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General Information

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  1. Iphone GSD Phone Cover?
  2. Is she in heat?
  3. Dogs almost killed my cat tonight :(
  4. Does exercise drain energy?
  5. How do you make your pup happy with your work schedule?
  6. How to get a dog to eat pumpkin that doesn't like it?
  7. All those letters - what do they mean?
  8. In the "Lady Way", suggestions, please.
  9. Dog Park Warning
  10. Cat that won't defend himself? Warning: long post
  11. the spay/neuter clinic!!
  12. Fall is here (mostly) and my almost senior dog....
  13. Wolfie Pooped In The House
  14. Can you trust your SO with the dogs?
  15. Is your GSD afraid of thunder and lightening?
  16. Arguing over the Dog?
  17. What Holidays do/don't your Dogs Like?
  18. Wasn't there a thread about injuries and your dog?
  19. Had to show off my custom prong
  20. Low stress threshold
  21. So my dog has decided to stop playing with me
  22. Anyone use Air Purifiers?
  23. Sunroom Flooring and GSD's
  24. The most important thing I learned here is…..
  25. Good book for better understanding dog behavior
  26. Is this no big deal?
  27. Question about forum profile
  28. Dominance! Alpha! Pack Leader! Submission! - a very emotional rant haha
  29. My GSD won't go to the bathroom on a leash!
  30. Someones Coming Home To A Sad Sight :(
  31. Will my dog remember me?
  32. Brutus plays with a balloon-youtube
  33. German Shepherds are the perfect outside dog!
  34. Dog Houses
  35. Does Your Dog Go to Startbucks With You?
  36. Need to find 2 scumbags
  37. Purebred or Mix?
  38. Do you leave your dogs home alone together?
  39. Thoughts on pet insurance?
  40. Purebred Huskie? Or not..?
  41. Long coat, plush or long stock coat? And what's the difference?
  42. Justice... FINALLY!
  43. Crates - A handy tool or a lazy way out?
  44. Micro-chip Advice Please
  45. Drowning in GSD/Ragdoll fur
  46. weird question..
  47. People can be so ignorant!
  48. Troubles with adopting another dog that's not a GS
  49. Peeing and pooping in the house?
  50. anyone familiar with Lancaster puppies or John Lapp?
  51. djenga had surgery today :(
  52. Mom is touch Grammy is fragile
  53. PLEASE Tell me this isn't Normal?!
  54. Can a handler ruin a stable dog?
  55. Anyone else have a German Butt Dog?
  56. Possible Signs of Abuse?
  57. Do your dogs act submissive when you approach them?
  58. Get a dog that isn't a joke, such as a GSD says officer
  59. Muddy Paws
  60. GSD's are trainable?
  61. kennel
  62. Anyone have a GSD bred by Sam Blank/Sunnyside Puppies?
  63. Finally Saw Our "Neighbors"!!
  64. Can anyone go to the North American Sieger Show?
  65. Blue eyes?
  66. AKC PAL application help!
  67. Question on coat
  68. Flyball!
  69. what is the best way to introduce a kitten to Molly?
  70. Does anyone have experience with MorningStar Dog Academy in Kingston, Ontario?
  71. Was this a byb??
  72. "Padfoot"(prisoner of Azkaban) in rescue
  73. What is my GSD mixed with?
  74. Anti-shedding coat supplements??
  75. My dogs have destroyed my backyard
  76. What is medium/average energy level of a GSD?
  77. Two Dogs Dining at a Restaurant
  78. What do you do for a picky eater?
  79. Dog moods
  80. what line is this GSD from?
  81. "Pet homes" vs. "Working homes"
  82. Do you pet stranger's dogs?
  83. Cool K9s in Colorado Springs.... whatcha think guys?
  84. Floor types when it comes to shedding?
  85. Tips on setting up and hosting a puppy play date?
  86. Urns
  87. You ready for some GSD EDUCATION? Toplines..
  88. Best German Shepherd Training Book?
  89. Does Your Dog Talk?
  90. Carsick Pup
  91. Time to find a new vet
  92. Growls when sleeping....
  93. What is he doing??
  94. puppies bitting buddy
  95. Right or wrong ?
  96. Help w/ dog damaged grass please?
  97. ughhh.
  98. zero is getting fixed today :/
  99. Buying our first GSD puppy - Home alone
  100. Kongs Durable Frisbee SUCKS! I need one that's GSD tough!
  101. People are nervous about GSD's
  102. Do I have a GSD?
  103. Best Bully Sticks Hambone - Any experience?
  104. Prancing and Barking
  105. Loose skin
  106. Aggression question
  107. Registered Name for GSD mix?
  108. Sandra got me thinking!
  109. Help! - Need suggestions
  110. Upset/sad at the vet tonight
  111. Expensive day, but what a relief... Spay, coccidia, rabies oh my
  112. Why the hate for crosses/mixes/hybrids?
  113. What breed catches your eye.
  114. Two entire (intact) males together
  115. Driving me crazy!
  116. Can we love our dogs too much?
  117. Keeping GSD alone all day while at work
  118. Why Wolfie Wouldn't Eat and What Do You Do?
  119. Chicken Bones and Dogs
  120. Uploading pictures
  121. forum
  122. What Purpose Does The Forum Serve for YOU
  123. New GSD update
  124. Kennel design
  125. what do you think this is?
