29. can a bitch get pregnant out of heat?
  30. Other breed male mounted my female GS....question about it...
  31. Help! Neutered dog, licking, scared of cone and me now
  32. Hair on snout rubbed off - How to grow it back?
  33. Getting Tar out of fur?
  34. HELP: How do i get rid of these? I tried putting bactroban ointment and some went awa
  35. Fleas Fleas and more Fleas
  36. how much should it cost to get a dog spayed? in ontario?
  37. Trupanion pet insurance
  38. I took my 7 month old to the vet...
  39. Should I just take her to our groomer? (Nails)
  40. Dry skin and fur?
  41. Does Furminator damages dog's coat?
  42. Bigger crate?
  43. Up 10 pounds in 4 weeks
  44. What is the right way to give your dog a bath?
  45. Long Haired GSD owners! (Or dog owners in general)
  46. Vet Recommendation in Houston
  47. Huggies Baby wipes for Gsd's ear
  48. How Often Do You Bathe Your GSD
  49. Cutting burrs out of hair
  50. Ramp for car?
  51. When to neuter my puppy under our specific circumstances?
  52. Can I Take My Pup for a bath ???
  53. Am I exercising my boy enough?
  54. Worming meds?
  55. Online tool for pets’ care?
  56. How long can it take for a GSD to calm down after neutering
  57. How hot is too hot???
  58. Conflicting Views on Neutering Age
  59. Neutering: Pros / Cons
  60. Thinks grooming is a game
  61. help please?
  62. gum stuck in paw hair?
  63. Hates being brushed
  64. Obesity Vaccine (Yikes!)
  65. Comfortis reactions, anyone?
  66. Neutering
  67. Costco flea and tick treatment
  68. How late should a GSD be up
  69. Grooming My long hair GSD
  70. Flea prevention for a pup
  71. "Back" Brushing
  72. Pet Professionals... who trusts them?
  73. Furminator
  74. Crate Rest- Mental task ideas
  75. What types of "Chewy" treats to give??
  76. does your vet or vet techs every do something to annoying you?
  77. Facial Scars
  78. Tick Action Plan-- Help
  79. Do you stop brushing…
  80. Tick Zapper?
  81. TriFlexis Question??
  82. Vaccine question....
  83. Is my pup where she needs to be?
  84. Backyard landscaping?
  85. Hot Dry Weather
  86. Help!!!
  87. Flea Prevention and Traveling
  88. Number of days your dog has gone without exercise
  89. Tick prevention help please
  90. How hot is too hot?
  91. Bath Time!
  92. Detailed Heartworm information
  93. URGENT, when can I let my dog back inside?
  94. Grooming & Force Air Dryers
  95. Are boosters needed ?
  96. Slightly torn on giving Lyme shot...
  97. Elbow calluses?
  98. check up today with vet
  99. What should I do?
  100. Anyone use a cooling pad in the kennel?
  101. Not sure what I think of this.....
  102. A Choking Dog.
  103. Do I need to take to vet?
  104. Question about female in heat around other females
  105. Dang, my chunky dog just got thin!
  106. Small vent
  107. Living with UNALTERED, opposite sex GSDs
  108. Quick (but important) question!
  109. Just had rabie shot, when would it be safe to give HW and flea meds?
  110. Sweet smell from skin
  111. Managing Dog Odor???
  112. Banfield in NJ
  113. Soaking dog at the start of a walk in summer
  114. Lisl cut a pad
  115. The importance of charcoal powder for poisoning - keep some on hand
  116. It's getting hot: 105+
  117. Doesn't eat when boarded/dog
  118. Anyone use the furminator?
  119. tick help
  120. Warning Just a Few Minutes in the Heat: 13 weeks old. Does his stomach look bloated ?
  121. Any suggestions for avoiding another TPLO knee surgery?
  122. Vectra only lasted 3 weeks
  123. Fleas... Cedarcide, Springtime Garlic off. Fleas in house after camping trip - HELP!
  124. How can someone be so stupid?!
  125. Shaving? Hair cut ideas?
  126. For crying out loud!!
  127. What Are Some Ways To Stay Cool?
  128. Trifexis :(
  129. Ear powder recipe
  130. Dog drinking pond water
  131. Inactivity: how much is too much?
  132. Broken ear?
  133. Is this an infection??
  134. Shaving my White German Shepard
  135. Berlin's Spa Day..
  136. moving from mild to hot
  137. Exercise ideas?
  138. Our first tick!!! I am shaking!!!
  139. First!!!
  140. Toothbrushing/toothpaste
  141. Need some guidance on brushing with Furminator
  142. red healing clay?
