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Training Our Puppy (basic)

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  1. Need fun silly dog trick ideas.
  2. Feeding her too much?
  3. Muzzle conditioning?
  4. Pinch collar?
  5. Bratty stage?
  6. Back to the basics with 5 mo pup.
  7. letting pup know playtime is over?
  8. House/crate training
  9. Just got a 2nd GSD...9mo intense pup...
  10. Training Treats
  11. Ecollar on puppy for VERY specific behaviors?
  12. Dog Trainers in Texas?
  13. Questions on Crates
  14. Exercise Pen
  15. Boundary Training
  16. So anyone else got their 5 m old trained like this?
  17. Stacking
  18. What next?
  19. Housebreaking is breaking my heart!
  20. City Canine/Renaissance
  21. (P)recycling games/training
  22. Help with disabled relative moving in
  23. Trainers what do you think of a thundershirt for a puppy?
  24. My 12 week old German Shepherd is anxious/scared around strangers in public. Advice?
  25. Feel good story
  26. This seems to be the story of my life...
  27. Puppy Play hour
  28. Puppy obsessed with flirt pole, ignores other toys
  29. Question about puppy's mouthing
  30. Shepherd Husky mix road bump
  31. Socializing with the In-Laws' Two Dogs
  32. Obedience Classes
  33. treats vs kibble vs raw
  34. Punishment in Training
  35. Best bang for my buck?
  36. Focus
  37. Pup not interest in doing commands if food isn't involved
  38. Bo's Training Log
  39. House Breaking Puppy from Apartment
  40. How to acclimate a 6 month old puppy and a terrified 3 year old girl
  41. Training question
  42. Questions about 12 week old puppy
  43. How did you know it was the right activity?
  44. Crate training and going potty
  45. Crate Training Nightmare
  46. Long Wooden Stairs & Housetraining
  47. Sleeping through the night
  48. Potty Training and Submissive Urinating and Eating Poop!
  49. Playing tug
  50. Accidents in the house
  51. What to do until class starts?
  52. Last Minute Puppy Questions!
  53. Going Down Stairs
  54. Help with my 7 m old puppy
  55. I've been had
  56. WHEN to train?
  57. Crate Training???
  58. Training issue/Socialization issue? How do I fix?
  59. 10 week old puppy potty training problem
  60. Puppy advice.
  61. Help
  62. Potential signs?
  63. Gak!!!!!!
  64. Clicker training at home VS non clicker training class
  65. cgc testing
  66. Board and Train?
  67. Fluke or intelligence?
  68. Magnum's Tricks
  69. I have tons of questions/concerns. Any help?
  70. Anyone used dog trainer Dan Glaser?
  71. Proud yet still have questions
  72. Distance Down Stay (brag!)
  73. Martingale or Harness for Puppy?
  74. When to start formal training?
  75. Help with with better crating.
  76. Pup and kids
  77. Back to the Basics...
  78. Jager and The Leash
  79. A step backwards
  80. Videos or steps you have used to play fetch?
  81. How to get 11 week old to stop barking in crate?
  82. A not so good day...
  83. Sit/down
  84. Only executing command for treat
  85. 6 month old biting
  86. Heinz had officially learn to roll over!
  87. Harness or collar?
  88. Techniques for stopping playful puppy biting...
  89. Any tricks to keep 11wk off couch for good?
  90. 8 week puppy questions!
  91. Questioning value of puppy school
  92. Professional trainer or no?
  93. Worst advice I ever heard
  94. 7 week old ares. getting attention
  95. Getting New Puppy to Share with Older Dog
  96. What to do with pup when at work?
  97. Any thoughts?
  98. Introducing a friends puppy to my GSD. How to?
  99. Food Aggression help. (11 week old) Pics + VId
  100. OMG the pee!!
  101. 13 week old training video...
  102. Can my dogs release word be eat?
  103. 11 Week old potty training problem.
  104. 9 week old puppy training...
  105. Commercial treats or Hotdogs?
  106. How should I be walking my 12 week old pup? Letting him pull?
  107. My solution to a nippy/biting puppy! FINALLY SOMETHING WORKED!.. So MIND BLOWN.
  108. Pottying In A Certain Spot In The Yard
  109. Anticipating commands problems.
  110. Can it really be this easy?
  111. Potty training nightmare
  112. Not wanting to come after I give her eardrops?
  113. Tugging / Bite Work
  114. Potty training trouble?
  115. Mistakes made being a new puppy parent
  116. Getting Ares to reconize her name
  117. Is "the power of training a dog with food" the BEST for pup training?
  118. Loose Leash Walking and Focus
  119. Clicker training
  120. Martingale collar?
  121. How do you teach a 9w pup to stop jumping on couch and chewing furniture.
  122. Pup barks after uncrating
  123. Puppy play biting
  124. How do you teach 'drop it'?
  125. Help me be more "alpha" or understand my place as a GSD owner.
  126. New German Shepherd owner.
  127. treating GSD like a baby
  128. Puppy training schools?
  129. 4 month old heel.
