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Training Our Puppy (basic)

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  1. Puppy training
  2. collar recommenations for puppy?
  3. The "basic" training commands
  4. When ?
  5. Puppy afraid of Leash
  6. any idea's/help would be amazing
  7. New GSD Owner! :)
  8. How do I train 'front'?
  9. High wines from jake on his own
  10. My hunky dog lol
  11. Instinct raw bites(frozen) as training treats?
  12. Training puppy to not bite while teething
  13. Help with puppy when he's home alone
  14. High-Drive Puppy...Next Steps?
  15. reputable trainers in AZ
  16. Any of you do traning plans?
  17. Can other dogs be a bad influence?
  18. Being Boisterous?
  19. When does adolescence start?
  20. 9 month GS is afraid of crate!
  21. Treats for a 9-1/2 week old?
  22. Crate Training?
  23. Is paper training in x-pen interfering with overall housebreaking?
  24. Questions about how to train my puppy?
  25. Potty Training. Help!
  26. Getting pup used to the car
  27. Puppy only pulls when... help?
  28. Fireworks
  29. trainer in NJ?
  30. Start with "charging the mark."
  31. Pinch collar?
  32. Crate training complications
  33. 5 German Shepherd pack walk
  34. Tethering Question
  35. puppy isn't afraid of water...
  36. Easiest way to learn 'come' or 'sit' on command?
  37. First puppy we've had in years...
  38. Flirt pole?
  39. Help: He's peeing everywhere!
  40. 6 mo. Hyperarousal with dogs - Training Program Please!!!!
  41. Crate training questions
  42. Lola training
  43. Tips to make him bark
  44. Puppy demands attention
  45. "cover your eyes" trick FAIL lol
  46. Barking Puppy
  47. How long can they hold, 5mo, housebreaking
  48. Submission urinating
  49. Feeling like a setback
  50. A puppy learning their name
  51. How is this going re: housebreaking?
  52. Training a Deaf Dog
  53. So happy with pup!
  54. Accidents through the night
  55. How to start clicker training
  56. 1st night at dog class.
  57. The growing beast:)
  58. Blake has progressed to Stage 1
  59. Leash Manners
  60. Wiping down a wet puppy
  61. new class starts tonight minus the dogs :(
  62. Raising different age pups
  63. Frustrated!!
  64. Short video of Lola
  65. Training two new 12 month olds.
  66. Frustrated with 6 month old.
  67. Biting
  68. Usually very reluctant to go into down position
  69. Jumping
  70. Another infection?
  71. Survival Dog training nusiances
  72. Need Training Recommendations for our 13 week old male.
  73. teaching to put front paws up on stool
  74. Help...pooping multiple times during the night!
  75. clicker training
  76. Stay with food/ toys?
  77. 15 week old won't walk?
  78. how long does it take for a puppy to learn its name?
  79. hold it until the morning
  80. Tips for getting rid of excited 'air' snapping/biting/mouthing?
  81. Help! Water Water Water!
  82. Is it best to have only one person training the new pup?
  83. 4 month old lite growling at correction
  84. The Alpha male?
  85. What are some favorite indoors puppy mental stimulation games?
  86. Please help me guys
  87. Potty Training?
  88. Worth the money?
  89. New to the forum, and 1st time Shepherd (mix) owner (tips needed)
  90. Training question...
  91. my poor cat
  92. Overly excited when attending puppy school
  93. Need advice on a good harness.
  94. so embarrassing
  95. What should I start training her today?
  96. HELP please.. 16week girl gsd potty issues
  97. Device that makes noise so dog will listen to your command
  98. Biting/Mouthing Getting Worse
  99. on average, how well trained should a 6 month pup be?
  100. What age did you start off-leash work/walks?
  101. How do I stop leash pulling??
  102. Need help with house breaking!
  103. Fussy Eater
  104. What size Ex Pen?
  105. Socializing with other dogs..?
  106. I am liking this pup (7 months) more and more -- GENTLE
  107. Crating question
  108. Potty Training - Wetting the Bed
  109. potty training problem 13 weeks old, please help.
  110. Walking
  111. Come here boy!!
  112. Help!!
  113. Recommend Boarding/training in MN or WI
  114. Training New Puppy!
  115. Help! 7 week old land shark and house training!
  116. Help! 7 week old land shark and house training!
  117. Potty training problem :/
  118. Playing fetch?
  119. Has anyone tried or heard about this training aid?
  120. E-Collar Training
  121. Graduation Day!!
  122. Leaving pup home alone
  123. problem when marker training
  124. basic obedience - where do I start?
  125. Ears not up :( and lil bit training trouble.
  126. E-collar for dog and cat problem. Ecollar? (Any VT dog trainers you know of?)
  127. Flirt pole
  128. Puppy has stopped letting us know when she wants out
  129. Need help with 5week old Belgian puppy
  130. My bitch does not respond to commands all the time
  131. Training gurus (any type) rip me up, puppy correction question
  132. So frustrating
  133. New puppy owner - alot of questions.
  134. 15 month old potty training...
