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General Information

  1. Playing tug of war /alpha rolling with the GSD
  2. Potential for further color change??
  3. Outdoor Kennel - Design Ideas
  4. GSD breeders in southern California?
  5. 2 weeks at kennel
  6. Would you clone your dog?
  7. Zelda Health Update: Depression, Recheck on Hip X-rays for her HD, etc.
  8. A Little Lost...Can Someone Please Help?
  9. beach tie down
  10. 1. Time boarding hotel
  11. Adding male or female to home with adult non GSD
  12. Karelian Bear Dogs
  13. Pondering 2nd GSD
  14. Brushing Before Bed, But Still Hair All Over The Floor In The Morning
  15. German Shepherd-Poor Appetite
  16. Dog flies to ceiling, nearly strangled by elevator
  17. Is my dog a purebred??
  18. I need a Magician.....
  19. My Dog is Depressed.. Lymes disease?
  20. Dog allergy test
  21. New puppy with questions on the parents
  22. Getting Ready to Bring Her Home
  23. When to keep them apart
  24. Family dog dies shielding baby from flames in Baltimore house fire
  25. Random encounter left me thinking
  26. Bringing dog to the U.S?
  27. 9 months old 85 lbs Won't Jump
  28. Any Idea what this GSD mix could be??
  29. Dog Camp (I am interested in starting my own small business, and want some opinions)
  30. Controlling burst of exuberance
  31. Smart When She Wants To Be...?!
  32. Help name this little guy (llombardo moment lol)
  33. My Little Girl is Acting Strange
  34. Hitting the 5 year mark/last stage of maturity
  35. Half bred pup - competing without neutering?
  36. HELP! Need Advice for New Puppy and Older Dog
  37. LED collars
  38. New Member
  39. Dog allergies-a man made problem?
  40. Lightening/Thunder How to Deal?
  41. What age for biking
  42. General question
  43. I'm Back
  44. Know of Lind-Mark Kenvel in Va?
  45. How to give someone advice they may or may not think is needed?
  46. For those that got a second GSD
  47. Moving to new house -pee/poop question!
  48. Just Wondering...
  49. Puddle Jumper
  50. What to do when you want another dog?
  51. Dogs and people all need exercise
  52. Exercise after eating and the heat
  53. One HUGE dog
  54. Dog TV
  55. Mako: My guardian
  56. I am feeling like the worst pet owner ever right about now...
  57. Purina One--Mold, Maggots, and other bugs...
  58. Osprey - GSD Long Line
  59. ? For those with Healthy Paws insurance.
  60. Karlo's sketch
  61. Cute GSD puppy playing with older GSD
  62. Dog Trails
  63. is my Dawg NutZ?
  64. Picking Registered Name
  65. German shepherd mural
  66. Belgian Shepherd Tervuren
  67. Tail wagging question
  68. Weirdest, strangest thing I have ever seen!
  69. Shock Perimeter Collars on Small Dogs?
  70. Does your dog imitate you?
  71. Dog Sense of Humour
  72. New rescue Aaliyah 5 mo. 25 pounds
  73. What do you do to address the messy water situation?
  74. Pool Hopping!!!!!!
  75. Dog Beds - Round or Oval May Not Be Best
  76. Feeling burnt out...
  77. Newbie
  78. Introducing to horses
  79. Need New Ideas for Rigorous Backyard Exercise
  80. What could this GSD be mixed with?
  81. Coat color change
  82. Ethics of selling an AKC reg dog without papers
  83. Leave my peaches alone.
  84. Advice on Dog Kennel
  85. Vasectomy question
  86. Any West German Showline Breeders near Tampa, FL?
  87. The Squirrel chase is over.
  88. Housing and GSDs
  89. Puppy Kisses
  90. Can't get rid of FLEAS!
  91. sudden fear, gonna be a long night
  92. Bite And Hold? (LOL)
  93. Next Door Neighbors = Idiots
  94. Keep Dancing, Orlando!
  95. Follow me on Instagram!!!
  96. Hornets! Nest removal this morning - how long will they be really mad?
  97. Cesar Milan or widespread technique
  98. Rabbit Situation
  99. Any Beagle Owners Out There?
  100. Coloring on a B & T
  101. Thoughts on this sign on our side gate
  102. Question about types of german shepherds
  103. Rad Cat Food Recall
  104. Fear in adolescent dog? Training setback?
  105. New level of scum or what!!!!!
  106. New York law
  107. Dutch shepherd
  108. Show line vs Working line health
  109. High 4 (paws) up to the gsd!
  110. What are you doing with your dog today?
  111. The Terrible Teenage Years
  112. Long car rides
  113. Does my dog look full blooded?
  114. X Ray for hips question...
  115. Parking problem resolved, maybe Guard training resumed...
  116. Help! He's Figured Out How to Escape His Crate :O
  117. Help!! 4 Month Old teething!! Retained Baby Teeth!!
  118. Trained first then get spaded?
  119. Healthy weight
  120. The Rin Tin Tin Bloodline?
  121. Does my Shepherd look full bred ?
  122. Dog guard/tailgate guard/window mesh
  123. Coyote Running Past My House & On Busy Street
  124. Nickname for GSDs
  125. Need some help please?
  126. Testing for breeding dogs..
  127. Rant - Long story
  128. Best time to get my male neutered?
  129. Afraid of kibble and pate
  130. The mouth of Babes
  131. Pulling a tick when only the hands are available
  132. Need your help!
  133. Light duty
  134. How do you punish your dog?
  135. Petco Sale: 40% off nature's miracle and advantix
  136. Any thoughts on Members Mark Exceed Dog food?? Grain free
  137. doesn't want to go for walks anymore
  138. Can anyone help determine my dogs age???
  139. Advice Re: Growling at Husband
  140. Is there a definitive answer as to why White GSD are disallowed in AKC?
  141. Can dogs take something they don't like and hide it?
  142. Importance of Recall: Real Story
  143. Curious question
  144. Jeep wrangler mods to keep dog cool
  145. cooked pork bones?
