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General Information

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  1. Dog Party - Ideas?
  2. The "Why"
  3. I need help finding a name!
  4. Creating a monster? How to prepare for future separation(s) ?
  5. New Female Pup-Needs a name
  6. Need to Board Teddy for a Weekend/Suggestions Welcome/Houston Area
  7. Need Advice - Trainer Disappeared
  8. HELP...What is she?
  9. Upcoming Trip & Overwhelming Anxiety
  10. Toys that Your Dog Plays With Independently
  11. Pup drooling. making a mess
  12. need suggestions on keeping dogs separated during camping trip
  13. How do I set the thread to show up with the original post first, instead of last?
  14. Man I love my girl! Need some ideas on what to get her for her birthday
  15. Disgusting!!!
  16. Diamond MFG recalls....
  17. Squirrel Poison....
  18. How to beat a German Shepherd at Tug of War...
  19. Looking for GSD owners in the Kansas City area!
  20. Don't EVER lose your dogs SV Pedigree Papers
  21. working line gsd
  22. Do they need a friend?
  23. Looking for a house to rent in Grand Rapids, Mi
  24. Favorite Nina Ottosson Puzzle ???
  25. Do you ever see a dog that looks so much like yours...
  26. Ditto
  27. Newbie questions.
  28. Apartments, Landlords that allow GSD's in Round Rock Texas?
  29. I am bringing my dogs inside
  30. Mountain lion vs dog?
  31. Teddy Panting and Thirsty During Middle of Night
  32. Hiking with your dog
  33. Two adult male dogs?
  34. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!
  35. Sometimes they are so funny
  36. How Often Do You Vacuum Your Car?
  37. My new WGSD. Looking for opinions on his age. Pictures! :)
  38. Dogs and Mutiple Registries
  39. Good idea? Demonstration speech at school with dog
  40. Mainly just curious on you thoughts
  41. If you had the chance to teach kids about dogs...
  42. Help in Rottweiler Adoption Decision
  43. For those of you that show/travel with dogs a lot
  44. Top 3 characteristics you love about your GSD....1,2,3...GO!
  45. So excited!!!
  46. Made her a chiro apt for next wed
  47. How soon to get another dog....
  48. Place to stay in Bay Area, CA?
  49. What Would You Do?
  50. A Controversial Observation of the Modern GSD
  51. White GSD / WGSD
  52. are any other puppys like this?
  53. lifelong thread
  54. What color is this dog?
  55. CKC Name Suggestions
  56. Vehicle decals
  57. vet day today
  58. What kind of mix?
  59. Tick Control for Yard
  60. Ever wonder what they dream about?
  61. How much confidence has your dog given YOU?
  62. dog cologne/deodorant
  63. Individual Personalities
  64. question about Zukes?
  65. Helping a dog adjust to a new house
  66. Grey muzzle
  67. Advice For Vacations
  68. So... you keep telling me to go SEE the dogs work
  69. Dog TV??
  70. if your dog died today would u get another shepherd?
  71. Take Action Campaigns at the animal rescue site.
  72. Need Recommendation for Dog Proof KitchenTrash Can
  73. Not Enough Time: Rant
  74. When you're not at home
  75. Tumbleweeds!!!!!
  76. Alternative to Grass?
  77. If I could I would take 20!
  78. Influential GSDs
  79. Gnash bringing home a pay check!
  80. Trip to Yellowstone
  81. 8 month GSD Car problem
  82. New Zealand GSD's
  83. Bear Club!
  84. What would you do...
  85. how do i make my profile pic show on my posts like others do?
  86. check out this site
  87. I want a gsd even MORE now!!!
  88. Good Use of Recovery Collar..
  89. SUV Recommendations
  90. House trained dog has accident !
  91. Given to a vet from a wolf breeder
  92. Photo a day of my GSD! Almost at 4 Million views!!!
  93. Moving/Adding Third Dog Advice
  94. Crate cover too hot?
  95. What's the thing(s) you love/dislike about your dog?
  96. Wireless Pet Containment System
  97. Would you go for a pet sitter or doggy daycare?
  98. Why do I always have to find animals?!
  99. How to get responses
  100. Breeder question
  101. Help! My Mother wants to buy from a BYB!
  102. Significance of YOUR user name?
  103. Vent: I am in ankle biter ****!
  104. ICE (in case of emergency)
  105. Will a gsd be the breed for me?
  106. Registering a GSD to the AKC without a pedigree?
  107. Your personality and the breed you pick?
  108. Something I've noticed... it's always been the GSD
  109. How do I react to a pitbull attack?
  110. Chris Klien has a GSD....
  111. What is she?
  112. Need a critique on my boys stance
  113. For those with non-stop barking neighbors
  114. Firemen save puppies from burning building
  115. Pet Friendly Airlines
  116. What would you do?
  117. Importing Puppy
  118. Costco now sell pet prescription meds
  119. Do you ask ??
  120. It's been a great day when
  121. Other dogs(beside GSD's)
  122. Maybe Moving,how to help my dogs
  123. Should I foster another pup?
  124. Do you let your dogs play Tug O War? (With each other, I mean!)
  125. how to get and keep clean floor tips pls :)
  126. My journey so far.....
  127. i love my dogs BUT...
