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Training Our Puppy (basic)

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  1. Age and potty training
  2. 16 week old puppy
  3. Grim's improvement!
  4. Help with teach Max to learn how to shake!
  5. House training with other dogs
  6. what a waste of time and money!
  7. leash training 8 week puppy
  8. getting a 8 month old ddr female
  9. Picking the right sport for me and puppy
  10. Gentle and leave it training method confusion.
  11. Too soft?
  12. Potty Training Issue
  13. Trainer too aggressive
  14. Need help!!!
  15. Natty Boh's second class and doing it MY way
  16. Training puppy to tug- pup won't clamp down
  17. What's up with "classes"?
  18. Training Bell
  19. House training and basic commands
  20. Training media
  21. puppy training book rant
  22. How to stop door dashing
  23. Taking treats gently?!?! Help
  24. Marker training food and toy
  25. beyond fed up
  26. I need help! First time GSD owner!
  27. Peeing right before we take him out?
  28. Puppy class disaster :-)
  29. Opening Crate
  30. Trainer website listing?
  31. Not happy with new puppy class....
  32. Recommendations for a GOOD enzyme cleaner for house breaking
  33. I said I wouldn't do this...
  34. Anyone have a list of commands? Basic and more advanced?
  35. 13 week old GSD, pretty sure she is trying to kill me
  36. Training time
  37. What are realistic expectations for a 3 month old puppy?
  38. San Diego Trainers?
  39. twin shepherds
  40. jealousy between brothers
  41. Which harness
  42. German Sheppard Rescue Puppy
  43. Stay/Wait Training
  44. Stay - Whine
  45. Flirt pole + fetch session =
  46. Can a puppy learn gentle?
  47. Stubborn Basko - HELP!!!
  48. My pup will only sit when she wants something?
  49. Barking at night
  50. My puppy does not want to train
  51. Velcro puppy should I be concerned
  52. training my rescue
  53. I desperately need help
  54. 6 month old: disobedient
  55. Choosing a non-optimal pee spot...
  56. Spirit starts Obedience!
  57. Prong For 7 1/2 Month Old?
  58. When to start basic training?
  59. Sound, Vehicle, and Swim Conditioning. When?
  60. The Ups and Downs of GSD Puppy
  61. Has anyone put a "don't pet me" shirt/vest on their puppy before?
  62. What size prong collar?
  63. Questions from a 1st time puppy owner/overanalyzer
  64. A good book on training, or website
  65. teaching come, no bite and no dig....
  66. How did you lead train your GSD?
  67. Crate trained but still pees in house..
  68. very annoyed with my husband - he's training Kylie to harass him while eating
  69. Training
  70. I will do anything to get the GDS puppy housebroken
  71. Start puppy school in 2 weeks..
  72. Question on Puppy Hurting her Leg While Training?
  73. One potty spot in yard, when out alone
  74. Charging the mark
  75. New owner, need help! :/
  76. Waste of time
  77. What is considered too much stimulation?
  78. fleury's first puppy class
  79. Training a 6 wk old?
  80. How long without accidents, before you consider puppy housebroken??
  81. Quit jumping on the kids!
  82. Did this confuse my pup..(Potty)
  83. 1st day of school
  84. New Puppy/Questions on training
  85. Seeking trainer in NE Indiana, prefer near Ft. Wayne
  86. 5month old, one issue I want to Curb. (greeting people)
  87. Puppy school suggestions for Poway, CA stat please..
  88. Walking on Lead Training
  89. My 4 month old working on fetch
  90. Suggestions please
  91. Destroying yard!!!
  92. Advice on good training in NJ?
  93. Daytime with 6 week old pup:
  94. Crate
  95. Puppy potty training after going in the house for a month
  96. Scratching at Door
  97. Housebreaking while at work
  98. New house, new start?
  99. 3.5 months Walking on leash problem
  100. How hard should I push?
  101. correction/reduction of treats/playing with other dogs
  102. 11 Weeks Need help training
  103. any links for puppy training videos?
  104. Potty training
  105. many questions (long)
  106. Reinforcing On-The-Bed Etiquette?
  107. bashed for clicker training
  108. Unleashed small dogs
  109. Secure Hold
  110. How to stop dog from scaling fence? (for a friend)
  111. Puppy Training Tips
  112. Everything about gsd!!<<<
  113. Crate training
  114. Ninja LOVES playing with the Skyball
  115. what would you have done/ was this the right thing to do?
  116. What was your method or strategy to address separation anxiety and vocal-ness?
  117. New to German Shepherds, off leash training questions..
  118. Getting him to relax
  119. Anyone EVER take the petco or petsmart training classes?
  120. Order of progression/food rewards
  121. faster lay down
  122. Treats for training
  123. new owner, need help!
  124. Behavior and training 1st time owner
  125. GSD sleeping in Kenel in Garage
  126. how to train for treiball?
