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General Information

  1. Malinois or GSD?
  2. Should I pay... or fight it?
  3. Malinois Walks Tightrope Blindfolded!
  4. Dog PFD's what are you using?
  5. Anyone in Canada Purchased a TransK9 Kennel?
  6. German shepherd or Belgian shepherd or mix?
  7. Boarding life management and exercise
  8. Crate Recommendations?
  9. Fleas!
  10. Puppy jumpin off the couch!
  11. Flying Lufthansa in late July early August
  12. First GSD long coat or just fluffy?
  13. What are the limits for temperature and humidity at night?
  14. Is this too hot ?
  15. Is this German Shepherd Healthy
  16. Suggest A Genuine Solution To Deal With A Hectic Problem During Shedding Season
  17. Dog Parent Guilt (Plus dog pics!)
  18. How tall is your German Shepherd?
  19. Rescue GSD and existing cats
  20. Narrowly avoided an emergency
  21. Looking for info on E-biking
  22. Topical flea medications
  23. Satin Ball Recipes?
  24. Collar allergy
  25. Water Bottles
  26. 1st pool session good progress
  27. Which Best Dog Breeds for Emotional Support?
  28. Will our kind, loving Shepherd protect his mommy -my daughter
  29. Aggressive encounter
  30. Harness for vehicle use
  31. Dock Diving
  32. Looking for GS friendly rental in Washington DC!
  33. Mental Stimulation
  34. Gsd mix? Opinions?
  35. Going through heat cycle with two intact dogs
  36. New GSD puppy with established dog?
  37. BAD person did bad things to my GSD. Many tears over the past few days.
  38. Food and water dishes
  39. New Rescue. First Vet Visit... Disaster
  40. Reactivity
  41. When Big Dogs Want To Be As Cute As The Puppy
  42. 8 month old dark sable female
  43. Water toy recomendations
  44. Debby vom Eisernen Kreuz
  45. Just for fun
  46. Blonde/Fawn GSD rescued
  47. puppy help
  48. Take a dare and have your camera ready
  49. Hit?
  50. Toys for Shredders
  51. It's getting better.
  52. Heads up in Wisconsin
  53. Thoughts on sloppy sits
  54. Best Non-Slip Harness or Collar
  55. Is this middle age?
  56. Inside vs outside
  57. From disappointment comes joy
  58. Prong collar/freak accident/ caution
  59. Repairing dead grass
  60. This is Really Cool!
  61. Littermates
  62. Preparing for 115 F and 100% humidity
  63. How Vocal are German Shepherds?
  64. United Airlines Changed Puppy Policy
  65. Security Cameras- suggestions?
  66. Home Insurance with GSD Dogs
  67. Thoughts...adding a 2nd GSD
  68. Volkosoby Wolfdog
  69. Men vs. women. Just my curiosities, just for fun.
  70. Grass or really good turf
  71. Sturdy Collar?
  72. Teenager behaviour or something else?
  73. Kong Goodie Bones - Counterfeit?
  74. Poor little puppy stuck by his/her head in sewers!
  75. It's been a while! Zelda update, etc.
  76. Advice for first time owner of a rescue
  77. Intact Male x2 introduction and play
  78. Help with female C & D names...
  79. Bone Fun and Health
  80. Vet/Trainer recommendations in St Petersburg FL area
  81. Eggs for my GSD
  82. Runt of the litter?
  83. Big & Little Dog friendships?
  84. why would my GSD all of a sudden start...
