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Development & Socialization

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  1. Different shapes of paws?
  2. Puppy socialization advise
  3. Change in behaviour - 5 month old female
  4. Growth Pattern Question
  5. Socialization Progress
  6. Advice needed for first puppy
  7. Height of a 3 month old
  8. Head, snout, weight?
  9. Meeting strangers
  10. Coat/Color
  11. Dog Reaction
  12. Is my GSD going to be small?
  13. Refresher course in puppy
  14. Are they sables?
  15. Teething-Kaos
  16. Teeth growing in wrong?
  17. Awkwardness at 3 months
  18. Introducing Rescued Pup to large pack
  19. My dog is not fearful of some strangers .
  20. What can I expect?
  21. Sasha's Canines and her Frisbee
  22. Introducing Dogs
  23. Gwinnett (Dacula/Lawrenceville area) just an idea....
  24. Leash reactivity and dog park
  25. Puppy - Obedience
  26. Puppy timeline
  27. Onyx update and teething worry?
  28. Best way to introduce Kira to a new playmate?
  29. Crating and hyper-ness
  30. Pup barks at tv dogs..
  31. How much more weight will she gain?
  32. Simba made a new friend
  33. 8.5 months and shoulder hackles
  34. 11 month old no longer wants to meet strangers.
  35. That's why you don't smoke crack!
  36. Kopper's little sister is 80lb at 8 months.
  37. Mental exercise/stimulation-suggestions?
  38. When does the teenage stage
  39. LAT? What is it?
  40. How to build 6-mo's confidence only w/ other dogs?
  41. Another Shots and Socialization Thread
  42. I need help with socializing
  43. Allowing Playdates When You Have a Reactive Puppy?
  44. 7 month old pigment change on a sable.
  45. Best vacuum advice???
  46. Any thoughts? On being less alert?
  47. Why is Kira an immediate target for aggressive dogs?
  48. Brampton-Need Puppy Play Date
  49. Playmate in Maryland?
  50. Coat Colors
  51. Long walks - not good for the bones?
  52. How to build up puppy's confidence.
  53. Undescended testes
  54. Is it too early
  55. Puppies Playing - How much "growling" is too much?
  56. Pup does not like dogs
  57. Puppy Habituation CD?
  58. People ask if something's wrong with Kira. Too mellow.
  59. Do you think my pups head is masculine
  60. 4 month old way too reactive to dogs
  61. Question About Fear Periods
  62. Neutering a non-confident fearful dog
  63. Spent some time "passing" the dog park...
  64. Taking 14 week old out for the day
  65. Kira height and length at 8 months... Is this it?
  66. Frustrating isn't the word.
  67. Jogging Revisited
  68. New puppy and cats
  69. Should we buy GSD first or 2nd?
  70. A later rebellious stage?
  71. Do you believe in the "Teenage Phase"?
  72. Barking at People/Dogs (Our 1 Issue with Jazmyn)
  73. do you let your shepherd play with very small dogs?
  74. Puppy slightly bow-legged....normal?
  75. Adult coat
  76. My puppy doesn't like going out!
  77. One undescended testicle
  78. Is my gsd too small for his age?
  79. Does my puppy sleep too much?
  80. Just another puppy socialization question...
  81. Did I Respond/Act Correctly?
  82. For the "smaller" GSD owners out there
  83. A little confused on coat development
  84. Question about head growth
  85. Omg! Teeth!!!! Strength! Smartness!
  86. 8 months, 1 week old =3
  87. At what age?
  88. Is he a sable?
  89. New puppy on the way
  90. Confusing behavior (is this fearful behavior?)
  91. Sleeping in the same room/area-Good?/Bad?
  92. List your top 10 must have toys
  93. Daily Enrichment Log for Amaretto
  94. carpal subluxation
  95. Separation Anxiety
  96. PetSmart training & yappy dogs
  97. What Age Do They Stop Growing Height Wise?
  98. Questionable Play day with our new friend
  99. Offleash ball fetch
  100. Encouraging the timid puppy
  101. Do I want this from Kira??
  102. Looking for a bit of advice
  103. Reuniting litter mates at 8 months???
  104. It's not enough.../It's too...
  105. Missing tooth
  106. Puppy being good around strangers?
  107. Barking barking and more barking...
  108. aggression + 7 months old
  109. Pit Bull as a playmate for my GSD?
  110. Best way to handle (others') barking dogs
  111. Leg Pain? Pano?
  112. Chuck it for puppies
  113. Over Exercising 13 weeks
  114. Ear biting
  115. paws way to big ( walking on elbows?)
  116. 6 month old--Knees turn out a little, is this normal?
  117. Sleep needed for pups
  118. Why do our dogs seem to get more satisfaction with walking/running?
  119. I am the new mommy of a 4yo German that has never been socialized
  120. Request for experts' take on this
  121. You may not like this... Kira grew a pair.
  122. what age to let pup go down and up stairs
  123. Spooky
  124. Calling the experts on Kira's fear. (video)
  125. 7 month old excitable with the kitty
  126. Growl/Barking at oncoming people on walks?
  127. Hiking instead of Doggy
  128. Humping! & Potty Training!
  129. He's going to be huge!
  130. If you have an iffy feeling throughout your puppies growing stages - GO TO THE VET!
  131. Normal growth?
  132. Suddenly getting very large ..LOL
  133. socializing 11 week old puppy- only had first shots?
