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Choosing A Breeder

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  1. VA/Mid-Atlantic: LF black&red long hair female puppy
  2. Recommended Breeders and some questions
  3. Looking for a GSD of my own!
  4. ISO of Washington state White, short hair, GSD (not White Shepherds/Berger Blancs)
  6. When to visit a kennel?
  7. does anyone know of or can reccomend a breeder in SC?
  8. Kansas City-Breeder recommendation?
  9. Advice need on which way to go.
  10. Breeders to avoid
  11. Bay Area Breeder Feedback
  12. breeder in va / east coast
  13. ISO Reputable breeder (Ontario, Canada)
  14. Does anyone have any experience with these breeders?
  15. Utah/CA Breeders
  16. Looking for...
  17. Breeder check: Vom Banach
  18. Recommendation needed!
  19. Breeder in Australia
  20. Looking for a show lines GSD near Pittsburgh, Pa
  21. Errrrmagod!
  22. feedback on true haus and weberhaus breeders and pups please
  23. Help from Nebraska
  24. Previous Contact
  25. vom Wildweg
  26. German Breeders
  27. Shepherd Ark Kennels. Any opinions?
  28. WGSL Breeders TX
  29. German Shepherd Breeders - Michigan
  30. Breeder Recommendations
  31. Know of any breeders?
  32. Looking for black female GSD puppy from a reputable breeder
  33. Breeder in Sarasota Fl
  34. ISO: Show-Line GSD breeder near San Antonio, TX
  35. Concerned- Inbreeding or Line Breeding?
  36. Breeders in Georgia
  37. Breeder recommendations? VA/East Coast Please help!
  38. Anyone Familiar with this Breeder in KS
  39. seeking health conscious breeder
  40. sportwaffenk9
  41. Breeders down South
  42. Anyone have experience with Stonehill Kennels?
  43. Should I be ware of this breeder?
  44. Working line GSD breeders in Pacific Northwest
  45. Florida Kennels
  46. Looking for a top-tier breeder in Mid-Atlantic area (MD/VA/PA/WV)
  47. Florida Breeder
  48. Looking for help in choosing EastvsWest GSD
  49. Ddr/czech breeders?
  50. looking for a breeder on the east coast
  51. Looking for West German lineage! Zamp vom Thermodos and/or Black Coat!
  52. Looking for a breeder in TX
  53. Breeder help.
  54. Breeders for therapy/service dog
  55. Opinions on Mannhaft German Shepherds
  56. Decided on my next pup!
  57. Looking for a breeder in DFW?
  58. DDR breeder in midwest/ohio
  59. Breeder in/near Washington state
  60. When to ask about price?
  61. ASL GSD Breeder?
  62. Looking for West/DDR mix breeder (Canada/Germany)
  63. Working Line Breeder
  64. Opinions?
  65. Breeders in IL/IN (10 hour radius from central IL) area?
  66. Searching for the right breeder (CT area)
  67. NorCal & Looking for opinions
  68. Breeders?
  69. New puppy
  70. mid-low drive pup or young, alabama willing to ship/travel but prefer close
  71. Looking for puppies in East Texas or Louisiana
  72. Hanabrit German Shepherds
  73. Authentic Breeder in India
  74. Nor Cal Breeder - Need your help
  75. Buying from a first time breeder?
  76. Von Forell in Australia - looking for info/experience
  77. West German Working Lines
  78. Working GSD Breeder recomendations in Michigan
  79. Von Der Nordsee in MA?
  80. Pup who goes back on Mink/Jago Lindenhalle
  81. Searching for a working line breeder
  82. How often should female be bred
  83. Any experience with Rodina Straze (MD Czech/DDR)
  84. Handling problems with breeder
  85. New England breeder
  86. Which New England breeder would you choose?
  87. New England breeder
  88. Looking for Feedback on Narnia Kennels and Wendelin Farm
  89. Unfortunately I can't seem to find a reputable breeder in my country
  90. New Member in search of Breeder
  91. Looking to get a Working Line GSD with imported lineage
  92. NW Ohio Breeder - Looking for Recommendations
  93. Question about breeder
  94. In Search of Reputable Breeder
  95. Breeder recommendation in NC?
  96. Question about North Carolina Breeder
  97. How to start?
  98. NE East German breeders
  99. Breeders in North Dakota
  100. Vom Banach K9 - Quality Breeder?
  101. Looking for Recommendations Please
  102. Interviewing Breeders
  103. Looking for GSD
  104. Kraftwerk K9
  105. Reputable American Show Line Breeder?
  106. Looking For Reputable Breeder in FL/SE US
  107. Responsible Breeder near TX/LA/OK
  108. Show Line Breeder in the West? (Von Dax?)
  109. Breeder in Washington area (Portland & Vancouver is also welcomed)
  110. True Haus: Want Your Feedback
  111. Working line breeders in Arizona
  112. Hello & Breeder Help
  113. Northern VA / DMV Working Line Breeders
  114. Is the breeder just trying to make a sale?
  115. Looking for a breeder with 80+Lbs GSDs
  116. Looking for recent feedback on breeder
  117. Vom Davis German Shepherds
  118. Has anyone had experience with breeder Haus Lucht Shepherds
  119. Looking for a showline breeder in Florida
  120. Recommended breeder in the Ohio region
  121. Who is your favorite breeder?
  122. Tropisch
  123. Looking for working line Black & Tan in Virginia
