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General Information

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  1. GSD left home for long period of time
  2. Panda German Shepherds??
  3. First Vacation w/ the dogs..any tips/suggestions?
  4. I don't understand some people.
  5. Please sign this petition
  6. Kong Cleaning?
  7. No Dig Spray
  8. Anyone in Idaho Falls area?
  9. Sasha is leaving us today
  10. Foster Update
  11. Rehoming 1yr old Czech GSD... ?
  12. Taking a ball with us on walks is a miracle!
  13. Gray stripe
  14. Expressive ears
  15. Exactly HOW sensative do you think they can be?
  16. GSD's in 3's.
  17. GSD "no trespassing" signs
  18. Military Working Dog Medevaced with Shot Paw
  19. Need Advice - To keep or not to keep?
  20. Apparently there used to be a skunk living in our yard...
  21. Have you/would you use claw covers?
  22. Trust and forgiveness, hard and soft dogs
  23. Should they get the dog back?
  24. NEED SERIOUS help my sons allergies towards Dogs!
  25. Question about a paco collar!!
  26. Would you de-Claw your dog?
  27. Thank you Lord for the rain...
  28. What damage did your puppy cause?
  29. Am I right to expect a discount?
  30. I'm beginning to feel held hostage by this dog (non-GSD)
  31. What is a hard dog
  32. A bat in my area was confirmed to have rabies
  33. Where is The Weirdest Place You Found Dog Hair???
  34. My dogs to sexy for his fur!
  35. Doggy Daycare?
  36. Got Court Monday
  37. Is There Anything You Dislike About Having A Dog???
  38. Should I or Should I not?
  39. Is my puppy a purebred?
  40. Help!!!what does this mean????
  41. The Prong and the Vets Office...
  42. Gaming with my dog cassey
  43. How much did you pay for Von Stephanitz-Word and Picture?
  44. how do you handle kids who are afraid?
  45. New here, wondering about GSDs ...
  46. Associate, bachelors, masters, or PHD...what is your GSD knowledge level?
  47. Funny Video w/GSDs
  48. First time traveling -checklist - any advice?
  49. 8 month old just had an "episode"... seizure or stroke like
  50. Need votes! So close!! Please!!!!!
  51. going to a area with ticks what is the best repellent?
  52. How many different dog breeds have you owned-including childhood.
  53. radio or TV commercials and your dog - just curious
  54. A few things I've learned from Draco..
  55. Flea bites...on me?!
  56. Pet Vaccum for Carpets
  57. Rant...kind of...outdoor dog being stolen
  58. Does anyone run with their dogs?
  59. How much did you feed your pup when they 8 to 10 weeks ol? (aifys3cwofP)
  60. Please critique Charlie, my 1yr old GSD
  61. Whoose dog are you in-love with?
  62. Doggle Question- When should he wear them
  63. Clueless Dog Owner and Roaming Dogs
  64. White G Shepherd / Husky Mix... Anyone?
  65. NEW section for newbies to the board! Please go look...
  66. Dog Scouts Questions!
  67. Begging for Votes~!
  68. Do you prefer one gender over the other?
  69. Grumble....
  70. Dog Camps!?
  71. Registered name?
  72. Just want to say THANK YOU!
  73. Puppies in pet shops
  74. Puppy is always too warm!
  75. Insurance Claim Scam
  76. Having a Party - Small Children - Need Advice!
  77. New dog sport (football)
  78. Asking to see vet who made diagnoses?
  79. GSD and family
  80. How long do they sleep?
  81. Your GSD is not a cocker spaniel
  82. Subaru Outback Owners
  83. whats this mix ???
  84. Has anyone done this before?
  85. American Alsatian - The Perfect Pet?
  86. Yay got the new camera!!
  87. Without a yard...exercise tips?
  88. Car sick puppy taking a long drive...
  89. changing jobs and stuff
  90. Caucasian Shepherds
  91. What jobs do your dogs have???
  92. I Want Her!
  93. Hair Loss
  94. Border collie maybe?
  95. For those of you who are fans of brindle GSDs...
  96. What AGE did your GSD Cross the Bridge?
  97. Need some medicine advice
  98. Shasta and Riley had a busy afternoon
  99. This forum has the BEST members and I want to thank you for..
  100. "So how many do you have?"
  101. my fellow arizonians!
  102. Outdoor questions
  103. Opinions on Window Dog Door
  104. Stuffed/soft toy
  105. Ran off a potential new client yesterday.
  106. Tara-does she look thinner
  107. Not comfortable in the house????
  108. Help the gsd win $$$1500
  109. A few questions, and a thought or two.....
  110. Coat color help....
  111. Bernese Mountain Dog Forum?? (Carting Forum??)
  112. Are kongs safe in this situation?
  113. What is does your gsd do that is your very favorite thing??
  114. What is she? o.o
  115. I just started a Facebook Page for BLUE GSD Owners!
  116. Thoughts on Stupid Pet Tricks
  117. Being around other dogs makes me really grateful for mine (resource gaurding)
  118. Any others from Kansas City area?
  119. An idea so we can hook up with others in the same city...
  120. I Just Love This Dog!!
  121. Is there a place on the forum where people can connect by location?
  122. A nifty reminder of dog/human relationship
  123. What is my dog mixed with?
  124. Broken crate pans
  125. First time away!!!
  126. Should have had a dog :(
  127. Pumkin for dogs?
  128. Any Helpful Tips Welcome!
  129. Son coming home from Army is going to go crazy!
  130. i have the itch!!
