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General Information

  1. Alternative to a cone after surgery
  2. King Shepherd Inquiry
  3. Coyote Problem
  4. Dogs Helping Heroes-Wonderful Program!
  5. Recovering from Hip Replacement
  6. Any suggestions
  7. Webcams anyone?
  8. Anyone leave the TV on for the dog?
  9. Best Options for Rehoming
  10. Flirt Pole
  11. Can a Universal "Chill out" Command be Taught?
  12. Introducing Cassie
  13. GSD puppy and Belgian Malinois
  14. Judged for being a GSD
  15. HELP!!! GSD (puppy) biting (hard) our little dogs!!!
  16. Shedding
  17. Itchy scratchy unhappy pup, HELP!!
  18. Would a German Shepherd be good in my situation?
  19. Homeowners Insurance/Renters Insurance
  20. Puppy To Adult.
  21. Seeking GSD owners advice.
  22. Dog Bite - accidental
  23. Martin Luther King Day
  24. Is my German Shephard pure bred ?
  25. Is my sable puppy purebred?
  26. Dog Crate Cleaning
  27. Suggestions for a puppy that eats toys instead of playing with them
  28. German Shepherds and Cat Breeds
  29. *sigh* possibly ingested plastic wrap
  30. Cuteness Overload: GSD & Baby Elephant
  31. Housebroken Reverted ?
  32. What patch would you choose for your dog?
  33. Emergency Management of Severe Bleeding in Dogs
  34. This GSD would save you!
  35. Checking in
  36. Really Bad Day... I Need Some Silly Laughs
  37. Where to walk now?
  38. Lady Dog Walker Carries Cattle Prod
  39. Small, medium and large
  40. Establishing Leadership
  41. When do long haired gsd's fur grown out
  42. Advice needed: First night with rescue, Lucy (text heavy)
  43. How many German Shepherds, and Breeding Questions?
  44. How long till my GSD is full sized?
  45. New GSD puppy
  46. It's finally happening
  47. Grew an inch taller from 12-18 mos??? WTH?
  48. Well this just sucks! :(
  49. Accurate enough.
  50. Took Joy to be groomed today.
  51. GSD runs circles when excited
  52. Can anyone help me out please im new to this
  53. Canadians/Northerners Need Help on Ice/Icesicicles
  54. Another Goodbye..
  55. Meet my potential foster dog!
  56. Is joining a breed club worth it?
  57. Air Purifier recommendation?
  58. How do I know my puppy's drive?
  59. Mr Nose (Newlie)
  60. Can't catch a break!!!
  61. Attention Southeastern VA
  62. 5 month GSD Male Pup Grinding teeth
  63. Hello From Orange County NY
  64. Purebred?
  65. Will my dog protect me ?
  66. Present to myself for New Years: Robot vacuum
  67. Ears question - not about puppies
  68. New Puppy Coming - Eval. Help
  69. What are the pitfalls of rescuing a 12 year old GSD ?
  70. Another day. Hepsi. Babsy. Dolly. Moof and Cujo.
  71. When is the right age to let them have free reign of the house??
  72. Calculating puppy age?
  73. Thoughts on when It's ok for dogs to run
  74. Winter human boot recommendations
  75. Best family dog
  76. Attacked Once Again
  77. A Great Vet Visit...
  78. Just a dog
  79. Older age growth spurts
  80. Why we (GSD owners) ARE jerks.
  81. A more indepedent dog than my last...
  82. Playing in the Snow/Cold
  83. Help reading pedigree
  84. German Shepherd with a Toy pom
  85. So Proud of Summer - Guarding
  86. Can I Make Turkey Jerky for Dogs with Cooked Turkey?
  87. Happy New Year
  88. 8 month old and backyard ice rink
  89. Medic turns 8 months old on January 1, 2016
  90. My boy Axel. Aka Axe
  91. Training Goals 2016
  92. Crate Phobic lol!!!
  93. ???
  94. Bearagan is HERE!!!!
  95. Here we go...again :)
  96. New puppy and older dog.
  97. My dog has no tickle spot
  98. What can I expect
  99. I'm nesting... 2 week count down.
  100. Favorite Treat Dispensing Toy?
  101. Quick holiday post
  102. Starting a Business
  103. Part lab.
  104. I love this "broom"
  105. Rough week for young GSD's - When they bite....
  106. Puppy & Backyard Breeder Help!!
  107. spacing of dogs
  108. Gsd food questions
  109. reviews? (dogwalkers/sitters/boarding?)
  110. Doggy Daycare!!!!
  111. same sex aggression!!
