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General Information

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  1. Using toys for feeding
  2. Tessa almost killed herself today. Crate danger?
  3. RIP Jim Lempner
  4. Help!! Is this aggressive behavior??
  5. I can't believe he did that!
  6. My dog is such a depressive when we have horrid weather!
  7. No papers and this is the best GSD
  8. I think this boy needs us...
  9. What would you do??
  10. The Independent vs The Velcro Dog ~ Which is considered the better temperament??
  11. question about in home trainers...
  12. Washing help
  13. East German DDR vs European working line
  14. tomorrow is the end of the world and i'm out of beer
  15. Gryff's Paco Collar.
  16. Finally found something he doesn't like...
  17. Just went out to shoot my 38 special
  18. My avatar is NOT a flower
  19. German Shepherd and Wolf
  20. what to get for training....
  21. Dark, glossy ring around tail?
  22. Dremmel?
  23. Do your friends think you are crazy?
  24. rescue- non gsd
  25. That's a cool name-wonder how you came up with it?
  26. Puppy class
  27. Why won't he fetch anymore...
  28. Gay Tail or Mix?
  29. Spin: What is the One Strength You're Glad Your Dog Has
  30. GSD Coat Change Question/Prediction
  31. Student/New Professional Schedule...GSD a good idea?
  32. Dilemma, what would you do?
  33. breeders in massachusetts
  34. What is the one weakness you wish your dog didn't have?
  35. My neighbor's yappy little dogs have gotten out
  36. mentle exercise
  37. What have you accomplished with your rescued German Shepherd?
  38. understanding akc registration form
  39. Photo Essay on War Dogs
  40. Moving from England to Michigan - Transporting puppy
  41. Help me design a tag!
  42. K9 Dies in His Sleep
  43. Please share how you socialized your pup or adults.....
  44. Eats Poop!
  45. GSD friendly apartments in north houston area?
  46. When it rains...
  47. I miss Katya :(
  48. I have a rug cleaning nightmare.
  49. Am I weird??
  50. Right place, right time-I found missing GSD!
  51. What am I missing
  52. Laborador Question
  53. puppy vs. young/adult
  54. Tent camping with dogs
  55. Help! Parents shouldn't have a dog.
  56. He's completely fallen apart
  57. New GSD!!
  58. How old is my dog?
  59. Titan - Critique! And question...:S
  60. If I grabbed YOUR face, what would you do?
  61. where are dog shows
  62. White undercoat on tail?
  63. Weak nerves - the "shy" puppy, and the general public
  64. Grrr!
  65. hey new here with a question...
  66. Went to a dog show today
  67. Am I the only one whose dogs' feet smell like Fritos?
  68. Opinions on Timber Wolf GSD Mix...
  69. Do your neighbors yell at your dogs? If so, what do you do?
  70. Average hips?
  71. Dutch Shepherds?
  72. Why did you fall in love with this breed?
  73. stool eating
  74. kennel/outdoor housing for dogs
  75. Considering adding another member.
  76. Introducing fearful kid to well socialized GSD- tomorrow! Thoughts?
  77. Those of you with Working Lined Dogs....
  78. Why GSD's aren't supposed to weigh 100+ pounds..
  79. make my GSD a youtube celebrity
  80. moving in with family, need the transition to be smooth (long)
  81. New 2 Year Old GSD
  82. quick question
  83. Sure Fit Sofa Covers???
  84. Do not pet or baby a fearful puppy
  85. How to place this dog
  86. HELP!! Traveling with new puppy??
  87. Leash questions!`
  88. Considering adding a German Shepherd to my family
  89. Name Help!
  90. American Show Lines (questions)
  91. Got Complaints on my Dogs. Grrrrr!!
  92. Pure bred?
  93. I just can't say no...
  94. Big changes when you add a 3rd dog?
  95. Seperation Anxiety or Frustration? Help!
  96. Insurance for my dog.
  97. Friendly with Strangers
  98. Warning to those who use baby gates!!
  99. Prey drive
  100. How much exercise does your GSD get?
  101. Rug cleaning for sensitive paws?
  102. My poor Nero's ears are starting to turn grey!
  103. Dog barking at me,must attack!
  104. For those homeowners in CT
  105. Dog weight
  106. Recycling old bones & kongs
  107. I'm ready for the summer! Dog walks = real exercise!!
  108. can anyone tell me if this is a pure GSD
  109. How many in your pack....
  110. Important Question
  111. Do you perfer dogs or bitches?
  112. A mother is a mother is a mother
  113. Change in attitude today?
  114. WWYD? Tough decision
  115. "It's Me or the Dog" story
  116. Hip Dysplasia Questions
  117. Eight dogs at the beach!!
  118. I don't know how to feel (Re: neighbor's Pit Bull breaking tie out and jumping fence)
  119. Argh! Wild kids and unsuspecting dogs.
  120. 2 Video's of Ody Training!!!! :D He has grown!!
  121. Any help appreciated!
  122. At what age did your Gsd start to show old age?
  123. New camera, new video..
  124. *VIDEO* Jake and Ruby playing!
