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Training Our Puppy (basic)

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  1. I dont think my dog gives a darn about praise
  2. No attention span whatsoever!
  3. Breed specific club vs. All breeds
  4. Puppy is getting very aggressive.
  5. Not running away!
  6. Manners
  7. Puppy refreshers
  8. Puppy Training (14 weeks ++)
  9. New to schutzhund
  10. Our New Puppy!
  11. I dont know what else to do?
  12. 7 Month Old GSD Female Bladder
  13. House Training Help! What am I doing wrong?
  14. How do I work past the stubborn/ rebellious stage?
  15. Teaching pup to walk nice
  16. AHHH help !
  17. Trainer leash?
  18. How is the kong supposed to work
  19. Sooo, I was boring....
  20. Puppy Pens?
  21. Any good trainers/schools in upstate NY, Mohawk Valley area?
  22. Upset for kai, think its time for off leash
  23. Basic class is almost done...... What next?
  24. Cruz and Myself Got Lucky Today
  25. What else should I do?
  26. Puppy screams when I walk out of sight.
  27. Brain games?
  28. Roxy's first trip to state park...
  29. Breaking the last bit of mouthing?
  30. Progress and growing
  31. My schedule for Sunny
  32. Do you use the "stay" command?
  33. no one but family
  34. Beginner wanting more???
  35. Learn to Speak
  36. Puppy class #3.
  37. Potty training my puppy?
  38. Toilet trained and knows some commands at 2 months?
  39. The prong collar? Can I do without this for my GSD puppy?
  40. Fear stage in puppies/dogs
  41. walks are getting much better
  42. Help with Potty Training!
  43. 9week Old Training.
  44. So frustrating!
  45. First Day at Schutz Training...
  46. Crate Training
  47. just a few concerns
  48. When does the land shark start?
  49. Walks are not so fun when you're stopping every minute..
  50. Success with walk and shouting from the rooftop.... :)
  51. Training fail
  52. Too soon to walk?
  53. When I put the leash on..
  54. It's been a while since I had a baby-puppy in training classes
  55. Need Advice on Training Two Pups
  56. *smh* yet again...
  57. place and cheat at place :)
  58. brands of treats...
  59. First real "walk"
  60. first puppy class a success and even a surprise
  61. How can I teach a 12 week old to ignore neighbor's aggressive barking bulldog?
  62. doesnt listen unless I have treats
  63. Seems to NOT want to do anything
  64. Too young?
  65. Too young?
  66. Argos paws the head collar HELP!!!
  67. carrying puppies trains later problems?
  68. Place -- now what????
  69. Puppy Separation Anxiety???
  70. bite inhibition trick
  71. Only one issue
  72. Changing Potty Location
  73. Training 13 weeks
  74. Need help with potty training
  75. Trade training
  76. They don't like to soil their crate--really???
  77. My puppy eats her poops
  78. Why wont my puppy go potty on the leash?
  79. Advice on release command
  80. Hello every one. I have a problem and i hope someone here can help me. My 11 week old
  81. Unusual high value rewards
  82. Is there such thing as dominance training?
  83. Unlimited water when house-training?
  84. Puppy Kindergarten starts tomorrow!
  85. Last and final thread on recall training..PROMISE!
  86. Crate training 11 wk old GSD
  87. Don Sullivan's Training
  88. Nipping at my hands, feet, and clothes
  89. clicker training
  90. Aggression while eating or snacking.
  91. Treat for training
  92. barking control help .
  93. I just adopted a 1 year old that doesn't play nice with others. Any tips??
  94. What are some really high value treats for training?
  95. Training a puppy to be a guard dog?
  96. 13 week old, potty train issue
  97. Am i giving the right amount of time to my pup
  98. Puppy recall
  99. Training with my husband
  100. How to handle: 6 month old jumping/nipping me
  101. Best Training Methods/Options
  102. Pay offs
  103. How to teach a puppy to take a treat gently?
  104. How will a Full time job and a new puppy mix?
  105. Varick's first class (:
  106. Best time to start trialling
  107. How can I get dog to respond to basic commands quicker
  108. I've been following this and want to exact a behaviour
  109. Potty Training Help
  110. Getting so nervous for tomorrow!!
  111. Bang trick, day 2!!! fast learner.
  112. My Training Has Paid Off!!!
  113. Puppy going crazy!!
  114. Agility?
  115. He's use to the balcony.
  116. Am I doing this properly? Jumping up on things
  117. Puppy not a people person?!
  118. Suggestions on preventing running up to people and other dogs to play
  119. Getting my 12 week old pup to listen to my wife
  120. How fast do GSDs learn?
  121. When is a good age?
  122. Crate training problem
  123. Nail Trimming: With Treats vs. My Dad's Way
  124. Crate Training?
  125. When to stop crate?
  126. Outdoor 8wk old converting to indoor.
  127. Pup will not go outside. Help
  128. 1st time GSD puppy owner (potty training question)