  134. Leash reactivity and puppy socialization
  135. Snarling and face licking. What was that?
  136. First heat, silent heat?
  137. Question about the growth of my puppy
  138. Is my dog a runt?
  139. Hazard's socialization progress
  140. Loose Joints?
  141. Camp Bow Wow revisited
  142. puppy development with stairs
  143. Dry/coarse fur
  144. Entering a dog park "on leash" ?????
  145. Stimulating, Mentally
  146. How big do you think he'll get?
  147. I was called a "snob" today ..LOL
  148. Kira's coat type?
  149. Socialization Question
  150. 1 Year Growth Spurt?
  151. Some people are just SO....whatever.
  152. I just weighed my female GSD puppy...
  153. off leash hikes
  154. Bad socialization
  155. At what point does territorial behavior tend to begin?
  156. When to let them jump?
  157. First time in a puppy class....
  158. Puppy Excercise for the Neurotic GSD Owner
  159. Puppy Manners
  160. Jemma goes to puppy preschool....and towers over everyone there :)
  161. Safe to give a 9wk old a 6in ham bone?
  162. How big do you think my little boy will get?
  163. City approved a 100K dog park
  164. Coat pattern question
  165. Muzzles & Wrestling
  166. Experts: OMG, you dog will be HUGE!
  167. Lifting his leg to pee.
  168. Playing with neighbor's dog
  169. 5 month fear stage?....of a ....dock??
  170. Question about the growth rate of a GSD pup...
  171. HUGE breakthrough with Sura!
  172. Is he too big?
  173. Oh no! It's that white GSD that attacked Kira!
  174. want opinions on the phsical appearence of my puppy,also ex's of his plush coat type
  175. Do you play rough with your pup?
  176. New pup, start socialization now or wait a bit?
  177. Scared of one dog, barks at another?
  178. Adult GSD vs Puppy GSD
  179. Kira frightened of all dogs, puppies too
  180. Puppy barking at dogs after being attacked
  181. Post your Halloween socialization stories
  182. Getting a Fright
  183. Orajel?
  184. Hips/Elbows is THIS to much on 15 week joints?
  185. Neutering Age?
  186. Yet another weight check thread.....
  187. Growth Spurts
  188. Sexual behavior before maturity?
  189. Could she be a saddle?
  190. Overbite advice????
  191. At what point are you seeing genuine adult traits?
  192. 9 months on the 22nd and protection instincts are kicking in.
  193. Getting ready for winter?
  194. itchy durring furr change stage ?????
  195. So we went ahead and got her spayed...
  196. Crate size ???
  197. Is this fear aggression
  198. I swear she grew overnight
  199. Fearful puppy or just too young
  200. Kaya 8 1/2 weeks old
  201. New Teeth ?
  202. This is "almost" a problem - Bailey loves dogs, loves dogs, LOVES dogs
  203. Very not right tooth - will it correct?
  204. Is her head too small?
  205. Growing up...first heat, club visits...where did my puppy go?
  206. Another Heat Thread!
  207. Seriously, how to socialize your dog to be around children when you have none?
  208. Vomit help
  209. Growing puppy
  210. baby tooth just hangin on
  211. Unneutered male dog in dog park
  212. B&T color changing
  213. Dog Park, how long?
  214. Will my dog stay this way?
  215. Question on front legs
  216. is this normal growth or not?
  217. Dog park socialization
  218. Overly Nervous when meeting new people
  219. Puppy is to nice to strangers?
  220. How Much Did Your Puppy Weigh?
  221. What is the normal weight for a female puppy at 4 months?
  222. Puppy Advise-Does she think she is Alpha?
  223. Anyone have the only puppy from a litter?
  224. Young Pup Older Dogs (Elsa)
  225. Training a working puppy in a household with other dogs
  226. 1st puppy class - Awesome advise - Thanks!
  227. Progress!!
  228. Puppies separated too young
  229. Unbelievable
  230. How to continue to socialize when older (7 months+)
  231. Age for losing teeth?
  232. Dog park permit, city license -- would you bother?
  233. Trouble socializing, need advice
  234. Barking at Small Children
  235. Teething - Extra Tooth?
  236. What is this behavior?
  237. When will she stop looking so funny?
  238. Question about age?
  239. Trouble after walk
  240. Puppy socially dense
  241. GSD is underweight but yet is perfect weight?
  242. Gait training
  243. Fear Period or Nerves?
  244. Dog Parks - Good Socialization?
  245. Having problem with another dog.
  246. Gangly and awkward!
  247. How big is your GSD?
  248. Irritated.. very much... trying to do a good job... stupid dog owners... my rant
  249. * Socializing With Dogs *
  250. Please help me with this !