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  1. Dogs Honking the Horn
  2. I wish I could do this sometimes
  3. kona is Happy and Healthy :)
  4. Disabled dog has ESA
  5. The face you make...
  6. doggy comic strip made my day
  7. Old German Shepherd vs Panther
  8. Baby Elephant Fight a Sassy Bird-Funny!
  9. Happy Monday
  10. Picking out names!
  11. Too cute not to share
  12. Does your owner make you feel safer?
  13. you want me to throw what now?
  14. Our own personality type and our choice of breed
  15. The 'real' me:
  16. Shepherd-opoly game! Love it
  17. Skeleton Dog! Halloween Photos?!
  18. Hoby is not there
  19. non gsd-puppy loses toy-screams in horror!
  20. CAUTION: Not for the unwary
  21. LASIK Experiences?
  22. All of the above :-)
  23. This is what it felt like on our 1st day with the T!
  24. Doggy Daycare-
  25. What Superhero is Your GSD?
  26. Two guys
  27. Games/Activities
  28. Freshpet Holiday Feast...Crack you up!
  29. If my GSD attacked me it...
  30. 13 dogs and 1 cat enjoying Christmas dinner
  31. I wish my little herd would do this...
  33. This made me smile
  34. Joke - If dogs worked in offices...
  35. This is what I
  36. Joke...
  37. She invented her solo fetch game
  38. King of His Domain
  39. For those who need a Laugh ;)
  40. Hoby has DDT!
  41. What kind of human would your pup be?
  42. Posting and you
  43. High Drive Pups
  44. I've seen stuff like this before, but the is the BEST "If humans acted like dogs" vid
  45. Wilson has been found!...Reunited and it feels so good...
  46. Lol a meme for GTA people
  47. Pawsome Performance
  48. Dog Breed Quiz
  49. Tales and legends....What Lillian said..
  50. In Queue for the Loo...
  51. Funny Subaru YouTube ad (non-GSD)
  52. Wilson is missing!
  53. April Fools Pranks
  54. Top trending dog names
  55. Things You Say To Dogs That'd Be Creepy If You Said To People
  56. Text messages from a dog
  57. Cute clip of dog acting out when nobody's home
  58. Misinformation Thursday
  59. Funny?
  60. Speed dating is in!
  61. Schutzhund people
  62. How did my dog learn this??????
  63. What's your favorite
  64. Happy Holidays! (Drawing)
  65. So, I was online looking for a GSD Christmas ornament.
  66. Some of my Artwork
  67. our song
  68. Ok I'll see if this works
  69. Dog shaming
  70. I hope it snows this much...
  71. World of tanks Or War thunder
  72. Does your dog need a timeout.
  73. in the spirit of holloween (moved to fun/games from General Info)