  135. trouble with food and kids
  136. Trainer is Coming Today (Excited and worried)
  137. Jumping
  138. Fun Recall
  139. Off-leash Play
  140. Play bitting and what to do about it?
  141. Responding to puppy name
  142. Crate training, when to eliminate the divider?
  143. Potty training nightmare. (Help! This dog is a terror)
  144. different ways to stop biting
  145. Training in the Greenville NC area
  146. dog is bored?
  147. Trainer in SF BayArea (EastBay)
  148. Monkey see monkey do.. not so much!
  149. Any thoughts to why my new GSD puppy is afraid outside?
  150. Sit Mean Sit Dog Training?? (especially the Columbus Ohio one)
  151. Difference between Stay and Wait
  152. Training Class in Salem, OR?
  153. Birthday today!!
  154. Petsmart puppy classes?
  155. Only come and listen when I have treat on my hand
  156. Puppy barks & scratches doors all night long!!
  157. New puppy in October
  158. Basic Obedience Waterloo WI area
  159. Which is better?/
  160. Cruz Taught Me Something Today.
  161. When to start training for duration
  162. Help with unplayful puppy...
  163. I really need help..
  164. So cal dog trainers???
  165. Obedience 1 starts tonight for Athena!
  166. My puppy is driving me crazy (with pee)
  167. 3 month old GS hates walks
  168. Help!
  169. How to calm down 13 week old in training
  170. Crate Training - how do I do it?
  171. I can't do it anymore
  172. First Day of Training
  173. Word for down off the couch?
  174. Oh no not barking! How to stop barking?
  175. How long did it take to potty train your pup?
  176. barking in crate
  177. New GS Owner
  178. 6 Week Old
  179. Training my 4 month old - Housebreaking
  180. Pup runs away
  181. Pulling and barking on way to dog park
  182. What do you wish you had, and hadnt taught your dog?
  183. Pulling on a lead..
  184. How to handle separation anxiety
  185. Hiking and water, panting?
  186. Problems taking puppy for a walk.
  187. 10 week old puppy too young to "leave it"?
  188. Remember that little puppy? (Kira)
  189. Getting a puppy and having a reactive dog
  190. Retrieving/Playing Ball
  191. Teaching puppy table manners.
  192. trainer in southern California
  193. walking terrors
  194. Controlling prey drive??
  195. Hiya, my 6 months old GSD
  196. How do you handle a distraction during a walk?
  197. Questions for a future farm raised GSD
  198. Bike Training-How? When? Equipment?
  199. Volhard / Snap Around Training collar?
  200. Sitting straight at heel
  201. Evening potty training
  202. Should I take Vet's advice?
  203. Pooping in the house issues. HELP!
  204. GSD Training in Indiana
  205. Definitive Guides To Training a GSD?
  206. So much barking bravado!!
  207. Brought home a new GSD puppy...Help!
  208. Got my baby, now about that crate...
  209. Where to put the crate?
  210. Random tricks your dog does?
  211. 10 week old male GSD
  212. Intermediate
  213. When can I move the crate?
  214. subliminal and off-beat training tips
  215. Food/Biting Question
  216. So tired of poop :( help please before dh makes me put him outside on kennel
  217. 9 m/o STILL jumping on people and I'm about to tear my hair out...
  218. Teaching "stay"
  219. Reintroducing Loud Noises and Poss. Dependancy Issues?
  220. Use a Playpen Area?
  221. 15wk pup potties in crate during the day
  222. When can you use a "choke chain"?
  223. Puppy Questions
  224. Sabo's training videos! **CRITIQUE PLEASE!!
  225. Automatic down,sit,stand from any distance?
  226. Need some help!! Crate issues.
  227. GSD meet Dobie
  228. Help please
  229. Puppy Training Schedule??
  230. Puppy Questions!
  231. Right sided work???
  232. Puppy Class yesterday
  233. Screaming all night long.
  234. New Puppy, Old Cats. Help!
  235. Runs from us (recall issues...)
  236. How to stop dog from running in front of you on runs
  237. Puppy Classes in Indianapolis?
  238. How much walking/exercise is appropriate for a puppy?
  239. Getting a new puppy (Are Choke Chains Outdated?)
  240. the give, drop it, out commands
  241. Where to start ?
  242. How to do a runner?
  243. I've new to the gsd world. We got a 10 week old cutie 2 days ago and she is really cl
  244. Proud Pack Leader
  245. OFF mouthing training
  246. Housebreaking issues
  247. Building Body Handling Tolerance
  248. Excited/Submissive Potty Training Issues - HELP!
  249. Crate training FAIL
  250. I dont think my dog gives a darn about praise