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Training Our Puppy (basic)

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  1. Potty and Food Issues
  2. Astoria (9 wks) learning to play fetch. (Video)
  3. 6 month old ruining back door!
  4. 6 month female gsd pees in house after just going outside
  5. how to teach "watch him"
  6. Best way to train an 8 week old puppy
  7. What to teach next?
  8. Needed opinions on this...
  9. Eva No Longer Listen's to Commands *HELP!*
  10. Unusually difficult to house train! Need help!
  11. What would the next step be?
  12. Aggression over high value food and bones.
  13. Glock's intro to Schutzhund
  14. Advice on sleeping at night
  15. Walking on a leash
  16. High Value treats for a 3 month old
  17. GSD going #1 && #2 in cage!! Help!!
  18. Having trouble with Down/Stay
  19. How to train the Roll over
  20. When to start formal training?
  21. Need some HELP!
  22. Thoughts on Training Without Treats?
  23. Crate Training
  24. What's your 5-6 month old GSD doing?
  25. good progress :)
  26. Lost the plot?
  27. Another great video on the #1 thing needed to train puppies
  28. General new GSD owner training questions
  29. Chewing on his leash
  30. what age to start training
  31. He's Potty Trained but.....
  32. Need help to teach GS pup to stop jumping on you!
  33. Teaching the "stay" command
  34. Getting Used to Brushes and Baths
  35. help with my 3 1/2 month old
  36. My experience with introducing dremel to pup
  37. Potty training
  38. Clicker Training various commands....
  39. train on the attack
  40. Teaching property boundaries
  41. Took 3 Days to Train and 3 Days for the DH to untrain Him!!
  42. 2 crates or 1???
  43. Last puppy class tonight...
  44. In what order should I train my pup?
  45. Walks great....until we see another dog
  46. Hotdogs
  47. Nipping and biting
  48. Tantrums in crate
  49. I want to kill the dog!!
  50. how can I encourage the ball drive?
  51. Crate Training Help
  52. Just doesn't go outside..
  53. Clicker training 3 month old to walk...
  54. Training Schedule for 8 weeks to Puppy Class?
  55. puppy doesn't like touch as praise
  56. How to distinguish training sit vs. leave it
  57. How to gain confidence
  58. independent and excited puppy
  59. Great video that SHOWS how our puppies should look training...
  60. 14 week potty training and milestones!
  61. 8 week old doesn't pee after drinking?
  62. 11 wk Pulling on leash
  63. First Puppy/Beginner Class
  64. Puppy just wouldn't learn leave it
  65. Barking at other dogs & somtimes people
  66. Puppy runs when he gets something in his mouth
  67. When to teach tricks and leave in car
  68. VIDEO ; Leash training for toddlers
  69. PHOTOS ; Leash training for toddlers
  70. recommend a obedience vid
  71. Temp crate soft or metal fold up?
  72. OB Class-trainer scared our dog
  73. Why doesn't my puppy want to train?
  74. Dont like any treats, how to train?
  75. Puppy class tonight.
  76. "Leave it" breakthrough!
  77. Let the training begin :)
  78. Is my puppy in her crate too much?
  79. Crate Training - Going Backwards?
  80. Distractions?
  81. Housebreaking is impossible, and she scarfs everything
  82. Stairs and Potty training
  83. Potty Training ?
  84. Crate Comfy but ?'s
  85. Orientation for Class Today
  86. Crate Training - Getting my puupy in the crate on her own
  87. Help with husband...
  88. Extremely POSITIVE petsmart experience!
  89. Very proud of Aspen...
  90. Training Stay
  91. Cats and a New Puppy
  92. What to teach dog?
  93. How do you get a new puppy used to riding in a car?
  94. Sending puppy to training school
  95. Where to start
  96. Off leash: when to let dog off leash?
  97. Potty training help please!!
  98. successful videos to train your puppy
  99. Training? Age?
  100. First obedience/puppy class...
  101. my pup wont eat treats.
  102. What age to obey without treats?
  103. Is it ok for a puppy sleep wearing a leash
  104. How to change your puppy from food to a toy reward?
  105. Questions...
  106. So Smart! video
  107. i need a traning video
  108. Now THIS is a Puppy Class! (video)
  109. Potty Training
  110. basic obedience class
  111. Puppy class starts next week.
  112. Anyone ever deal with this? (New puppy, old dog)
  113. how to teach them not shouting
  114. "come when called" any tips??
  115. How to teach him to walk without crossing my path?
  116. Potty Training Hit or miss
  117. 13 week old GSD, what to teach next?!