  124. Kennel
  125. Reviews on K-9 Pines
  126. Majestic Kennels Reviews
  127. SE Alabama area breeders
  128. Recommendations for Breeders in Ontario
  129. What would you agree to
  130. Recognize these Breeders in TN/MS area?
  131. Help choosing breeder in MN area
  132. Long Stock Coat Breeder - western half of US
  133. Cook Farm Kennels / Vom Haus Hall, NC
  134. Any Breeders that have Frank Tate's Line?
  135. What breeder would you recommend?
  136. Breeder Near Ottawa, ON
  137. Reputable breeder in NJ
  138. NY Breeder
  139. Breeder having paperwork problems
  140. Hop River Shepherds
  141. Working Line Breeder in California
  142. TeMar Shepherds in Oregon? Helensberg in Vancouver WA?
  143. Reputable breeders in the houston TX area land surroundings
  144. Taylor made breeder
  145. Pedigree Assessment
  146. DM testing response from breeder
  147. Feedback on 2 breeders please
  148. Midwest Breeder Recommendations
  149. Prairie Hous Kennel, Any reviews?
  150. Showline Breeder around Indiana.
  151. German Showline Pups
  152. Amer. show line breeders near Ohio?
  153. Tatum Kennels
  154. Thoughts AZ after my Dog Passed Last Weekend
  155. Recommendations for eastern Canada
  156. Superior K9 Georgia Recommendation?
  157. Working line in the DMV Area
  158. Camelot German shepherds
  159. Riverside Kennels
  160. Donomas
  161. Working line breeder-Midwest
  162. Best Breeder in the USA ??
  163. World seiger champion worth?
  164. Are there any WL breeders that breed for companion/family temperment?
  165. Companion Shepherd
  166. Quality Breeder
  167. Reputable North Dakota breeder?
  168. Who is Your Favorite Breeder?
  169. Did I Overreact
  170. Looking for Breeder around Indiana
  171. got chewed out
  172. California breeder
  173. Pioneer German Shepherds???
  174. SO Cal German Shepherds
  175. Breeder in the Oklahoma/Texas areas?
  176. opinion on this breeder
  177. Working lines 23 or less 60lbs or less...
  178. Looking for a WL GSD breeder in Germany or Czech Rep.
  179. WSL Breeder on East Coast
  180. Alta Tollhaus Feedback
  181. Documents to import puppy
  182. Happy bend kennels?
  183. Breeder Recommendations East Coast
  184. Need recommendation in New York - Westchester area
  185. Good Breeder in the NY,NJ,Pa areas
  186. Arizona Breeder
  187. Malinois breeder in new england
  188. Hi, I'm Rainy and need some help
  189. Chicago/IL/area breeder
  190. Pacific Northwest Breeder Recommendations (WGSL's)
  191. Has anyone used Vom Ragnar breeders in Illinois?
  192. Scotland, UK - Breeders
  193. Looking for good breeders in Michigan
  194. Breeder Recommendations in Ontario
  195. Missing my GSD
  196. Debunking common breeder myths
  197. Breeder near Oregon? (Also- anyone have experience with Theishof dogs?)
  198. Breeder in Chicago/Illinois
  199. Looking for western pa
  200. Working Line Pup Hunt Continues
  201. Vancouver BC area breeders
  202. West Michigan Breeder and training questions
  203. Working Line Breeder Recommendation in TX
  204. Recommendations on a few breeders!
  205. Your thoughts ? Vom Amwolf breeder
  206. Reputable breeder - BLACK GSD - Long Island,NY
  207. Breeder Check
  208. Looking for a breeder/Cal. or Nevada
  209. Valentines Kennel Review
  210. Bringing Puppy home with Giardia?
  211. Looking for a reputable breeder at SC/NC/GA
  212. Breeders in GA
  213. Looking for a new member of the family
  214. Recommendations for Breeders in Canada
  215. GS Puppy - Tri State
  216. Breeder Question
  217. Recommended WL GSD in Sweden or Norway
  218. Any good Breeder Nashville Tn area?
  219. Breeders with these type of lines
  220. Please recommend a reputable Shepard breeder in the Boston area
  221. PNW Breeders
  222. Looking for a WL or WGSL reputable breeder (preferably near Denver) + Advice
  223. Looking for info on quellwasser in IN
  224. Why is it so hard to find a breeder? NE PA.
  225. PSA Breeders?
  226. Deciding on the breeder and WL or SL
  227. Punnishment for dishonest breeders?
  228. How many is too many
  229. Looking for Altdeutsche Schäferhunde
  230. Pedigree opinions
  231. WGSL or ASL in AZ/CA/UT/CO/NM
  232. looking for info on Von Den Baren in CA
  233. Breeder recommendations? OH/WV/KY/PA/NY
  234. LF Quality Docile Companion GSD
  235. South Florida Breeder
  236. Looking for FL Breeder
  237. looking for info on breeder
  238. West German show line vs DDR working line
  239. Royal K9 Kennel
  240. ISO German Shepherd in the Midwest
  241. Long Coat German Shepherd Breeder
  242. Looking for non working straight back breeder/kennel
  243. Breeder question
  244. Georgia Breeder Recommendations
  245. Chihuahua Safety Question (Male or Female GSD)
  246. Does anyone know anything about this breeder?
  247. Centurion shepherds
  248. In WI and looking for a GSD puppy
  249. Looking for good temperament and hips in New England
  250. Introducing el Che' from Wendelin Farm