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General Information

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  1. GSD not interested in peanut butter filled kong...any other suggestions on a filler?
  2. Bad Advice
  3. Coyotes!
  4. Photo contest WITH prizes on the board...
  5. Creating a Tug Drive?!
  6. Choosing me
  7. Can someone splain to me??
  8. Are any of your friends/family ever saddened by your GSD's aloofness??
  9. Evidence of the danger of Dog Parks(some)
  10. mixture
  11. Sable and Saddle
  12. Black Dots on tongue
  13. Anyone elses dog love fireworks?
  14. Evidence re: jogging
  15. has anyone tried costco dog food?
  16. Thinking of putting Max on Probiotics
  17. head size
  18. Heavy duty toys suitable for destructive shepherd
  19. have you ever wanted someone elses dog???
  20. Found the indestructible ball.
  21. water obession
  22. New girlfriend?
  23. And it begins....
  24. GSD's and Small Dogs
  25. Questions and Concerns about Getting a New Dog
  26. Fleas
  27. Muddy paws and dirty balls.....
  28. How should I handle stray dogs during walks? My girl goes nuts if they approach us.
  29. Dog suffered an injury last night
  30. "What's wrong with eating dog meat?" CNN blog
  31. Roommate refuses shots for dog...
  32. ???
  33. Travelling
  34. Do White German Shepherds have behaviour problems?
  35. Becoming a GSD certified trainer
  36. Seeking dog-friendly housing near Philipi, WV
  37. Interesting experience.
  38. Pretending to swim . . .
  39. Rescue dog - what do I need?
  40. How to choose a vet?
  41. Do they all chase waves?
  42. What's the greatest challenge of owning a GSD?
  43. Harley starts agility classes tonight!!!
  44. Czech female names
  45. Now Tail biting (Was "Schutzhund Question")
  46. Will it ever be possible???
  47. Smelling Pee
  48. Very disappointed..
  49. What a difference it can make....
  50. What goes through their mind? I wanna know!
  51. Dyson vs. Miele Upright Vacuum
  52. Best Advice for a new GSD owner?
  53. Canine Vocabulary
  54. Advice on roommate contract regarding dogs
  55. Not Breeding my GSD!
  56. How Tall and How Long Is Your GSD?
  57. Question for poodle owners or groomers
  58. Need help getting my rescue GSD to stop being aggressive towards other dogs
  59. Temperament question
  60. Just Thinking
  61. Bringing him home today
  62. How Do I Introduce Wolfie to Kittens?
  63. Where to put post
  64. Is what I saw common at shows or was this just a once of a kind situation?
  65. Where do you hike off-leash?
  66. Ideas for fixing my outdoor kennel
  67. How long is too long in a crate?
  68. No Beach for Shasta this weekend...
  69. pedigree database help
  70. Have you ever passed your GSD off as a Belgian Malinois?
  71. Another example of what bad breeding does to a family.
  72. Road trips!
  73. food rewards...sensitive belly
  74. New Dog Wondering Some Things
  75. Dog Food Question
  76. Can someone help me understand the registered name....
  77. Pet Friendly places to stay in cape cod?
  78. non gsd showing aggression/guarding behavior?
  79. Should I get a 2nd GSD dog, for HIM or ME?
  80. What's your favorite way to occupy your GSD?
  81. Dunder's Custom Facebook
  82. Handling my own dog against aggression.
  83. camping?
  84. Question regarding female in heat
  85. Changing Name
  86. I had to call the fuzz :(
  87. Moving in: Afraid of big dogs (3 months later)
  88. Dunder, My viral GSD (Time lapse Puppy)
  89. I have an announcement to make
  90. Skunk! I ran as if my life depended upon it
  91. BYB problem
  92. An Interesting Observation
  93. Do GSdD's make good Assistance Dogs?
  94. GTA trails to hike with your dogs
  95. Changes in a black & tan boy
  96. Moving
  97. American Alsatian?
  98. Rodent Poison Changes
  99. An interesting assessment....
  100. anyone give vitamins to their dogs..?
  101. peeing
  102. Overbite Problem
  103. Do you let your dog lick your face?
  104. Question on moving my GSD accross country.
  105. Is anyone else's Shepherd REALLY picky?
  106. Ear infections........
  107. Does yogurt or cottage cheese help hip probs?
  108. How do you know when it's time for a second dog?
  109. Adopting A Dog - Input needed
  110. Problems Seeing Photos on
  111. How to choose a german shepherd? [Bad Video!]
  112. Question about the ears.
  113. Spookiest dog encounters?
  114. Opening door from both sides..
  115. rain rain go away...!
  116. Met a good ambassador of a different breed today...
  117. Need advice quickly!!!!
  118. Do German Shepherds make a good running companion?
  119. need help what kind gsd is he
  120. what would u or ur trainer do?
  121. Would a DDR GSD be a good family member?
  122. A tip on how to clean a slicker pin brush.....
  123. Who's on Facebook???
  124. My dog is perfect to me because:
  125. Video of Max's FIRST swimming experience!
  126. chantilly / nova area playdate anyone?
