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General Information

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  1. what's an Old Fashion German Shepherd??
  2. Moving to a new home
  3. Finding the right crate
  4. Funny breed analysis :)
  5. "J" name help!!
  6. Stain cleaners?
  7. Thoughts On Dog Friendly Restaurants
  8. Sadie is way too smart....
  9. groenendael
  10. Training is NOT an option...
  11. Removing tree sap?
  12. Does everyone in your household "LOVE" your dog as much as you?
  13. Kong....what do you put in it?
  14. is she really mixed with German shepherd??
  15. Let's go for a STAND!
  16. Good websites for online ordering?
  17. Dogs and Vermin
  18. Panda Shepherd?
  19. Your Biggest First Time Dog Owner Mistake?
  20. Canine Language
  21. Agree or disagree "wlgsd" - Do I HAVE to use prong with working lines?
  22. First time boarding...very nervous!
  23. old fashioned gsd
  24. The amazing Pool Noodle!
  25. Opinions about getting 2nd GSD
  26. Are your pets prepared for a disaster?
  27. Black and Tan or Patterned Sable?
  28. Running with GSDs DUPLICATE - closing
  29. Running with GSDs
  30. Can I Get Help With The Rules Please?
  31. I Am Checking Out....
  32. Rant about parents?!?!?!?!
  33. Jack LaLanne and Happy
  34. Sasha's new dog condo is finally (almost) done! PICS!
  35. Good idea for newbs!!
  36. playmate for my pup in el paso
  37. playmate for my pup in el paso
  38. Update on abused, neglected GSD.
  39. Something for him to do while I'm in the home office
  40. Hiding my cats
  41. Isn't this a Malinois? Not a GSD
  42. Going for a walk...
  43. Need a little advice - attacked by a pack of dogs in yard
  44. Indiana CL ad
  45. How do you gauge a dog's level of happiness?
  46. Rant- Vent- Need Advice
  47. Confused
  48. GSD and kittens
  49. Difference in coats
  50. Smell from accident won't go away
  51. Really need advice. Abused/neglected GSD running loose?
  52. Nature's Variety recall - duplicate, check diet section
  53. Do you know anything about your GSD's litter mates?
  54. about a dog giveaway ad
  55. Vote for Rin Tin Tin. A GSD for greatest Hollywood Pet of all time!
  56. Crate question
  57. German Shepherd Sheep Dog
  58. do your dogs tear hard balls to peices?
  59. Canine-Owners Good Citizen Certificate
  60. Burp Bomber
  61. So frustrated right now (venting)
  62. Learning About our Beloved Breed
  63. What kind of GSD are they describing here??
  64. Going on Vaca for 6 days....
  65. New Member, Love GSD's
  66. Mental Stimulation Toys
  67. What do you do about the POOP?
  68. Dog Licensing
  69. Why bulldog make other dogs mad.
  70. wanted to share...
  71. Dog Park Advice?
  72. May sound to put up a profile picture?
  73. Cat clawing at dogs face.
  74. OFA hip results. Need advice!!!!
  75. The things we do for our dogs and friends
  76. Petless Due To Spouse?
  77. Tucker is goin' camping :)
  78. Pill for this?
  79. What does Breeder of Merit Mean
  80. Believe if you want
  81. How are you and your dogs beating the heat?
  82. Craigslist is Pitifully Funny
  83. Now THAT's a white Shepherd
  84. Palm Beach Gardens GSD friendly Apartments
  85. a tree landed on my car
  86. Do You Get Annoyed With Other People's Dogs?
  87. GSD at dog parks
  88. Advice for dealing with child?
  89. Radars here
  90. Normal hind stance?
  91. How long after neutering do you let your dog play hard as before?
  92. My GSD has Loose Stools again!! HELP!!
  93. This should be a Fun Anniversary!
  94. HELPP! Pup cries when left alone
  95. need to find home for stray german shepherd
  96. Renters Insurance
  97. Altdeutsche hütehunde
  98. TickZapper
  99. Home owners insurance & GSDs.
  100. what is your dog size?
  101. Does marking behavior diminish after neutering?
  102. USDA to license rescue vote no.
  103. First long car ride
  104. How to go about reporting cruelty in pet store? (non-GSD)
  105. What's your dog's favorite water toy?
  106. best vacuum for vehicle
  107. ummmm.... how many red flags can you spot in this ad ???
  108. White German Shepherd dogs
  109. need help keeping flies off while at the river?