  131. Do Dogs Sense Family?
  132. An Attack is an Attack, right? Right?
  133. intersting craigslist ad.... anyone interested in her?
  134. Polite or Rude?
  135. silly video of the pups. nothin special
  136. Silly question alert
  137. Trust roll, how it warms the heart
  138. I need advise, or otherwise i'm going insane...
  139. Gotta come up with a name. New dog in the house soon!
  140. I am the Alpha Leader of the Pack!
  141. need contacts in GA
  142. How should I introduce Rocky & his future weenie dog roommate?
  143. Look what we found on our walk!
  144. Brutus lunged after the car...and yanked the leash out of my hand!
  145. Your Favorite Chews & Toys for Dogs...
  146. 6 month old GSD (possible mix) at kill shelter...
  147. Is she pregnant?
  148. Medical Alert tags for dogs?I
  149. "Average" people just don't get it...
  150. For those that live in the city...
  151. Howling in his sleep
  152. Get a puppie before or after baby?
  153. Euthanasia in our local shelter
  154. Any other blue GSD owners here???
  155. Arizona Peeps! Need hot weather help.
  156. How much to ship a dog from Italy?...
  157. Picking up behaviors from new dog
  158. You have to stare them down?
  159. Registered Name?
  160. Transfer of ownership - medical history
  161. Rainy day ideas for GSD activities?
  162. Help: Boarding a puppy question.
  163. Introducing a new GSD
  164. Anyone have issue with other people and their dogs?
  165. Dog shelters baby!
  166. Anyone else's dog food go up??
  167. Ideas For A Registered Name Please
  168. Beat the heat?
  169. is this indentation before her tail normal?
  170. How do YOU bond with your dog?
  171. Bad Dog, Bad! Vote for Mason!
  172. Where can I buy a plastic tub large enough to put my GS in?
  173. Cost more then my car =/
  174. Who is liable?
  175. They caught the burglar!!
  176. I am confused..
  177. Nevada???
  178. King Shepherds?
  179. Do I walk him to much?
  180. Is he worth it?
  181. Blowing Coat
  182. Coat question.
  183. What do you do with people who "don't believe in leashes"?
  184. Video game rant!
  185. For those who asked about my heavy duty dog pool
  186. Can I convince my Apartment??
  187. Are all dogs Aggressive?
  188. Dog kills baby
  189. Combo food/water travel dish
  190. Guard Dogs on TV last night (Friday)
  191. Puppy In A Box
  192. GSD info for novices
  193. Southaven Dog Conformation Show (First Show!)
  194. Training leads illegal?
  195. Australian shepherd or German shepherd?
  196. GSD in movies
  197. small bald spots on ears
  198. How can you tell what the dog is feeling?
  199. Hyperactivity - Owner or Dog's Problem?
  200. best brush for a long coat?
  201. Is a German Shepherd right for me?
  202. Favorite Dog Friendly Beaches/Parks in Washington/Oregon?
  203. Reason for floped ears?
  204. Adding another GSD to the family
  205. Leerburg GSD?
  206. Why A Shepherd?
  207. hot dogs
  208. Is my Dog a German Shepherd Mix??
  209. My new 4month old GSD
  210. Confused (conformation show)
  211. Question about my mother's dog... Coloring?
  212. Reminder Not to leave dogs in the car
  213. What age do you let them climb up and down steps?
  214. Can I get some feedback about this?
  215. eyes
  216. Opinions please!
  217. Restricted Breed????
  218. What is her color,is she a full breed.
  219. When will Gryff loose his puppy look?
  220. Heat Wave...
  221. Anyone in Western Orlando?
  222. Really needs advice on leasing
  223. swimming question
  224. temp. question
  225. GSD's Weight
  226. Do you think pet supplies are rediculously over-priced?
  227. What's the best fence?
  228. Help with REGISTERED NAME
  229. How do we know that our dogs are happy.
  230. My disgusting dogs
  231. Question about the male GSD
  232. I am SO SICK of fireworks!!
  233. Please HELP. READ Don't know where to go!
  234. Do You Love Your Dogs Equally?
  235. Help
  236. Whats a washout puppy/dog?
  237. precious can open crate...
  238. Atlanta apartments for GSD's?
  239. German Shepherds outdoors.
  240. water available 24/7 ???
  241. alsation
  242. How big of a house do you need for multiple GSDs?
  243. Thunder shirts..
  244. ice cubes?!?
  245. What has your dog/dogs ever got critter wise...
  246. German shepherd dog club of america
  247. Ears Up or Back ..
  248. Help understanding titles and Anyone in West Michigan?
  249. Eva at 6 months
  250. What should your state's dog be?