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General Information

  1. Our 6 month old puppy
  2. I am this close to giving mine away because of house destruction
  3. Short hair vs single coat
  4. Double coat
  5. Miss Nova Needs Votes!!
  6. Question about landsharking behavior.....trying not to whine!
  7. Raising Chickens
  8. Preparing for my new DDR pack member
  9. What will my sable look like as an adult
  10. Need some help
  11. Haha The most stupid breeds
  12. Weight for 9 month old?
  13. Rocky The (Smart) Rascal
  14. My pup’s brother is 18 lbs heavier at 9 months
  15. 14 week old IGNORING commands?!?!
  16. the Titer and Vaccination update
  17. Diagnose? Walking drunk, falling over
  18. Advice From The Experienced, Please
  19. Need a quality ramp
  20. Dog park fail
  21. Insights into how much trouble I can expect to have finding an apartment w/ my mix?
  22. Can you estimate how big the dogs will be in a litter?
  23. World War II Memorial
  24. Getting a second GSD? Seeking advice and experiences
  25. Occasional growling
  26. how much do you think is this?
  27. Rocky's Big Adventure
  28. What type of chew toys/bones are best for a 3 month old GSD?
  29. My GSD seems scared of the dark ??
  30. please help me with meaning
  31. Why A GSD ?
  32. How big will my girl get?
  33. Long-haired Coat types
  34. Grooming Question!
  35. Full breed or not?
  36. Kind of an odd question but...
  37. Moving Man
  38. Feeling VERY Overwhelmed!!!
  39. E Collars for Barking.
  40. Companion GSD Needed in SW Michigan
  41. Spayed?
  42. Update On Rocky
  43. GSDs in bedrooms
  44. My pup gets car sick....Any suggestions?
  45. After 2 months with my GSD
  46. Things To Look For In Trainers
  47. Keeping it cool- Maybe K9 handlers will know?
  48. How to react to aggression?
  49. Pet Health Insurance
  50. Rocky
  51. Snowballs for obedience.
  52. Shipping 2 GSD :)
  53. Hips and Joints
  54. Best car for two GSDs?
  55. Love!
  56. FYI: Whole Dog Journal on FB
  57. Collar Sizing
  58. ES dogs on airplanes new rules
  59. Maskless or mix?
  60. Dog fence/flooring recommendation
  61. Wife and Choke Collars
  62. Come on warm and sunny weather!
  63. Pictures Of Newlie
  64. “Dog Room” anyone?
  65. GSD 18months old
  66. How to verify SV rating?
  67. Life with dogs after back surgery
  68. Your thoughts on my 4 month GSD
  69. You might take off sunglasses during training :)
  70. Our first time away from the dogs
  71. Hip Dysplasia and Worried about DM: Under 2 years
  72. Anxiously waiting
  73. If you could design your own kennel/hotel for GSDs
  74. First group class - instructor rather blunt on getting dog neutered
  75. Gunther Has Been Rehomed.
  76. Canine Soldiers- Seen this?
  77. What color will my GSD be?
  78. My big blue boy!
  79. Big handsome 5 years old sable male looking for new home, Vancouver BC
  80. Planing for a child, and our loving companion
  81. My dog was viciously attacked at a boarding kennel
  82. Bitches coming into heat
  83. Kids and GSD?
  84. Electric fence and GSD?
  85. Companion for German Shepherd dog
  86. Country dog not liking town
  87. Cool collar design that fits GSD?
  88. What do you look for when picking a puppy?
  89. Big Bangs and Mutt Muffs??
  90. My first GSD.
  91. What to do with our GSD?
  92. Interpretation of the word Socializing
  93. What do you use to secure the crate in your vehicle?
  94. Gunther AKA El Destructo
  95. "Aggression" Breed
  96. couple of broad training questions
  97. New job for a Working Dog
  98. Gunther Does A Sneak Attack
  99. Gunther
  100. Meet Gunther
  101. Why a German Shepherd?
  102. What have you done with "our" advice?
  103. Not having a designated sleeping space?
  104. Rating System For Rescue Dogs
  105. When To Use Stuffed KONG
  106. Blanket back or saddle back, your opinions
  107. 2018 calendars
  108. Sound sensitivity
  109. Happy New Year!
  110. Puppy bit daughters eye...
  111. Films Starring German Shepherds
  112. Normal for a new service dog?
  113. HELP!!! Is he a purebred?
  114. "Is it a mix?"