  143. Help with black fly bites?
  144. Summer bed suggestions?
  145. Secreting Anal Glands
  146. Scared to death of ticks! Someone please give me the downlow...
  147. Bathing
  148. K9 Advantux II
  149. Show me how short you keep your GSD's nails
  150. Heat stroke: can it happen when a dog isn't doing anything?
  151. 6 Ways To Properly Clean Dog Ears
  152. What Is The Recovery Period For Spay Surgery?
  153. Anybody using Quadriguard?
  154. Advocate question
  155. dog is always super EXCITED!
  156. GSD Hair Problems
  157. Coated dogs and working in the heat
  158. Question about hyaluronic acid supplement
  159. Too Hot?
  160. The day has come...
  161. shedding
  162. In heat?
  163. Zola, Time to recover post-spay
  164. Neko HATES having his nails trimmed!
  165. Azaleas and dogs
  166. This is what happened at the doggie spa yesterday :(
  167. Sap.
  168. Found a brown dog tick on our wall...
  169. Flea Control
  170. shampoo
  171. Getting spayed
  172. For those who do NOT use HW, vax, etc ...
  173. Puppy Fever
  174. why are Gsd messy drinkers..
  175. At what time of year do I start heartworm prevention?
  176. Alternative ways to avoid brown ticks
  177. vaccinations
  178. Positive thoughts and prayers please!
  179. Dumb grooming question #2
  180. Distemper only vs distemper/parvo combined
  181. Spaying - what they told me at the vet's office :-(
  182. Why Are Some Working Dogs Spayed Differently?
  183. Doggy First Aid
  184. al natural
  185. Single spot of coarse hair?
  186. How long do you find Frontline lasts?
  187. Dumb grooming question?
  188. Outside Shade Ideas
  189. What is a good Insurance Company - Canada
  190. Seat Belt recomendations
  191. Sale at Krogers BOGO!
  192. Heart Worm/Flea/Tick Medication
  193. Free eye exam for various service dogs
  194. Grooming regiment?
  195. TLPO post-op care and confinement suggestions
  196. I've a confession to make
  197. Summer is coming - 2 shepherds may need help
  198. Vaccine Clinics
  199. To Neuter or Not to Neuter?
  200. Dog health insurance
  201. Female post 1st heat temperament changes
  202. Does your GSD absolutely love being vacuumed?
  203. Dr. Jean Dodds Webinar
  204. RABIES warning!
  205. free online course on reproduction S&N
  206. It's hot here and my dog is very uncomfortable.
  207. To Neuter or Not
  208. Flirt Pole
  209. Anyone know any info/experience on Activyl?
  210. Vaccine questions for those who do minimal vaccines.
  211. Seresto flea & tick collar
  212. First Aid and everyday "Must Haves"......Calling Carmen
  213. New pup questions
  214. Anyone use PetPlan or VIP? will we no longer be covered?
  215. Thinking about canceling pet insurance.
  216. Is she too thin
  217. Sib's nails
  218. Increased costs of vetting root causes?
  219. May I vent?? People who bash veterinarians for
  220. Fluoxetine (Reconcile)
  221. How much is too much exercise?
  222. How often do you clean your dog's (problem) ears?
  223. Insurance is worth it!
  224. How Much Paw Wax to Use?
  225. How long to wait to spay after heat?
  226. 10 months old in heat
  227. Do dogs really need to wear coats?
  228. Bubble gum removal?
  229. Nail care?
  230. Time to neuter?
  231. I have a HEALTHY boy!!!
  232. What can I replace bones with?
  233. Benefits of Vinegar
  234. First trip to the groomer,is this true?
  235. In Between Baths
  236. Praise the FURminator
  237. Coat changes after spay
  238. Chill pill!
  239. Another Coat Change?
  240. Dog fur irritating skin?
  241. Why does my dog stink?
  242. Best type of brush?
  243. Off to a bad year for hot spots
  244. Shop Vac for drying!! Suggestions?
  245. Comfortis vs Revolution?
  246. Marijuana.
  247. Apple cider vinegar for fleas?
  248. Solution for terrible teeth and breath
  249. Satin Balls?
  250. Best dremel tool for nails?