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Finding the Right Puppy

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  1. Sable GSD?
  2. Does this dog look full blooded?
  3. High Drive, Low Drive, Training
  4. Adoption vs breeder
  5. GSD's with a small dog
  6. right breeder/dog for son with special needs & health issues
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  8. New Member With Questions
  9. Pacific Northwest Breeders
  10. looking for a pup what is the right age
  11. Frustrated
  12. What’s my GSD mixed with?
  13. Working Line vs Show Line Puppy
  14. Is a GSD right for me? Or a mix? Shelter/breeder?
  15. German Shepherd Mix?
  16. Puppy with A3 hips in pedigree
  17. IGP3 dire and dam
  18. Puppy age
  19. Not sure what would be best
  20. How do I read these scores?
  21. Asking for older puppy odd?
  22. Help understanding pedigree
  23. Possible new puppy and Degenerative Myelopathy carrier question
  24. Is this puppy purebred?
  25. Craigslist German Shepherd Puppy
  26. Smallest puppy in the litter. Half the weight of his mates
  27. Where my pup may come from
  28. Litter born- need to choose between 3
  29. Older Puppies/Young Adult
  30. Is this puppy growing too slowly?
  31. where to find a bridle colored puppy
  32. German shepherd puppy
  33. Schöne stadt German shepherds
  34. advice on this breeding
  35. Help with companion for my GSD
  36. What to look out for when I meet him?
  37. Pre BH trained dog cost
  38. Appleridge kennels
  39. Help with finding the right line of GSD
  40. Help with this Pedigree
  41. Father/Daughter Bred Puppy
  42. Puppy Prices - How Much Did You Pay?
  43. asking for WL breeder recommendations in S.California
  44. Any experience with Aus Dem Tal German Shepherds
  45. Purchasing an 8 week vs 11 weeks old pup
  46. Looking For DDR puppy/dog in future
  47. Anyone got puppy from Kapona x NEO?
  48. White vs Black and Tan
  49. Help me to choose right breed German Shepherd or Cocker Spainel
  50. Help!
  51. Male vs. Female?
  52. White patch on chest??
  53. Help / Advice needed: Going back and forth on getting another GSD
  54. Is a GSD right for me?
  55. Future Prospect
  56. Alternative Breed to German Shepherd
  57. Temperment vs. Bloodline?
  58. Available Puppies/Not allowed
  59. Upcoming WL litters around Ohio/midwest?
  60. are those puppies pure breed?
