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Pregnancy, Whelping & Raising a Litter

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  2. Singleton pup
  3. Raising newborns!
  4. Female not eating after giving birth.
  5. Week old puppies with feeding problems
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  15. Labor???
  16. Whelping Supplies
  17. Looking for a little help - how do you find great homes?
  18. Pregnant Foster far along? (plus pictures:)
  19. A litter and our east coast weather
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  22. Worming Pregnant Dog
  23. Newborn Puppy Question.
  24. Milk Production problems for puppies
  25. T17 Working Dogs "B" Litter
  26. Could it be possible??
  27. Breeding; how to change her mind.
  28. Adopted female dog, they didn't tell me she was pregnant
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  30. Our dog had pups outside
  31. Pregnancy diet
  32. 2017 Litter Journal - Ironhide x Obelix
  33. Stellar my passion
  34. Raising pups from foster dog
  35. False Pregnancy
  36. vom Anfang D Litter!!!
  37. How many do you see????
  38. 2nd pregnancy and she's huge!!
  39. 4 week old puppies and nursing
  40. T17 Working Dogs "A" Litter
  41. How many do you see?
  42. Medicated Shampoo on Pregnant German Shep.
  43. Dura-Whelp
  44. Female seeing puppies as Prey
  45. Help with my pregnant Dog
  46. foster aggressively protecting pups
  47. color questions!!
  48. Weaning puppies
  49. First litter (more) questions concerns advice!
  50. First litter questions concerns advice!
  51. Need quick advice on labor induction
  52. Ultrasound accuracy
  53. Female is 64 days pregnant no puppies
  54. Unplanned pregnancy!
  55. Surgical Insemination
  56. Heating pad recommendations?
  57. newby questions ?
  58. Aggressive dam
  59. Adopted a pregnant dog
  60. Release the Kraken!!
  61. First litter due soon...
  62. Help required with puppy skin issue
  63. 2 week old puppies
  64. Does it still bleed after mating?
  65. Potty training a litter
  66. Allrothaus A litter
  67. Urgent, need help pups/mom issues
  68. Male Refuses To Mate
  69. Waiting for a call back- input?
  70. First Litter - xray please guess???
  71. after mating light red bleeding continue
  72. Feuergarten 'A' Litter
  73. Raw feeding for pregnant female?
  74. Puppy testing & exposures
  75. Katya is preggos!
  76. New Litter of Pups - Premature
  77. I don't know what to call this moved post - breeders input please
  78. How Long Is the Incubation Period for GSD's?
  79. GSD whelping process?
  80. Unwanted Pregnancy
  81. Trinity had 11 pups Thanksgiving day!!
  82. First time Breeder
  83. Tragedy and a Long Shot
  84. Ultrasound count vs actual litter size
  85. pregnant female and temp drop?
  86. How close to whelping?
  87. Seeking knowledge 1st breeding
  88. how come
  89. I need help with my girl i didnt know she was pregnant until pup this morning
  90. Help with new (5 week old) pups!!
  91. What do you recomend me to use as bed in the whelping box?
  92. Need help quick!
  93. Help with pregnant dog
  94. Rescued Senior with a 5 day old puppy
  95. A First time breeder: Journal
  96. does the temp always drop before labor?
  97. Signs of pregnancy
  98. Behavior after having pups
  99. UPDATE: 1 year old whelping Pups
  100. Pen for 5 week old litter pups
  101. Question on due date
  102. Question about Material to use for Whelping
  103. 1 year old whelping pups
  104. Breeders, do you take your puppies to the vet before 8 weeks?
  105. Nutrient for female to produce enough milk?
  106. Question for breeders-Progesterone testing
  107. 3 weeks!!
  108. Puppy characters??
  109. Mother acting strange
  110. EMeRGeNCY HELP NEEDED - Very Sad - Dam Passed Leaving 12 Puppies
  111. first heat pregnancy????? please reply
  112. Really need help, aggressive pregnant shepherd
  113. Palpating.
  114. Does age determine size of litter?
  115. Timeline on litters/bringing puppy home
  116. Issues with male dog in the house with pregnant female
  117. Papered VS non-papered..
  118. Nursing female, nipple problem?
  119. Dixies pups update / 2 wks
  120. Dixies Pups are here!
  121. (almost) 8 Wks and counting...
