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General Information

  1. Anyone Familiar With This Trainer?
  2. Off-leash dogs
  3. Longhair vs. Traditional
  4. Strong Chew Toys ?
  5. Winter thaw poop patrol
  6. What Color do you think my sable will be?
  7. Do different lines live longer?
  8. Shelter Dog Finds Woman Who Fed Him
  9. German Shepherd Bingo
  10. Showlines and "couch potatoes"?
  11. How do I get them to play?
  12. Anyone have experience with this type of coat?
  13. What does "type" mean?
  14. No BYB-ing for me
  15. Lightweight raincoat
  16. Picking up dog help!!!
  17. What are the do's and don'ts of having a male and female?
  18. Why do other dogs lick my dog so much?
  19. Cool video of Athena's great great grandsire.
  20. A happy thread
  21. Are WL GSDs more fit then SL GSDs?
  22. Coat Color Changing?
  23. Does anyone have some suggestions for a Weighted Backpack?
  24. Soo Happy!
  25. Moving to Los Angeles ~
  26. Is a GSD Right for my Living Situation?
  27. Help with coat question!
  28. Appleridge GA
  29. Newlie's Valentine To Me
  30. Is my pups spine normal
  31. I love my GSD mix!
  32. Keeping truck cool?
  33. Westminster Dog Show
  34. Your favorite GSD color
  35. People in your leash business...
  36. Bringing in an older dog...
  37. Deja's adaptibility
  38. Dogs and Dating
  39. Before and After pics of "flying nun" floppy ears!
  40. Watched a live puppy bowl...kinda
  41. Am new and need some advice
  42. Roomba 980 or 960?
  43. Favorite coat and has it changed over the years.
  44. Stuff No Shepherd/Dog Owner Says
  45. Considering a second dog.
  46. Be honest!
  47. How do you avoid elbow calluses
  48. I need Some Help Please/Housing
  49. Which line is most geared toward hunting?
  50. My new girl will be home on the 1st of March
  51. A thought!
  52. The Worst "Extreme" Type of Dog Owner
  53. Seeing Eye Dogs Anniversary
  54. Effects on little angulation?
  55. Working Line Shepherd Coloring
  56. Dealing with children
  57. Better watch out German Shepherd owners.
  58. Long-term traveling with dog - what to bring?
  59. My babies!
  60. Deja dicovered the laziest form of exercise....
  61. What color is she, is she a GSD?
  62. Vacation,What do you do with them???
  63. Leash Reactivity and Aggression
  64. Lump on puppies stomach
  65. GSD/ Greyhound crosses
  66. Just because parents and grandparents xrayed clear does not guarantee that pup will.
  67. A Dog's Purpose?
  68. How do you know you are ready for a second dog?
  69. Smack the dog?
  70. Video shows terrified German shepherd forced to film
  71. Abuse on movie set
  72. Petplan changes
  73. Big WOOFers in with my SubWoofers
  74. Most intimidating color
  75. First Heat :help:
  76. Friend Witnessesd Dog Attack
  77. Moving to Palo Alto California
  78. Do you think my dog copper is part GSD?
  79. Ok people, please show me your ASL/GSL crosses
  80. Cats/loose dogs
  81. Kayleigh's Love Story
  82. German Events Clothing
  83. Finally, no more sliding on hardwood floors
  84. Finally, no more sliding on hardwood floors
  85. Does anyone here have a German copy of the book by Von Stephanitz?
  86. Hair errrrywhere - A spinoff
  87. Moving to Chicago! Advice for Pups!
  88. Good natured insults for our dogs
  89. Dogs in crate too long?? HELP
  90. How I feel about judgment
  91. Raff's Snow Day
  92. Vet Increased Newlie's Food!!!
  93. A puzzler... Need ideas/help
  94. Looking for breeders in Florida.
  95. Rehoming
  96. Poor Boy, I would Love To Take Him!
  97. Weather help
  98. Training dvd
  99. Outdoor Kennel Area
  100. Question about size and adjusting feeding habits
  101. First project of the year completed
  102. Meet Raff z Weberhaus
  103. Reflection in mirror
  104. Nash, The Puppy-Any Interest?
  105. Best DIY Invisible Fence Brands?
  106. Good GSD Rescues In My Area
  107. Living with my rescue
  108. Raff z Vom Weberhaus
  109. Elevation effects on dogs
  110. This is Grace
  111. Are any of you allergic to your dogs?
  112. Merry Christmas
  113. I hope no one found this photo first
  114. Odd thought and odd question to those with dogs that have allergies
  115. Original GSD Or today's GSD.
  116. Police puppy take down
  117. Cold feet about puppy? Needing advice?
  118. Gsd male 13 month old got into a fight
  119. Jail break. GSD ACCOMPLICE
  120. How do I prepare my puppy?
  121. Removing Skunk Odor
  122. How Perceptions Change
  123. Considering Looking at a GSD at the Shelter
  124. Getting another GSD?
  125. Future GSD owner. Need advice.
