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General Information

  1. Side by side crates in SUV
  2. Bella & George, Her Service Dog
  3. Dog Boots Help?
  4. Migrating microchip
  5. Well Dog Smell Question
  6. What is your best advice for someone with a rescue GSD?
  7. Help please
  8. Did I just luck out or is this breed SO adaptable?
  9. Help!!!
  10. Just Like A Kid!
  11. Lengthening a 4ft fence
  12. male vs female
  13. Thought this was a really beautiful image that some of you might enjoy
  14. Is it possible
  15. i need your opinion guys on my 1st GSD [ Rose ]
  16. Doggie Day Care
  17. Must be a bit crazy... adding a Border Collie to the gsd pack:)
  18. Favorite thing to chew
  19. Interesting question
  20. Great article about dog parks
  21. Pure Or Mix German Shepherd??
  22. "egidius Shepherds"
  23. Ideas on what the other breed is
  24. It's no wonder people ask if that's a purebred gsd anymore...
  25. And the journey begins!
  26. Getting GSD used to extra space and dog run
  27. Where did your dog come from?
  28. Opinions on "beware of dog signs"
  29. GSD pranked my wife
  30. Breed Specific Pumpkin Carving Stencils!
  31. Opinions on WD
  32. If your family cant keep your dog, what would happen to your dog if you die?
  33. What type of dog-safe ice-melt do people like?
  34. Being physical with our gsd's (two questions)
  35. Sudden Death of Our 8 1/2 Yr Old GSD
  36. Harness patches
  37. What mix?
  38. Has your dog ever burnt you out?
  39. Tell me about your first GSD
  40. Thoughts on Mixing German And American Lines?
  41. Working line Gsd as family pet??
  42. Puppy fur
  43. He won't eat until he knows I am seated
  44. Introducing a Collie pup
  45. Crate Safety
  46. The Sixth Sense - Have you seen it in your GSD?
  47. Feral hogs and dogs...
  48. Beware of TOYS - My dog almost died
  49. New DOG!!!
  50. Working-line German shepherds naturally protective ?
  51. Plush or long coat?
  52. Rough with dogs - how to handle
  53. Breeder require puppy training?
  54. Question for vet techs and vets
  55. Understanding giardia and parvo
  56. Working Line Boxers!
  57. 1 or 2 German Shepherds?
  58. Ears!
  59. Thoughts on Stella & Chewy vs Primal?
  60. Thoughts on Hexen
  61. GSD vs. Dobermann?
  62. Is it wrong to tether in the house?
  63. Best dog food for GSD's.
  64. My puppy GSD.
  65. Dog Collar with Embroidered Name
  66. Problems with AKC Online Dog Registration
  67. Do you think a GSD is right for me?
  68. Not sure - Summer's Guard Alerting and Something's Going On
  69. The e-collar leash?
  70. Help picking doggie door size
  71. Poor Jax 😔
  72. Half way!
  73. Mods: please let me know where to post this question, and even if I can...
  74. German Shepherd Dog as First Dog
  75. Building kennel
  76. Session timed out! Log in! Silly.
  77. A question on age and running.
  78. Just want to know what others do
  79. Everybody deserve a perfect fit
  80. The cone of shame
  81. Peeing on stomach?
  82. What does everyone think about Samson?
  83. So just how "common" ?
  84. Travelling with dogs that don't get along yet.
  85. Study Finds Most Pet Travel Seats Not Effective During Car Crashes
  86. Working full time with a GSD puppy
  87. Best Kong Size?
  88. Newlie the Knucklehead (Long)
  89. Rescue German Shepherds.
  90. bringing home a dog questions?
  91. Angry at people :(
  92. bad behaviors!! need help
  93. Early Christmas Gift for ME..
  94. Does anyone work in graphic design/photoshop to help make a blog/shirt/sticker logo?
  95. Teaching Newlie Trieball
  96. Pumpkin carving ideas
  97. Do you feel as though the German Shepherd breed is being ruined?
  98. German shepherd or Boxer?. Your experience/advice please.
  99. Energy or interest level low?
  100. companion for 3-year old male unaltered GSD
  101. Genetics or trained
  102. Converted my bike into a dog scooter for $1! ByeBye bikejoring. Hello dog scootering!
  103. What size fur saver?
  104. Plans on having a wl gsd
  105. I might sound stupid but what's the difference ??
  106. Black and red + sable = ?
  107. First day on the job
  108. Yum or Yuck
  109. White patch of fur
  110. Police dog cartoon
  111. Info about how dog brains work
  112. Raising a puppy while pregnant
  113. Going to see my puppy!
  114. Dog Supplies!
  115. Anyone with a rare colored or plush Shepherd reply
  116. What coat is he? What will he look like?
  117. Ontario- dog import - Customs
  118. Pit bulls going crazy in the park cop shoots one
  119. New GSD
  120. Picking up food from bowl and placing throughout the house
  121. Copper boy :) picture heavy!
  122. Pet-safe mouse traps?
  123. Breeding for "Straight Back"
  124. Favorite accessory for your dog/pup.
  125. Huskies and Sheperds, yay or nay?
  126. What kind of mix does this look like??
  127. obedience class recommendation?