  122. 1 week old puppy - pink warts on stomach
  123. Non-GSD: Chinese Crested puppies
  124. Help!!!! Pregnant???
  125. Letting Trouble Puppies Die?
  126. Dangers of x-rays during pregnancy?
  127. Should we allow female GSD to have one litter?
  128. Crate placement and info please
  129. Fiona's mom had her puppies
  130. Unexperienced and need advice :)
  131. Bottle feeding issue w/ master
  132. Raising a 2 2 week old puppies help
  133. Single puppy coming
  134. I want a diet plan for my 1 month old pup
  135. weaning the babies
  136. Another whelping experience, Odie
  137. Telling apart black and red from sable
  138. Care during pregnancy
  139. Needing info on whelping puppies
  140. First Heat Cycles
  141. Xraying puppies and radiation question
  142. X-rays during pregnancy maybe not such a good idea?
  143. Von Rommel Shepherds
  144. Can I feed my gsd's puppies?
  145. How would you define your best-producing bitch?
  146. Akela's Pups
  147. Pen for when the puppies get older...
  148. Do coaties always have the sweetest temperament?
  149. Contacting Owners of Puppies
  150. Tattooing an older pup
  151. New Subj Line: CL puppy having puppies - help needed from experienced pup raisers
  152. Procedures for Out of Town Puppy Buyers
  153. Need central fl breeders help
  154. Breeding, mating, whelp book?
  155. What do you feed/suppliment your Nursing Mothers?
  156. Whelping Day 59 or 61 or 63? Please share experience.
  157. Our breeder has died - Eric Falconer
  158. Emergency C sections
  159. Inbred puppy questions
  160. Replacement puppy question
  161. Whelping Box?
  162. Update on B too :)
  163. 2 Day Old Boy & Capri Pups- Just a Few Pics
  164. Boy von Zorra pups? Anyone have one?
  165. Your ideal breed test
  166. Bitch pregnant with singleton, Have some questions from a worried sick momma
  167. Breeding a WL to a SL?
  168. Blood lines and dogs
  169. Pups are 7 1/2 weeks old...
  170. Ruby's Puppies are here!
  171. Our Cassie litter is here
  172. Anyone a Alaska Air registered shipper
  173. Puppy Packet Suggestions
  174. cute faces!
  175. Stud dogs
  176. Owner didn't pick up their puppy?
  177. You think she will make it till Sunday???
  178. Puppies. Raising a Happy & Healthy Litter
  179. Southern Tier NY area searching for GSD breeders
  180. Puppies are here....
  181. Inexperienced or low libido?
  182. Naming
  183. The Puppies are coming, the puppies are coming!
  184. Pregnant Mama Dog XRays
  185. Puppy packet
  186. Noise subjection for young pups
  187. Frauengarten
  188. Dear All Breeders
  189. BBS being registered as GSD's. Your thoughts?
  190. Looking for retired breeder
  191. Selling pups and doing the right business
  192. limited akc registered mixed with full akc registered equals??
  193. Co-Ownership
  194. Supplementing diet in late pregnancy
  195. Rhetorical question... white GSD
  196. What do reputable breeders do with a ill or bad temperament pup?
  197. Breeders claiming to own stud dogs they don't
  198. The scandal of marketing purebred dogs
  199. Perfect stock, but has fair hips or hips dyplaysia
  200. Buyer refuses to provide virification of ED
  201. Captain Max Von Stephanitz -- hero or fiend?
  202. Breeding to an older male
  203. Von Stephanitz GSD
  204. Heat: Do you do anything special? Like supplements?
  205. raising a litter
  206. Do you think a Volhard puppy temperament test is accurate?
  207. Cher Car Kennels
  208. dog running while in heat
  209. Question for breeders with websites- SchH Pics Only?
  210. Dumbest of all dumb questions....
  211. Odessa has a progeny listed on PDB
  212. Ear forms
  213. Who said being a Breeder was cheap or all benefits?
  214. Trip to Ocean
  215. Exactly when do I breed my dog? Which days?
  216. Message to Breeders from a Former Breeder-A Plea for German Shepherds
  217. "What has this breed become?"
  218. Has anyone seen this breeder?
  219. SV doesn't recognize Czech breed surveys and titles?
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  221. Draco vom Sand-N-Berg
  222. Looking for a reputable breeder in Long Island, NY
  223. Misleading kennel names
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  225. Do you still tattoo your puppies?
  226. I have to rant
  227. Tia's Hip and Elbow Xrays (Opinions Please)
  228. Human manipulation???
  229. undecended testicles
  230. Need whelping advice :)
  231. What would you do?
  232. Sick 3 week old pup
  233. Chastity belt for dogs?
  234. E-Litter Names
  235. Question for Hungarian breeders (about name)
  236. How much would you charge
  237. How would the perfect Breed Registry/Association look like
  238. Temptation, Temptation
  239. There are moments....
  240. Pregnancy
  241. Pregnancy
  242. When will my dog start going into heat??
  243. Job Opening - Lackland AFB
  244. is there a list of breeders?
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  246. Female GSD will be ready to breed soon
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  248. what to look for?
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