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Diet & Nutrition

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  1. Diet Advice for EPI dog?
  2. Food Question - How Much
  3. New victor formula
  4. So confused with food/eating quantities
  5. Picky eater with funky digestive system..also poop schedule question?
  6. Help! Am I starving my sweet girl?
  7. Dehydrated or kibble
  8. Food allergy, I think.
  9. Feed trout?
  10. Grain Free?
  11. 8 week old
  12. Attention to those who feed Victor Dog food
  13. Food Containers
  14. What Dog Food
  15. I adopted a German shepherd.
  16. The Honest Kitchen clusters
  17. Should I be worried about eating habit?
  18. A good kibble?
  19. What is good for a gsd with possible tummy issues.
  20. How do I reduce calories and maintain nutrition?
  21. Confused about feeding 3 months GSD
  22. Trudog
  23. How much to feed?
  24. Nutrena Loyall Life
  25. Food and Supplement advice
  26. Hypoallergenic dog food
  27. Kibble in Canada/Ontario. Need help
  28. Need help picking a new food
  29. 7 month old pup - odd eating habits
  30. Insect Diet for Dogs
  31. NEW into feeding raw, don't know where to begin
  32. Vet recommended new food
  33. Food for Pano
  34. Not an exciting topic but need ideas
  35. Fromm Classic
  36. German Shepherd Eating Habits
  37. What dry kibble do you use?
  38. Questions about joint supplements.
  39. Dog food again
  40. Food Recall
  41. Italian Dog Food
  42. Supplements for hip and joint
  43. Wont eat
  44. How much should he be eating?
  45. Who Has Best Price On Turkey?
  46. Any problems with Honest Kitchen in Canada?
  47. Winter food
  48. Cbd oil
  49. GSD Raw feeders % ??
  50. Limited ingredient 3 choices
  51. Dry food.
  52. Just Food for Dogs
  53. Looking for advise/direction on my choices
  54. I could not find any opinions on this Kibble
  55. When to wean from LBP?
  56. Victor Nutra Pro for puppies
  57. Trying to make a switch again
  58. Adding Supplements to Kibble...
  59. Anyone Feeding Canidae?
  60. *Canadian* Kibble
  61. My pup looks very slim + loose stool
  62. Can i get advice on these kibbles please.
  63. LID diets
  64. Something i just have to share...
  65. Has anybody heard of this food !!
  66. Just Food For Dogs brand food
  67. New Puppy-Not sure what age he is/how much to feed him?
  68. Trouble finding a good dry food
  69. Victor dog food and alfalfa
  70. Raw chicken breast
  71. Should dogs eat cat food ?
  72. Will not eat
  73. What about this "poisonous" coconut oil?
  74. My top 5 dog food brands and why!
  75. Who feeds grain free?
  76. Crying after eating?
  77. More grain free and heart issue questions...
  78. Honest Kitchen Preference base mix
  79. Blue Buffalo - what are these white things?
  80. Not eating breakfast
  81. How about grinding and soaking kibble?
  82. Royal cannine adult dog food.
  83. Grain-free dog food may be linked to heart disease, FDA warns
  84. Anyone familiar with the calcium levels on the Instinct Be natural line?
  85. Dental Chews
  86. Is this nutritionally balanced?
  87. Raising Meat Chickens for Dog Food?
  88. Male GSD weight questions
  89. On the search for the perfect kibble
  90. FDA: Dog Foods & Canine Dilated Cardiomyopathy
  91. Muscle Recovery Supplements for the canine athlete
  92. Is my gsd puppy underweight
  93. Another good food (probably) gone - Nestlé buying Champion
  94. Increasing calories & loose stools; how to put on weight?
  95. OK to freeze supplements?
  96. ALS Dry food for puppy recomendations.
  97. Changing food
  98. Food suggestions for sensitive stomach 2 year old male to make poop firmer and make h
  99. GSD not gaining weight
  100. 10 year old German Shepherd w/loose stools
  101. Dr Peter Dobias Holistic Vet
  102. Tefco Raw HELP is this food any good?
  103. Need help with amounts
  104. Performance raw food help
  105. Food Suggestions
  106. Grain Free and Heart Problems?
  107. sensitive stomach?
