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Training Our Puppy (basic)

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  1. Puppy class only has one other pup?
  2. From knowing to obedient
  3. Between a rock and a hard place...
  4. Not sure how to react to last night's class....
  5. General Training Question
  6. Housetraining! 5 days of unknown.
  7. What should I expect from Puppy Class?
  8. How do you train to chase a kong ball?
  9. Socialization with children?
  10. Basic puppy classes in Northern Illinois
  11. What Type of Collar for Small 3 Month Old For Training?
  12. puppy jumping on everything
  13. He's doing it right
  14. Jumping puppy
  15. outside and then stay outside
  16. RE: biting/pulling (need serious advise)
  17. Social butterfly needs to keep it down
  18. puppy keeps peeing in the crate overnight
  19. training with treat problem
  20. HELP : My puppy PEE and POOP everywhere
  21. Am I doing the right thing?
  22. Pee Pad Training
  23. "Good Night!" - Sleep Training
  24. Fetch
  25. paying attention and crate training
  26. What age do puppies start understanding?
  27. walking the dog
  28. miscommunication
  29. "wheelbarrowing" a fearful GS youngster
  30. Zeeva learning heel, or in my case, 'stay with me'
  31. Training puppy at home vs Petsmart/Petco Obedience training
  32. Looking for good trainer for my puppy
  33. looking for good trainer in MD for my puppy
  34. At my wits end literally
  35. Crate Training...constant barking and whining
  36. Crate Training and "Poop" Schedule - Help!
  37. Kira took first prize in every obedience competition tonight!!
  38. Another biting question
  39. First Night Puppy Hangover
  40. new and NEED help
  41. Introducing puppy to kids when you don't know any
  42. Crate size and brand recommendation
  43. PetSmart training
  44. potty training issue
  45. training 6 weeks old puppy
  46. Getting a 30 minute down? Yeah right!!
  47. Training at German Shepherd Club
  48. My 7 year old walking with Kira
  49. Invisible Fencing.....please help, need advice.
  50. The charge...
  51. Expecting too much.
  52. Pup coming in from potty and pees in crate.
  53. Just starting puppy training
  54. something smells like pee...
  55. Off leash obedience
  56. Top ten reasons why you should crate train
  57. Overnight in Crate - No breaks?
  58. Another Potty Training Q
  59. Training sit to a sitter
  60. Help, training with NILIF, ignoring
  61. (for the wife).. How to handle the "i'm ignoring you"?
  62. Puppy Training problems
  63. Long Training Lead - What Length?
  64. At my wits end
  65. Doesn't like going on walks...
  66. Being Alpha??
  67. 12 week old gsd potty training question
  68. 12 week old gsd potty training question
  69. Best Training order?
  70. Prong Collar or Gentle Leader?
  71. Petsmart Training to begin...
  72. Having more then one trainer
  73. Housetraining in an apartment -- signaling to go out?
  74. Hide N Seek...the ultimate "wear 'em out indoors" puppy game...
  75. teaching bath and grooming manners
  76. My "Showline" in agility??
  77. RANT: SO IMPORTANT to socialize your pup.
  78. Getting from that casual "down" to a quick "down"
  79. Use of outdoor kennels/enclosures?
  80. Where to begin with walking on a leash
  81. Kaos and Puppy Preschool
  82. Is it better to continue Obedience Classes or just train her myself?
  83. am i a slacker?
  84. Hates "Restraint"
  85. Suggestions on further training, please.
  86. Training to sit closer?
  87. Teaching Pass Auf
  88. Eat all the things!
  89. Is he marking his territory?
  90. Confusing Hand Signals
  91. Frustration with 6 1/2 month old....BARKING!
  92. HELP - We have a potty training problem!
  93. Biting Hands help!!
  94. Test of nerves.
  95. Where are you?
  96. obeying commands faster?
  97. Please critique my heeling vid!
  98. small balls on strings/where 2 find?