  110. Dog Park Woes
  111. Is this a Belgian or German ?
  112. Schutzund/Protection Book?
  113. On the Bed? In a crate? On the floor?
  114. The responsibility of owning a GSD
  115. Stella ran through electric fence.....
  116. What's your friend's Favourite Scratch?
  117. Moving [GSD-friendly housing]
  118. Vocal GSD's
  119. Civil - meaning?
  120. Question on Fence Height..Four Foot high enough?
  121. What's Your Favorite Place To Take Your Dogs
  122. How much to feed when treating colitis & yet another poop thread
  123. Do you leave your dog alone in Hotels?
  124. Regular coupe or sedan with GSDs?
  125. Thanks for everything!
  126. Ice Cubes?
  127. I suspect my ex-neighbor's dog bit a child
  128. Best Vacums For Dog Hair
  129. Doesn't like to exercise
  130. Underage Pet Sitters
  131. Puppy love
  132. Good Dog Bed
  133. Home coming
  134. Help with rare Strongheart bookend info
  135. How do you feel about this breeding?
  136. Moving to Las Vegas questions
  137. When did it start that dogs became "human"?
  138. Do/Would you give unsolicited advice??
  139. Can someone link this
  140. Dog Stolen... Thoughts?
  141. What do you say to THAT!?
  142. Hiking
  143. OT: Wolfdog breeder in Russia
  144. Thunder Shirt... Yay or Nay?
  145. Games Using Boxes?
  146. Kiddie pools for dogs?
  147. Confused..
  148. First Impressions
  149. Flooring questions
  150. 'Tis the season
  151. Memphis wont do anything without a toy
  152. Bengals and GSD's?
  153. Moving to new place that's more country
  154. Is there a possibilty?
  155. For those that have owned other breeds, was your GSD more "challenging" to raise?
  156. Is this Appropriate Play?
  157. Male vs Female GSD
  158. Crates & Pricing
  159. In Case of Emergency Pet Information
  160. Desert Tortoise Work (non-GSD)
  161. How much is that puppy in the window
  162. Fur/Barking??
  163. We're Still Alive!
  164. Discussion between K9 and Squirrel.
  165. fly ear bonnets
  166. People of New York
  167. 2 Dogs in the same house?
  168. Curiosity question about the different Lines
  169. Tents with dogs
  170. Do your dogs do the lean?
  171. Operation Freedom Paws
  172. pet sitter payment advice
  173. What did you do with your dog today?
  174. Would You Take Your Dogs To Work With You?
  175. At what age did your dog show it's "adult" personality?
  176. Saying Good Bye
  177. TICKS!!!! Please help!
  178. GSDs and the pool
  179. Need advice!!
  180. How are dogs named?
  181. Dog Beach
  182. Where do you keep your dog stuff?
  183. Barbados de Terceira
  184. German Shepherd Artists?
  185. Another Craigslist Genius
  186. The wrong way
  187. swollow somthing dangerous
  188. Traveling to EU with dog
  189. What do you think about this eye color in a mixed breed WGSD?
  190. "Congratulations. Your daughter is a backyard breeder"
  191. Lets just blame the dog..
  192. Recent incident with neighbor's dog
  193. New neighbor issue, kind of touchy situation, need advice
  194. Recent wolf heritage?
  195. Don't Give Up on That Dog! Raising a German Shepherd Dog
  196. Does your dog like to guide your walks?
  197. Strange behavior????
  198. What is her problem?
  199. Neighbors dogs, attacking me and scaring my girl..
  200. Help!!!! Is there a recall on Blue Buffalo- Cant get verified
  201. GSDCA Application Question
  202. Helping Homeless/Low Income People With Dogs
  203. Possessive with Sticks
  204. What's With The Personality Change?
  205. barking when somebody knocks
  206. Morning Walk vs. Evening Walk
  207. personal questions
  208. Old World German Shepherds?
  209. Cool sign I bought
  210. Giving Multiple Dogs Individual Attention
  211. sleeping in the bed
  212. What do YOU do to bond with your dog?
  213. Is there such thing as a legit reason to rehome?
  214. meter readers
  215. need help picking a name for my new male shepherd
  216. Having A Great Experience At Local Dog Park
  217. exercise needs
  218. Maak for Pets..Not a good experience!
  219. Ever stumble into a picture of your dog?
  220. Thoughts on using a tie-out for a short period of time??
  221. where do I post my dog's hip xrays
  223. Update on Zach
  224. German Shepherd Organizations for the newbie (SV/WUSV/USCA)
  225. Will your dog protect you-put to the test
  226. Ethical Questions Regarding Loving Dogs More than People
  227. My 2yr old still squat
  228. How old before you add a second GSD
  229. Horrible manners...rant
  230. Should we get a new dog for my 13 YO GSD?
  231. Be careful about this...
  232. Santa cruz dog heaven.
  233. It takes all kinds! **VENT**
  234. Is two better than one?
  235. Do sables greay faster?
  236. Need pics of correct heads for drawing project
  237. It's official, Lycan is a monster
  238. What type of treats
  239. When does hoarding start?
  240. Adopting a GS, while living alone in a 1 bedroom apartemtn
  241. Say A Prayer For Rogue
  242. Training my Pup to be house raised.
  243. *****Looking for GSD friendly rental property in Northern VA****
  244. How do you store your food? (kibble)
  245. If you're going to dispense advice, please do us all a favor and --
  246. Gray/white undercoat?
  247. Dog Party - Ideas?
  248. The "Why"
  249. I need help finding a name!
  250. Creating a monster? How to prepare for future separation(s) ?