  128. Continued Neighbor Drama
  129. What to ask a trainer ? How do you know if you have a good trainer?
  130. Just as we closed the Pit thread, this:
  131. What is the definition of 'working dog'?
  132. What Unusual Commands does Your Pup Know?
  133. Tip of ear torn/bitten off - what to expect?
  134. 2 year old pedigree german shepard not eating
  135. Something good
  136. First Trip to SNOW!
  137. Opinion on neuter age
  138. What a Day!
  139. GSD vs Homeowners Insurance This is Wrong
  140. Growling Barking with her hackles up overreacting ??
  141. German Shepherd CAT...
  142. Dog bite... can't let go
  143. Pet Limits on Property
  144. Female or Male temperaments?!?!
  145. Daycare for working lines?
  146. Bloating...
  147. Please Help!
  148. late Back to school pic
  149. Male or female puppy?
  150. Puppy colors
  151. Has your dog ever sensed sinister characters?
  152. Fencing concern-- advice?
  153. They are family
  154. Tips to deal with fall/winter shedding!?
  155. Dogs getting aggressive
  156. Multiple questions... possible mange or yeast infection? And eating issues....
  157. Bad nerves or just scared or lack confidence?
  158. Recommended Boarding Facilities in Atlanta
  159. Newlie's Little Trick
  160. Starting to see more pics of dogs swimming in pools. Bad for their coats/skin?
  161. Dog runs (multiple)- ideal configurations
  162. Pregnant - Is this aggression? Normal? o.o???
  163. Bye bye to pretty sky the pitbull :( !!
  164. Small Spiral Staircase and 40Kgs (88 Pounds) German Sheppard?
  165. Am I trying to change her too much?
  166. Advice for first time GSD owner
  167. Mistakes You Have Made With Your Dogs
  168. My KING KAZE is a DIRE WOLF?!? These images remind me so much of the comparison.
  169. "Outside dog"
  170. Drive Decline with Age
  171. Off-Leash Places near Albany, NY
  172. Weighed the little guy today
  173. Am I doing enough for my GSD?
  174. Newlie at the Park(s)
  175. How do you know when your dog is mature?
  176. Is Nero to small for his Cage?
  177. Has anyone got tips on leadership generally?
  178. No way i can stop prey drive...
  179. My dog goes snorkeling!
  180. So... This happened.
  181. Purchasing an adult GS question
  182. HELP! My s.o. Hates our dog!
  183. Feeding A Puppy A Raw Diet
  184. Are these papers fake ?
  185. Rottweiler Vs Shepherd
  186. At home temperments GSD vs. Mal
  187. Has anyone done a Bart Bellon seminar?
  188. Is my Dog Single Coat ? or Double ? [Photo Included]
  189. Southern Maryland 5k Pet Day
  190. How to prevent him from swallowing an entire bone?
  191. Does your dog fit on a human treadmill?
  192. Need Help on Toys/Treats/Distractions
  193. Looking for some Lion names
  194. The very tips of lower K9 teeth are chipped off. Weak teeth?
  195. Always shining!
  196. odor of intact males
  197. Protection work?
  198. Wolf has lost her mind
  199. How to clean a German Shepherd
  200. Need Help - Going Back To Work - Transition Tips
  201. Odd time of year to be blowing her coat???
  202. Breed restrictions with traveling?!?!
  203. Vermont Dogs Get 1 Free Bite
  204. teaching to share and not be a hog
  205. German Sheperd Art - Let's See It
  206. Does a calm relaxed dog look sad?
  207. My charlotte
  208. Local Police Officer Shot and Killed--Suspects still at large..
  209. "Woman recovers from dog mauling." Thoughts?
  210. German Shepherds in Films/TV Shows/Ect.
  211. WHAT do you look for in a dog boarding/day care facility???
  212. Vet recommendation - Vancouver, Canada
  213. Oh That Question: is my GSD purebred?
  214. Am I wrong ??
  215. Kennels, Home Boarding or Pet Sitting?
  216. 5 Smart Tips For Curing The Back-To-School Dog Blues
  217. Burs, Burrs, danged things!
  218. I Will Write a Song for Your Dog
  219. Anybody here a veterinary technician????!!!
  220. I gave my 3 month old Belgian Malinois a light dosage of Ginseng
  221. intro a 16 mth to a 6 year old shepherd
  222. To much protein for 8month old ?
  223. #national dog day!!!
  224. What should I get for my dog?
  225. Anyone with a Ford Edge using crate for their dog ?
  226. Female GSD in Need
  227. It just angers me - housing rant!!
  228. Anything to do for thunderstorm anxiety?
  229. Two dogs? :o
  230. Laid back but protective smh please bring this to light
  231. FIRE! Can't breathe in the NW!
  232. No Manners
  233. Tyson is 4 months old, Big ears and all!
  234. Bella random diarrhea
  235. Anyone vaccum their shepherd
  236. Aggresive biting in a 10 week old.
  237. Fleece dog lead
  238. Tasting Flea Medication?
  239. Bitten by my friend shepherd
  240. Help me pick out a leash
  241. Fear, aggression, or excitement?
  242. Scent/nose work for fun?
  243. A month without Heartworm prevention
  244. Brennan is going to give me a heart attack...
  245. Anybody with a Tall or "Lanky" Shepherd
  246. Bringing my 2yo gsd to visit breeder (mom+dad) for first time!
  247. Attention WOLF DOG EXPERTS: does this mix look like it has any wolf in it?
  248. Help needed - pulling problem
  249. guys! PEDIGREE DOG FOOD!
  250. Keeping house clean