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Training Our Puppy (basic)

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  1. Chase Me (sigh)
  2. To couch, or not to couch, that is the question...
  3. Delaware
  4. Where do we go from here in training? (Sigh)
  5. Clicker training - my trainer said no.....
  6. Expect from my Pup
  7. Question about retrieving
  8. Tips for teaching down.
  9. Oh Boy, the cats.....
  10. Gunny is Biting :(
  11. Potty Problem
  12. Training with treats -- when to stop?
  13. semi floppy ear
  14. Working on dog reactivity
  15. Only eating food we give him?
  16. Treats out of the fridge/cupboard
  17. Going into the crate and willfull disobedience
  18. My almost perfect pup bad behind the fence.
  19. Retrieving without high value treats.
  20. How old is normal for a puppy to be housebroken?
  21. Mental stimulation tips
  22. Dad as alpha male
  23. If you could do it all over again....
  24. Biting issue
  25. Issuing commands in an open, noisy environment.
  26. I hear you, but I'm ignoring you :)
  27. When you don't necessarily "agree" with the trainer?
  28. Moving two-ball outside
  29. Building Ball Drive
  30. Jumps OFF pier... How to get back ON pier?
  31. Honestly could use some help-advice
  32. Nighttime crating, in our room or no?
  33. Rain and more rain?
  34. Dog training the puppy?
  35. Pissing in Kennel
  36. Who gets put down...the dogs or the owners??
  37. Little help
  38. Kira first fetch (video)
  39. Wait, stay or some other word?
  40. Puppy Proofing or Redirecting
  41. Trainning Question.
  42. He walks in between my legs
  43. training new puppy in cold
  44. Ball drive?
  45. Few questions, advice pls..
  46. Runaway Puppy!
  47. Crate Training Issues
  48. How to teach to "put toys back"?
  49. Where should I start?
  50. Bathroom Feeding Schedule
  51. Training in NJ
  52. Leave it. (videos)
  53. Training school, and a bit confused.
  54. 11 weeks and starting to ignore
  55. Advice, please .. last week's (first) training session
  56. Ever heard of this training group?
  57. Watch for the baby
  58. What to teach to a 8 week old
  59. Biting Issue
  60. Need help training high energy/non-food motivated male to heel
  61. Im a Beginner Classes or not???
  62. Doesnt want to walk?
  63. Puppy class
  64. Very Cool Puppy Training Video
  65. Poppy Training
  66. rewards while training
  67. Preventing trachea damage/neck problems
  68. Does anyone really use choke collars anymore? (for pups?)
  69. Does your puppy travel in the same crate he sleeps in?
  70. Daycare can't handle my 10mo old
  71. Separation Anxiety is back!!
  72. How long did it take you to train your dog to heel nicely?
  73. Advice on Crate/Blanket Cleanup
  74. Health and Trainer Issues
  75. I Hate What I Did!! Please Help Me!!!!!!
  76. more interested in hotdogs...
  77. leash biting
  78. speak
  79. Wow alpha rollovers in puppy class
  80. I'm at a loss
  81. Pant Leg Pulling & Tips to Prevent Overuse of Commands
  82. Too much training at once?
  83. Crate training becoming a complete mess! Help!
  84. Ughh we need to start Kindergarden.. or Obedience.. but which to choose..
  85. 10 months old and still not calm (crazier!)