  74. He's just the best!!! Love him...
  75. Unconditional Love
  76. Wet Dog.
  77. Found this to be hilarious(video)
  78. Herding dog - Commercial.
  79. Rottie/Lion Mix?
  80. Secrets to Potty Training
  81. Dog Wants a kitten (non gsd) so cute and well done quick vid. - enjoy
  82. For those who feel their dog doesn't REALLY love them
  83. Cartoon - babies screaming in public places
  84. Psychiatrists vs Bartender
  85. Ever wonder who gets the good jobs?
  86. Think your dog loves a good ball throw?
  87. Odin eating peanut butter
  88. Dog Gifs
  89. Not guilty!
  90. And yet still a new so-called dog breed . . .
  91. Funny crate problem
  92. What Happens When You Take A Panoramic Photo And Your Dog Runs Into The Shot
  93. WAY off topic: Ever see the supermarket before a snow?
  94. Fun video
  95. This is probably ALL of our dogs ;)
  96. New Guard Dog...
  97. Looks Who's Taking Our Jobs
  98. NFL bad lip reading
  99. ultimate dog tease,
  100. Funny GSD picture
  101. May all your Christmas Wishes come true (JRT, e-card)
  102. Theme song for your dog??
  103. Dog friends vs Cat friends
  104. The Juke Box - click on year you were born
  105. Have you seen this dog?
  106. Lenka - Everything at Once (Windows 8 comm. song)
  107. Life is like a box of chocolates...
  108. O.K. This has to make you Smile :)
  109. Only a GSD could steal the show like this! (video(
  110. Home Remedies
  111. parkour amstaff - funny video
  112. Happy Howl-O-Ween
  113. GSD gifts
  114. This might be fun! What do you know about the person above?
  115. Deer Crossing Signs and car accident
  116. Oh noes!
  117. What I love most about my GSD is.....
  118. Non GSD but this is hilarious!
  119. Cat fishing for Dolphins - Too cute
  120. Dog gone it
  121. I love finding these..
  122. An amazing Jack Russell!
  123. Your favorite old school video games
  124. Fav. song sing/dance w/dog to - Utube IT!
  125. What animal would YOU be?
  126. Not dog related-Just thought it was funny
  127. so three GSD walk into a bar
  128. Three Sisters
  129. U.S. troops in Kandahar & Cookie Monster cover "Call Me Maybe" :)
  130. Can't Ever Imagine a GSD Doing This!
  131. German shepherd+hosepipe="gallons" of fun
  132. Grammar
  133. cute video... just had to share
  134. Joke for the day...
  135. need a laught? "the pug that couldn't run"
  136. Vet joke
  137. I've been given my weapon in the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse...
  138. Dog Fail
  139. Made me giggle quite a bit!
  140. You only pretended...
  141. I have no words...Only Laughter
  142. You Know You Shouldn't Have A License When...
  143. Dog Show Terms Explained! #1 (the first of a series...humor)
  144. dogs underwater
  145. 360 Degree Photography
  146. Man's Best Friend?
  147. Dogs can read!
  148. Just for fun...GSD new breed mix names.
  149. Too Funny
  150. if cats and dogs kept diaries
  151. Become a GSD for a day!
  152. German Shepherd Personality Test
  153. Ditzy personified
  154. This would be me if I were a dog . . .
  155. Does anyone own the German Shepherd-Opoloy game?
  156. Some people should not try Cesar's methods...
  157. "Caption this" game.
  158. Dog For Sale
  159. What German shepherds do
  160. A Woman's Guide To German Shepherds
  161. Smile
  162. Easter egg hunt for your dog?
  163. For St. Patty's day
  164. Top-notch security system here.
  165. This is HILARIOUS!!
  166. GSD property laws...
  167. Human matress dominoes world record!!
  168. My Favorite Video of All Time...
  169. Dog for sale
  170. 72 Joys of Marching Band
  171. Reliant Energy 'Smart Dog' commercial
  172. Mac Watches TV - Tonight it got weird
  173. Clearing a path for the ones you love.
  174. funnny pics
  175. Car as musical instrument
  176. I have an urge to share this....
  177. jeopardy, german shepherd style
  178. How to give a cat a pill...
  179. Th Bark Side
  180. Me, I'm stuck at stick figures!!
  181. This is priceless
  182. Pet Peeves
  183. Doctor Dave
  184. The Pharmacist
  185. Great GSD rap song
  186. Breed Specific Legislation.."Pffftttt"
  187. Department of Home Security
  188. Christmas comes early for Liesl
  189. Vid that'll make you smile :)
  190. Guess the dog breed!
  191. Who ate all the fettuccine???
  192. You Must Do This! It's Funny!!
  193. German Shepherd Monopoly
  194. GSD fiction
  195. Coolest truck decal I've EVER seen!
  196. Corn Maze for Blondes
  197. A Montana cowboy was overseeing his herd
  198. Pilots and Mechanics--something to laugh about
  199. Happy cows come from
  200. What are you listening to right now?
  201. Just freeze and toss
  202. how to prepare for a new puppy...
  203. A Drunk Texas Cowboy....
  204. It's so hot and dry in Texas....
  205. Drinks Warning
  206. Picture your worst fear...
  207. What Dog Breed Are You?
  208. Why I'm now divorced
  209. This dog has the right idea!
  210. Not a GSD, but a police dog....
  211. Just some cute kitties for ya'll
  212. Little old Texas Lady
  213. Hah! This is cute
  214. Penguins
  215. Post the funniest gsd pictures you can find...
  216. You laugh you lose !!!
  217. What type of dog would I be?
  218. how to tease your dog
  219. Warning to male puppy owners!
  220. Ultimate dog tease - very funny
  221. Post something about the person above you!
  222. What actor/actress does you GS remind you of?
  223. Funnies
  224. Your royal name!
  225. Guarantees Breeders SHOULD give!:)
  226. not a GSD but funny anyway
  227. Guess the dog's nose
  228. Baby heffalumps
  229. A Blonde Joke.....
  230. Twins talking
  231. Funny dog magnet...
  232. If you need an early morning laugh!
  233. Ya know you're gettin' old when...
  234. What do you get when....
  235. Everytime I see dogs and kittens.....
  236. New Dog Breeds Recognized by AKC
  237. Word Association Game -- Fun Thread
  238. The Price of gas
  239. Baaahahahahaha!!
  240. Prosecuting Poodles
  241. In case you need a smile:
  242. Hunting dog?
  243. Design your own shepherd!(Joke thread)
  244. A good reason why we need German Shepherds
  245. This is sooo wrong, yet so funny. Must See
  246. Is it wrong?
  247. Six words to describe your GSD
  248. Talking Animals
  249. Best commercial ever!!!lol
  250. Help Kane Win!!