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General Information

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  1. Thinking of rescueing a money maker dog- non Gsd
  2. extreme naughty!
  3. It's depressing reading about all the dog aggression
  4. Camping with Jaeger - Questions
  5. What's your favorite
  6. vomiting
  7. Clueless on German Shepherds!!
  8. Dog tag clips
  9. How far do you or are willing to travel for training?
  10. New Puppy Ziva! =)
  11. Woot Home has a Dyson DC33 for $200. Should I get one?
  12. Those with jet black dogs... white hairs?
  13. Name picking
  14. First Time Looking For A GSD
  15. I am a foster failure!
  16. How far do you go?
  17. Do we have a "names" thread with lots of names?
  18. The German Shepherd Dog
  19. Do you know any German Shepherd facts?
  20. Dogs and movies
  21. Feel like a horrible owner
  22. Seat cover suggestions to protect my leather seats
  23. Need help with a Dalmation
  24. Fencing options?
  25. Bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger
  26. The question I got at Petsmart.....
  27. Best GSD Book(s)
  28. What are your dog's measurements?
  29. Collection of home remedies
  30. Greta or Gretchen?
  31. Is that Legal?
  32. Serious Question Regarding Socialization
  33. Does my puppy look purebread gsd!
  34. Relocating to Oklahoma City
  35. I Don't Know Which Is Worse
  36. One airline responsible for 50% of pet shipping deaths
  37. Cute pics of all kinds
  38. Need someone to take care of my puppy for 2days..
  39. females in heat-scent radius?
  40. Need some advice
  41. Swimming in winter
  42. German shepherd club of wi, big bend ???
  43. Are You and Your Dog(s) Alike?
  44. Advice needed, my dog's littermate headed to the shelter :(
  45. A new sign for my front door!
  46. Multiple Dog Owners
  47. Dog Sitting...suggestions on introduction between my dog and temp. dog!
  48. When did you decide GSD?
  49. Does Blue Buffalo Wilderness make your pups more gassy??
  50. Endless energy??
  51. Sombody PLEASE HELP!!
  52. Who is responsible?
  53. What is my dog?
  54. Working Group?!
  55. Has anyone ever taught their dog to "shed hunt" ?
  56. Moving to Irving,TX..can;t find an apartment that accepts GSDs....Need help.
  57. Westminster Dog Show - GSD Wins Herding Group!!!
  58. Help, my garden is destroyed
  59. Honda CRV or Nissan Rogue?? (Sidenote: To crate or not to crate in car?)
  60. Any suggestions for boarding in BEAUMONT, TX?
  61. 2012 Westminister Show
  62. So mad right now!!
  63. am i weird?
  64. WOW! An Opportunity To Consider
  65. Rey starts with the trainer tomorrow!
  66. Feeding the Dogs
  67. Wowza!!! $1,000.00 GSD Book!
  68. Will an injury increase hormones similar to a dog fight?
  69. HEY, finally found a picture of an 'Old Fashioned GSD'
  70. When do they stop growing?!
  71. Neighbors
  72. Dog theft paranoia!
  73. Oh how the rules change xD
  74. A Pit showed up in my yard last night
  75. Antlers on sale - link inside
  76. 1st time in kennel
  77. Jogging Hazard: Cars or Coyotes
  78. What age for a CGC
  79. they know...
  80. A Hawk Won't Bother Wolfie, Will It?
  81. My dilemma
  82. Need to share my good news!!!!
  83. When it hits the fan
  84. An awesome invitation
  85. "if no one adopts these puppies...."
  86. roach back bunny hoping (fun)
  87. Actual conversation I had at the neighborhood Super Bowl party today
  88. Dealing with a Breeder
  89. Pet lodging/hotel recommendations?
  90. Anybody heard of "THE LOOK"?
  91. Soft German Shepherd
  93. How do you irritate your pup?
  94. What Breed Will You Go With Next?
  95. GSD and my Swimming pool.........
  96. Dia and her playmate
  97. What would you do? (problem dog at dog park)
  98. Nose changing colour
  99. Just received a barking complaint...
  100. Teaching your dog cool tricks as well as socializing...
  101. Trained vs. untrained dogs protecting you
  102. Lost both of my dog's tags!
  103. Kaipo dies at the end of the week thanks to deadbeat owner
  104. Old wives tales...or tails
  105. flying with your dog
  106. How much in a week?
  107. Can ya take a hint silly dog? (video)
  108. How long will you leave your dog home alone to go do something unnecessary?
  109. Incorporating GSDs (and other K9 members) into your poersonal life..
  110. Fabric that will NOT collect dog/cat hair (not leather)
  111. Kaiya won the contest....thank you!!!
  112. Is my puppy a shepherd mix, and does she have Hip Dysplasia?
  113. What Is Your Experience With Dogs?
  114. Please help
  115. Prey drive or playing???
  116. The Other dog going strange...? Help!
  117. the dogs perspective (video)