  85. Does anyone have experience owning Dobermans?
  86. FYI-Drs Foster and Smith Acquired
  87. Ground covering for training area
  88. Exercise in suburban areas
  89. Obedience versus Joy
  90. Introducing Adult GSD to adult cats
  91. IPO in Fall, new Pup soon, and a Rehoming Story
  92. Dog water fountain
  93. Had to share...
  94. Indoor Swimming in Naperville, IL
  95. Okay, I've DONE it!!!
  96. Crate and Rotate Process
  97. New Black Hair?
  98. Leg protection
  99. Tail Wagger or Not?
  100. Barking at the door - what is desirable and what is not?
  101. Questions for New Owner
  102. Griff update
  103. GSDs and frigid cold weather?
  104. Specific Help Need with Introductions Please
  105. Having fun with our pup!!
  106. How do you dispose of pet waste?
  107. Dog age
  108. Adopt or buy?
  109. Thunder Cap for Dog Aggression?
  110. Change of behaviour when alone
  111. She will NOT let anyone trim her nails help!
  112. Thunders new behaviour
  113. Bag O' Tricks
  114. Spaying and shedding link?
  115. Not sure on the breed, looking for opinions!
  116. Mixed German shepherd with Belguim shepherd ears
  117. Another coat question
  118. Do dogs need sunlight and how much?
  119. Adult GSD Opinion
  120. Petplan premiums jacked up.....
  121. Do any of you RV/travel frequently with your GSD?
  122. Airplane Flight Dog crate question
  123. BEST crate or barrier for the SUV
  124. Bite Sleeve question
  125. Nail cutting - is it always necessary?
  126. What's YOUR Favorite Dog Toy and/or Game?
  127. Now that you know
  128. Best age to spay
  129. 2019 goals
  130. How much bigger will/may he get?
  131. What breeder did you buy from & your experience
  132. Gsd Growth size
  133. Mutt, Mix, or Purebred?
  134. ??? Color changes of a sable gsd
  135. You might own a GSD.....
  136. When to bring another puppy with existing intact male?
  137. Best Raincoat for GSD
  138. Renting with a GSD
  139. Fostering my German Shepherd
  140. Keeping dogs clean with carpet remnants
  141. General Update on Olivia
  142. Experienced her first taste of discrimination and I’m so sad!
  143. OFA vs SV?
  144. What will gunner be?!
  145. Extremely Displeased with Nash's breeders...
  146. Becoming A Farm Dog
  147. Heat cycle stupidity
  148. Your thoughts
  149. Do you spoil your dog?
  150. Dog and Baby Safety
  151. Little patch of white?
  152. Anyone near Philly / New Jersey have vacation boarding recommendations?
  153. Pinhead?
  154. What kind of coat?
  155. Disinfectant for pee paws?
  156. 6 months should be barking?
  157. Fencing Alternatives
  158. Alternatives to neutering?
  159. 2018 Christmas Card Exchange!
  160. 6 months Wavy Coat?
  161. Help with biting
  162. Teaching to NOT open doors?
  163. So disappointed
  164. Am at a loss
  165. Went to the dog show.
  166. Before and after vs future question
  167. Is it normal for GSD to open a door?
  168. 10 mnths 70 pound male
  169. ?
  170. 3 days st home with our boy... overwhelmed
  171. Muddy paws! Help
  172. Rocky Sustained Two Bites!
  173. A must see video in regards to real training for police K9s
  174. Wgsl
  175. Searching for GSD Greenville/Spartanburg SC
  176. Alternative to conventional tennis balls
  177. Backpacking and coyotes
  178. Do these puppies look like "pure" german shepards?
  179. how big will my 10 monthold be at his max weight
  180. Will my GSD coat change colors?
  181. Say my name? AKC registration?
  182. Puppy with Megaesophagus
  183. Is it a "soft" breed or is it just puppy age?
  184. Are You CRAZY? You Want Me To Do WHAT???
  185. Muddy back yard - Pine flakes?
  186. Is a GSD right for me? Which lines?
  187. New dog and need a little guidance
  188. Rocky Brags
  189. Heart worm prevention year round?
  190. Just got dog spayed
  191. GS won't go inside out of weather
  192. Pick Of Litter Just Over a Year Away!!
  193. Meaty Bones ???
  194. My schedule - your feedback would be most appreciated
  195. Dog park blues...
  196. Canine influenza vaccination
  197. Funny Rocky Stories
  198. After 2 months of training
  199. Testing the GoPro
  200. Crate Size Confusion
  201. Boots
  202. Companion for my GSD after losing my older girl
  203. Where to get this ball?
  204. Judgmental People on Walks
  205. Just Grew Up Like That. Got All Serious.
  206. Avoided a scary accident
  207. How much and type of exercise / training for an 8.5 months male?
  208. New puppy-Introducing and training
  209. Please Help!!
  210. Fatal Dog Attacks in U.S.
  211. Seems to prefer being outside
  212. Moving into first house. Dog-related tips/suggestions?
  213. XDog Vest - Ready To Get Fit(er) Together
  214. Service dog: GSD vs Collie?
  215. 7 month old GSD restless
  216. Bored
  217. In desperate need of advice
  218. The grass has to go
  219. Different view on dog parks
  220. Young Heidi Needs Floppy Toy/Buddy
  221. Why do GSD's always seem to....
  222. Dog time
  223. 9 month GSD Puppy still so fearful
  224. Is it ok to leave puppy for 6 weeks?
  225. German shepherd at low temperatures
  226. Dog Walker Stress!!!
  227. About to be 9 week old
  228. Anybody else using homemade leashes?
  229. age to spay
  230. Bothering a dog while it is eating: controversy
  231. Winner Plus Kibble
  232. Rear dewclaws?
  233. Possible Hip Dysplaysia in 5 month old?
  234. K-9 Helps Save A Kidnap Victim
  235. How do they do that?
  236. Tribute to Search & Rescue Teams at WTC
  237. Coat Changes or Lack of?
  238. People are idiots!
  239. Hurricane Florence Preparation
  240. Does your GSd lay down to eat??
  241. Changing Remi's food...not good!
  242. Howling to coyotes
  243. Video Of A K-9 Apprehension
  244. Pet Insurance
  245. 2 fails, and one question.
  246. Feeling The Heat
  247. 4 Months and a half gsd biting habit
  248. Playing fetch in water
  249. Who misses their dogs while on vacation?
  250. a trick to help a sick dog take his meds: