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Diet & Nutrition

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  1. He needs to gain weight...
  2. Feeding Once, and What Time?
  3. Supplement on meals
  4. Clinical Pet Nutritionist certification - opinions/thoughts?
  5. Farmina kibble (vs. Orijen?)
  6. Best grain free dog food for the best price?
  7. Digest all pluss-1 lb container discountinued
  8. Am I being tricked?
  9. Skinny almost 2 year old GSD
  10. what ingredients do you avoid?
  11. Blue Buffalo Basics?
  12. Preventative glucosamine for active dogs?
  13. Odd Eating Habits?
  14. Food Miracle??
  15. Well, my vet said I was an idiot
  16. When to switch to adult food
  17. Victor performance formula with glucosamine
  18. Super picky eater! HELP PLEASE
  19. Soft stool
  20. Big boned Shepherd
  21. Orijen switch
  22. Best kibble recommendations.
  23. Is this a good food choice?
  24. Performance enhancing diet
  25. Verus OptiCoat
  26. Anyone feed organ meat as a treat?
  27. How do you feed garlic? I read it's good, yet I read garlic is bad for dogs too.
  28. 4Health dog food? can glucosimine cause stomach upset?
  29. Need some thoughts on hydrolyzed protein diet.
  30. My GSD is small, is there somthing worng?
  31. Weight..seeing that last rib recommendation...
  32. Vitamin E
  33. Salmon oil color indicate quality?
  34. Thoughts on my boys weights?
  35. Yoghurt how long to feed?
  36. What Kibble Should I feed a GS Pup?
  37. Diarrhea and refusing raw
  38. Is puppy food neccesary?
  39. I want to begin cooking for my dogs...HELP!!
  40. Is My Dog Overweight? -___-
  41. Fromm's New Gold Prairie and Coast Formula
  42. Is one salmon oil better than another?
  43. Raw Fresh vs Cooked Fresh
  44. Healthiest bones for chewing?
  45. Fromm Gold Holistic Large Breed Puppy Dry Dog Food
  46. Stomach cancer help
  47. Copper build up from kibble investigated
  48. Merrick pet food opinions
  49. Quick Question
  50. Eukanuba Food for German Shepherds
  51. Gain weight
  52. Supplements for Seniors?
  53. Novel protein home cooked diets
  54. puppy weight
  55. home made food recipe - comments?
  56. Great treat for your gsd!
  57. Pump for Feedsentials Schemp oil?
  58. Monica Segal-Anyone using any of her diet plans?
  59. Feeding my dog fruits/veggies?
  60. Coconut oil?
  61. picky eater
  62. Orijen Best Before Date Question.
  63. Skin Issues...Diet Related?
  64. 7 month old male working line
  65. Raw Fed Blood Test Numbers ????
  66. Diet after Gallbladder Removal
  67. Any problems with Nutro Large Breed Puppy Food?
  68. Puppy not eating well
  69. Adult/Puppy Food
  70. New Food=Major Diarrhea? Help!
  71. Flax - problems
  72. Six Shepherds Refusing to Eat
  73. Nutrient requirements for puppy
  74. Dog food pricing and discounts
  75. High calorie foods?
  76. Soft Poop on Acana
  77. Pedigree/Bakers Dog Food!
  78. VERY Fussy Eater!
  79. Supplement Help.
  80. NRG Dehydrated food
  81. Next logical step?
  82. Sunday Sundae and Feed Sentials
  83. How many cups a day?
  84. Not sure where to put this: grazer and eat everything-er?
  85. Weight perspective difference in dogs
  86. Boreal Dog Food
  87. Weight/Poop/Picky Eatting
  88. Which dog food do YOU prefer?
  89. Farmina Coupons on Facebook
  90. pasterns problems and weight gain issues
  91. Lentils in grain-free foods--good or bad?
  92. Help please. Is it OK to feed home made food and raw food?
  93. Food for 4 Month old Girl
  94. Orijen Problem -holes in bags
  95. Puzzled
  96. 3 month old German Shepherd weight
  97. What dog food do you use?
  98. ? Switching puppy to adult food.
  99. What food do you recommend for a 8 month German Shepherd
  100. My 1 year gsd not eating
  101. gsd dry food recommendation?
  102. Forum Rules: No comment on dog food brands
  103. Dog food for puppy and adult
  104. Allergy elimination diet anyone had luck with Zignature?
  105. Probiotics in Dog Food?
  106. Opinion - Nutro Max Adult Chicken Allergies?
  107. Friday and Monday Cyber Sales - Pet Food
  108. Petbrosia kibble, anyone use this? Would like opinions!
  109. Digestive Enzymes with Feedsentials?
  110. Help Me Choose!
  111. Extra calories for active dog
  112. Nopal Cactus: To eat or not to eat
  113. My picky eater
  114. Purina Pro Plan
  115. Making dog treats in a dehydrator
  116. Could Nupro gold cause skin issues?
  117. Trying new food...How long until you switch?
  118. Fact or Fiction? Stool eating, Also apples?
  119. Food change (not by choice), need help with
  120. Tips for softest hair
  121. Surprisingly nice dog food find at HEB Grocery Store
  122. HELP! My EPI GSD Won't Eat!
  123. Deer antler question
  124. Picky Eater is not even the word...
  125. Bowen's Birthday meal
  126. Freeze dried..opinions please
  127. which poop from which food?
  128. Coconut & Salmon Oil - Need help please!
  129. Feeding horse meat to dogs?
  130. How much olive oil to give?
  131. 2 meals a day instead of 3?
  132. Opinion On Biljac?
  133. Not gaining weight
  134. Omega 3 from plant based Oils?
  135. Zelda's New Food Regimen-How much it will Cost..
  136. Arden Grange?
  137. Food help
  138. Best dog food.
  139. Vital Essentials Raw Chubs
  140. Sunday Sundae
  141. Orijen Regional Red too much Calcium?
  142. How to give L-Glutamine?
  143. Healthy but Lower Protein/Fat Dog Food?
  144. Royal Canin Hypoallergenic Hydrolyzed Protein???
  145. My new rescue gsd is all fur and bones!
  146. Allergies, food help?
  147. Picky eater vs Desperate pet parent!
  148. has anyone made beef jerky for their dogs?
  149. Is Orijen + Salmon Oil too much fat?
  150. Joint supplement for young dog
  151. Treats, treats, and more TREATS!
  152. Calcium - Too Much or Too Little?
  153. best raw meaty bones??? So confused
  154. Protein Powder For Dogs? (Dog Muscle Supplement?)
  155. Diet for heavy bone
  156. On-Line Farmina N&D Sale
  157. My GSD Puppy chews on leaves, plants and small stones.
  158. MSM for giardia prevention and general health?
  159. What do you feed your dog & how much?
  160. Anyone tried 4Health GRAIN FREE food from Tractor Supply??
  161. Do dogs get bored with their food?
  162. Won't eat Sunday Sundae
  163. Fish oil
  164. The Vet recommends I add a few pounds to our new Shepherd.
  165. knuckle bone
  166. Zach's Quality Dog Food @ Costco
  167. smoked bones vs raw? anything to worry about
  168. 8 yr old female - should I go grain free? Supplements?
  169. Salmon Oil if Salmon in food???
  170. Can Coconut Oil Cause Diarrhea in GSD's
  171. Diet and Supplments
  172. Help me find new food for LOKI
  173. Farmina Dog Food
  174. Online purchase 9f Hill's I/D?
  175. Wild Calling: not the best experience
  176. Cocnut oil
  177. The Honest Kitchen Preference Base Mix
  178. B-12 Deficiency in GSD
  179. GNC Pets Ultra Mega Superfood Complex plus Joint Health?
  180. underweight GSD with sensitive tummy
  181. Help with Allergies
  182. Picky eater/need to gain!
  183. Skin Problems Simply Means: German Shepherds Are Going Through EvolutionaryTransition
  184. Bovine Colostrum
  185. How long should I watch Calcium/Phosphorus?
  186. Help with diet post bloat and surgery
  187. Pro pac?
  188. Salmon Oil with Fished Based Kibble?
  189. Safely Putting Weight on Emaciated GSD
  190. Fromm Gold Products...LBP and Adult...
  191. Low protein diet - non-GSD
  192. Pano - Food Advice?
  193. Since When? Purina's new Grain-free line!
  194. upset tummy
  195. zucchini
  196. Price for Orijen Six Fish
  197. Chew for IBD dogs
  198. help with fish oil capsules...
  199. Diet for sensitive stomach
  200. Help With underweight rescue..
  201. Nutri Source ?
  202. Dry food supplements help
  203. Food Recommendations. Please help!
  204. Senior dog food
  205. vet recommended NOT to feed science diet
  206. Fish oil???
  207. Nature's Domain grain free Salmon, Sweet potato VS kirklands Lamb and Rice?
  208. Weight gainer for sensitive stomach?
  209. Evangers wet food crazy high in calories?
  210. Vegetarian Diet
  211. Feeding with EPI
  212. Ox Tail and Rib bones
  213. Going to Start Honest Kitchen! (tonight)
  214. What to feed our 18 month old GSD? Good brands of kibble? RAW?
  215. Vitamin E and Salmon Oil
  216. 4yr old rescued GSD barely eating
  217. What should I feed my 7 mo GSD?
  218. USA Sourced and Made Dog Food
  219. Black hawk dog food
  220. Olewo Carrot Supplement
  221. Picky/fussy eaters
  222. Nature's Variety Instinct LID FYI
  223. To skinny??
  224. Glucosamine Supplement?
  225. Anyone use Missing Link Ultimate hip and joint
  226. Transitioning kibble?
  227. Natures Domain: cups, hunger and weight help.
  228. Need Special Diet
  229. Soft stool with Fromm Gold
  230. Weight Management/Loss
  231. dumb raw question
  232. Pure Balance
  233. need help with food!
  234. Urgent..!!! Dog food need
  235. Cat food for the dog?
  236. dry food
  237. Honest Kitchen
  238. Is it ok to feed bacon?
  239. Diamond Hi-Energy
  240. What to feed my 7 month old boy
  241. can dogs eat cheese?
  242. Made in USA Pet Food at Petango: 29% off
  243. New to home cooked
  244. Nature's Variety vs. Raw
  245. Sunflower oil for dogs?
  246. Raw Goat's Milk
  247. Volhard diet?
  248. Allergies and food
  249. BB wilderness large breed/allergies
  250. Won't eat without hamburger