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General Information

  1. Changing CKC Registered Name?
  2. Teaching Newlie To Play Basketball!
  3. When You Are Injured?
  4. Prayers for all the people and dogs affected by Hurricane Harvey
  5. Yard Designs
  6. What other breed(s) do you see in my Bentley?
  7. Coat type?
  8. What's in your Kennel?
  9. My Handsome Boy & His New Ball
  10. Newlie the Nose!
  11. Hurricane Harvey
  12. Long Coated Sable Pics?
  13. Hurricane Harvey: Pet Rescue
  14. Hurricane Harvey and a hyper dog who hates wet grass and rain
  15. Mountain Rose Herb sale ends today!
  16. GSD type
  17. Sheepdogs Stay With Flock Through Wildfire
  18. Puppies On Their First Day of Work
  19. Hypothetical: GSDs go extinct, what is your next breed?
  20. Help deciphering a pedigree
  21. Choosing a puppy
  22. Full breed ?
  23. DDR? West german? Both?
  24. Is a German Shepherd Right For Me?
  25. Neighbors, Dogs, Arrrrggggg!!
  26. Please: need advise
  27. Wrestling Match! Newlie 1, Mom 0
  28. Fleas-
  29. Why do the same age pups look so different???
  30. Is it true that dogs bond better with opposite sex owner?
  31. Will our German Shephed Protect us
  32. Rehoming (update)
  33. Carolina Dog
  34. What color will he Become?
  35. Training Downs-Please Don't Call 911!!!
  36. Male gsd pup 7 months red eyes
  37. Training "Down" When Newlie Is In Motion
  38. Just give sarge the stick.
  39. Still in favor of dog parks?
  40. At my wit's end, thinking of putting my aggressive GSD down + experience with Prozac?
  41. Name help needed!!
  42. Age to start obstacle training?
  43. Newlie Strikes Again!
  44. adult gsd in outhouse? is it okay?
  45. Biting
  46. Temperament testing
  47. Dog got skunked...
  48. pal for my girl
  49. Crazy subway lady.
  50. My GSD's reaction when someone kicked her
  51. Soon to reserve my first Shepherd
  52. Vrijheid Kennel - Thoughts?
  53. E-collars - school me on their use
  54. Looking for some info on a Washington St breeder & info on training 2 dogs at once
  55. K9 Cain Stabbed To Death
  56. When can you teach a puppy to bark on command
  57. GSD Returned To Owners Attacks Again
  58. Late Howler
  59. Mix Breed?
  60. Question for Experienced Owners
  61. Sleeping in Bed?
  62. Advice on Building Agility Equipment for Newlie
  63. Dog as Uni Student??
  64. Any Aussies??
  65. Is This Breed Right For Me?
  66. Calming signals - meaning?
  67. Remembering K9 Garik
  68. Question
  69. Rally-obedience title??
  70. Male names that start with D
  71. How long should I wait?
  72. I think my Carli is ADHD
  73. Does she look purebred or mixed?
  74. Swimming and diarrhea
  75. This is my "surviss dogg" .
  76. Help! I want to know if my dog is belgian malinois or german shepherd.
  77. It is so confusing sometimes
  78. GSDs have wolf in them???
  79. Separation Anxiety
  80. Cleaning dog pee and not letting them see.
  81. What is house training
  82. Snakes
  83. Are Female GSDs Really That Anti-Social?
  84. What is coat burn
  85. Need new chew toy ideas for 3 year old GSD
  86. What is your GSD schedule?
  87. Pedigree
  88. Puppy sitters?
  89. Anyone here own a Jeep Grand Cherokee?
  90. Need opinions on adding 2nd dog please :)
  91. Averted a potential attack. Tip.
  92. unique german shepherd colors.
  93. Kayaking with a GSD?
  94. German Shepherds and Rottweilers?
  95. Funny Little Newlie Tricks!
  96. Fentanyl and K9s
  97. Lead found dog foods...,
  98. Is a german shepherd suitable?
  99. Coolaroo
  100. Vacation
  101. Fear of Fireworks
  102. Random Questions
  103. Is it just me or is shedding crazy this year?
  104. Differences between German Shepherds, Dobermans and Rottweilers
  105. 1 year old German shepherd
  106. Wondering what my puppy will look like as an adult?
  107. Air purifier w/ newborn
  108. Take your pick
  109. Adding a new dog to the pack
  110. Who hikes with their pup?
  111. Riding in my car with my GSD!
  112. Okay let's get this figured out.
  113. Got the aluminet today and a placement idea for windshield sun reflector
  114. A Marine & Her Dog
  115. Have you ever seen this?
  116. Paw pads rubbed off
  117. CBD oil for Anxiety?
  118. Archer won't poop for my wife
  119. UK Pet Insurance?
  120. GSD Friendly Apartments in Phoenix, AZ
  121. question on pup going nuts chasing older dog
  122. "Alabama Rot" Heard of this?
