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General Information

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  1. Experiment: Dreaming Doggy + your smell
  2. Kennels/dog runs
  3. Growing up video :D
  4. Awesome visit (with pics)
  5. Is This Too Many Stairs?
  6. Do you have a lover
  7. newbie
  8. Vacation in Leavenworth
  9. Do you allow your dogs upstairs?
  10. Does your GSD "talk?"
  11. USA Sieger Show- and others.
  12. How Do Beaucerons Differ From GSDs
  13. People think we're crazy, but the craziness works!
  14. He Likes Thing In Tubes???
  15. Thinking of getting a Doberman as a second dog, just some questions
  16. How much/when do your dogs drink water?
  17. Nicknames for Dogs
  18. OMG I'm exhausted
  19. My 3 month old GSD
  20. How Awful! :(
  21. size
  22. Thought this was interesting in light of the "will my dog protect me" threads. . .
  23. Syracuse, NY area Vet
  24. If you don't have something constructive to say don't say it:)
  25. At what age do you stop puppy socialization with other dogs if you do?
  26. Good 2nd Dog
  27. Would you feel comfortable letting your dog around a pit bull?
  28. Winter coat question
  29. Do you have a favorite dog training book?
  30. Is my dog purebred?
  31. adopting young adult - what to expect?
  32. Already seeing result from feeding raw
  33. will my dog be protective of me?
  34. Look how much he's grown!! PICS!
  35. What does this mean?
  36. Getting roller blades today =D
  37. Chewy's not wanting to eat:(
  38. Doesn't Like Having His Front Paws Touched???
  39. HELP: Water Bowl Watergate!!
  40. No charge protection dog and decoy training weekend
  41. What the heck do you do when it's Raining?
  42. Cedar is terrified of the furnace - Need help
  43. GSD mixed and owner rescued
  44. This isn't my forte! Any pit bull lovers out there? Noise phobia!
  45. GPS Collars in Canada?
  46. Incredibly frustating!
  47. About Wynthea kennels.
  48. Pls. help - i may have to put my dog down
  49. Signage-still on the fence....
  50. Those of you who run with your dogs:
  51. Question for the Malinois Owner
  52. New German Shepherd Mommy - please help
  53. No Bark collars I have a question
  54. Calling Vets or Knowledgeable People !!!
  55. Dog brings her food to eat in front of us
  56. What is the size of your GSD's neck..?
  57. Do you think sometimes they mimic our speech patterns
  58. 8 wks - 1yr in 40 sec video
  59. What size dog exercise pen should I get?
  60. Is this a dominance thing?
  61. It's blk/tan or blk/red or just outlined in tan?
  62. Are your dogs totally wiped from the holidays?
  63. I Picked Viktor Up From The Kennel Early
  64. what happened
  65. I need advice from you pros
  66. It's been a long time..
  67. The pack grows +1, a Christmas present to a stray GSD/Rott mix
  68. When you take family photos
  69. GSDs do NOT belong in the house
  70. A beautiful day for Rescues
  71. what`s up
  72. Christmas doggy stress :) (long!)
  73. What should I do?
  74. New Dog Owner Overwhelmed Help please
  75. What can we do?
  76. Doggie Visitor Advice!!
  77. Feeling overwhelmed and stressed
  78. Big day tomorrow
  79. Do dogs really air scent???
  80. Dog parks - a word of caution
  81. Bad Breeders or Bad Owners?
  82. Kmart Puppies.
  83. Christmas Cards Wanted for Little Boy and Service Dog
  84. Please help....need some advice! :(
  85. what is the best (poop eating)coprophagia deterrent
  86. Stop saying you are going to steal our dog!
  87. Hachi
  88. the Black and Reds
  89. GSD on craigslist :(
  90. Congratulations Loki
  91. What time is your dogs first and last potty break of the day?
  92. Is this normal?
  93. You see a stray...what do you do?
  94. a show every dog lover should watch
  95. Found a dog-friendly business today!
  96. Might be getting an ex-police Mal
  97. In and Out of doors, who's first?
  98. Just Walk Away, It Isn't Worth It
  99. Were going to look at a 11 month old GSD tomorrow any advice?
  100. True cost of a puppy
  101. Sick Dog??
  102. What is your favorite hobby with your GSD?
  103. Ask me where I spent my morning
  104. A few safety related questions
  105. Why Does He Hide It There???
  106. Daisy's New Trainer Terms
  107. The Perfect Dog: Dash of that one, smidgen of this one..
  108. incessant yawning from 9 month old GSD mix
  109. I am in love with this puppy
  110. What Information Do You Put On Your Dogs' ID TAG?
  111. Interesting Nerve Test?
  112. Nunavut's homeless need us now!
  113. in or out
  114. GSD friendly apartments in LA or Phoenix area!!
  115. Play-Train-Play!
  116. Would you pick a trainer based on your dog's reactions?
  117. How do your GSDs do with small dogs
  118. Escape act! (need suggestions)
  119. 2011 AKC NYC Meet the Breeds - The MOVIE!