  146. amusing video
  147. Solving by copying
  148. Touchy Situation- Neighbors/vs training
  149. Newlie, My Hero!
  150. Some one needs to put his "lip stick" away
  151. How do I keep my dog of my every move?
  152. Another Ridulous Newlie Story
  153. Adopted a GSD, couldn't stand being without Harley.....
  154. Eating and walking
  155. Female Chronological Age vs Heats & Maturity
  156. How Much Time in Crate and Out?
  157. Which dog is #1 USA - World / Working-Show
  158. I think he likes her.
  159. Need help/ Advice on greetings
  160. Question about kids and dogs
  161. Training my Pet GSD to Bark & Alert on Command
  162. Shutterfly - Photos - Great Experience
  163. Help with Chewing
  164. German shepherd vs Bowl
  165. Spot on or Collar: What’s the Right Flea & Tick Treatment for Your Pet? (Sponsored)
  166. Well it's happening...
  167. Long coat or standard coat?
  168. New with many questions- adding a second dog, training, etc
  169. Dog Friendly Areas Near Elkhart Indiana
  170. What do you think your dog would do if a "bad person" came on your property?
  171. HELP! I think my puppy had a seizure
  172. Help Please
  173. Slovensky Cuvac
  174. Food Dehydrator Recommendations?
  175. Finding Houston apartments for rent can become a complex task
  176. "GSD vs Rottie fight- Rottie destroys GSD" UGH This guy's youtube drives me up a wall
  177. Neighbor's dog attacked my dog on my property.
  178. Thoughts on GSD ownership w/ my lifestyle?
  179. GSD Survives 5 Weeks On Hwy Median
  180. I was a victim of availability . Meet Athena
  181. Recent aggression problems
  182. Strange behavior... Please help
  183. New dog and established dog fighting
  184. Ultimate Respect
  185. Leaving pup for the weekend
  186. Dog in the bed?
  187. Some obedience training videos of my Doberman
  188. shipping a puppy
  189. One person dogs?
  190. A behaviour question.
  191. GSD Named Haus Saves Girl From Rattlesnake
  192. Bella Skin problems.. Need opinions
  193. Question
  194. Flirt Poles?
  195. Thoughts on boarding
  196. Spike got into a dog fight
  197. Service Dogs versus Companion Dogs in Stores
  198. 16 month old interaction with 13 week old
  199. Nick Name help...
  200. 1st group puppy class.
  201. Dangerous Dog Breed Signs
  202. Dealing with Aggressive Dog Owners?
  203. Traveling To Canada & back from US
  204. Water bowl ideas
  205. It's late, and I'm in the dark about something
  206. Ok, it's 70 degrees out there folks, time to...
  207. local to GTA IPO trial May 7 & 8
  208. Dog Sports Titer vs. Vaccines
  209. Great quality rawhide
  210. Picking up puppy tonight. Saying hello.
  211. And it begins...
  212. Help with Puppy Liking Her Crate More
  213. Blanket back?
  214. Colloidal Silver
  215. Progress for Summer
  216. Anyone have experience w/Belgian Tervurens?
  217. Summer - Thanks for the PM's!
  218. Coyotes vs dogs?
  219. The Most Comfortable Temperature
  220. 'Rescued' family GSD, dog door advise?
  221. Medic Celebrates 1st Birthday
  222. How big should my Shepherd be?
  223. Acting Silly During a Thunder Storm
  224. How to Tell Someone Not To Touch My Dog
  225. Got this orange card in my mailbox
  226. Kotah finally done with vaccines, and here she is 4 months now a petite 20.2 lbs
  227. Too skinny?
  228. New Behavior with our GSD
  229. Small dog coming under fence into yard?
  230. Does this puppy look like a "pure bred" GSD?
  231. R.I.P. Favorite Ball
  232. Urgent I have a serious issue
  233. GSD Helps Save Children From Fire
  234. Long coat question.
  235. Radni PSI - Deposit for a male pup from Django/Boxa
  236. Modern Tips & Tricks - Saving Money & Raising Great Dogs
  237. Rich/Poor GSD owners - Show/Activity vs Pet
  238. 6 year old male
  239. Can dogs predict the weather?
  240. Ways dogs are, well, bad for you....
  241. german shepherd?
  242. Help me
  243. Help
  244. Do You Correct People in Public?
  245. My friend's password and username was stolen
  246. German Shepherd Art
  247. Cost of owning a dog
  248. Funky butt hair
  249. More fun with unleashed dogs
  250. Recognition !!!!