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Training Our Puppy (basic)

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  1. Recall on a loose lead
  2. where should I be in training
  3. Puppy training
  4. Time in crate and eventual 'free reign'
  5. Crate on the very first night?
  6. Easy Walk Harness - Good/Bad
  7. Puppy progress
  8. On Leash vs. Off leash
  9. Biting. Grumbling. What should I be doing?
  10. Prong collar
  11. Puppy waiting to go back inside to go potty
  12. When is it a good time?
  13. Need a bit of help/support with Crate Training
  14. Housebreaking issue
  15. question of pups jumping on people
  16. A Surprising Turn Of Events
  17. Fetch question...
  18. I missed his first signal... mom fail.
  19. 1 yr old gsd with us for two months
  20. Some things pup has learned
  21. A Potty Training Nightmare
  22. Winter potty training woes
  23. Pulling on a walk
  24. Titus come,please
  25. leash pulling
  26. My fellow dog trainers- advice
  27. Took Koda out on leash and took me for a ride!
  28. Where do you think you're going !?
  29. Question about age and training
  30. need some advice!!
  31. Doesn't care for playing ball
  32. Reducing Hand signal/Only using vocals
  33. Your Favorite Training Books
  34. Schedule!
  35. Basic Information about Training
  36. Crate training time frame
  37. Puppy Food Aggression?
  38. New puppy with older dog
  39. How many of you use all positive training?
  40. Peeing in the house
  41. When to crate and how much is too much
  42. PLEASE HELP! 5 Month Old is changing behavior
  43. Training advice
  44. Corrections
  45. Puppy sensory awareness exercise
  46. Only asking once...
  47. Water bowl in crate
  48. Do i need to show my puppy who is master ?
  49. Please help puppy is aggressive and is only 6 weeks.
  50. Proud of my pup!
  51. Simple little training question
  52. Off-Leash correction method?
  53. Teaching pup to "focus"?
  54. Need Ideas for Crate Training
  55. Subtle Signs Puppies Give To Use Bathroom Outside?
  56. Pulling advice, are harness's any good?
  57. Need help... puppy doesn't understand?
  58. Crate training pt2
  59. Help.. Potty training
  60. Crate to House Transition
  61. Starting Training Soon
  62. Puppy Barking
  63. How to stop leash pulling??
  64. Piddle, piddle, piddle- uggh!
  65. Training Tips before Obedience Classes......
  66. another potty training Q
  67. Desperately Need Help Taking Care of my First Dog....
  68. potty training question...
  69. Pee outside then inside
  70. Puppy Classes - Metro Detroit Area
  71. Puppy classes
  72. Playful yet harmful outbursts while walking or even playing
  73. Unwanted Barking!!!
  74. HELP! I need some quick effective training tips
  75. Hello everyone! New member. Questions plz help!(merged threads)
  76. remote traing systems for dogs
  77. puppy not recalling (to come inside)
  78. Apollo hates his crate...
  79. Positive/negative reinforcement with ecollar...
  80. My pup won't STAY!
  81. Bite reassurance
  82. Potty training/Crate
  83. Tug of War: If anyone is interested. This is my method (NILIF)
  84. potty training, please HELP!