  118. I saw this and thought it was great
  119. Good conformation Folder
  120. What is the most clever dog name you have ever heard?
  121. OH NO!! Kaiya Just Got Bumped Out Of 1st Place and TODAY Is Last Day Of Voting!!!!!!
  122. We are going on a trip to Toronto and thinking of going to a dog park?
  123. Disturbing
  124. German Shepherd changing her ways!
  125. Tattoo/ Latin "The Lord is my Shepherd."
  126. Eating sticks and leaves...
  127. Is a GSD right for us?
  128. Training classes in NW Ct????
  129. so frustrated trying to get my deaf foster adopted
  130. Might eat crow? :) (Some of you will laugh at me) Is Bails part Pit? (pic heavy)
  131. Dunder sliding thru a pile of leaves and right into a bush! LOL
  132. Law regarding dogs defending you or your home.
  133. Questiong on getting another shepherd
  134. Dog treats
  135. who is at fault
  136. Bringing him home
  137. To what extent do you think poverty affects dogs?
  138. Mad about how things were handle
  139. What do you think?
  140. Any on in Charlotte NC
  141. DNA testing: not GSD
  142. RSS Feeds
  143. Is it proven...
  144. Bad experience from a stranger
  145. Winter vs Summer
  146. Finding a true working GSD
  147. What I want from a GSD
  148. Harness and shoulder injuries?
  149. Neighborhood Nuisance Dog!
  150. Malti Poo in heat, our GSD is going CRAZY!!!
  151. I trained my dogs to go shopping...
  152. Deal at Marc's on crate (Ohio)
  153. Awesome GSD artwork
  154. Fence Question
  155. Which one?
  156. Moving to Charlotte, NC
  157. I need help in this situation
  158. Anyone living in the DMV area?
  159. what size dog bed
  160. Calling all Torontonians!!!!
  161. The Best Ways to Break up a Dog Fight
  162. I'm afraid that Jo might have abnormal hips :(
  163. I need a second opinion
  164. Curious who else's GSD does this?
  165. Buying vs Rescuing?
  166. Stupidist thing you've ever seen at the dog park
  167. Sleeping Behavior ?
  168. Regulating water for your puppy..
  169. Giving up a pet?
  170. What's your thought on buying adult dogs on CL?
  171. If you have a shelter dog, how do you deal with the not knowing?
  172. When to start going the distance
  173. New puppy
  174. RE-establishing pack order when a dog joins the family - how they do it and other ?'s
  175. Got Bacon?
  176. Swimming and coat care
  177. guaranteed smiles - dancing merengue dog video
  178. How cold is too cold for a GSD?
  179. Camping soon. (super long)
  180. Does your dog potty during walks or in a specific area?
  181. Playing or something else?
  182. Egg shells for dogs
  183. Whining!
  184. Friend bringing puppy over for playdate... what can I do with my adult?
  185. Things You Never Thought You'd Say
  186. So you wanna go to the dog park? :)
  187. Bails got a nick today at the dog park :(
  188. Sad - Over before it began.....HD
  189. Dog stares and looks at me suspiciously.
  190. Chicken Jerky safe?
  191. OK GSD Members - Can You Help My Blue GSD Kaiya Win A Magazine Cover???
  192. Best time to take Canine Good Citizenship? Experiences?
  193. get a Free bag of puppy or kitty food offer!
  194. Puppies?
  195. Size
  196. For those who have sequoyah dogs...
  197. Have your dogs ever growled at you? How did you handle it?
  198. "Air snapping"
  199. Traveling with your dog
  200. Surgery complications???
  201. Will my new puppy be scared of other dogs now?
  202. When is it too late to socialize your dog?
  203. Is a backpack a good idea?
  204. Treat Pouches and Training Treats... What's your favorite?
  205. So I'm thinking of Volunteering at the Humane Society...
  206. Punishment after the fact? Does the dog understand?
  207. I need some help with information on my shepherd
  208. I need to vent - she's studding him out now
  209. Sophie The Crossing Guard
  210. For those of you who can't keep your houdini's in their crate
  211. Job for my dog
  212. Revolutionizing the Microchip industry!
  213. Does your GSD Howl?
  214. Is there a way to tell if meat has been deliberately poisoned?
  215. Do your females have more attitude?
  216. Dog/cat Guinness world record holders
  217. GSD(mix?) works as crossing guard
  218. Animal Control where you Live?
  219. Accepted a new job in Houston. . .
  220. Maligator Sugar Overload
  221. Let the Christmas puppy rehoming begin
  222. DINOS~Dogs In Need Of Space
  223. License Plate Frame!
  224. Would you Report? (Dog Attack)
  225. Want to get a German Shepherd but looking for some answers to questions first.
  226. Sophie got attacked...warning, graphic pics
  227. Hot or Warm Food for GSD
  228. Amaretto needs a call name!
  229. Invisable fences
  230. Dog Paintings
  231. Not GSD but this poor dog!
  232. Letting strange dog dominate yours?
  233. So I made the appointment...reassurance needed!
  234. Opinions wanted on adding another GSD
  235. ~Male Names~
  236. SCARY DIY tetherball incident
  237. Got our new house today :)
  238. Stark got attacked while hiking
  239. Calming Signals: Should I buy the DVD or the Book?
  240. How often to groomers?
  241. He's not fixed and She's in heat
  242. New Person :)
  243. People are afraid of my dog!!
  244. Difference in Breed? Or individual Dog?
  245. All Tan
  246. Anyone watch Dog Whisperer last nite on NatGeo?
  247. Better safe than sorry?
  248. Where to get indestructible rubber ball?
  249. Rawhide, pigs ears, or real bones
  250. Help, Trying to save a 3 wk old pups life