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  1. Yes, and yes.
  2. Puppy Exercise! What is to much!!
  3. A good week-end
  4. Our Duke is psychic
  5. Out and about
  6. Oh deer!
  7. Need advice
  8. What the neighbors hear... LOL
  9. Tank ate the Easter Bunny...
  10. Update on the Weberhaus Bobsey Twins
  11. Threat... or not?
  12. Rescues/adopted stories!
  13. How she asked for help
  14. Help please!
  15. Tell me your stories! GSDs & protection.
  16. Can you spot 3 things in the picture that...
  17. A conversation: my version vs his
  18. GSD Empathy?
  19. Craziest training method/advice you've heard?
  20. Nyx has sprung a leak!
  21. Dementia and the power of a well-loved dog
  22. They truly are something special.
  23. My Story with Littermates
  24. Western Wa snow...
  25. First camping trip!!
  26. Russ has a new home
  27. Beware what you teach your dog :-)
  28. winter storm Gia Jan 2019
  29. Balk talk in agility
  30. Opening Wrapped Presents
  31. Feeding her emotion
  32. Santa coming to town: My guys version
  33. Embarrassed😳
  34. One pig ear worth every cent
  35. What do you do?
  36. Amazing skills that you didn't train your dog to do
  37. My goofy dog
  38. So at 1:00 AM I was charging up the e-collar!
  39. DNA Test came in!
  40. breeding proposals, lets here yours!
  41. Happy Fall!
  42. Dumbest squirrel on the planet!
  43. They are done with their dog magazine too
  44. Older dog schooling a puppy...
  45. Shane
  46. Some day ...
  47. How much does owning a dog mean to you
  48. When to intervene?
  49. Understands more than you think!
  50. K9 Officer killed in a car chase
  51. Alpha (2018)
  52. Durham's Life
  53. Graduated Rally 1 Class with a Suprise Distractor
  54. Scarlet & the bathtub
  55. Scary real raw meat
  56. First trip to the park
  57. Great day at the park!
  58. How to get her attention?
  59. One year ago today...
  60. Anyone else cheating on their walks?
  61. Shadow likes recycling
  62. Cast Iron Gut!
  63. 7 months old and playing me...
  64. World Dog Show 2018
  65. My pup took ME on a walk this morning...
  66. Stop telling me what to do with MY dog!
  67. Names people call your dog that you don't like
  68. Death Row- The street in my neighborhood where I would just get dragged!
  69. Camping with a 12 week old puppy!!
  70. My First GSD (and a tribute to my aunt)
  71. Fence Scaling Escape Artist
  72. Cattle. Goats. A GSD. It's Electric...
  73. I'm fat, he is a wolf, and a porcupine died.
  74. Well, he didn’t excel at obedience class tonight but...
  75. Strange world we live in
  76. Do you believe this story?
  77. Today we learned roll over!
  78. Life with Xena--Warrior Princess Puppy
  79. .... Sometimes dog owners can be... Just.... You know.
  80. Whats the most embarressing.....
  81. Millie is not having a great week
  82. Those non dog savy people
  83. Baby steps towards thinking while in drive!
  84. Luna's adventures
  85. Fearful and scared when dogs walk by
  86. I got a new toy/his was so excited
  87. Protected our home!
  88. Just a small Scarlet story
  89. So Proud of the Wild Child...
  90. Ever had anyone literally run after seeing your dog?
  91. Showgirl hits the PCT
  92. Just needed a little encouragement...
  93. Opinions sought: Boon "attacked" 2x by neighbors' dogs
  94. I am a criminal
  95. Very Concerned
  96. Is my GSD purebred?
  97. GSD puppy adoption turns tick infestation!
  98. Hudson chased into street, struck by car.. I'm beside myself
  99. Florida Wild Boar
  100. Passing "the baton"
  101. Off leash fun!
  102. Did WD reincarnate?
  103. Rocky Braveheart
  104. Big-boy thinks he's a nurse
  105. The Good, the Not So Good, but Progress
  106. Dial P for Peeved
  107. “German Shepherd proofed” my Garden Today
  108. Stray Dogs...
  109. I kept putting it off
  110. German shepherd ?
  111. Hero dog
  112. Shepherd wedding pics
  113. Ohhh the toy and ball drive!
  114. Horrific Behavior Stories? I Need Company!
  115. That went well!
  116. look at this sleeping pose
  117. Update on Mac and Tasha
  118. Just adopted an 11 month old GSD
  119. A dog's lifespan
  120. I didn't think he had it in him
  121. Scary experience at home depot :(
  122. Watching TV
  123. Home from Xmas break now to pick up Sasha
  124. Leon raised his ears !!!
  125. "Just a Dog"
  126. End-of-the-year-thoughts
  127. Chicago TSA Sniffer Dog with a Few Challenges...
  128. Manhandled By A Fat Man In A Red Suit
  129. There is an alien in my house
  130. Suki was attacked by visiting dog
  131. Apollo attacks.
  132. Lessons from one day of German Shepherd experience
  133. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!!!