  99. Welcome Gibbs!!
  100. It's me or the dog??
  101. Climbing on the ex-pen?
  102. New owner of German Shepard! Any pointers on training the pups??
  103. Introduction to a bite sleeve.
  104. teaching to sleep not play at night
  105. Won't get off the couch
  106. Protesting when confined (long and non-GSD)
  107. Still not potty trained at 5 months...
  108. German Shepherd puppy and working
  109. Best source for training info IMO
  110. Toilet training gone wrong
  111. Obedience with a ball
  112. When to start with a trainer?
  113. First session with my trainer
  114. Simple... right????
  115. Body Awareness
  116. Who is REALLY in charge.
  117. How do I teach this??
  118. How do I convince him I am not a sheep
  119. Drop-off dog training
  120. Proper introduction to The Leash ??
  121. Zoey is pure craze
  122. Got a trainer :/
  123. While potty training, pillow in or out of crate?
  124. Correct ME for this "wait command"
  125. Bark Busters - Opinions please!
  126. Our new obedience class started tonight; a little boring, I'm sure it'll get better!
  127. Introducing my pup and crate question
  128. laying down to sit
  129. Best way to handle it when she "challenges" me?
  130. Puppy Wont Poop In The Snow
  131. come command
  132. Woohoooo first in-home training session!
  133. Getting Beau to come IN the house?
  134. How much is too much?
  135. When to Train/What Commands
  136. Im so mad at my little girl
  137. Fearful of going outside?
  138. New Puppy - Training orders
  139. Bulk training treats
  140. Is this normal at his age?
  141. YIP, YIP, we have a class lined up! Very pleased! :)
  142. Puppy crying
  143. Survived our first puppy class
  144. puppy extremely shy
  145. Food Bowl Tipping
  146. Bicycling for a 3-month old?
  147. Potty training 90% there getting to 100%
  148. Food & Water - In or Out of Crate???
  149. Not inetrested in treats. help!!
  150. Outside or Kennel- 12 week old pup
  151. My puppy has cleaned up her own accident!?
  152. She jumped the much for back yard play time :(
  153. 5 weeks puppys, "bite training" loll :-)))
  154. Socializing Puppy to Other Dogs
  155. It all falls apart when we pass another walker, or worse, another dog...
  156. Shocked the family last night ...rant
  157. House training brags.
  158. Private trainer or obedience classes
  159. Plzzz help :)
  160. Crate / potty training
  161. Giant stuffed animals to help curb land sharking?
  162. Training Charleston, WV
  163. Pulling at the end of our walk
  164. Oh goodness- 11 week old puppy already humping?
  165. First big off lead experience
  166. How to correct a new puppy
  167. New GSD Puppy
  168. Puppy and Sledding?
  169. sit NOW! not 3 seconds later...
  170. New puppy's issues- advise please!
  171. My Cesar impression:
  172. Proper use of a flirt pole???
  173. How to solidify the recall?
  174. Possibility of this puppy walking off leash
  175. 11 1/2 weeks.... training a bit tough :)
  176. Leash walking: Do you allow some drifting?
  177. Training more than one at a time?
  178. Why Just Me????
  179. How to fix my errors in housebreaking?
  180. Trainer Said...
  181. Training Video - Ace at 6 months
  182. Stay, leave it.... then what?
  183. Stopping digging without "correction"
  184. How to Build Focus, Listening Skills
  185. Potty Training
  186. Walking two at a time - Success!
  187. HELP!! Dog nips, barks, and lunges at everyone but me!
  188. Frustrated ....recall and housebreaking
  189. Bath Training
  190. *Bangs head on wall*
  191. He would rather give UP his fav toy then sit for it.
  192. Fetch ?'s
  193. Encouraging Barking?
  194. Proper Correction Methods
  195. Tips on working on recall
  196. Ace at almost 6 months old training video
  197. Boom! and I'm in the floor
  198. Puppy class or private trainer?
  199. I am one proud Momma!
  200. Peeing on blankets.
  201. Cat vs. Puppy
  202. Hows it coming with the new puppies?
  203. crate or pen
  204. High Prey Drive?
  205. Kira: Urban agility and fetch!..Finally! :)
  206. I am NOT going in that crate!!! LOL
  207. What is a "firm" correction really?
  208. Obedience classes in Brooklyn?
  209. can encouraging rough play cause him to be aggressive quicker
  210. Correcting Puppy Excitement/Agression
  211. Training treats problem
  212. Well trained pup, but not in public park.
  213. "Crate" on command, but....
  214. Building Treat "drive"?
  215. Would love for some advice!
  216. Favorite Puppy Training Book?
  217. Is this a good practice?
  218. New Puppy, some tips
  219. Not sleeping at night
  220. Teenagers
  221. yep, another ?...crates...
  222. I'm a getting upset me mostly..
  223. only comes when im sitting down
  224. jumping up on Humans
  225. Is PetSmart training better than none?
  226. 1st German Shepherd puppy (:
  227. But SHE can pee on the floor!
  228. She stole my nachos!
  229. Simon says... I did NOT say "OK"
  230. Need Help Housetraining!!
  231. Off Lead Walking
  232. Another puppy/dog?
  233. Should I use short link or long link fur saver on a puppy?
  234. Sit means sit training question
  235. Anyone else with a lazy dog?
  236. My puppy has a flaw . . . advice please!
  237. Diesel's peeing problem.
  238. Changing a dogs name
  239. How to handle "I don't feel like listening"
  240. Dog aggression problem
  241. Prong collar - right age?
  242. Undulation and Pitch of Verbal Markers
  243. At what age to start with prong collar?
  244. Bubble.
  245. Training in Virginia
  246. Question about long lead and short leash usage.
  247. Perch Training
  248. Training Treats?
  249. 5 month old training
  250. Formal Training for 2nd Pup