  126. DDR Working Line??
  127. What type of boarding?
  128. Eating habits question
  129. Dogs Aren't People
  130. My dog is acting suspicious lately
  131. Hiking with your dog
  132. Socialization
  133. GSD vs Australian Cattle Dog
  134. Rant on the current state of the dog community
  135. Happy Holidays
  136. VERY bad afternoon..DO NOT EVER LET YOUR GUARD DOWN
  137. Protecting your dog
  138. Is your dog in your will?
  139. Is my panzer a cross?
  140. InTice Ant Bait
  141. Eats through wire crates. Help!
  142. Puppy problems
  143. rehomed my Collie (Cam)
  144. Forest Fire in Tennessee
  145. A fun German command for Eat!
  146. Anyone have a GSD with a white paw?
  147. Moving 15 month GSD out of Bedroom
  148. Non titled dog
  149. **Dog Park help//afraid for my Intact Male GSD**
  150. Guy Breeding Female Too Often for $$$
  151. Precautions for keeping an intact male
  152. Is this a roach back?Is it a normal build for a gsd?
  153. Fleas!!
  154. Is "Chew Proof" Bedding Possible?
  155. Black Friday sales!
  156. Info about the GSD
  157. Would a GSD be a good companion for a lab/golden cross?
  158. Can anyone recommend a good dog food brand?
  159. Is a GSD right for me?
  160. Want GS but have anxiety
  161. GSD art!
  162. Dog hearing protection
  163. What is this pup mixed with???
  164. Signs of a Poorly Bred Dog
  165. Lighting Ideas For The Yard
  166. DIY "bully sticks"?
  167. Does dogs cause blindness!!
  168. Shelf life of fleas meds
  169. Lucca-1ST Dog to Receive Top Honor
  170. How to know if dog can handle a second pet?
  171. Best dog fur bleaching product?
  172. Feeding Routines
  173. German Shepherd Playing on Bales of Hay
  174. The end of puppyhood and adolescence
  175. Batdog Practicing a New Trick
  176. Help me to Handle my GF Giant cute GSD
  177. Vacationing with my GSD
  178. Life with two.........
  179. Another cat/GSD question
  180. Trunk prop rod/hold open
  181. Burglars' Advice on Protecting Home
  182. Stubborn Dog
  183. Not Sure What to Think
  184. GSD vs Collie
  185. Is my puppy a GSD?
  186. Power struggle. Or too soon.
  187. Halloween fun!!
  188. A good feeling. (long)
  189. Robyn Update
  190. What makes you say "that's a well trained/well mannered dog"?
  191. Heavy barkers vs. Silent Friendly Dogs
  192. Velcro Vent
  193. Are rich people dog breeds a thing?
  194. Annoying type of dog owners
  195. Phoenix has been skunked
  196. The ultimate vacuum for pet hair
  197. Traveling to NY with my GSD
  198. when my dog is aggressive he tries to bite me if I try to correct him
  199. How to build / increase stamina...?
  200. Hip and elbow dysplasia
  201. Post neuter help--t shirt
  202. Purebred fawn german shepherd??
  203. Introducing A newborn to Shelby
  204. rescue mix?
  205. Long walks ('preparation' for hiking)
  206. How do I make my dog more protective?
  207. What is wrong with people?
  208. Alpha Dogs (who else has one)
  209. GSD for someone that has a slight fear of dogs?
  210. GSD for someone that has a slight fear of dogs?
  211. Stock Coat VS Long Stock Coat VS Long Coat
  212. Do you keep your dog Indoors or Outdoors?
  213. Looking for a Fun Birthday Gift for my Pup
  214. Good idea to keep strays and off leash dogs at bay
  215. No Litter mates...Is this a GSD thing???
  216. Judges
  217. pink nose
  218. Had puppy for 1 Month - feeling hopeless?
  219. Just curious!
  220. a tribute that won Artprize!
  221. Lazy dog (non-GSD)
  222. Hardest AKC CGC/CKC CGN task to train?
  223. Just wanted to share some beautiful pictures...(non dog)
  224. Apollo's new fave toy may come up missing!
  225. Separation Anxiety
  226. Walking A GS 2 Hours After Meals
  227. Silly question about vets, xrays, and raw diets...
  228. Puppy vs. Adult: Pros and Cons?
  229. Launching
  230. What's Her Mix
  231. 3 Shepherd Households
  232. Puppy Size
  233. Two Males... Doberman and GSD
  234. A hidden cost of owning a gsd
  235. Crate Question
  236. Pushy Petco Employee
  237. Suggestions for Frisbee Alternative?
  238. how to avoid strays??
  239. Cow hocked question
  240. What is this weird game my dog is playing instead of playing fetch?
  241. How to tell if puppy is Bi-Color after birth?
  242. This Mornings Walk!
  243. Lake Superior Provincial Park, Ontario?
  244. The dogs that saved my life
  245. What is a German Police dog?
  246. Shopping cart holders/great for straight backup practise
  247. She's finally home!
  248. Short Clips of Newlie Swimming Today
  249. Arggh.. SOme people.... jump to conclusions!
  250. Biking with a puppy