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General Information

  1. My friend's password and username was stolen
  2. German Shepherd Art
  3. Cost of owning a dog
  4. Funky butt hair
  5. More fun with unleashed dogs
  6. Recognition !!!!
  7. ARGH!!! Mako attacked by a loose dog today. So mad.
  8. Hello, I'm new to this group! This is my Chase
  9. Dog law - Kid Hopping My Back Fence
  10. is this a pure breed German Shepard
  11. Purebred?
  12. Would you say anything?
  13. Need advice/info/stories about adding a 3rd dog
  14. Rescued a GSD yesterday - Please advise
  15. Moving Out State With Pets
  16. Flea/Tick Prevention
  17. Ear Infection?
  18. Crate Selection
  19. What a day...
  20. Sigh....A Leash must be a difficult tool....
  21. Thread on Facebook RE Banning Prongs
  22. Upton dogs situation
  23. Summer made the Banner!
  24. First week with puppy Max!
  25. Guess who's being spoiled again !!!?
  26. Bee stings - a worry?
  27. What to do with stubbornness
  28. Cat Woes
  29. 15 Week Old Male Biting Issue
  30. Mole coat GSD pictures please!
  31. What a great welcome home!
  32. I found the Finnegan's Wake GSD website
  33. Let's talk dog beds
  34. Preventing mating
  35. What do weak nerves look like?
  36. 6 Year Old Male Suddenly Marking in House
  37. Owner "Golden Years" with a young dog....
  38. Understanding Phases?
  39. Lucca: 400+ missions without a single loss
  40. Is anyone else tired of this weather?
  41. The "Bad GSD Pledge"
  42. Coming Soon: AKC Farm Dog Certificate (similar to CGC)
  43. HELP! 1st Time DAD
  44. This might be a silly question...
  45. Shes pooping on my bed!
  46. I love my pups but...
  47. I've been guilty of a few of these
  48. Question on Pomeranian...
  49. Exercise & Injury
  50. What color is my dog?
  51. New list on dangerous dogs...I have to agree with this one.
  52. About Being Hard on Newbies.......
  53. I need advice about 3 month old GSD training in South Florida
  54. My GSD and a Pitbull...
  55. My German Shepherd dog mix ears just went up at 3 months and 6days
  56. How do YOU exercise WITH your dog or puppy???
  57. Have a 3 month old german shepherd male puppy & planning to get a female within 6 wks
  58. Thou shall not list for GSD's NEW OWNERS
  59. Doesn't play well with others
  60. Patty Duke RIP
  61. New Rescued Shepherd
  62. Heimlich Maneuver
  63. breeder feeding raw diet
  64. Giardia Help!!!
  65. Help - We're Prisoners of my Fear of Attack
  66. Chew toys
  67. What can cause these symptoms?
  68. First Heat Begins
  69. Taking Bear to Knowlton Quebec
  70. Does this dog look like a mixed-GSD?
  71. chased by a fox!
  72. Show line Germans
  73. Irresponsible Owner Rant
  74. Recommendation on Ohio Breeders/how soon is too soon?
  75. Feeling cheated and mislead
  76. Pet Expo
  77. Made a dog platform for the truck...
  78. How common is a bi-color coat?
  79. How do you feel about boarding your puppy for training purposes?/ really nice trainer
  80. We're going to NOLA!
  81. Is my female GSD Puppy Mixed?
  82. People keep thinking my female is mixed?
  83. Fence help
  84. Wireless fence
  85. GSD/Chow Mix Question
  86. Help with Irish Wolfhound Foster
  87. 6 month old rehome male
  88. Question on Over Size GSD's - long term health experiences
  89. Change in Joey's scent
  90. What do you do while your at worK?
  91. I dont know what to do?
  92. What is my dog? Lol
  93. Capstar and Comforts?
  94. introducing an new GSD to current gsd help
  95. Cooking Chicken - Lead in Crock Pots???
  96. Best Chew Toy for GSD
  97. How to deal with 4 dogs?
  98. Great News !!
  99. German shepherd possessive of ball
  100. Newlie In A Crate
  101. 2 year old marking in the house?