  126. Do you use the same name twice?
  127. On the couch off the couch?
  128. Life Expectancy
  129. 6 year old female
  130. What are you planning for your next GSD?
  131. I like to slap him around.
  132. Multiple dog homes?
  133. did your dogs behavior change when you quit smoking?
  134. disobeying
  135. gsd and toy breeds
  136. Good with Livestock?
  137. Coolest toy you ever bought your dog and durability?
  138. Does this forum try to discourage people from getting a GSD?
  139. "Don't pet me"
  140. You give all of this advice but is your dog.....
  141. *Share what you like to use for your dogs ID ?
  142. Ddr or wgwl gsd near san antonio, tx?
  143. spaying and neutering
  144. Leaving my GSD
  145. The pack MUST stay together.
  146. To those of you that work full time
  147. To my DFW peeps:
  148. Trainer may have lost dogs to Texas fire......please pray
  149. Does anyone have facebook for their GSDs?
  150. one person gsds?
  151. My GSD breaks/ chews stuff at night Please help
  152. Microchips
  153. How to lift your adult dog
  154. Question about Jager and a long walk
  155. Want to know what your dogs name means?
  156. Noisy While Playing?
  157. When is the last time you went on vacation?
  158. Sloppy sits
  159. Dogs and what they sense..
  160. Durable Toys?
  161. shedding?
  162. please help ! my gsd has abnormal lower teeth
  163. New dog, new tricks
  164. Is this a dwarf GSD?
  165. Could There Be a Female In Heat Around?
  166. Cats and dogs-how do yours get along?
  167. Need help (probably from the female crowd)
  168. Do You Take Your Pet Out For A Ride???
  169. Emergency Back Up Dog
  170. So apparently we LOVE fireworks...
  171. The RED BALL
  172. Long Lasting dog Chews
  173. SINGLETRAK PACK (from Ruffwear): can you help me find it cheaper?
  174. Do shock collars work?
  175. Male or Female
  176. Anyone else wish their SO was more (MUCH more) of a dog person?
  177. FB page for my Dog.
  178. How much do they really understand?
  179. kunming Dog AKA Chinese Wolfdog??
  180. What should I do with neighbor's dogs?
  181. Is it going to take a dog to kill hers before she gets it?
  182. Choosing a vet
  183. Importing a GSD from Germany?
  184. What happens to your dog if you're arrested
  185. Where do you throw away the poo bags?
  186. Most effective way to move dogs around
  187. Dog Tails
  188. Dog Aggression Threads
  189. Being a vet and a good owner
  190. Ducklings
  191. Very sad, unhappy dog
  192. big brother's home!!
  193. Thinking about getting a GSD
  194. for your viewing pleasure
  195. checking in from CT
  196. What makes a successful breeder in YOUR eyes?
  197. Seems so many take rescues completely unprepared
  198. Does your dog have a "spot" that scratching makes them sleepy?
  199. Do any of you *hug* your gsd?
  200. Thinking about getting my second GSD
  201. Should I let the petsitter walk my dog?
  202. It happened to me!!!
  203. Do your dogs do the sneaky nose sniff?
  204. The pack of your dreams?
  205. Trouble with eye drops!
  206. Justice&Liberty... RIP Santos
  207. This article is hilarious
  208. Screen name
  209. So you think dog agility isn't a 'sport' ?
  210. 2.5 years old, 71lbs, still looks like a 6 mo pup?
  211. Bailey is awesome! But we want more info.
  212. Jack needs your vote!
  213. OH CRAP (literally)! I need some advice.
  214. Hurricane Irene-Stay safe everyone!
  215. High winds- okay to take your dog out to go to the bathroom?
  216. German cops phase out use of German Shepherds
  217. In the news - GSD back up traffic on major street
  218. am sure white german is in there :/
  219. Dilemma. Help!
  220. erection
  221. Strangest things your dog has eaten?
  222. Flying across country with my GS? Alsp, a strange habit...
  223. Not sure if this was posted already
  224. important question!
  225. Male or Female - if we decide to add to our pack
  226. The neighbors are terrified of Tank :(
  227. How would I know if my GSD was a police dog at one time?
  228. Dog Strength
  229. d/L pics
  230. Integrating multiple dogs; establishing pack
  231. My German Refuses To Wear The Muzzle , What should I do?
  232. Another hero dog...
  233. What to do if I got a puppy mill dog when I was told the opposite?
  234. Hotel recommendations - Dallas, Texas
  235. Pet Photography
  236. Profile Photo
  237. anybody know......
  238. Dogs on the loose
  239. Chicken Treat Toy
  240. Why is he getting white hairs around his muzzle already?
  241. Is ice dangerous?
  242. "Meet the breeds" critique
  243. Hard time reading ear tattoo
  244. shepards in the snow
  245. Is it safe?
  246. Fleas!!!!!!!
  247. It turns out I saved my Harley from a terrible breeder
  248. Akita Shepherd
  249. What do you do in winter with your dogs?
  250. Nylabone...GRRR >:|