  120. What would YOU do?
  121. Tennis Balls Good or Bad?
  122. Check your dog's i.d. Tag!!
  123. Hyper dog tennis ball sling shot do you own one?
  124. Daycare...
  125. Opinions on which Microchip to get?
  126. So I made a big mistake today
  127. What does your dog do when....
  128. Puppy Price
  129. will your dog come to you when....
  130. At what age do GSD muzzles start turning gray?
  131. Stryder got in TROUBLE!
  132. Opinions on a digestive enzyme
  133. Hitch update day 13
  134. Smoked bones are okay right?
  135. Caution-the perfect need not enter-In what area have you failed your dog?
  136. Does your GSD march like a soldier?
  137. Trade: GSD puppy for iphone
  138. Questions! (Pedigrees, drives, lines, etc).
  139. Dog parks.....
  140. PetSafe and PetStop Compatibility
  141. One pup or Two?
  142. Recall on Iams Puppy Food!
  143. What Does Your Dog Do "Odd" ???
  144. 'Discounted Wholesale Pricing' - ????
  145. Dollar Amount
  146. i hope my extreme love for gsd will get me an A
  147. Thank goodness, my friends don't have GSD's
  148. Makes Me Sad- In the Kennel for Christmas
  149. 2 Homes? Possible? -text heavy-
  150. "Joint support" for younger dogs??
  151. I'm glad I haven't met anyone off this board in real life....
  152. This is SO WEIRD!
  153. What would you want your dog to do?
  154. My dog doesn't like dog things
  155. Apartment hunt with my girl.
  156. Sasha's video
  157. Small dogs... and the owners!
  158. Does your GSD sit like this?
  159. "Dog" person or a fake?
  160. Old photos of GSDs
  161. I think there should be.....
  162. Ummm...his tail is still moving so he must still be alive!
  163. need help with Hitch with his disability
  164. Barking
  165. RIN TIN TIN on the TODAY show in a few minutes (12/2 at 8:49 am)
  166. She stinks!
  167. Frisbee
  168. I Need VOTES:))))
  169. What kind of german sheperd mix do I have?
  170. Treadmill
  171. Rant: I hate my neighbors dog! (And my neighbor!)
  172. Dog "Play Room Ideas???
  173. Just Venting....
  174. Good dog toys for GSD?
  175. question about dental hygeine in dogs
  176. GSD 3rd Smartest Dog
  177. When to spay the girls?
  178. European breeding in U.S.?
  179. Keeping your dog in car while at work??
  180. Food to Avoid for a GSD
  181. Hey there - Updates from Robert
  182. German Shepherd Rescue of BC: Please contribute your vote
  183. Rey is getting spayed today
  184. Hauling the pups
  185. Does anybody else have a spouse like this?
  186. Who Will Not Be Getting Another GSD After Their GSD Passes?
  187. Getting his belly rubbed and loving it! Dunder the GSD pup!!!
  188. So, speaking of strays
  189. Do you think beating your dog teaches them anything?
  190. What to do...found a stray GSD
  191. Shipping from DC to TX - Which airline?
  192. Food Bowls: How big are yours?
  193. has this happened to yours
  194. How do you Contain your Intact Dogs?
  195. Are your families hard on you or supportive on the time your give your dog?
  196. What Happens to the Unsold GS Puppies?
  197. Names
  198. Started to get really upset
  199. Is This Guy Serious? GRR...
  200. Hip Problem
  201. Moving help?
  202. Two 3 year old GS brothers with mysterious allergies
  203. Funny Video of Me and the Dogs
  204. Just noticed this here recently....
  205. A reminder of the dog/human relationship
  206. the dog room
  207. Anyone in the Northern VA area?
  208. Collar question please!
  209. National Dog Show
  210. Should people neuter/spay their dogs?
  211. So is this high prey drive?
  212. Turkey Time
  213. Prepare to laugh!
  214. my bella :)
  215. Where to hike in Michigan?
  216. Bringing her home soon
  217. Importing a Dog - Shipping Costs
  218. Does tug help clean teeth?
  219. GSDs and Pit Bulls?
  220. Aggressive dog for adoption?
  221. Good cold weather gloves with grip?
  222. Male vs Female
  223. Best chew toy/bone?
  224. Gsp pup wanted
  225. Just curious ??????
  226. GSD books
  227. Saying hello and a few simple questions. :)
  228. Kitten and Puppy at the same time?
  229. According to PETA, I am not going to heaven.
  230. How Much Does a Dog Cost?
  231. When People Ask What Your Dog Cost
  232. When will my long coat gsd get her winter coat in???
  233. Apartment and GSD ????
  234. Dog training used in family life
  235. Intoducing Rio to a nervous dog?
  236. Good Nerves
  237. Have you guys seen this video yet? Dogs welcome their soldiers home :) So cute!
  238. Screamed and backhanded the puppy poop out of me.
  239. Is Microchipping a Scam?
  240. Afraid of dogs; wouldn't leave store
  241. Do you take your GSD's to the pet store?
  242. Bleeding nail
  243. Why the Rocks?
  244. Worms in the Poop
  245. Alpha Roll or Tummy Rub?
  246. Battlepuppy!
  247. I meet Reyka on Tuesday!
  248. Touching Pic- Update
  249. What kind of knowledge would you expect from a basic obedience trainer
  250. Dog is Agressive towards....