  128. If you were in a Coma...
  129. Good off-leash hiking spots, dog resources, etc, in Cape Cod
  130. Should I care?
  131. What type/bloodline GSD are these handsome fellows?
  132. How do i measure for a dog t-shirt?
  133. Does your dog have a nickname?
  134. Little dog litter box with big dogs?
  135. The different characters in your household.. :o)
  136. Registration Name Help :)
  137. Central FL Walk/Train Buddies?
  138. What do you do when you work and your dogs are home alone?
  139. Are these dogs purebred?
  140. breeders in TX, breeders in TX, Breeders in TX....
  141. One more day to departure!
  142. Why can't this just be a Happy Place?
  143. Does gender make a difference in personality?
  144. Abuse picture on Facebook for GSD group
  145. Wolf/Dog Hybirds
  146. Looking for playtime with other GSD in CT
  147. ***Please Read This Before Posting in General Information***
  148. What type of activities should he do?
  149. Another thread about "Will my dog protect me"
  150. Check out this outdoor kennel!
  151. Stop leaving the Forum because......
  152. Which breed would you get if...
  153. Ok I have a problem
  154. How Pathetic.
  155. I have this Problem
  156. Wildlife warning!
  157. Met a police dog today
  158. Attn: Eastern Long Islanders -- seeking referral to quality dog boarding
  159. UPDATE!! Does my puppy look purebread gsd!
  160. How high of a fence in needed.
  161. Best description ever!
  162. Another craigslist fail...
  163. German Shepherd Dog Rearing Lynx Kittens
  164. Helper Mobility vests on sale!!
  165. Opinion
  166. Hip X-rays and Heat cycles
  167. Toy recommendations
  168. I present you... Bagheera
  169. Pet peeve
  170. Nervous to see what I'll find
  171. Advice for grieving dog?
  172. The right dog?
  173. I look like I'm abused
  174. Trying not to strangle my mom's bf...
  175. Tooth wear-need some advice?
  176. Questions I get asked about my GSD
  177. Power Breeds
  178. My county is threatening me with court about my dog license?!?!
  179. DIY invisible fencing- please share what product you use and pros and cons
  180. Hair Grooming
  181. I would like to get to know your GSD!!!
  182. Back Leg Question
  183. What Color?
  184. weekend
  185. Enriching a dog's life
  186. How cold is too cold for a dog?
  187. Why did you decide to get a GSD?
  188. Possible new pack member tomorrow
  189. 13 Month GSD in for surgery. Get him neutered while we are at it?
  190. Renting a home with a GSD..
  191. Advice. To give or not to give?
  192. What to expect at dog shows for the lay person?
  193. We FINALLY found a place!!
  194. Good dog, sad ending
  195. marking everything
  196. One of these days. . .
  197. So I know everyone thinks dog parks are bad but...
  198. Wish us luck!!
  199. Lets bring this dog home
  200. Grieving Dog
  201. My puppy is growing up.
  202. "is that a german shepherd?"
  203. new puppy
  204. Heated or Controversial Threads
  205. Bringing Home My New Foster Baby
  206. Your opinion on 8 month old GSD current weight/habits
  207. 1 Year Checkup
  208. Allergy problem??
  209. Gas problem.. non-GSD
  210. I'm so fed up with my family and their way of raising dogs
  211. Cultural dilemma (Muslims with dogs?)
  212. Clean sisal rug poop stain with K2R stain remover
  213. Looking for a young GSD
  214. Non-GSD breeder question...
  215. Career as a Trainer
  216. Daily Routine
  217. Stryder's New Nickname
  218. One coat color better than others in hotter climates?
  219. Bringing home a young adult GSD tomorrow, words of advice?
  220. Progress
  221. Warning: Useless Pigment Question
  222. For Those With Male Dogs
  223. New way to calculate dogs/cats age
  224. GREAT NEWS from CRUFTS!!! Wish AKC would follow
  225. Does your dog burp?
  226. One foot IN the water bowl when drinking?
  227. socializing my pup
  228. Black GSD Temperament
  229. Would a German Shepherd be good for me?
  230. when will he settle down?!
  231. Happy news for Ziva!
  232. Dyson DC25 on Woot for $250, should I go for it?
  233. Anyone try Running Eggs or Jolly Eggs?
  234. Cool photos of then and now sheps
  235. Grass seed suggestion
  236. Should I Let Him?
  237. Please Help
  238. Where did you get your first dog?
  239. Am I about to pay too much?
  240. shepperds in 3rd place
  241. Socializing my 4mo. old GSD - Help!?
  242. Help me determine what specific type of GS Shadow is!
  243. Petco toy recall
  244. My Dog's newly designed cover page!!! CREATIVE!!!
  245. At what age was your dog half his/her adult weight?
  246. Does your dog have a favorite color?
  247. Gotta love this ...
  248. German Shepherds and revolving doors?
  249. Small Dogs?
  250. Thinking of rescueing a money maker dog- non Gsd