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Training Our Puppy (basic)

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  1. Cats and 12 week old puppy - another cat thread
  2. No means No - That's the basis of training
  3. Training a puppy to "settle"
  4. Overexcited with strangers on walks
  5. Recommended amount of exercise
  6. Training not to pull
  7. housebreaking blues
  8. Using a bite sleeve
  9. Puppy Training
  10. Eye contact
  11. Invisible fence
  12. Looking for a training platform
  13. What is the right age to start training a pup?
  14. Puppy obediance
  15. Change Crate Size as the Puppy Grows?
  16. Puppy playing aggressively with other dog
  17. An Adorable Moment...
  18. Looking for good youtube videos.
  19. ex pen in a small apartment
  20. Raven's Homecoming
  21. Crate training/House training A la Monks of New Skete questions
  22. 6 month old potty training regression, training, etc....
  23. 8 month old puppy deliberately Disobeys
  24. Crying when walking
  25. Anyone else live in a GSD / Support "Dead Zone"?
  26. What constitutes corrections?
  27. Alpha rolling a puppy
  28. Are some puppies purposely defiant?
  29. Potty Box
  30. New owner training questions
  31. Potty training problem or UTI?
  32. Need your help please
  33. FREAKS out for ear medicine
  34. 9 week old Quinn name recognition and puppy basics
  35. Help! potty training!
  36. Leash problem
  37. Potty Training problem
  38. Puppy being a bit picky about his potty place
  39. Input on crate location
  40. How to stop jumping up?
  41. Have Professional train Gsd puppy
  42. Loose leash walking
  43. "Potty" commands.
  44. No bladder control?
  45. When can I take my puppy out on a walk?
  46. potty training confusion
  47. Bell training problem
  48. GSD puppy biting
  49. Hypeactive dog with no self control around dogs
  50. What age would you enroll in puppy classes?
  51. How to Create Association with Marker Word
  52. Puppy Anticipating SIT command
  53. Raven, the ferrel wolfie!
  54. Exercise pen size thoughts?
  55. Guarding House & Yard Training Advise Please
  56. Crate training: The crying games.
  57. To prong or not to prong?
  58. 14-week-old GSD jumping up?
  59. Protection training considerations during early puppy
  60. I really need help and advices.
  61. Everything about Dog Training
  62. Leash reactivity and corrections with 9 week old puppy
  63. Is it ok to use two different crates to train with?
  64. How's my 12 week old puppy doing?(video)
  65. At what age should I start training?
  66. Potty training a very small pup, help please
  67. Jumping at cars while on leash
  68. Help! Potty training dilemma!!
  69. What to expect from a 5-6mo pup?
  70. Training without treats
  71. big-dog puppy training
  72. Scared of!
  73. 6 Week Puppy Questions
  74. Eight Month GSD Puppy Training Query
  75. Crate training and whining
  76. Tasha's Training!
  77. Training tips please :)
  78. tip for puppy socialization
  79. Struggling with loose leash
  80. No bark collar
  81. 7.5 week old, how do I teach her to play nice with other cat/dog
  82. Is my GSD too small???
  83. Off leash training?
  84. Any Online Training Recommendations
  85. Biting
  86. Where do you put your treats?
  87. 6 months and still biting
  88. No means no
  89. Just let him be a dog.
  90. Training while puppysitting(non-GSD) how much is too much?
  91. A few questions!
  92. Need a little advise
  93. sniffing while on leash
  94. how to fix
  95. Prong collar for 5 month puppy?
  96. Highest value puppy (training) treat?
  97. Early training young Working Line puppy
  98. Potty Training Help!
  99. Transitioning 4-month-old from barn to house
  100. Trainers in or near Ventura CA
  101. Crate/potty training new puppy
  102. Helping her be the best she can be
  103. Puppy Training Classes
  104. 9 month old training
  105. Recommended training books for puppy
  106. adolescent vs old dog
  107. Playing with other dogs? Fearful puppy
  108. Bites and chews everything in the house
  109. How to engage my puppy
  110. Help, my puppy freaked out at vet today
  111. Teaching the recall
  112. Help needed potty training 4 month old puppy
  113. Walking my boat anchor
  114. Argg potty training
  115. Fundamentals and Milestones of Puppy training and Socialization
  116. What can I improve?
  117. Potty Training Going Backwards?
  118. Problems with Potty Training 9 month Maggie
  119. Puppy hates walking away from house
  120. Puppy Problems
  121. 3 month old pup crate size?