  129. Keeping my puppy at 2 different locations..need advice potty training
  130. 11 month old house training
  131. New Puppy
  132. Did you sign a training commitment with your breeder/rescue?
  133. Just Somthing I Learned
  134. playing fetch
  135. Crate vs playpen during the day.
  136. When coming back from walk puppy is mad to run forward
  137. 2 Training questions
  138. teaching dog to be calm when getting ears cleaned
  139. Cats and Dogs....(didn't want to hi-jack another thread)
  140. Girlfriend wants me to get rid of my GS....
  141. Zoomies command!
  142. What to do when dog doesn't come?
  143. Trainer conflict
  144. Potty Training: In House During Day
  145. Housetraining Nightmare
  146. Training Recall, leave it and drop it (give/release)
  147. 4 Month Old GSD HELPPP
  148. Potty problem!
  149. Can't differentiate between wanting to go out to go to the toilet or play
  150. Switching from Pen to Crate Training for House Breaking
  151. Two Qs. One on tug games. Other on stay command.
  152. What commands and discipline did your puppy have at 15 weeks?
  153. Here Kitty,Kitty, Help!!!
  154. How far along are we on potty training??
  155. How to get attention
  156. How do you train YOUR PARTNER with the puppy?
  157. How much execise for a 5 month old GS puppy
  158. Quality play time 1-1
  159. Extremely Messy Drinker
  160. Advice, help, encouragement.... anything
  161. Training pup to go potty in designated area.
  162. Teaching a pup with low food drive, but high prey drive... need advice
  163. What happened to my well trained puppy this morning?
  164. Sitting and Staying
  165. Jack, meet Al Longoria!
  166. Looking for educated opinions on Crate Training w/another dog
  167. Going to get a puppy soon
  168. Potty training advice please
  169. Natty Boh Graduated!!!
  170. My friend asked "Why do you crate?"
  171. Pet Repelant Spray
  172. Eating Cat Food & Litter Box Diving!
  173. Teaching Catch
  174. Puppy (19 weeks) fear issues
  175. Advice on stubborn pup
  176. First Break Through
  177. 6 Month old pup. Trusted out of crate all day. Destroys house. Back in crate. VIDEO
  178. Really having problems with treats and training
  179. Our Dex started basic training
  180. Any tips on training a pup with an adult dog in the house?
  181. How can I stop my puppy biting when taking treats?
  182. Can you teach an old dog new tricks
  183. I'm afraid... (GSD questions)
  184. Crate training question
  185. adolecense questions
  186. Help with my GSD and cats?
  187. Shared Crate
  188. What am I doing wrong? Or is he sick?
  189. How do I stop the dog running in front of me and slowing down when out?
  190. Training our puppy to stay outside.
  191. When is it time?
  192. Best sized crate
  193. Is this normal??
  194. Heel and treats awkard.
  195. (Non-GSD) Desperate for advice.. text heavy
  196. Training Two Dog
  197. 15 weeks New Emma - Help on trade and defiant mode
  198. So proud of my little Landshark, he is a total sponge.. Any good training video/site?
  199. His first puppy class.. what to look for??
  200. Emma's Ball Drive
  201. Practice Makes Perfect
  202. Are "pop-release" corrections safe?
  203. I guess it was time.
  204. Sit means sit
  205. Nietzsche the LAND SHARK..UGH
  206. 3 months old.. Is it time for training? *& Questions*
  207. Good day for Emma and a garden question
  208. Dogs and Cats, again
  209. stoped listening
  210. Balancing the need to run with the need to stay safe
  211. 6 month old puppy question(keeping on lead in the house)
  212. Crying/whining at night
  213. 15 week old GSD house accidents:
  214. So excited she bit me in the face. :o
  215. What do I do if my puppy listens to verbal correction?
  216. 9 Month Old Training
  217. Easy walk harness!
  218. Training
  219. GSD training books
  220. How do you teach your dog to stay out of the kitchen?
  221. Bite ??
  222. Housetraining - am I crazy?
  223. Crate trained by night #3?! or was I just lucky?
  224. Boot camp
  225. Potty Training issue with adult GSD
  226. 16 Weeks old and nipping & finishing house training
  227. 9 week pup is 85% house trained
  228. House Breaking issues
  229. 10 week old training
  230. How to make Training Fun and Interesting
  231. 4mo GSD nips when putting on leash
  232. Teaching "Down" command
  233. Puppy walks better off leash than on leash?
  234. New Puppy!
  235. Recall help!
  236. Puppy correction issue
  237. HELP - 7 month old puppy STILL popping inside
  238. suggestions on increasing focus?
  239. How Soon Before I should Start Training My New Puppy
  240. Grim is... French???
  241. List of enzyme products here...which do you like?
  242. San Diego German Shepherd club, other trainers?
  243. 8wk old puppy will NOT go to the bathroom outside
  244. potty training help!!
  245. I think I've got it...
  246. Crates and ideas for a restless puppy
  247. "Off" or "Leave It" command
  248. Prong collar sizing and Leerburg prong leash?
  249. Training books
  250. Need help please