  115. Kong XL squeaky tennis ball
  116. Meet Nova
  117. Best sites for breeder recommendations
  118. Vitamin Supplement
  119. Is this a pure German Shepherd?
  120. Tell me about...
  121. Shepherd mix breed question
  122. Alsatian or Boxer
  123. Nice straight back vs Sloped back in American gsd
  124. Your dog's first snow experience.
  125. Shepherd vs XL Shepherd
  126. Alsatian or Doberman?
  127. Dropping top coat
  128. Pedigree data base
  129. stye on my puppys eye
  130. Vets standard form & adoption question
  131. Looking for boarding service in Vancouver BC
  132. Another Scare Today!
  133. Is he a Long Coat?
  134. Questions and concerns
  135. FYI:Whole Dog Journal on FB
  136. A toy Inga is crazy for
  137. Communication with my breeder
  138. FDA Warning: Store Bought "Bone Treats" Could Kill Your Dog
  139. Urgent- need a liability insurance for dog in Texas
  140. Is a GSD a good fit for me?
  141. Is a GSD right for me?
  142. A long put off update - Alyska 2.5yrs
  143. Do you own a "Mal" and a GSD?
  144. 2017 Christmas/Holiday Card Exchange?
  145. Traveling with dog to family events
  146. Seat Belts any new information
  147. Newlie Considers Forming A Security Co
  148. Mr. Newlie Says Happy Thanksgiving!
  149. Mixing Working Lines with West German Show Lines
  150. Is your working line crated or not while you’re gone?
  151. Any one knows what happening to his coat
  152. Re: Dogs that chew everything in sight...
  153. Mama's away. What to do with Puppy
  154. Homemade Rope Toys?
  155. German shepherd puppy
  156. Anyone have dog septic tank?
  157. New German Shepherd Puppy
  158. How to stop my dogs from playing too rough?
  159. What would you do?
  160. Grass=Mud/dirt - Other games?
  161. Scary Situation
  162. Serious allergies.....need help!!
  163. Someone is stalking my DOG!!!
  164. Tell me your creative chew/kong/toy ideas please!
  165. Crate Types
  166. Best hiking trails in Pennsylvania?
  167. Changes If I get another GSD?
  168. Riding in bed of pickup truck
  169. Chewing tips???
  170. Is my dog show quality?
  171. Vacuum Suggestions
  172. Barking
  173. Training my gsd to be calm inside...
  174. Hair color
  175. Bulk Bully Sticks
  176. Do you think taping my mixed dogs ears would make them stand?
  177. Do you think my dog will look like this when he gets bigger?
  178. OPINIONS: How much to pay the sitter?
  179. Working lines
  180. What does my dog look mixed with?
  181. Akc registration
  182. How common is it for all black puppies to change color as they mature?
  183. Heavy Chewer
  184. Recommendations for a waxed canvas coat
  185. sniffing behaviour - autistic person
  186. Another Genetics question.
  187. Neighbors' GSDs being nuisances and killing wildlife and cats in area
  188. Chasing our Cats
  189. Taking my dog to UT
  190. Flat canines, how does that happen?
  191. Why do breeders import from overseas???
  192. Dog friendly sofas?
  193. 15 reasons why GSDs are not good family dogs
  194. GSD Colouring
  195. Opinions on clubs?
  196. How much did you pay for your German Shepherd?
  197. The Truth About Pet Cancer--Must watch!!!
  198. Will it be a good fit?
  199. Another pit bull attack... fed up
  200. Is there hope for my fearful aggressive puppy?
  201. Any UK members that have imported from Germany?
  202. Single or small litter
  203. Saluki with GSD ?
  204. Breed restriction
  205. Is there a biologist in the house? Bizarre experience with a squirrel
  206. Inspirational Message
  207. Silly Mr. Newliebug!
  208. Calcium deficiency
  209. Making the transition from show to working
  210. St. John's Ambulance Therapy Dog Program
  211. timid male GSD and aggression
  212. For you Mal. enthusiasts
  213. Dog Bed Preferences?
  214. Our dog might have killed a neighbor's dog. What should we do?
  215. Moving with a younger pup?
  216. Old article
  217. Transitioning a GSD from a grieving home
  218. Is my pup really small?
  219. Little Newlie Videos
  220. Are you and the dogs ready for an emergency?
  221. Happy Birthday Cranberry and Delta!!
  222. Nerves -- nature vs nurture
  223. Transitioning between excited ~ calm
  224. Birthday treat/cake?
  225. Thoughts on Spring Poles
  226. Wonders of the Tail Wag
  227. College with Dog
  228. Diarrhea and exercise
  229. My GDS Otto
  230. Tramadol
  231. Previous dogs you've owned.
  232. Kids and puppies
  233. DReam dog?
  234. "Dogs can smell who's a good person." Myth or Fact?
  235. Not Eating Enough
  236. Thought provoking thought...fleas, dogs and the nose
  237. Help! Newlie Trying To Eat Agility Equipment!
  238. HELP! Flea and Tick Recommendations
  239. Best Dog Beds For Older Dogs and Dogs With Hip Dysplasia?
  240. Golden Retriever or German Shepherd?
  241. Sleeping With A Furry Helicopter
  242. you don't get the dog you want.....
  243. Aging dogs and exercise
  244. etiquette of using a Service harness?
  245. My dog attacked/bit my kids. I'm out of options..
  246. Maybe adopting a Pyrenees
  247. What gender trends do you find to be true?
  248. Homeless people and their dogs
  249. Changing CKC Registered Name?
  250. Teaching Newlie To Play Basketball!