  130. another crate question
  131. My pup is a buttface to my family!
  132. HELP! What should I be teaching him?
  133. Charging your clicker not working
  134. First obedience class WOW!
  135. How to get 8wk pup to stop chewing on carpet and electrical wires?
  136. Puppy cries in crate
  137. Training - Take Two
  138. I think he is starting to get it.
  139. Constant barking and hackles up at the tv when an animal appears
  140. He chomps on my hand
  141. Potty in the crate
  142. How do you train you puppy to not naw and bite your hands and what not?
  143. Training Thoughts
  144. Prong collar?
  145. Did I pick a bad trainer?
  146. Paws Gourmet Soft Training Treats
  147. Advice on Training Methods
  148. Treats
  149. Whining like crazy on walks
  150. Am I expecting too much from a 9 1/2 week old? Advice??
  151. Gentle Dog Training
  152. Obedient inside - Defiant outside :(
  153. It's been awhile, does my potty training plan sound ok?
  154. Need help - not responsive, no focus ADHD
  155. Peeing.. and another thing.
  156. Countersurfing
  157. Training treats
  158. Training Videos
  159. Puppy pees when exited. HELP!
  160. help
  161. Training Troubles: Too "Snippy" with Treats
  162. How to train with toys
  163. Doesn't go potty after food water! Keep waiting? (moved)
  164. Ally used a pro trainer & I'm unhappy!
  165. Training question
  166. Please help. Puppy teething/nipping way too hard on children.
  167. Otto knocks down my son and humps my dog
  168. Age for tug
  169. Best time for training?
  170. Rear end awareness is FUN
  171. Help!!! She's urinating everywhere!!!
  172. Is the DVD crate games worth getting?
  173. New Puppy Mom
  174. Defiant dog
  175. Housebreaking - Please Help!
  176. Toilet Training
  177. How to find the right trainer/OKC area trainers
  178. Tyson Update (4 wks into his obedience classes!)
  179. 5 months into house training help...
  180. Lucy's ( or really mine) first training session
  181. Training Collars
  182. Good idea or not ?
  183. Good Training School?/Spartanburg, SC area
  184. Are the Leerburg videos worth it?
  185. Puppy training question
  186. does anyone no what ... PUPPY ESSENTIALS... is ????????????????
  187. 12 week old puppy training needs
  188. Need help with Crating
  189. Training 6 week old puppy to use pee pads
  190. Beginner puppy training class experience
  191. new yound shep scared of me
  192. Please help
  193. Leash Training Questions
  194. Crate Training... where to place the crate?
  195. Puppy training!
  196. Teaching the "circle around"?
  197. Question on housebreaking
  198. Barking
  199. Separation anxiety (maybe afraid of the dark?)
  200. When will my puppy and Lab like eachother?
  201. Potty training a puppy
  202. Reasonable exercise and training expectations for GSD puppies?
  203. 12 month old not happy during training
  204. Leash or no leash?
  205. Thoughts on our heeling - schutzhund/rally
  206. Is my heel "correct" (schutzhund PSA??)
  207. Potty Training without discipline?
  208. Come when called?
  209. Advice needed 8 month male dominant pup
  210. What hand signals do you find most useful in training?
  211. Engagement Question
  212. When can I start training?
  213. What my 13 wk old is up to
  214. Is it true..
  215. 6 month old puppy
  216. Opinions please!!!!!
  217. More potty trainin wonders
  218. Working lines-behavior question??
  219. 11 month intact male with territorial aggression
  220. How to prevent 6 mo from jumping up
  221. Guide to training
  222. Leash training
  223. When and how to transition from treats to clicker
  224. New trick/command ideas?
  225. Training the heir command and sitting close
  226. new pupy potty training
  227. Potty training Issues
  228. Maybe a little progress....
  229. Advice requested (2 eleven wk old pups, need training advice)
  230. General Advice?
  231. Puppy and older cat problem
  232. Oi -- help
  233. Getting aggressive early
  234. Leash??
  235. Doorbell for doggy to tell us he has to potty?
  236. How early to use a martingale
  237. Puppy not excited to do training.
  238. Biting at clothing.
  239. Is there an average crate training time?
  240. What to expect from her
  241. New puppy (:
  242. Obedience with Anna- videos
  243. Getting him to NOT sleep in his kennel.
  244. Potty training setback
  245. First few walks with pinch collar, advice/opinions
  246. Problem teaching 'Fetch'
  247. how to stop 2 month old brothers from fighting
  248. Potty training a puppy
  249. Puppy biting
  250. Need help with a possible fear aggression in home.(6 m old pup)