  127. 12 week pup and camping wth caravan
  128. Help!! adopting from shelter
  129. flies and dogs
  130. English Lab or Pit-Bull mix-what do you think?
  131. Poor Ozzy/Poor Sugar
  132. Eating rocks
  133. Bully Sticks and an older dog
  134. Wrestlemania
  135. What's the meaning behind your puppy's/dog's name?
  136. One GSD pants and one doesn't??
  137. How to get rid of skunk breath?
  138. Help! Counter Jumper
  139. Aug. Issue of Dog World features GSD, also Sch and Fr. Ring Sport
  140. Single v. double coat in the LC Shepherd
  141. Have you ever woke up in the wrong bed?
  142. I think my neighbors threw their pit bull out!
  143. Pet Cafe: a new route for shelters/rescues?
  144. Bringing home newborn soon. What should I know?
  145. Bad bad girl!!! *video*
  146. What is "kkl1" and "HOT"?
  147. people make no sense
  148. Foster boy needs a name!
  149. Training to run?
  150. Backpacking tent recommendations
  151. Its snowing again..
  152. live near Toronto with time to kill June 11?
  153. Shelter Dog Becomes Sheriffs Offices Newest K9
  154. Pool introduction questions!
  155. What does term "Amish puppymill" mean?
  156. Adding a dog?
  157. 15 hours in a crate cruelty?
  158. Anybody have a GSD/Cattle Dog Mix?
  159. GSD population explosion?
  160. Dog Size?
  161. ppeople with small dogs on long lines?
  162. Going to get hot...for George :O
  163. doberman or german shepehrd question
  164. Lol, I found a new tickly spot..
  165. first heat question help!
  166. Electric Fences
  167. building endurance - biking
  168. Brining your GSD puppy home to parent with small dogs.
  169. "Your Dog Must be Tired..."
  170. Are GSD's meant for dog parks?
  171. Which has highest energy?
  172. Does your GSD run loose with you in your yard ?
  173. I would like all the information you can give me. (long winded)
  174. Just love your dog
  175. need dog vehicle recommendations
  176. Why some have long hair..others short hair?
  177. Do you feed your dog Merrick? Suspicious....
  178. The Gsd stack stance..
  179. Is a German Shepherd for me?
  180. humid out-carpet smells-what to do?
  181. Definition of a Rescue Dog
  182. Looking for a vacation spot that will take dogs
  183. Pit Bulls Once Known as Nanny Dogs
  184. Just gotta get my fella a pool...!
  185. What is "deep chested"?
  186. What type of coat please?
  187. Custom Car Kennels
  188. Rescued GSD Rescues New Owner
  189. why do I browse the Internet?
  190. fungal infection?
  191. Does your Gsd have the typical temprament of a Gsd..?
  192. How was your GSD with a new baby?
  193. I found my Flooring Material!!!
  194. Do you ever turn down invites cause you can't bring your dog?
  195. Tornado in MA !
  196. Shave a GSD?
  197. keeping a dog cool in 98 degrees
  198. Just looking for opinions....
  199. Is a GSD for me?
  200. New puppy
  201. Dogs and goats
  202. Is he anxious or just doesn't want to be left behind?
  203. Has anyone read this?
  204. What is the most annoying, revolting, ridiculous, or insulting...
  205. Question about "titles"
  206. OPINIONS -on best floors to hide mud,slobber,hair etcetc...
  207. ACK! Monday night 6:30 EST NBC Nightly News - War Dog Piece
  208. Too Dominant?
  209. Can anyone tell me how to add a link to a thread.?
  210. Purebred or mixed puppies??
  211. Met the coolest White Shepherd (Not Pard)
  212. An update on Nero's skin irritation, and his weekend with his grandparents.
  213. Rant/ Advice needed!!
  214. Anyone go boating with their dog?
  215. Professional pet photography
  216. Recommended insurance companies?
  217. What is considered "Full grown"
  218. what is with people in uniform approaching our car?
  219. *EPI* Products
  220. registration names
  221. Animal Planet GSD 101
  222. Please Tell Me He'll Be Okay?
  223. OFA or trust the vet?
  224. How much are your annual vet bills?
  225. Do you think this dog is full blood German Shepherd?
  226. Does your dog/puppy fart?
  227. Cool GSD Bumper Stickers
  228. My dog is a narcissist
  229. How much did you pay?
  230. Serious moulting after his bath...
  231. Caught Red Handed
  232. Fast question and fast answer
  233. It still hurts
  234. Why did you neuter that beautiful dog-are you stupid?
  235. Puppy to Adult in 40 seconds
  236. bored dog... help!
  237. Interesting Information concerning Microchips
  238. breeders and papers
  239. I think Rio was here today
  240. Rituals.
  241. Problems with breeder
  242. What are your dogs' names?
  243. Please Help Me Name My Dog!
  244. What should I ask to determine if a kennel is the right one for my dogs?
  245. Where is Spartanville
  246. Few Questions
  247. How to nicely suggest someone needs a trainer?
  248. I am an idiot
  249. Vari Kennel 500
  250. Lean On Me