  134. Christmas is approaching.
  135. Young At Heart
  136. My dog almost overheated today
  137. Over the top herding
  138. Made a new friend...
  139. Bitten by a GSD!!
  140. Plans for life with dogs when older
  141. The Dog Hair Diaries (kidding) - Just a Hudson Update!
  142. A dog named Dog
  143. Off leash dogs are making me crazy
  144. Life so far with Yogi
  145. The funny little quirks we love so much
  146. Frustrating/Funny Puppy Stories
  147. Perfect track record ruined 👹
  148. If I had to go, it would be like this...
  149. Life with Sly and Onyx
  150. Living with a GSD spoils you for other breeds
  151. Luna, my mischievous moon.
  152. Sadie
  153. Kaiser wins guard dog of the Year!!
  154. It was the Wild coming out of them.
  155. Inadvertently child proofed.
  156. Dog Day of Summer Contemplation
  157. Teleport mode...
  158. Anyone else in that eutopia phase with multiple dogs?
  159. Funny moment
  160. Good dog, Greta
  161. Fresh turkey
  162. When your heart wins
  163. just an interesting observation about chit chat
  164. Cat help!!
  165. Illogical fear of German Shepherds
  166. I have been having a struggle lately
  167. mini heart attack................
  168. Naming
  169. Tiny dog saves a girl child
  170. Jupiter and I Bijorking
  171. Our turn to be attacked!
  172. Good memory
  173. While walking my dog/guy in utility van
  174. Shiloh Shep Update
  175. my puppy, the delinquent
  176. Our puppy had surgery today
  177. Just reporting in :)
  178. She said she could speak to wolves
  179. Please help me understand my German Shepherds protective instincts
  180. Doggie Duty Roster
  181. Training session went awry
  182. An Unexpected Discovery
  183. Paw pad cut and tracking, all worked out
  184. Happy April!
  185. Worst vet experience ever.
  186. On her first day home, GSD puppy protects my children!
  187. Horrific Dog Park Accident GSD vs Greyhound
  188. clay's getting better.
  189. Stop asking me if he is German Shepherd!
  190. Fleas and Ticks on dog
  191. Snow Storm in March!
  192. Coyote as a pet?
  193. Response to a skunk
  194. Done with the dog park
  195. A good ending!
  196. Rescue
  197. Name Help Needed!
  198. Robot vacum and GSD puppy not a good match
  199. someone asked if I regret it
  200. When it started to "click"
  201. Training going well??
  202. WGSD prejudice - my dog is a GSD too
  203. Took in a stray and hooray for the shut-down technique
  204. A close call!
  205. Attacked!!!
  206. My German Shepherd is jealous on little Bulldog
  207. Moving to Palo Alto California
  208. Adorable self incrimination
  209. Dogs don't lie
  210. Fama at large
  211. Sam's Christmas surprise!
  212. What is the most gross thing your dog has done?
  213. My puppy got hurt today and it was super scary!
  214. Update to the Christmas Drama-Good News :)
  215. Times you have been THAT owner
  216. Christmas Drama! A Very Mad Mama Right Now!
  217. this is how my German Shepherd become after i teach him new commands
  218. Neighbor's little dog
  219. I know you guys will appreciate this
  220. Neighborly advice
  221. Kaiser loves the hose!
  222. Just when you think you are starting to know your dog
  223. Well, that was scary.
  224. Tehya Vs Raccoon
  225. The "Big" Black Scary Wolf.
  226. Maybe I spend too much time with my dogs.
  227. Nosey neighbour rant
  228. Just proud
  229. Burglary attempt foiled: Thanks to my pups
  230. How long can your dog carry a stick?!
  231. the pine-cone queen
  232. Werewolf Story
  233. GSD Swimming and kayaking
  234. I need a paper towel, Dad!
  235. Random lady wanted to give my dog water
  236. A little rough start but hopefully smooth sailing from here!
  237. Luc backpacking the La Cloche Silhouette in Killarney Park
  238. Luc and Neb on the Western Uplands, Algonquin Park, August Long weekend 2016
  239. Deer!
  240. Training meet up, what a great time!
  241. Training manners and focus in the city today
  242. Coyotes
  243. Just got attacked!
  244. Do not pet patch?
  245. Do your dogs pick their own berries?
  246. Recent Wolf Encounter! (Must Read)
  247. Feel Good Story
  248. Wish People Would Mind Their Own Business
  249. Ronin and the Burglar
  250. Summer & Maggie