  108. Confused about kibble ammount
  109. mixing 1/3 raw meat and 2/3 kibble
  110. Food suggestions
  111. Actrium dog food and other inexpensive kibbles
  112. Chicken Feet for puppy
  113. My Scavenging girl
  114. Tick disease can lead to food allergy
  115. Quality Wet Food
  116. 1 year old larger female losing weight
  117. Looking for food recommendation
  118. Best Dry Food for Food Sensitivities
  119. Sunday Sundae
  120. What is the Best Diet for a German Shepherd 2 years old?
  121. Victor or Earthborn Dog Food
  122. Grain or Grain Free Kibble
  123. Seal meat?
  124. Good food to get my german shepherd puppy
  125. I got a puppy and the Vet recommends Proplan
  126. Hot and Cold foods? Not talking about temperature
  127. Am I overfeeding
  128. Not in my Kibble... No way to be sure
  129. ADOPTED 1 Year OLD Male-Need Some Help!!
  130. Poll: what do you feed your 1 year olds?
  131. Are Canadian Produced Pet Foods and Treats Regulated?
  132. Lawsuit Filed Against Acana and Orijen
  133. NutriScan AHVMA Peer Reviewed: Food Sensitivity and Intolerance Testing
  134. Diet for UTIs and kidney stones
  135. Can dogs have citric acid?
  136. Itchy 3 year old GSD
  137. Fresh Pet Select
  138. Orijen Six Fish
  139. Found semi locally made food
  140. Earthborn Holistic's new line "Venture"
  141. The Honest Kitchen Base mix
  142. Puppy Food Advice (And Beyond)
  143. Blue Buffalo Sells To General Mills!
  144. Dog Food Suggestions
  145. Grandma Lucy's Macanna Salmon- any one tried?
  146. chondroitin glucosamine supplement?
  147. Vet recommending Royal Canin or Science Diet
  148. New To This.
  149. Non-beef hard chews/bones that will satisfy my dog?
  150. Switching Flavors, same brand --> Transition??
  151. Transitioning to Adult Food
  152. Evanger's Caught Lying to Insurance Company
  153. ACV and Kefir
  154. Are beef liver treats enough to give my dog allergies?
  155. Ontario members! Need some input on kibble
  156. Elk, moose, deer antlers
  157. What is this in my puppies food!!?????
  158. 8 months old with an itch
  159. What Dog Food Do You Feed??
  160. How much is the right amount?
  161. dry food alternative to raw
  162. How many eggs is to much?
  163. Not eating her food
  164. Need a new dog food
  165. Home Cooking for the Pancreatic Pooch?
  166. How many pounds do you go through a month?
  167. Jerky?
  168. Food Recommendation for Dog with Allergies?
  169. Feeding Once or twice daily?
  170. Cognitive Dysfunction
  171. Welp, No Raw Diet For THIS Dog!
  172. Acqna or Farmina?
  173. Co$t to feed a "Mal" -v GSD?
  174. Comparing protein/fat in different food styles
  175. FDA Warning about "Bone Treats"
  176. Pinnacle Feeders?
  177. High phosphorus... decisions, decisions
  178. Possible peanut butter issues
  179. First time GSD owner-- should I be giving my pup vitamins?
  180. Earthborn Primitive Natural for 9 month male
  181. Blue Buffalo Back In Court For High Lead Content Found In Kibble
  182. Acana or OnlyNaturalPet Powerfood?
  183. montmorillonite bentonite dosage and sources for dogs
  184. Recommendations for Preventative Joint Care
  185. Best chews for a sensitive stomach?
  186. Changing Food Often
  187. All natural pet care sea weed powder
  188. Rachael Ray dog food
  189. Is the amount of carbs in THK base mixes bad?
  190. Best food and tips for dry/itchy skin and coat?
  191. Quick weight gain? High-Cal supplements?
  192. Go back to kibble?
  193. Not Interested in Orijen food anymore...
  194. Another skinny dog?
  195. 1 year Apollo
  196. Feeding whole cooked salmon.
  197. Best dry dog food?
  198. Is cat food harmful to my dogs?
  199. Fresh sardines -vs canned?
  200. Need information on nutrition for pup and older GSD
  201. Only Natural Pet's "Max Meat" vs. Ziwi Peak
  202. Annamaet wins!
  203. Tripe
  204. Earthborn
  205. Making a change.
  206. Homemade balanced base mix for raw diet
  207. Flaxseed vs fish oil
  208. Petsmart continues to remove competition from market - buys petfooddirect
  209. 1yo changed eating behaviors
  210. How to feed a picky eater?
  211. Should I stay with raw or go back to kibble
  212. Question about Fromm kibble size
  213. Totw vs mfm?
  214. Diarreha
  215. Dry dog food storage and keep time
  216. Need help with weight gain
  217. Diet carbohydrate % and its long-term health effect?
  218. Need advice on food change
  219. Preferred Kibble - 5+ Years
  220. Blood meal
  221. looking for help/info
  222. Very Picky Female GSD
  223. Is 'Profine' brand dog food good?
  224. Need a new diet without chicken
  225. Grains vs Legumes
  226. Alternative/cmplementry site(s) to
  227. Website of nutritional data for grains?
  228. Whole grain Millet as a dog food ingredient and the effect on thyroid function
  229. Regaining weight after parasite infection and gaining muscle
  230. Need to put some weight on Traveler
  231. TOTW salt amount
  232. Recommended Dog Foods?
  233. Beef heart suddenly too rich.
  234. Training treats
  235. Too skinny need to put on muscle
  236. Chewy loses fromm
  237. When your GSD gets fat...
  238. Food recommendations
  239. Feeding Tips
  240. Free food
  241. Time to switch foods?
  242. Dry/Frozen Proteins? Glucosamine?
  243. Which supplements are better
  244. Acana or Evo?
  245. Food Recommendations/Ideas?!
  246. Puppy Diet and Diarrhea
  247. Small or Large Breed Puppy Food for Adult
  248. Probiotics?
  249. Lean or too skinny
  250. Do I have a picky eater?