  125. We Got Him!!!
  126. How do I read this pedigree?
  127. Have you ever called Animal Control?
  128. How long does it take to build up endurance??
  129. New to "excellent" quality GSDs
  130. my 2 year old dropped dead
  131. Looking for a breeder/trainer
  132. Navy Seal GSDs have Titanium Teeth!
  133. Scary walk
  134. Bald spots....
  135. When you scruff your dog...
  136. Please answer: The best shampooer I have ever owned is....
  137. Dogs used on raid to get BIn Laden
  138. Eva's massive shedding
  139. Att female GSD owners, Can 2 + live together
  140. using kong?
  141. Walking two dogs
  142. Urgent Question--Dog Bit My Wife
  143. How much did it cost to OFA/PennHip your dog?
  144. Dog Torture
  145. Dog Park Etiquette
  146. The house with the extremely skinny dogs
  147. Help! Max's testicles have scabs and are red&swollen!!
  148. What are your veiws on cross breeding?
  149. Stanley Cup Playoffs - Canine Canucks Fan!!
  150. Breeders
  151. Is something wrong with me?
  152. Am I A Bad Puppy Dad?
  153. Moments that make you go Eek?
  154. Dogs purposely being poisoned
  155. What happened to the Bin Laden threads?
  156. Dog see's mom home from afghanistan!
  157. GSD Friendly Housing? [Salt Lake City]
  158. Typical 1 yo GSD
  159. Somebody knocks or rings your doorbell - what does your GSD do?
  160. Joe Tackett
  161. Recommend me a car?
  162. Pretty Darn Smart Dog!
  163. age determines forgiveness?
  164. Bump on his nose...
  165. Ivan DVD's
  166. Sable Black/tan Blanket ? What are they/
  167. Onondaga Spring Match
  168. Check Max's weight
  169. Newbie question - Sloped & Straight
  170. Would a GSD act like this?
  171. Does your dog/pup poop/pee on command?
  172. Do you feed then exercise your dog or vice versa?
  173. So Disappointed :(
  174. Three and Gray!
  175. Rabies tag
  176. Interesting info on rabies vaccines
  177. Acute moist dermatitis (AMD) Or hot spot..
  178. Rescue/ Training camp destroyed by Tuscaloosa Tornado
  179. Dog + Passengeer
  180. Running off!
  181. Dew claws?
  182. Is there a need for pet insurance?
  183. ATTS Test- acceptable reactions to "weird stranger"?
  184. Texas is burnin down!
  185. Need advice with dog grooming please
  186. Seperating the good from the bad
  187. Is Blitz going to stay this fuzzy?
  188. How to introduce my puppy to my cats
  189. Seeking Training Schedule Advice
  190. White GSD pup question.
  191. Demo pet food... Part time
  192. How do you keep a dog busy but calm after surgery?
  193. Want to know what German Kennels look like?
  194. Does your dog react to sounds from the television?
  195. PureBred pup?? (LOTS OF PICS)
  196. how to end it with a bad client? non-GSD of course ;)
  197. My dogs just survived a tornado!!
  198. Will it eat my friends?
  199. Dominance challenges old/young dogs
  200. Pet store ideas!!!!!
  201. NuVet vit & min
  202. Decision - Help Needed!
  203. Indoor barriers? Help needed.
  204. thinking about getting Dodger a bone....
  205. What to do about Eva chewing on herself all the time?!
  206. GSD apartments
  207. dog beats cat with tail
  208. Two puppies at same time???
  209. Help with Registered Name
  210. To Clone Or Not To Clone That Is The Question
  211. Best vacuum for GSD owners?
  212. Summer Living
  213. Doggie Travel
  214. Your GSD in summer - Heat
  215. Seeking Dallas Area Apartments That Allow GSD's
  216. What other breed has your dog been mistaken for?
  217. Hello...
  218. obstacles
  219. dog collars and tags
  220. Educate me on Bones (like from a cow or pig)
  221. Really Considering a GSD....
  222. The Perfect Dog?
  223. Base material for outdoor kennel?
  224. Non-Sighthound Lure Coursing
  225. Another hoarding case
  226. A rant on fireworks...!!!
  227. Health wise /show or Working lines ?
  228. Man accused of killing puppy/abuses chid
  229. Name my puppy
  230. Riley The Bubble Killer
  231. Met another shepherd this afternoon.....
  232. Do you leave your dog in the car?
  233. Dog Training: A conversation (video) with Dr. Ian Dunbar March 2011
  234. Silent commands...
  235. "Boarding" Dog In Home With Another Dog - Need Help!
  236. Dog fighting Ap for Android phones?
  237. anyone know anything about wolves?
  238. What type of German Shepherd is he?
  239. puppy vs 1yr old
  240. Okay Diane, whatcha think?
  241. Tag my brother made for me
  242. Question....
  243. transportation help needed
  244. Crate training & separation anxiety woes
  245. Today I watched in horror as.....
  246. Do you keep your dogs on the lead when you are in a built up area?
  247. Doggy bubbles..Fun fun fun!
  248. When to switch from puppy chow to regular?
  249. Can someone explain how to use the different forum?
  250. Puppy thread