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General Information

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  1. Beware in hunting season with the sables
  2. Regarding Probodics, and Diarrhea
  3. Good outside, crazy in the house!
  4. Certain Cultures Are 'More Prone'To Being Afraid Of Dogs?
  5. Glucosamine Supplement
  6. Potty question (just curious)
  7. Do you consider dogs 'dirty'? (long)
  8. Does age matter on this forum?
  9. Does Your GSD Play Alone?
  10. Dog Fight At Dog Park
  11. Czech/slovak name for DDR dog?
  12. The "shut down"
  13. 10 myths about adopting a gsd
  14. Question on Coloring of GSD Puppy?
  15. why birch, anise and clove in ORT?
  16. First time dog owner
  17. Halloween
  18. Need opinions...this is just sheer curiosity.
  19. dog crate
  20. Anyone have a Spartanville pup?
  21. I'm feeling so discouraged right now.
  22. Muzzle for off leash hike?
  23. Would You Shoot YOUR Dog To Put It Down?
  24. Puppy to Adult...
  25. I'm glad my GSD doesn't talk because...
  26. Milk Production Question
  27. They are magical, just some thoughts
  28. Unbiased opinions and advice. Was I right or did I overreact?
  29. I am looking for other dog owners from same breeder
  30. Do you feel a kinship with other GSD owners?
  31. petco sale
  32. If you could post any topic anonymously, what would it be?
  33. Petoskey, MI Event Locator
  34. Allergy Question..
  35. protective g/s
  36. If You Were Going To Recommend...
  37. I laugh now...
  38. Can't figure it out???
  39. Sudden stair anxiety
  40. Is anyone going to the USCA show in Indy in November?
  41. Kid friendly GSD fun facts
  42. Her boyfriend is staying over!! :P
  43. expen flooring
  44. Do we treat our dogs better than we treat society?
  45. Happy birthday Katya!!!
  46. Breaks my heart
  47. kennel insulation
  48. "Old Dogs" can learn new tricks
  49. Question for Groomers
  50. What are you guilty of?
  51. Your Opinion
  52. Socializing
  53. My DOG has gone off!!!
  54. Flirt pole at Petsmart?
  55. Would you tell your family they just ate dog food?
  56. Microchips, sigh
  57. Update on life! (it's been a long time)
  58. Petsitter rates seem fair?
  59. I have a tattle tale...anyone else's GSD do this?
  60. Getting dog used to staying at terrace while we are not home
  61. Best surface for outdoor play area?
  62. Introducing new pup and other questions
  63. Another one bites the dust, Kong that is
  64. Thinking...
  65. Rant! Almost got bit good
  66. this is not the garden
  67. I am so blessed to own a GSD!
  68. Do Your Dogs Know When You Are Leaving
  69. My Pug met a shepherd...
  70. outside dog
  71. Oh boy... I didn't expect this...
  72. Alpha,, pure beauty
  73. Puppy being left alone
  74. Who here is from Ontario Canada?
  75. Toys?
  76. Are puppys playing or being aggressive
  77. My shepherd male!!!
  78. How To Bathe a Large Young GSD?
  79. Do you think apartment life is adequate for a dog?
  80. gsd and his brother
  81. The search dogs of 9/11
  82. How clean is your house?
  83. Do they know the difference between a wolf and regular dog by sound?
  84. The big decision is here - GSD or No GSD
  85. 16 Week Puppy Shots - Sluggish afterwards :(
  86. A bunch of random things in one post.
  87. Dogs in your neighborhood
  88. thanks
  89. will it work to add a female puppy to a family of 3 neutered males
  90. Rude Vet
  91. How many stores do you shop at for your dog?
  92. Our "right" to take a life?
  93. Looky what we got!
  94. Anyone use the Sonic Egg for bark control?
  95. cold weather coats
  96. dog height
  97. Talk to me about dog runs
  98. Smoking around pets
  99. What kind of dog do I have? Golden Shepherd?
  100. Why is my WGS so attached to me?
  101. 24 hour pet watch or Home Again?
  102. Give me your thoughts on this idea
  103. Questions and Concerns (long winded)
  104. If I had lots of money
  105. Dog Shaming site
  106. A long road filled with photos.
  107. Is my Puppy Underweight or Overweight
  108. pigs heart
  109. Heineken supports dogfighting??!?!?
  110. Dyson?
  111. An emergency tracheotomy on a GSD
  112. What do you think??
  113. Trying to decide...Help!!
  114. Dslr
  115. Leaving dog in car with the a/c running.
  116. Seizures/Ear Infections ??? kinda long!
  117. Longboard!!!!!!
  118. I thought dogs liked routines? "Calming Signals" book has me confused!
  119. What Did They Think Was Going To Happen
  120. Being left inside
  121. Flies on poo x-(
  122. If one is good two are better
  123. How far can an adult german shepherd walk. As in distance not the time.
  124. He is here!! pics!
  125. GSD Female Size Concerns
  126. How to get some more exercise for Stella
  127. Platypus feet
  128. What Is This!?!?!
  129. Helping a dog grieve
  130. Threat of a tropical storm
  131. I am so excited -
  132. Last question tonight....this one just for fun
  133. Is it meant to be?? Maybe....Fingers crossed!
  134. Most Common Dog Names
  135. