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Basic Care

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  1. Flea despite revolution!
  2. Running with your GSD
  3. Red circle on roof of mouth?
  4. Neutering for Anxiety
  5. Have you thanked your Veterinarian lately?
  6. Help Vader has parvo!
  7. Spaying my girl and Vaccines
  8. Build Muscle w/bad hips?
  9. Skunked!
  10. Clinical trials and tests
  11. Crates, Pros & Cons how many owners crate.
  12. Zeus Won't Take Medicine - Help
  13. Getting ready for winter
  14. question about multiple intact dogs in same house
  15. Annual vet exams?
  16. Preparing for emergency situations
  17. Flea Away
  18. Flea Meds and environmental Allergies
  19. Moving from the West to East coast!
  20. Tips for smell
  21. Should I wash my German Shepard
  22. Wipes? Stinks if not completely dried after swim
  23. Making a Vaccine Lecture
  24. Forced air dryer - is this a good deal?
  25. Shampoo
  26. Shedding question (kind of long)
  27. Flea spray
  28. Bathing
  29. weak ligaments of hind leg
  30. Vaccine Reaction(non GSD)
  31. General conditioning (spin-off from APTB thread)
  32. Due to ignorance I did not introduce my dog to brushing late
  33. Cut his foot
  34. Lactating after spay?
  35. question about showering my puppy
  36. White German Shepherd
  37. Hot cars
  38. How do you deal with shedding?
  39. Tick & Flea treatment, which to use?
  40. To neuter or NOT to neuter!?
  41. opinions on Healthy Paws Insurance
  42. Cant get dog to take his massive Synovi G4 chews, looking for alts or treating ideas
  43. Wipes for daily use on paws
  44. Not interested in raw beef bones???
  45. what should i do first thing in the morning?
  46. Zymox Otic in Canada.
  47. bath for my puppy ------ shampoo help needed
  48. Neuter now, or wait til he's mature?
  49. Bravecto
  50. Before Spay, Any Concerns?
  51. How to care for a face scar
  52. Early Puppy Vaccination Schedule?
  53. Help!! CANNOT give rescue a bath.
  54. Is she still in her heat!?
  55. Dental hygine
  56. Bump on gum: vet said don't worry. Thoughts?
  57. Diatomaceous Earth
  58. MDR1 mutation
  59. Trimming nails
  61. Anyone have pet insurance?
  62. Vaccines, HW
  63. Questions: Lepto Vaccine & Neutering (for Anxiety)
  64. When to neuter when one testicle doesn't drop?
  65. cheapest place to buy hydroxyzine for my dog?
  66. Toenails 101 (MOVED TO BASIC CARE)
  67. Neuter or not
  68. Deworming and getting through it
  69. Cedar Oil for fleas.
  70. How much success with grooming?
  71. Should I be worried ?
  72. fleas tics and worms
  73. Endless amount of knotted hairs - big problem
  74. Suggestions for fleas.
  75. Dog Is In First Heat!
  76. Important question about rabies vaccine for 1 year old dog
  77. Procedure Costs???
  78. One claw is gone a white colour?
  79. Helping an older dog adapt to a new home?
  80. Groomers: Dematting Techniques?
  81. Cleaning ears
  82. Seresto Frontline Advantix Comfortis??? What's working ??
  83. Female in heat with new carpet
  84. Life with intact female and intact male (vasectomy-ed)
  85. Low cost vet
  86. Opinions on aging dog dental care?
  87. Shedding disaster
  88. Chief went to the vet..
  89. Will he START to shed? 5 months! (pic)
  90. Vaccinations today have me worried after reviewing owner opinions on this forum
  91. Heartworm Prevention - Advantage Multi OK?
  92. Dog set up.
  93. Shedding TIP! Sharing a cleaning tip with you all :)
  94. Nexgard
  95. When will her heat cycle be over?
  96. Summer is here! Heat and our GSDs
  97. Spay or Neuter: Male and Female Living Together
  98. Spaying Debate
  99. Females in heat?
  100. Does strypher need to put on some weight ?
  101. Walking after being spayed?
  102. heartgard before test
  103. Ivomec for heartworm
  104. Northern GSD's going South..
  105. A tag for flea and tick prevention?
  106. Crate not big enough?!
  107. Does brand of microchip matter?
  108. Is chipping my dog extremely important?
  109. Does my 12 year old need a distemper shot?
  110. Do any of you use a groomer for your GSD? MOVED TO BASIC CARE
  111. Safe tick prevention
  112. My pup won't eat
  113. Small head
  114. Dental Care for Megaesophagus Dog
  115. Male is acting like female is in heat but she is spayed
  116. Thoughts on Heartworm Doses? MOVED FROM GEN INFO
  117. Dreadlocks...
  118. Tooth Help
  119. 7 month old has serious anxiety with ear cleaning...
  120. Puppy Vaccinations Question
  121. Walking On Back Of Legs? Bleeding?
  122. Things to know about pet insurance?
  123. How long until swelling goes down on adult GSD after Neuter?
  124. Adult sheperd lost 2 teeth, should I be concerned??
  125. WORKING flea treatment for South Florida dogs...
  126. Homemade alternative to Musher's Secret
  127. Anyone heard of NexGard?
  128. Routine Shots, Vacs, and Hips?
  129. Rattlesnake vaccine
  130. Shedding? Brushing?
  131. Heat Cycle...Birds and Bees 101
  132. Honestly, how much excersise?
  133. anal gland infection, any way to help relieve?
  134. Scalibor Flea/Tick Collar
  135. Skudo Electronic Tick Repeller
  136. Shaving the entire thing
  137. Wondering about these prices..
  138. baths
  139. weird crack-like things on back of teeth?? (pic)
  140. Surgery and Guilt
  141. Ear Cleaning Wipes?
  142. Claw trimming
  143. To help avoid bloat............................
  144. Spaying within 2 months of last heat cycle
  145. Fish oil
  146. Want to vaccinate at
  147. Trimming nails so short they bleed
  148. Buried in bunnies and tumble weeds..
  149. I'm sick in bed and can't bring dog out
  150. Ortho Vet & Chiropractor?
  151. Chews that will last extreme power chewer the longest?
  152. Teething
  153. Excess ear wax
  154. Cutting Nails (moved)
  155. Heartworm and flea prevention?
  156. I think I found my vet. What do you guys think?
  157. shedding
  158. Sharp Broken Whisker
  159. 4th shot or no?
  160. Dull stinky coat no matter what? Is it me?
  161. blow out out problem? Please help!
  162. Hip and joint supplement suggestions
  163. Dental Care
  164. My (off) white Shepherd
  165. Dyson dog grooming attachment (moved to basic care/grooming)
  166. Cut on paw pad advice :(??
  167. Otterkill Animal Hospital (or other vet recommendations for Orange/Ulster Cty, NY)
  168. Lisl has wised up
  169. Bathing Schedule
  170. Nylabones
  171. What to expect with first heat?
  172. try to bite when i try to put medication
  173. Thyroid - Black Skin & Loss of Fur
  174. Is it too early do get another dog?
  175. Root Canal
  176. How far is too far?
  177. Furminator, is it really worth it?
  178. Heavy breathing
  179. 1st Heat
  180. Vet problem?
  181. Grooming is crazy!!! (MOVED to Basic Care from Gen Info)
  182. Keeping dog safe during hikes/walks
  183. Help... Bath problems..
  184. Pet toxicity
  185. Human vitamins for dogs
  186. 10 "poison pills" to dogs
  187. 10 human foods
  188. House Hold / Holiday Safety
  189. Fish Oil or Pills??
  190. Flea and tick prevention.... Which do you use?
  191. Advantage multi and bad breath?
  192. Flakey skin?
  193. Major grooming day!
  194. type of soap safe for sensitive areas ?
  195. Sensitive Ears When Cleaning
  196. Tips for a long coated shepherd?
  197. Ear Cleaning Problems
  198. Pet insurance comparison
  199. Recommend Vet in Denver area?
  200. Pet Insurance
  201. Tubal Ligation and Heat Management
  202. Brushing indoors
  203. Better ideas on bathing an eighty pound boy?
  204. Small cuts on his nose
  205. Nails too big for nail clippers
  206. My boys coat
  207. Found a tooth!
  208. This video bugs me
  209. Best Vacuum for that Lovely GSD Hair?
  210. It's getting cold
  211. Dangers of Rock Salt
  212. Cold weather question FEET (moved to basic care)
  213. If you're in a cold state. . . (moved to Basic Care)
  214. How are dogs at shelters kept warm in the cold? (to Basic Care)
  215. Do you brush your dog's teeth?
  216. Blowing coat and shedding like crazy!
  217. Female GSD with separation anxiety or food allergies?
  218. Vet in Marietta, GA
  219. spraying for fleas
  220. Does dog breed make a difference regarding how 'dirty' a dog is?
  221. Incredible Amount of Hair
  222. Neutering for Dog-Dog Aggression?
  223. I can't walk puppies?
  224. Murphy's oil?
  225. Vaccination Scheduling and Other Basic Care Questions
  226. How often to trim nails?
  227. To much exercise?
  228. Just curious have a Question???
  229. Garlic? (moved from Gen Info to Basic Care)
  230. DIY Blower/Dryer
  231. Please help :(
  232. metro air force dryer vs. shop vac??
  233. Hi all quick question?
  234. When your girl is in heat, have you actually had males hop the fence?
  235. Burr removal
  236. Dry and flakey
  237. Will my runt catch up?
  238. Spaying Question
  239. ear cleaning question....
  240. Dr. Becker: The Truth About Spaying and Neutering
  241. Enjoying pup..enjoying forum but get scared....
  242. 9 months, still missing teeth
  243. Itchy when using Frontline
  244. ER vet - Cambridge OH/Wheeling WV????
  245. Help! How do I save her teeth?
  246. Vet near Senecaville, OH
  247. Are stairs bad for dogs hips?
  248. To be there for her x-rays or not to be?
  249. Grooming Tips for our GSD's
  250. Cold Temperature Limits For GSDs