  127. How to stop a dog from jumping on you?
  128. Problem with chewing.
  129. Housebreaking 9 month old puppy
  130. Here in Australia, Pet Shop talks up KONG chew toys, that the best?
  131. leash attaching inside
  132. Training puppy to be handled
  133. How to speak?
  134. Don't we love those Ah Hah! moments
  135. 12 week old GSP...peeing in house and howling in crate at night!!! HELP
  136. Peeing on things?
  137. Need help with my GSD puppy (won't housebreak or sleep thru night)
  138. Leash issues
  139. Bad Trainer?
  140. Advice Needed.
  141. How to get a 5 month old male puppy to give paw
  142. Petsmart Training
  143. Suggestions for books/videos on raising a puppy with young children
  144. Maya's first obedience class
  145. another crate training question
  146. Crate Training
  147. Engagement situation for 9 month old
  148. I really need some advice
  149. A serious cry for help
  150. My 6month GSD too friendly with dogs
  151. When to start training?
  152. First day of puppy class!
  153. Half way house training
  154. Teaching dog to growl, can you do it? And is it a good idea?
  155. Trouble With Staying
  156. Teaching Focus?
  157. [Video] Rocky weaving between legs
  158. HA! It worked!!
  159. Getting a puppy how to potty train?
  160. discouraged
  161. How to get his attention?
  162. Teaching a proper heel...
  163. Training dog the "UP" command
  164. Develop a working line demeanor
  165. Hip Dysplasia
  166. Zeus, growled at me for the first time for food?
  167. Teaching the stay?
  168. Crate training
  169. Training. And forgetting. And Training..
  170. Walking.. kind of.
  171. Will I ever sleep again?
  172. Puppy greeting.. HELP!
  173. Ignoring commands not from the handler
  174. Leash walking, is this an age thing?
  175. Has Anybody Tried Wellness Wellbites for Training?
  176. Hero update/ Bragging!!
  177. tinkle talk!
  178. What treats for training?
  179. Puppies and cats. Advice please!
  180. Need Some Training Help!
  181. Advice
  182. oh yay, 4 1/2 hrs solid sleep!
  183. Multiple commands for similar behaviors
  184. Help me train a new puppy :0
  185. Raining = Muddy Wet Paws
  186. No more crate training
  187. 12 week old male pulling on leash
  188. Is 3 months to young?
  189. How do I accomplish this???
  190. I need some advice on Potty Training...
  191. Potty Training Bell Issue/Question
  192. Potty Training Frustrations
  193. Handling errors - maximum for dog's psyche?
  194. Proven ways to end food aggression...
  195. OK-truth time on house breaking!!
  196. Crate training
  197. Need Help with Puppy and Her Crate!
  198. 4.5 Months old pup to late for classes
  199. Puppy threw up
  200. Clicker training...snap fingers?
  201. housetraining frustrations
  202. URGENT, got 8 week old purebred puppy, need advice.
  203. Advice please
  204. puppy housebreaking
  205. Does she really need to pee or...
  206. New GSD Owner
  207. New GSD owner with long intro - sorry :)
  208. Trying to train
  209. Advice for Come command when distracted
  210. Timeout for my Land Shark
  211. How to stop my puppy from nipping and pulling on my pants.
  212. Now in reading mode.. which one first?
  213. 4 month gsd showed aggression to obedience instructor!
  214. My 5 month old pup is kind of nuts at the conservation area...
  215. What's the sense in walking him?
  216. She's just so darn excited
  217. First nights with a quiet puppy
  218. Training in upstate new york (near fort drum)
  219. Corrections while playing with children
  220. Potty training in the rain!
  221. Getting attention while in backyard!!
  222. Crate training set back
  223. 18 week old puppy and small kids
  224. Remedial in puppy class
  225. Puppy keeps making accidents in house?
  226. bubbles my puppy needs new tricks to learn; ideas?
  227. Help need from those who had incessant barkers during class training!
  228. Offering every command he knows
  229. Crate Location - Question
  230. Yard boundary training
  231. House training thread!
  232. Recall success :)
  233. Everything is MINE, MINE, MINE!
  234. Beast in disguise?
  235. Xena Intermediate Obedience
  236. Help with the "Come" command for my puppy
  237. 1o week old pup
  238. Introducing Simba with some faults!! ;) :D
  239. Puppy obiedence!!
  240. Xena won't heel
  241. Question: Training for Confirmation/Teaching Heel in Obedience
  242. Pervious bite thread closed for some reason
  243. Trainer wants to do bite work
  244. Had 4th training session. Went great
  245. Teaching stand.
  246. Training classes-take a break, or forge on?
  247. Potty Training Troubles
  248. Socializing While Walking
  249. Troubles with down
  250. Things for puppy to chew?