  112. Help containing my GSD
  113. Koehler method
  114. Snow Dogs! Got Pictures?
  115. Your Dog and Slides
  116. Artificial Grass
  117. If i die, will someone from here be willing to consider taking Zelda?
  118. White GSD
  119. What size privacy fence??
  120. Dog House
  121. Pet Insurance...Worth it?
  122. Bowwowflix users
  123. Too Much Night Barking
  124. Question about long hairs
  125. For all my working line owners
  126. Help! Ugrent! Chase has diarrhea Need help asap!
  127. Proud Moment
  128. Male Gsd owners question
  129. How big car crate do I need?
  130. German Shepherd Puppy Sings With Owner
  131. The new pup!
  132. Big News for Julius K9
  133. Newlie to play with kids
  134. Help with with a pedigree and bloodline please
  135. introducing to family cats
  136. Help me understand aging and temperament
  137. Rescuing Miss Lucy this New Year
  138. Gsd's big barkers?
  139. new toy drives me nuts.
  140. Furminaters what do you think of them do you use them on your gsd
  141. So, do dogs not like some breeds like humans don't like some races sometimes?
  142. Understanding hip results on pedigrees/offa
  143. German shepherd cross mastiff
  144. Recognition
  145. Flirt Pole
  146. Puppy Afraid of Stairs
  147. What sex
  148. Are male sport and working dogs generally faster/stronger than female dogs?
  149. How do you Keep any thing mud free?
  150. What's a good vacuum cleaner?
  151. City sight seeing with a dog
  152. New shelter volunteer - any advice
  153. Flirt pole at 2 1/2 yrs old?
  154. West german, DDR, Czech, american, Canadian, im so confused
  155. Bravo Recall
  156. True Peace
  157. Tug/Possession game Balabanov
  158. Looking for a toy two dogs can enjoy
  159. I've been diagnosed with O.D.D.
  160. can someone tell?
  161. Help me find a non-gsd dog forum please
  162. Over weight GSD
  163. Dog parks
  164. Going through Kohls yesterday and I saw
  165. What's Your Protection Gear Walking Your GSD?
  166. Veteran Looking For Companion Dog...
  167. Floppy ears
  168. How to choose playmates wisely
  169. Proper age for outside kennel?
  170. 12 week old puppy barking and growling at other dogs
  171. Dog behaviour after breakup
  172. Water mess
  173. Let's talk leash
  174. breeder contract excludes giardia?
  175. Moving crate out of the bedroom... Need help!
  176. i don't think my gsd acts like a gsd.
  177. Kong sizes
  178. Walks/Moves like he's on a Pogo Stick
  179. German Shepherds Bred for the Meat Trade
  180. Home Owners Insurance
  181. Technology that actually helps pets
  182. New designed IDC harness
  183. Lucky Dog - Shelby
  184. Law Dogs at Work
  185. What should I know before getting a GSD?
  186. My Wife's Squimishness
  187. Suggestions for "new" toys
  188. Is he trying to tell me to turn around?
  189. Breeder Question
  190. New GSD Pet Parents!
  191. Should I be happy or concerned?
  192. Gsd?
  193. Winter activities
  194. Has Anyone Ever Called the Police On Your GSD?
  195. Could anyone recommend a crate to suit my needs?
  196. First time gsd owner!!
  197. Looking for a specific Kennel
  198. Layka, The War Dog
  199. Reading pedigree help for potential puppy.
  200. PetFlow 25% off Coupon Today
  201. taking a dog to jog
  202. If your dogs go to work with you, what type of job do you have?
  203. If only I would have listened....
  204. Tips that may indicate you have too many dogs
  205. Nerves , drive, and your dog,
  206. Getting used to E Collar
  207. HAPPY THANKSGIVING (toasts?) Post here.
  208. Is this a full blooded German shepherd?
  209. 1.5 year old boy living outdoors - winter conditions
  210. New Julius K9 harness
  211. Meet Rango! (non GSD with a GSD sister)
  212. What to know before buying a shepherd
  213. What do you think my puppy is mixed with?
  214. Reading Pedigree
  215. Introducing puppy to a rabbit
  216. Subaru Crosstrek
  217. Possibly getting a shepherd. Needs some advice/suggestions on them with cats
  218. Max - Movie
  219. air travel for GSD
  220. Is my German Shepherd that small?
  221. Favorite toys for your pups/dogs?
  222. Is my puppy bi color?
  223. How big should my dogs be?
  224. GS chewed PLASTIC from can opener
  225. Tennis courts for off leash play?
  226. Obedience Questions
  227. Helping them up & down stairs
  228. Has A Scare Last Night!
  229. Who is your pet sitter?
  230. Mixed with??
  231. RIP French Police Dog
  232. Little Tracking Device for my new Buddy
  233. Pet Health Insurance
  234. More holistic options
  235. Tempermant & Disposition -
  236. information for new GSD puppy
  237. european working line breeders in oklahoma
  238. Toronto Christmas Pet Show
  239. Jameson out and about
  240. Is there a new way for neuturing?
  241. Driving long distances
  242. RANT: Why are you tailgating a clearly marked Search Dog car?
  243. raising a puppy by myself
  244. Pros and Cons of ownership
  245. Best way to transport 2 dogs - long post
  246. Bite work
  247. Words from a gsd expert!
  248. Thank you !!
  249. Anyone use Aluminet shade cloth to keep their car cool?
  250. what to do while at work?