  123. Vacuum cleaner alert
  124. How long Should Heat Cycle Last?
  125. Question
  126. New Grand baby and dogs
  127. Thinking of joining the anti dog park bandwagon
  128. Summertime happiness
  129. Hero, The Dog
  130. Swimming in Salt Water Pool
  131. What mix is my puppy???
  132. Anxiety and my dog?
  133. German Shepherd vs. Belgian Malinois
  134. Bane keeps licking his front left paw. Vet trip?
  135. The concept of "yours" and "mine": territory
  136. GSD vs. Border Collie Puppy
  137. Dog Door Insert for Sliding Patio Door - Help!?
  138. Anyone seen the trailer for Megan Leavy movie?
  139. Funny observation I've noticed
  140. Your best travel tips?
  141. Comments on this breeding...
  142. First time male and female
  143. Who's having a good day? Anyone doing any training or activities today?
  144. Looking for puppy siblings
  145. Why are people so close minded?
  146. Mosquitoes
  147. It's beautiful to watch dogs run
  148. Dog Exercise Area (Dog Park)
  149. Proud to be with my GSD
  150. Liability and dog parks
  151. Pup announcing presence
  152. What is the Dutch Shepherd like?
  153. Kind of curious...
  154. Frustrated with a Friend
  155. Help with pet friendly hotels in Toronto for woofstock
  156. Genders
  157. The immortal Rin Tin Tin
  158. Neighbors yelling at my dogs - What do you do?
  159. Georgia Homeowners insurance?
  160. Kim Jong Un's attack GSDs
  161. Companion breeds for GSDs?
  162. Fight drive/play drive
  163. Fur Savers?
  164. Lunch ride with the kids.
  165. Small Dog With GSD
  166. Any Florida GSD owners????
  167. Skin tag, mole or possible tumorous growth?
  168. What mental state do you need your dog in before walking?
  169. Owning a GSD: what did you give up but gained?
  170. Fence barking. Problem or normal behavior?
  171. A thought I have, no dog is perfect.
  172. Nexgard reactions
  173. DIY dog tugs?
  174. Do Your Dogs Eat Weird Food?
  175. TheRocketDog
  176. Do Dog Silencers work, my ignorant neighbor's dogs are driving the neighborhood nuts?
  177. Happy Spring
  178. Voluntary Nationwide Recall of Phenobarbital 15 mg Tablets, USP
  179. Growing like weeds !
  180. Where is your GSD if you travel?
  181. Boarding review
  182. Overcoming Impatience?
  183. Acting strange after loss
  184. Best vet in Austin, TX
  185. GSD scared of police
  186. Your Favorite Dog Instagram.
  187. 1st Time Camping - What were your experiences?
  188. Breeders in CT
  189. 6 month old male doesn't like to walk
  190. Driving through a place with breed ban laws?
  191. Looking for housing in Placer or El Dorado county
  192. They should string this guy up
  193. What bloodline is my German Shepherd?
  194. Similarities and Differences between you and your dog(s)
  195. How does everyone view their relationship with their dogs?
  196. Crotch sniffer!s
  197. Musings- watching my dogs nose activity
  198. That darn scale
  199. Toy Drive
  200. Switching to a smaller car?
  201. Emergency Vet Trip this Morning
  202. Preventing separation anxiety?
  203. Found abandoned dog (non GSD)
  204. Coated GSD Owners - paw fur/traction
  205. Animal Control
  206. Acclimating dog to kitten & vice versa
  207. Anyone tried this crate?
  208. Where does your dog sleep at night?
  209. Six Medical Conditions Dogs Can Sense
  210. Pet Insurance
  211. Help with stitches
  212. What do you do when you are REALLY sick ?
  213. Why do dogs lick us?
  214. Revelation about adding another dog!
  215. Made some people mad on a FB group with this post
  216. I made a mistake - how to fix?
  217. Anyone successfully teach their gsd to be reasonably trustworthy around pet goats?
  218. 10 month old testy behavior before bed
  219. What crate fan do you use/like?
  220. Shout out to the responsible breeders!
  221. Furbo Degli Achei
  222. It's been a while. How is everyone and your dogs ?
  223. Bruno
  224. Newlie Alerts To Low Blood Sugar
  225. GSD over 100lbs!
  226. It's a Officially 'The Dog House'
  227. Leaving dog in car, crated with windows down
  228. Doing a cross country trip with max and molly and thinking ofcoming back threw states
  229. Do people surrender GSDs because of floppy ears?
  230. 2 questions...
  231. We got a new pup but not a GSD
  232. Possible wolves stalking my shepherds!!
  233. Ojeriza
  234. German shedder is right! ;)
  235. When adopting from private parties (Craigslist, paper etc)
  236. Hiking with a young dog
  237. German Shepherd Wolf Hybrid?!?!
  238. Something we all know well, Dog
  239. Puppy with one blue eye
  240. What do you bring with you on walks for protection?
  241. ASL vs WGSL
  242. Keeping a long hair coat trim
  243. Lets talk about balls!
  244. 2 men posing as Animal Control and stealing dogs(so far in Illinois)
  245. Meet Gigi
  246. introducing Marta -- new girl at carmspack
  247. DNA check
  248. ISO Male black/tan stock coat, PNW
  249. 3 boys + 1 girl versus 2 boys + 2 girls
  250. Dog Aggression mostly on-leash during walks?