  61. Change My Mind: Cane Corsos Are Better Than GSD
  62. When selecting a puppy, do you consider the diets of Sire/Dam?
  63. New to GSDs, looking for pup/breeder in Florida
  64. German Showline or other
  65. Panda Shepard Puppies?
  66. Long hair or short hair?
  67. Adding a third puppy?
  68. Getting My First GSD
  69. Choosing the right dog
  70. Saddleback Black & Tan Referrals?
  71. time for a new one
  72. Is he a short coat or medium coat
  73. Help with reserved puppy unseen!
  74. feedback please
  75. WL in Fl
  76. West German Showlines & Czech/DDR Working Lines?
  77. Looking for a male DDR GSD
  78. Breeder Recommendation and Type?
  79. The right dog
  80. Introducing...
  81. Regalo is mine!
  82. Questions on Penn Hip and OFA
  83. GSD puppy with Golden Ret.
  84. Introducing......
  85. Will this puppy be long haired?
  86. Czech Working Line
  87. Pedigree Question
  88. Opinions on Pedigree - Anyone willing?
  89. Why do so called pandas cause controversy?
  90. Puppy testing
  91. Mental health assessment
  92. New puppy question
  93. Looking in Quebec, Canada
  94. Picking a puppy unseen
  95. Looking for help reading pedigree
  96. Adopting within the year, have questions
  97. Interested in working lines, but not protection work?
  98. Should I get another shepherd??
  99. Adopting a 1 year old puppy
  100. Choosing the right puppy from a litter
  101. Convincing the wife
  102. Please help eurosports k9 price & investment
  103. Looking for a girl gsd
  104. Nova Scotia.. looking for black GSD
  105. Choosing an ethical but not top dollar breeder
  106. Need help before buying a sable puppy
  107. Should we choose the puppy from the small litter?
  108. Is this puppy long haired?
  109. Concerned about hip/leg issues
  110. A Little Gender Chuckle
  111. The face of poor breeding
  112. Buying a Puppy on Craigslist?
  113. Advice and Suggestions
  114. Do you know these dogs?
  115. DDR breeders (export)
  116. Help with picking out a puppy
  117. Older puppy with no hip certifications
  118. Confused - what is considered a true "long coat"
  119. Bringing puppy home at 8 weeks vs 12 weeks
  120. Picking Out a Puppy....Male vs Female
  121. White Swiss Shepherd Questions
  122. Stock vs Long hair
  123. GSD Puppy Long or Short Hair
  124. Still looking for solid black female puppy!
  125. Need your help please, getting this puppy! :)
  126. Pedigrees
  127. Looking at puppies today
  128. Acceptable coat
  129. Help me
  130. Update from Colorado
  131. Will he be long coat? Color?
  132. colouring
  133. Three distinct lines of GSD?
  134. Trying to find a breeder in Colorado
  135. A hard decision
  136. The Search Continues
  137. First Time GSD Owner
  138. My new gsd puppy Brutus
  139. Considering adding a GSD to our family... advice please! (1st time owner)
  140. HELP, searching for decent DDR breeders
  141. First time picking out a puppy (never owned a dog before)
  142. Need advice on new puppy and PA area breeders
  143. German names for GSD?
  144. Is the GSD right for me?
  145. Looking at pups tomorrow!!!
  146. Puppy prices?
  147. After bad experience with Aria I would like to introduce ?
  148. Male or female puppy for first working dog?
  149. My First (working) GSD
  150. Here's my new pup! Need help with a name.
  151. check out this 1 month GSD puppy
  152. It's time - new puppy inbound in two weeks!
  153. Welcome Valkyrie
  154. Found our new pup
  155. Longhair or shorthair
  156. Choosing a puppy early on
  157. Can bicolor puppies darken?
  158. Male or female?
  159. The Winnipeg Humane Society called him a German Shepherd mix.
  160. Adding another GSD to my life. :crazy:
  161. Finally pulled the trigger!
  162. Puppy vs dog 6 months to 2 years old?
  163. So many variables
  164. Still doing the happy dance.
  165. Looking for my first GSD
  166. Looking for a new puppy. What coat would like in the future? Possibilities.
  167. We picked our little girl!!!
  168. Feedback abut this breeder?
  169. Long Coated in Florida - help please
  170. Doing the happy dance here
  171. A GSD on Craigslist in Denver
  172. Please Help Me Find My Next WL Puppy!!!
  173. Had to send pup back to breeder, not a good match at all
  174. Our pup-to-be's "bedroom"
  175. So it begins... breeder pressure!
  176. Looking for a GSD in Denver
  177. Concerned about puppy's temperament
  178. Not sure what Im looking for
  179. Why getting littermates (or having two pups close in age), is a BAD idea!
  180. Looking for a GSD in spring
  181. Someone please explain the numbers in line-breeding?
  182. GSD in warm/hot climates
  183. Please help me find a GSD puppy (Cleveland, OH)
  184. Bringing puppy home @ 8 Weeks vs. 10-12 weeks
  185. Breeders in PA
  186. Where do I begin the hunt for a puppy?
  187. Curious about lines & stereotypes??
  188. Worried about length of puppy
  189. Looking for advice on buying older puppy
  190. Choosing a puppy (A bit wordy)
  191. Small apartment + a puppy?
  192. Breeders help - Do you large litters mean small puppies?
  193. Inbreeding concerns
  194. Large Male plus Small Female Equals?
  195. New Puppy in NYC
  196. long coat puppy?
  197. LC puppy?
  198. Puppy Mannerisms
  199. What do I need to do if my puppy has to be shipped?
  200. Looking for LC Breeders
  201. New Puppy is home!
  202. long haired puppy?
  203. Good Breeder/ Good choice?
  204. Suggestions on how to pick a puppy
  205. Did we make the right puppy choice?
  206. Anyone heard of this breeder?
  207. Long hair or just fluffy?
  208. New Puppy
  209. Looking for the right GSD puppy in TN
  210. german shepherd mix puppy
  211. Looking for a breeder in Florida
  212. Puppy expectations
  213. GSD Coat Length
  214. Finding a breeder
  215. White GSD versus Black
  216. Broken leg, Broken heart
  217. Trouble contacting breeder
  218. Newbie looking for the right puppy
  219. Advice wanted on the right GSD bloodline for myself
  220. Help
  221. Looking for a new dog
  222. New Dog
  223. WLGSD Owner opinions please!
  224. Help with Canadian Breeders
  225. Rolling a puppy on it's back?
  226. How to Pick a Puppy
  227. Picking out a puppy!
  228. Another Recommendation
  229. Help finding a puppy..
  230. Looking for American Lines in Washington State
  231. GSD companion breeders Ontario
  232. House Trained GSD Puppy from any breeders?
  233. Returning a pup back to a breeder
  234. Recommendations Needed
  235. Need help finding a puppy for me.
  236. "Rehoming fee"
  237. Is importing a puppy a good idea
  238. Getting a GSD with a skittish cat
  239. Finding a puppy based on lineage
  240. Iso
  241. Cute pup shady breeder
  242. Breeds that do well with GSD?
  243. Puppy Selection. ( Size )
  244. Help Me Welcome My Pup Home!
  245. I need help
  246. new puppy help
  247. Just wondering!
  248. Looking for a new GSD pup
  249. Picking a pup at 4 1/2 weeks
  250. White Markings