  86. Could I get some advise please?
  87. Puppy lunges towards strangers on walks
  88. alittle advise
  89. What should I do?
  90. Crazy thirsty pup.!
  91. crate training a 6 months old
  92. GSD Training in MI
  93. Lazy Sitter
  94. "leave it" command
  95. How do i get my dog to listen to me more?
  96. Handler errors???
  97. Wish "us" luck!!
  98. Need some training tips...
  99. Couldn't sleep anymore so I...
  100. My 10 months old foster after only 1 week
  101. SOOOO frustrated!
  102. Dog Parks, Petsmart and a turn off switch?
  103. I don't think they understand
  104. Chewing on long lead
  105. Overly excited with guests
  106. Housebreaking and crate training
  107. Need help teaching separation for CGC class
  108. Praise losing effect?
  109. Sasha's first OB class
  110. Fighting brothers
  111. At what age did you consider your dog successfully housebroken?
  112. Forgotten how to Stay - Help Needed!
  113. Lunging at Other Dogs to Play
  114. Taking my puppy for a walk help
  115. Progress! I'm so happy I could cry
  116. Question About Puppy Who Potties In Crate Only
  117. Established Cat Vs Prey Drive
  118. How long in a "down stay"
  119. Question about food and water for a housetraining pup
  120. recommendations on tethering
  121. 10 week old pup
  122. Ideas for dog door training
  123. Training Sessions - How Long?
  124. Please help me, I think she's a teen...
  125. Heaven has arrived!!!
  126. How to Teach Her Not to Pull?
  127. Exercise pen for bathroom time?
  128. Just out of curiosity...
  129. Teaching Leave it and Bring it
  130. Getting my puppy in 5 hours
  131. SERIOUS housebreaking frustration...need some advice
  132. What to teach an 8week old puppy?
  133. How to calm any dog (video)
  134. Going outside with pup...
  135. A few crate training snags...
  136. Clicker not the way to go for Working Line? WHY??
  137. Daytime Crating Questions
  138. Stop him from barking
  139. Possible to train puppy without crate?
  140. Our crate training nightmare. (Seeking moral support and advice)
  141. Woof! Woof! Woof! (and how can I hear less of it)?
  142. Need Tips for Basic Training...
  143. Question on flirt pole and prey drive
  144. Giving up and farming him out
  145. Couple questions- positioning, chickens, barking, recall
  146. The difference between needing to pee and fussing to get out of the crate.
  147. Training Questions
  148. Potty Training Question
  149. First time using the "Clicker"
  150. Puppy Socialization Group Questions
  151. Conroe, TX - Find a puppy class?
  152. How do you get your puppy to be obedient outside?
  153. SuperDog Training?
  154. Pup plays with toys alone
  155. 1st night
  156. Puppy biting/Jumping
  157. Puppy preschool?
  158. Learning bladder control with crate?
  159. Potty Train Question + Pictures
  160. Nother question on training
  161. "Leave it" command
  162. Where to buy dog toys?
  163. **Clickers** Getting pups not to fear...........
  164. Perching?
  165. When to teach "stay"
  166. Focus problems
  167. Training Tips (lots of questions, sorry)?
  168. Potty training question :)
  169. Where to start with an 8 month old puppy?
  170. Housetraining help needed-weird
  171. What is your strategy for fear periods?
  172. Recall
  173. FREE Web Training video from Susan Garrett (top trainer)
  174. Can martingale collars damage the trachea?
  175. Teaching 'heeling' like it's a TRICK! (puppy's too)
  176. mental stimulation
  177. Crate/Potty Training
  178. $600 too much?
  179. Something fun to sniff?
  180. How to make her sit while training outside
  181. Crate Training help
  182. Help from Michigan dog owners? How to choose puppy class?
  183. I need some suggestions,please
  184. Walking on leash and general training questions for a pup
  185. Waking up in the middle of the night problem
  186. Well, he's home! I've got my first live question ready.
  187. At what age can i send my dog to training
  188. Best collar use for your pup...
  189. peeing in the house even after peeing outside?
  190. 4 months.. YIKES... help...
  191. Should I Use Treats?
  192. When to Begin Training?
  193. so proud of Shylo
  194. Video of Ace training
  195. Listening skills are lacking
  196. Poop Training Help
  197. Don't Give Up - It Pays Off!
  198. HELP MY DOG JUMPS & BITE THING !(also help on pooping(:
  199. Anyone ever overwhelmed puppy with commands?
  200. what is your food reward??
  201. Crate training schedule - what's yours?
  202. 6 month old dont like leash
  203. We Will Never Have Doggy Friends
  204. I think the way I hold the leash is wrong?
  205. WILD animals when we get home
  206. Please help me! My GSD just mauled my arm while on a walk!
  207. Puppy socialization Question
  208. Runs from me if she knows she is in trouble
  209. What's Next?
  210. Your puppy have this attention for training?
  211. Stay away from the table
  212. Too young or too many distractions?
  213. Question/s
  214. Leash Training - pulling me
  215. HELP! High energy, working line puppy
  216. Help with Jumping Up on Guests
  217. Her purpose
  218. Sasha going in crate
  219. Crate Training
  220. *****puppy question*****
  221. 4 month old barking and growling at people.
  222. 4-5 Months old not coming when called
  223. How often do you train?
  224. Training Troubles
  225. frustration with potty training
  226. Great day for puppy training
  227. When will he GET it?
  228. 6m old and crate/potty training - I thought I was done...
  229. Good trainer in North Fl.??
  230. How do I teach my puppy to greet people properly?
  231. Top Five to Teach Puppy...Now????
  232. No Access to trainers or schools in my Area
  233. Need help with training my puppy.
  234. What should I look for in a puppy class?
  235. advice on potty training.
  236. 4 month old barking at dogs, is this aggression?
  237. Potty train?
  238. Pup chasing my son
  239. Atypical barking in crate
  240. Help with drop it
  241. New GSD owner with questions
  242. Need help with house training 2 pups.
  243. Training help
  244. Teach my GSD to pee....
  245. i need help with stay and come
  246. Peeing in the crate
  247. Training a new puppy
  248. How long to potty train?
  249. How can i teach my 15 week old Gsd to Stop biting?
  250. Down Stay break through!