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General Information

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  1. Dog Grooming Schools Near Detroit?
  2. Neighbor dog-- I really don't know what to do.
  3. Does your dog want to be a SUPERSTAR?
  4. Overwhelmed... Need Advice!
  5. Barking at Reflection
  6. AKC register
  7. How to wash foam beds
  8. Where do Americans get their dogs from?
  9. Activity Levels - What does your dog require?
  10. Pacing, pacing,pacing
  11. GSD Bite pressure
  12. guy bikes with 15 dogs
  13. Hello - new GSD member - 6 m old Escape Artist (help!)
  14. This dog made me nervous
  15. A quick question about Nero's coat...
  16. Should I get her mom?
  17. Horses and dogs!
  18. Guaranteeing a dog a painfree life (long, very long)
  19. Is this backyard to small to keep a GSD
  20. Stimulation in my Absence
  21. Play OBSESSION: Help!!
  22. New to here and the breed and have a question..please help!
  23. Don't Get A Dog Now Because ____
  24. Winter!
  25. My Buddy broke is leg (non gsd dog)
  26. Hypothetical Question about Breeding
  27. What is a King Shepherd?
  28. If something happened to YOU -- WHO would take your dogs?
  29. 5 ways to help your pet live longer
  30. Happy Veterans Day!
  31. My GSD and my wheelchair/scooter
  32. He ate styrofoam!
  33. Sometimes you just have to walk away
  34. My dog's coat.
  35. HAHAHAHahahahahaha!
  36. For how much money would you give up your dog?
  37. GS Breeders
  38. If something happened to a family memeber/friend would you take in their dog?
  39. Have you Made Arrangements for your Pets Should you Die?
  40. A question about OFA testing
  41. I just have to say this...
  42. Dog walking question
  43. poor bubbah
  44. Need advice on a potenial Christmas present for Sasha's best friend
  45. What would yor dogs bucket list be like?
  46. She reminds me SO much of Zenzy
  47. You guys are killing me
  48. King Shepherds
  49. Lifetime of Giardia outside of the body
  50. "digging" dens in our carpet
  51. slovakians outlook on an ideal working shepherd?
  52. Increasing running mileage with dogs-increments.
  53. Some questions on Rocket
  54. Winter Exercise Ideas
  55. Aggressive breeds?
  56. American or German line
  57. So what can they chew on?
  58. Pet insurance the good, bad and the ugly.
  59. Irritated with the Rescue...
  60. 6month old puppy and now a baby on the way
  61. Do you see your dog in the mirror?
  62. How old does a puppy have to be to have babbies?
  63. Visiting Dog
  64. My new apartment smells like dog pee
  65. All About "Nerves," Please.
  66. Building a dog bed
  67. How can i raise GSD to be good guard dog?
  68. Kennel shut down near Atlanta
  69. Best Vacuum for German Shedders
  70. Stop Chew?
  71. Opinions on Aritar Bastet?
  72. My German Landshark at 11 months!
  73. I thought i was going to die today :(
  74. How much is a dogs life worth?
  75. 2012 *EPI Calendars*
  76. What toys does your GSD love in the crate?
  77. Help! Tennis Balls Wearing Down Teeth!
  78. Toys and other Supplies
  79. Good Samaritan in need of help!!
  80. Thinking of getting a tattoo
  81. Age they mature?
  82. Free Emergency Pet Decals
  83. GSDs and all dogs in harm's way!
  84. How can i get my GS puppy to sleep inside dog house?
  85. Is science diet good for my 3 month old GS puppy?
  86. Deciding on a new Family member
  87. Flying to Hawaii
  88. So excited: Going to pick up Nala from the airport
  89. Say Hello To Lucibelle
  90. Anyone doing Dog Sledding with their DSH's?
  91. creepy NC experience
  92. Sambuca (Sept Photo winner) on Homepage!
  93. Jada
  94. Why are there no GSD "Hog" hunters
  95. Cool Dog the movie :)
  96. Raw feeding
  97. Indoor our outdoor GSD?
  98. Moving is such a chore...
  99. Measuring height
  100. Flies eating my dog!!!
  101. Why do GSD's smell so good?
  102. Exercising on bicycle - what is too much?
  103. Just let them play!
  104. What size igloo doghouse?
  105. On the lighter side.......
  106. Rescue pound dog or get a pure-bred?
  107. Super Excited!!!!!
  108. GSDs in PA area
  109. Teaching strangers kids
  110. Measuring your dog?
  111. I... really... HATE... SQUIRRELS!!!!!!!
  112. Game: GSD The Movie
  113. dog killed a mink
  114. Article from German Magazine about the GSD
  115. Will this test rule out EPI?
  116. Odd breed mixes you have seen?
  117. Boarding and rescues
  118. Thoughts on an Obedience Club
  119. Alexandria got her AKC PAL!
  120. Buying a Trained Dog?
  121. Going to first Schutzhund event in early November
  122. Keeps peeing on his front paws!
  123. Hackle!
  124. Scratch/cut on face. Will the hair grow back?
  125. Renting with a GSD
  126. How long does it take?
  127. Running
  128. Winter: The Good and the Bad
  129. First dog vs Second dog - how much better were you..
  130. Halloween and Dogs?
  131. Crate rest... oh gosh.... (strained/pulled muscle of a 6 month old puppy)
  132. Great dog beds
  133. Games to Play with our GSD's?
  134. Keeping dog warm during winter months
  135. My GSD likes to steal!!!
  136. Collars, on or off inside the house?
  137. Overly Excited Dog!
  138. Who says dogs need FOUR legs??
  139. Dog bit laws where you live
  140. Building an Agility Course
  141. 2 females in one house a bad idea?