  85. Potty Training Issues...
  86. Kerla Police dog demonstration vid
  87. Leash Fighting?
  88. Duke's prey work
  89. Getting started
  90. Puppy school or puppy training in Vermont?
  91. Clear Communication of Correction
  92. training when not treat motivated
  93. Barking/lunging at other dogs
  94. Urinating in house and not walking
  95. Order of training? Basic to advanced?
  96. Training the "place" command
  97. Won't stop peeing in the house
  98. Need help with biting!
  99. Clicker training questions.. Always have clicker/treats with me?
  100. Puppy scared of outside
  101. Should I work on this before registering for obedience?
  102. Crates and sleeping
  103. Issues in Housebreaking
  104. Shiny Thing Syndrome
  105. Housetraining with a UTI
  106. First Walks; Did We Do It Right?
  107. training with 2 dogs
  108. Need advice teaching plotz/down
  109. Is my GSD testing me or is it pray drive?
  110. A cool little game to play when it is nasty outdoors.
  111. First time owner - jumping on everything
  112. Need info and advice
  113. Too Attached and cant potty train
  114. Food for treats
  115. Remi- Big Milestone Today
  116. First time Owner Training Puppy
  117. Our 1st 1 on 1 training session!
  118. Recalling with balls
  119. Bringing my new girl home-Where to start?
  120. Nipping while walking tips?
  121. Long distance recall
  122. Housebreaking
  123. My puppy doesn't play with the other dogs in her class?
  124. Is crate training necessary?
  125. Vid on Delhi Police working dog show
  126. Need advice
  127. Teaching his to settle down (or installing an off switch)
  128. Biting
  129. How to train a puppy that is uninterested in food?
  130. Professional GSD trainer in DC area
  131. 2 Q's - Barking & Whining 5 month old GSD
  132. How long is your DOWN STAY?
  133. Is there a sudden "click" in obedience after a certain age or period of training?
  134. Barking for play time
  135. Having trouble teaching my pup other commands besides "sit"
  136. How to teach my 6 m puppy not to bite
  137. Should I tire my pup out before going to obedience class?
  138. Need some advice and guidance
  139. Did my trainer's helper cross the line?
  140. tugs and/or rope ball
  141. Protection training
  142. How to teach "it's okay" to avoid territorial barking/growling?
  143. New Malinois puppy (didn't know where else to go)
  144. Online Puppy training advise conflicts confusing arrgh!
  145. New Puppy Owner
  146. Dance with duke
  147. Houston Area Trainer recommendations
  148. Binaca or lemon juice "squirt" for puppy biting??
  149. Training command 'quiet'
  150. First obedience class. How to help with an overflow of nervous/excited energy?
  151. Amazed at the power of tug
  152. Won't stop peeing on himself HELP
  153. Proper training timeline and expectations
  154. How to progress with training?
  155. Duke's obedience video
  156. We start obedience training
  157. Vedio link on tug of war
  158. And Tank discovered the cats....
  159. Developing Separation Anxiety
  160. Getting my puppy engaged
  161. Can you housebreak a puppy without ever "correcting" them for going in the house?
  162. 3 month old leash walking issues
  163. Puppy POOPED at 6 months in Girlfriend's Apartment
  164. Eating from bowl
  165. Training to enter crate?
  166. Potty training stalemate
  167. Speak Command
  168. 5 month old is out of control - even after completing training
  169. My Puppy "Circles" People Who Try to Pet Her
  170. 4 month old + leash reactive = broken finger
  171. Trained puppy hand-off
  172. House Training
  173. Best treats for picky eater
  174. What age to start basic commands?
  175. Does potty training last for a male?
  176. Which training, and can I combine training?
  177. Puppy Socialization List
  178. Do's & Don'ts for a new puppy!
  179. My dog barks when he's startled by neighbors
  180. How to socialize pup in a SAFE way??
  181. Toilet Advice
  182. Tips on Crating With Distractions
  183. so embarrassed right now !!!
  184. Thoughts on a martingale for 4-month-old puller?
  185. Help!! Puppy won't stop biting!
  186. Eating on command
  187. Appropriate ways of helping
  188. Basic obedience class?
  189. please help I dont know what im doing wrong !frustrated
  190. Sharp Puppy?
  191. Picking a Classes In lehigh Valley PA
  192. Kindness of Strangers and Puppy Training
  193. How do we stop him from barking?
  194. Bella at 5 months.
  195. Early Neurological Stimulation (Bio-Sensor)
  196. san diego California
  197. Right way to stop biting?
  198. Great outside, terrible inside
  199. Police k9 socialization
  200. Training for show
  201. The "NO" command... need help please!
  202. Frustrated!!!
  203. K9 Training
  204. Crate training help please!
  205. Puppy doesn't have high value treats
  206. Crate Problems
  207. stop.. Stop... STOP!!!
  208. clicker training vs corrections
  209. Please advise for potty training
  210. potty training correct?
  211. E-collar
  212. Advice Please_Trainer for GSD pup 14 weeks in Lexington, KY
  213. How to train the DOWN STAY?
  214. What's yalls thought about muzzles ?
  215. Leash Walking
  216. German Shepherd & "Work"
  217. How Young for Leash?
  218. Tips for Learning to Walk Loosh Leash
  219. Potty training at work !HELP NEEDED!
  220. boarding training?
  221. What is protection training?
  222. 6 month old frustrations!
  223. Puppy sleeping on bed?
  224. Flirt pole ?
  225. Potty Training - Adult Supervision required
  226. Leerburg online university?
  227. Who pets your dog? --Leerburg
  228. Advise for puppy nipping.
  229. Potty Training with a Bell Advice Needed
  230. Board and Train for 6 month old puppy
  231. How to teach a puppy to only do something on command
  232. Trainer isn't being fair to my GSD
  233. Quiet Crating and Working
  234. Stop Bouncing!
  235. 9 week old puppy won't walk on leash
  236. Questions while waiting for my new puppy
  237. Puppy won't come when called
  238. Chasing Chickens!
  239. Susan Garrett's Recallers/Crate Games Class
  240. Walking with a leash on
  241. Yes! Engaging toy drive for OB
  242. Puppy troubles
  243. 14 Week Puppy Barking at People
  244. Training in Kansas City
  245. Off leash training/Wildlife on trails
  246. Has anyone ever tried this for training?
  247. What she does when your asleep...
  248. Strangers and greetings
  249. Training the Fetch
  250. Training without a crate