  118. pooping in cage
  119. First night at obedience class :)
  120. Training Musts
  121. Bite Inhibition Progress Maybe???
  122. So proud.....
  123. Potty training problems
  124. Pawing
  125. Failure...
  126. I'm happy...
  127. If you are having crate training issues...
  128. AKC STAR class, or other?
  129. What to Teach a Pup
  130. How to teach a puppy to take treats easy?!
  131. Help!!
  132. Potty Signal?
  133. Bad Trainer "Video"
  134. Help us!!!
  135. Is it to late to start using the clicker?
  136. Just got my GSD crating questions...
  137. Finally got a clicker!
  138. Sorry...
  139. Ok I give...
  140. German Shepherd puppy (5 1/2 m)Rev learning tricks (video)
  141. New Puppy in Training!
  142. Layla at 9 months
  143. Pup latching on to arm and won't let go
  144. Jumping
  145. Language and treats
  146. How to develop play drive/teach fetch?
  147. Joining Obedience Training next wk!
  148. How many used slip collars in puppy kindergarten?
  149. whinning in class. fear barking
  150. HELP- Obsessive snow eating SERIOUSLY interfering with housetraining!
  151. Oh clicker...where have you been?
  152. 8wk old aggressive towards my 2 cats
  153. Using the stairs
  154. Training Time
  155. Barking for food?
  156. When is it ok to let them use the bathroom alone?
  157. Fed up with Rocky's antics...
  158. Thinking of buying the Leerburg puppy DVD
  159. Making the crate a more desirable place
  160. Potty training troubles! Help! Wee Wee pad?
  161. When to leave her out of her crate during the day?
  162. Basic training on the first day?
  163. Advice Please
  164. A Little Help Needed.
  165. Opinions needed!
  166. Crate Training for Beginners
  167. Ask to go Potty?
  168. AKC STAR Puppy question
  169. Refuses to be outside alone
  170. Advice on new puppy
  171. Heel Questions
  172. teach puppy to be calm
  173. Going to take alot of grief for this question....
  174. Crate training problems and house breaking
  175. Where's the place to learn how to train a 23 yr old son?
  176. Our Crate Training Schedule
  177. Am i doing this right? (Crate Training)
  178. The transition from inside to out
  179. She sits...but than walks towards me!
  180. How many crates, and where?
  181. Crate Question?
  182. Leerburg puppy training-in home leash training
  183. Is it possible to train "water etiquette"?
  184. Weird but I heard it's normal
  185. Can you help me keep this wonderful family together?
  186. look at ME!
  187. crate question
  188. Loose leash walking - good but crazy when sees other dogs
  189. Low drive
  190. Crate Trainning
  191. I need another approach...
  192. First Day of Puppy School
  193. will not go potty outide help!
  194. Jake refuses to fetch
  195. Potty Training....another question
  196. Advice for new puppy owner
  197. How to potty train?
  198. 3 Month Puppy Barking at Toddler
  199. 'Engagement' NOT obedience is the 1st goal with training
  200. anxious outside = no peeing or pooping!
  201. Traing to go potty outside?
  202. Hudson is People-Obsessed
  203. Cost of Classes?
  204. Tugging the Leash?
  205. We're Being Social!
  206. What is the best correction for this offense? One of my biggest frustrations!!! HELP!
  207. What's the reason for no reprimanding (inside accidents)???
  208. Confused
  209. so upset.... :(
  210. Please help! So frustrated.
  211. Electric collar training
  212. Graduation Day
  213. When and How to start Leash Training
  214. way too obssesed with treats?
  215. in my office...not liken the crate
  216. At what age can we go beyond 4 hours?
  217. first night how'd I do?
  218. Crate escape
  219. Excited about this!! What do you think??
  220. Berserker, 11 weeks old. How can I calm him down ?
  221. Crate training, major info missing
  222. Training 8 week old puppy
  223. Abby's Fifth Training Class
  224. Finally there
  225. Second Private Lesson and a Chance Encounter
  226. picking up my pup Saturday any advice?
  227. What? He knows the difference?!
  228. Bye Bye Angel Puppy; Welcome Adolescence
  229. Abby's 4th training class
  230. Puppy training
  231. The MOST important part of puppy training..(video)
  232. I'm amazed at...
  233. how to train puppy with collar?
  234. Avoid those teath and train LEAVE IT hand signal at the same time.
  235. its 1:30am and what am i doing?
  236. AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Program
  237. A few questions about my little man
  238. Crate Options
  239. What is the behavior expectation of a 6 months old GSP
  240. Should we take Intermediate classes?
  241. Well, The Pains finished set one of classes
  242. Crate Training
  243. Leash pulling monster
  244. First Private Lesson
  245. Where the best training class?
  246. Puppy Classes?
  247. Jumping up on the counter?..and biting?
  248. Pup is only house trained in half of the house??? Need Help?
  249. freedom and recall help
  250. Abby's third class