  142. How do your dogs handle strangers petting them?
  143. Dog Stuff!
  144. What is Roached?
  145. Introducing new pup to my 2 year and 3 month old boy
  146. Do you allow your GSD to play with tennis balls?
  147. Personal Views on Dog Parks
  148. How Do I get Everyone in the House on the SAME PAGE?
  149. Introduction && Current Issues with my New Pup
  150. Swirls on the neck?
  151. Who rules the roost?
  152. Light Hairs in the saddle of a blanket black and tan
  153. Best way to walk my dog around horses?
  154. Please keep encouraging me to wait
  155. Husky/GSD connection
  156. Quick! This way!
  157. How much would a german shepherd/rottweiler cost?
  158. Husband always wanted a GSD and I've finally (and reluctantly) said yes... Nervous!
  159. comment about GSD vs "Shiloh" shepherd-wow
  160. Easy way to help dogs
  161. What grooming tools do you use?
  162. GSD friendly housing
  163. GSD being used in war effort (photo fixed)
  164. lineage question
  165. A horse is a horse is a Cruz a ball?
  166. Toy question-need as many suggestions as possible please :)
  167. My Malinois is driving. me. CRAZY
  168. Abbreviations
  169. Coyote in the Neighborhood
  170. Christmas presents and dogs
  171. How do they determine which breed is more intelligent than the other?
  172. Bark Control
  173. Interesting interaction with somewhat unfamiliar neighbor this morning
  174. good breeds for GSD companions?
  175. Dogs Outdoors.
  176. Question on dog kennels
  177. Does your dog love their crate?
  178. GSD being used in war effort
  179. License Fees
  180. Why Aren't GSD's A Good Fit For Daycare?
  181. Any ideas on what breed/mix this is?
  182. Thoughts on purchasing microchip scanners
  183. Snake Deterrents?
  184. head growth
  185. Looking for a young GSD
  186. Dog Parade-who's going!?
  187. GSD Linage - American GSD Lines vs. German GSD Lines
  188. Possible Grooming Behaviour?
  189. GSD colorations
  190. How do you get fur out of towels in laundry?
  191. New pup into 2 sl gsd dog home
  192. Dunder's Halloween Costume:
  193. Changing Trainers - What would you do?
  194. Sleeping on the bed
  195. SoftPaws
  196. Why ask if you don't want to hear?
  197. AKC Giving out names of dog's owners
  198. Should I be giving "Pet Tabs" brand multi vitamins to my 8 month old with Mild ED?
  199. Exercise Routine
  200. the free dog from the native reserve
  201. Dog Rescues Another Dog... amazing
  202. She just won't do her business (on lead at least)
  203. Does your GSD "Double-back" when retrieving?
  204. Adopting a GSD
  205. Help needed: Looking for a puppy book like this one!
  206. judging type -
  207. silly question but....
  208. Biking with your dog; best way to go?
  209. Breeder sent me this email, I don't understand.
  210. Stress PEE help!!!!
  211. Dog Returned to Sender
  212. Would you sell a dog to someone that makes it live in basement?
  213. Working Families: How and when do your dogs go potty during the day?
  214. Pupkins :3
  215. "mild" elbow dysplasia-8 month old
  216. What Would You Do? Still No Papers
  217. How friendley is to friendly?
  218. Sick days...
  219. GSD-friendly apartments in the Indianapolis area?
  220. For the sake of the GSD's- BE NICER!!!!
  221. Dogs and Furniture
  222. Does a black gsd normally have a different type of coat?
  223. Breeds known for Dog to Dog Aggression
  224. Completely Ridiculous (kind of long)
  225. Help Me With This
  226. Loss of Vision/Hearing - Enhance Other Senses?
  227. How many GSD owners actually walk/jog their dogs everyday?
  228. Horse Stall Mats for Muddy areas???
  229. Worried that my GSD's sibling is going to end up at my house.
  230. Outdoor Living Area
  231. Itching/scratching
  232. Goofy almost DIED today!!!!
  233. I didn't realize it was six dogs...
  234. Dunder the Time Lapse Puppy's Halloween Costume!
  235. Dog 101 German Shepherd
  236. Dog World magazine
  237. Great Quote
  238. Sticks
  239. Malinois
  240. Stinky question :)
  241. Please Help!
  242. Anyone going to Winter Woofstock in Toronto?
  243. Should I or shouldn't I?? That is the question.
  244. Emergency information
  245. Who wants to babysit!?
  246. What Do You Leave For Your Dogs?
  247. CGC test.... charging?
  248. Does your dog stretch their hind legs often?
  249. Is there a way to desensitize her to fireworks?
  250. Iphone GSD Phone Cover?