  122. Good Information/Training Books?
  123. The usually puppy training nightmare.
  124. Crate Training Fail
  125. Trainers... recommendations?
  126. Puppy Imprinting?
  127. Suddenly prey drive?
  128. question on recall
  129. E-Collar
  130. Flight drive
  131. Reputable Trainers Near Macon GA
  132. Terrified of street
  133. Everything seems to be going wrong with my puppy's training
  134. Left or Right, heel lead etc.
  135. Any suggestions on how to stop a behaviour?
  136. Highly recommend this command
  137. Speak on command
  138. Loosing prey drive?
  139. Potty Training
  140. Help? Peeing in the house
  141. help with 9 week old puppy who bites like crazy
  142. How long can a 8 month to year dog stay alone
  143. Beginning crate training
  144. Behavior changes during walks with older dog
  145. Pup gets nippy
  146. Not sleeping in crate at night - big deal?
  147. Best age for obedience training?
  148. Prong collar
  149. How long can a 13 weeks old puppy be alone?
  150. Accidents in Kennel
  151. Duke's obedience vid without food treat
  152. In kennel Training?
  153. Michael Ellis videos
  154. Pup goes ballistic when crated
  155. Crate Training
  156. Can I teach my puppy to be affectionate?
  157. tether or crate
  158. Has anyone raised a pup around young kiddos? (1 & 3)
  159. Is it time for a shock collar? Which one?
  160. regulars around the house.
  161. Beach City Dogs in San Diego?
  162. Local Trainer (Texas)
  163. Excited to see others on street, what should I do?
  164. puppy biting and kids
  165. teaching the out
  166. leash walking advise
  167. I've got a smart cookie! Adventures in clicker training an 8 week old
  168. What should I focus on training a 9 week old?
  169. Yet another thread on puppy biting
  170. What do you use as treats?
  171. Help with puppy biting EVERYTHING
  172. How to play with my puppy ?
  173. Puppy training during dinner time?
  174. Stella Training - 11 weeks
  175. I'm failing at potty training, please help
  176. I need some guidance with my new pup
  177. What is the best way to train a 7 week old puppy
  178. Trouble with housebreaking
  179. Stairs ?
  180. Training to come
  181. 6 months old GSD Potty training issues at night
  182. Will not stick to potty training
  183. Weird Obsession
  184. Greedy Puppy
  185. Looking for San Diego Reccomendations!
  186. Regressing on Potty Training
  187. Sizing a Large Crate for a Pup
  188. Home made enzyme cleaner for pee???
  189. Chewing Spa Cover and jumping on spa
  190. Recall Training
  191. my new gsd puppy
  192. Food Rewards
  193. Ninja in training.
  194. Puppy Training Schedule
  195. Amateur Hour
  196. Puppy Classes
  197. Crate training
  198. Peeing in crate
  199. Trying to break puppy from chasing the cats
  200. Question & help needed
  201. Housetraining Issues. (PLEASE HELP)
  202. New puppy owner ( NEED HELP!!)
  203. Good age to start frisbee
  204. Book Question "The Art Of Raising a Puppy"
  205. Puppy biting
  206. how can i train my pup to cuddle
  207. Oh dear god the biting
  208. Good training treats for puppy
  209. Going Nuts Over Other Dog in Home
  210. recommend a trainer in NC
  211. Pup may have to go
  212. Would you switch trainers over this
  213. Any crate training advice???
  214. I need fetch help!
  215. Home made toys / training tools
  216. Pup doing well on a leash
  217. Resistance to recall
  218. How long does it take?
  219. 8 week old female GSD puppy pees while asleep
  220. What's a good training book?
  221. The Smartest Dog
  222. Personal Trainer in Dallas FortWorth?
  223. How to keep treats "high value"?
  224. how should I hold treats while training?
  225. Questioning Vets Advice
  226. help with walking
  227. pics and training
  228. New GSD Owner, Training Questions
  229. Prong Collar Tips
  230. Commands right in front of me?
  231. Crate Training: How long does this take?
  232. Puppy training methods
  233. What is the purpose of the clicker?
  234. Puppy boarding/training facilities...
  235. Help! How to get puppy comfortable in crate during the day
  236. Engagement and Focus
  237. Focus on everything, except where focus should be
  238. Puppy/dog domination
  239. What age to crate in a separate room?
  240. Help.... How to prevent submissive urination
  241. How to teach a solid "NO!"?
  242. Best ways to break puppy of biting people (play)
  243. PA Training facilities near Somerset
  244. Training with toys/tug
  245. Help with training recall or come command...
  246. Fun hunting for the ball
  247. Breaking the whining game
  248. Type of collar, leashe
  249. Hand signals?
  250. Is it worth it to teach protection?