  102. Crate for pickup truck
  103. scared 9 month old puppy
  104. How was you female acting during and after her second heat?
  105. Will This Work To Stop a Dog Fight?
  106. Want to see my pet wolf ;) !? (Pics)
  107. How much exercise is too much?
  108. What are some good strong male names ?
  109. Dog coexisting with cats, in progress...
  110. Is my dogs nose infected?
  111. Issue with eating routine, needing help.
  112. stairs
  113. Adding #2
  114. I'm back and so is Chase
  115. Whats going on with my puppies coat?
  116. Spam - Why is it still getting through?
  117. Average Weight for female GSD
  118. Thought You Might Enjoy This!
  119. Pizza Guy being weird. Taunting Bella ??
  120. What are these "cracks" in my dog's eyes?
  121. Neighbors & Their Dog Walking Habits Arrgh!
  122. Question, because I just don't understand...
  123. re: owners with health problems
  124. Hi! introducing my 9week newly adopted girl Kotah
  125. Petitions to protect MWD and their handlers
  126. k9noz
  127. high drive lost after neuter
  128. Exciting News!
  129. Cancer Wiped Out In A Decade?
  130. Neighbor complaining of my shepherd barking
  131. Gotcha Day Memories - Share Yours
  132. Has anyone taken a dog to the vet based on reactions from other dogs in the home?
  133. Flying with my GSD
  134. Now I get the long coat thing
  135. Summer helps in Emergency - Yea!
  136. Don't mean to start trouble but I have a serious question ?
  137. Dog height
  138. Looking for playmates
  139. Just 4 more weeks for my puppy arrival
  140. drag leash
  141. Transition help... Soon!!!! Please!
  142. Appropriate play with older dog. Video
  143. Finding balance
  144. Luna 7 month, couple of pictures.
  145. Happy 3 months Cassie
  146. Collar parts
  147. Let's chat about the Illuminatin Company
  148. IPO3, FH1 Titled Show Shepherd - What's a good price?
  149. GSD 's turning on owners
  150. Cleaning up the yard
  151. color question-sorry so stupid!
  152. My dog never listens any recommendations
  153. Protecting car door
  154. Question about Nylabones
  155. Schutzland Working Lines?
  156. What a beautiful day, I spent it with Quinnie
  157. Thoughts on this crate?
  158. GSD Fosters Special Needs Dog
  159. Shory Clip On Ndew FBI Initiative
  160. Is this a dutchie?
  161. Can you recommend a rolled leather collar?
  162. Eating problems
  163. Army Contractor Betrays Troops - Dumps MWD
  164. still miss my girl!
  165. Satisfied? American Show Line
  166. 3/8" biothane leash
  167. Introducing a GSD puppy to our family?
  168. Blue Bay shepherd?
  169. GSD puppy's ears
  170. Interesting change in behavior..
  171. Intact male and female dilemma
  172. vacuum
  173. Need some prayers
  174. Meet Turbo!
  175. Irritating Craigslist ad-
  176. Helpful tips/advice requested for just spayed pup.
  177. My rescue's breed?
  178. Weekly Bathing Ideas?
  179. raising a GSD with an older golden
  180. Containment transition issue!!!
  181. Walking with a baby (human): bijorn + dogs
  182. Rescued a beautiful shepherd
  183. a fox with mange was in my yard are my dogs safe
  184. Can this observation be correct?
  185. Another crazy morning....
  186. question on: Hemangiosarcoma , have your GSD experience it? is it very common?
  187. Advice: Ground cover for active dogs
  188. Crating Our Personal Protection Dog?
  189. Pet GSD's Caught in a "Show Stance"
  190. Ideas for dog yard ground cover?
  191. German Shepherd and Work
  192. Testing Max with cats
  193. What's with the socks?
  194. Peeing and pooping in the house
  195. German Shepherd Mixes
  196. Home owner's insurance
  197. I finally understand why so many GSDs end up in shelters around 1 year old
  198. Koda and the water pale
  199. Husband gone- dog keeps running away!
  200. GSDs and bite statistics question
  201. Asthma and allergies: pet induced?
  202. Question about German Shepherd Ears
  203. Help! Need solution for digging/mud.
  204. Crate size, am I being over sensitive
  205. I am happy to say, my family will get another GSD from Bullingers Kennel
  206. A bunch of Questions about GS and dogs in general
  207. suing breeders for selling underage sick puppy
  208. Dog Songs
  209. Owning 2 GSDs
  210. Must watch!!
  211. Hi: do you remember us?
  212. Any suggestions?
  213. Chuckit balls
  214. A Very Happy K9 Retirement Story!
  215. Rough morning & it's newlie's fault!
  216. Dog Box/Topper Distributor Canada
  217. Thoughts on purebred?
  218. Blue Belgian Mal?
  219. I need help
  220. Dogs vs Cats Love/affection
  221. What is K9 and why is it K9?
  222. Can't tell!!
  223. Checking in!
  224. Mirrors - Do they Recognize Themselves?
  225. Going on long is too long?
  226. travel with dogs-Ideas?
  227. Searching for appropriate bed for my GS
  228. White GSD Appearance Questions
  229. My dog attacked someone! Advice please?
  230. REX SPECSK9 anybody???!!!
  231. I am so excited!
  232. Quasimodo
  233. Part gsd?
  234. Shedding Time:) Anyone Else? Arrgh....
  235. Allowing Dogs in Stores is WRONG!
  236. Tried to Influence Genetics and Lost OS Female
  237. Paws Gourmet treats
  238. Questions, some sad.. yet important.
  239. what breed is my dog? does he look like a gsd collie mix?
  240. Could someone give suggestions of what gsd mix my boy is??
  241. Just Heartbreaking..
  242. Importing - DTW Airport
  243. Thoughts on treadmill/carpet mills?
  244. Is this a lack of Training, Socialization or just natural territorial aggression?
  245. Deja, my trainer assitant
  246. Vegetarian Diet?!?!
  247. Taking him to my parents...
  248. Need your help please
  249. Long haired or plush coat ?
  250. Does anyone here Travel with an RV and their Dogs?