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Pregnancy, Whelping & Raising a Litter

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  1. Pics of Pregnant Pooches?
  2. DNA Testing Of Your Dogs
  3. Repeat Breeding?
  4. How long did you bitch let the pups nurse?
  5. Repossesing a Puppy
  6. Possible GSD puppy scammer...
  7. I am looking for the new Owner of Oddo von Haus Salihin
  8. HELP!!! Tang isn't Lactating!!!!
  9. Introducing Bandit/Tang litter
  10. GSD pregnancy
  11. First time/inexperienced stud
  12. Our Faust and Pandora Litter
  13. Opinions on these x-rays
  14. OFA Results
  15. It appears I may have a home for Rushie, ???
  16. Giving advice to people expecting litters
  17. From a breeding standpoint, what do you think?
  18. Hip X-Rays, What do you think?
  19. Measuring your the goals of your breeding program
  20. Non-GSD Pregnancy
  21. Interesting question
  22. Breeders: Do you know where your dog is going?
  23. Working litter
  24. How long have you waited for your potential puppy?
  25. GSD Euro List?
  26. Rescue Litter Guidance Request
  27. Shipping a puppy????
  28. Looking for a puppy in Washington
  29. puppy pricing
  30. 'A' Litter vom Zederbach Litter Diary/Blog
  31. Help!! german grammer Problem :-D
  32. Looking for VON HUERTA HOF
  33. Question for breeders
  34. Aris pups @ 20 days old
  35. Wish I had found this website 5 weeks ago!!
  36. I got this email, what do you think?
  37. anybody have more info this line?
  38. Wesensüberprüfung?
  39. Izzy's Preggo X-Ray
  40. Aris's Litter Is Here
  41. Breeder Computer Software
  42. Problems with breeding (non-GSD)
  43. Aris pregnancy x-rays
  44. Finding the right female
  45. Male Stud in Utah???
  46. Mom's who WON'T clean pups?
  47. Horrible outcome
  48. The puppies are COMMING!! NOW!
  49. Puppy owner in a panic
  50. Puppy hip x-ray question
  51. False Pregnancy questions
  52. Raw breeders - carb cravings?
  53. Whelping Diary Spin off....
  54. Hip x-rays, help evaluating please!
  55. Pregnancy xrays question
  56. Day 49 Theory
  57. Pregnant Due to whelp the 5th of Oct
  58. Hip X-Rays ( your thoughts)
  59. Update
  60. My girl may be pregnant
  61. I think i was visited by a tree-hugger...
  62. Did your bitches ever feed their pups?
  63. Breeders, what do you wean pups on, what food
  64. Does breeding time affect whelping time?
  65. Question About Breeding & EPI
  66. How soon did you know and how?
  67. raccoon baiting
  68. Question for breeders
  69. My Breeding/Whelping/Raising a Litter Diary
  70. Need info from breeders-Pregnant husky found.
  71. Progesterone tests?
  72. Hips and Hip "guarantees"
  73. Should I be ticked off?
  75. Any way to adjust heat cycle?
  76. Hey Guys! I'm in a strange place for me!
  77. Charging more for a guarantee?
  78. "Non-refundable deposit" question
  79. At what week do you usually worm the puppies?
  80. How fast can I get a bitch back in shape?
  81. If she's not pregnant, I might have to bop her !!
  82. New Kennel design ( comments )
  83. puppy/breeder contract........
  84. Post Whelp - when safe to train, expose to dogs
  85. Am I allowed to post a breeder's name here?
  86. Do you supplement? Would you in this case?
  87. 6 weeks & on.... ideas wanted.
  88. Information
  89. Time spent in whelping box and Weaning pen surface
  90. Faust and Pandora are coming soon
  91. Post Whleping Questions
  92. Which dish best screw on or flat side pail?
  93. Sense of Entitlement to puppies (Breeders help)?
  94. appetite...but
  95. Scam!!!
  96. Head er spine er tail....for another dog please!
  97. Have a situation, what would you do?
  98. To the breeders....
  99. Kennel System Review Lucky Dog experience?
  100. Oh Dee…….(GSDextrodinaire)
  101. I've got MY foundation bitch!!!!!
  102. Dew claw removal
  103. Temperature drop.....
  104. added surprise on the stud I used for Jenna
  105. Chicago Area Veterinarians
  106. Ohio senate bill 95
  107. Where to check zw#?
  108. Head - er spine - er tail! Count!!
  109. New mom acting funny
  110. Mega-E genetic?
  111. calcium while pregnant & lactating?
  112. 2009 USA Sieger Show fun fact
  113. Hotspots & pregnancy?
  114. Wanna have some naming fun??
  115. Female D Names
  116. Yarn, Rick Rack, ID Bands?
  117. Health Issues
  118. Keeping puppy for new buyers past 8 weeks opinions
  119. Another tattoo question...
  120. Heat cycles - blood...but brown. Split heats, etc
  121. Timid/Shy puppies
  122. Registering puppies....
  123. GSD Stud Service Fund Raising Event
  124. BYB, Puppy Mill, Responsible Breeder
  125. Question regarding stud dogs(for those that breed)
  126. Let's Have Some Fun Help Name my "D" Litter
  127. Breeding - how often is too often?
  128. Help! Not used to being "caged"
  129. Lola = GSD??
  130. Looking for a breeder can you help?
  131. GSD Older dog guarantee
  132. Litter Nominations
  133. Puppy going to Mexico-experience selling there?
  134. AKC classifieds for GSD, you'd be surprised/not
  136. I took a puppy back today
  137. I want to be a consultant for pet products.
  138. Know anything about these breeders?
  139. Breeding dogs with Pano
  140. Prohibition on Flying Dogs Into U.S.?
  141. Pop Quiz: Show Quality versus Pet Quality
  142. Funny Quote!
  143. "working" prospects as pets?
  144. Question regarding “pet quality” vs “working quali
  145. Very exciting!!
  146. Kennel "von Platau"
  147. "I want a protective dog" ??? Discussion
  148. Kennel surface
  149. prey drive and pet homes?
  150. Pup in my OB class
  151. Let's have fun Help 2 Litters w/ 18 pups to name!
  152. AKC registration question
  153. Interested to hear your thoughts on this breeder
  154. Hips guarantee&breeding
  155. Listening to my gut again, dh is gonna kill me?!
  156. Mind if I rant? This really bothers me.
  157. So who's dog is it? Question for breeders..
  158. Ears and guarantee
  159. Colors............
  160. Question for the breeders.
  161. Will a nuetered male tie with a female?
  162. Nursing puppy with a surrogate mom
  163. Are there and Sable breeders here?
  164. Is she going into heat??
  165. UKC Question
  166. Question about rescue groups
  167. Question about rescue groups
  168. Opinions/Questions on limited registration
  169. Hormonal behavior?
  170. Question about my german shepherd
  171. Safe distance for Bitch and dog
  172. Heat lamp
  174. Longhair/Plus coat? Breeding?
  175. What is this?
  176. What's in your...
  177. Looking for Breeder in Midwest
  178. weak nerves -- genetic
  179. what puppy tests todo?
  180. Stud Contracts
  181. Not so concerned with planned litters...
  182. Refund Or No Refund
  183. Question for all breeders
  184. Sable breeders in OH
  185. Co-owning a dog
  186. xray or ultrasound?
  187. How do breeders tempmerament test pups?
  188. Breedworthiness and Hips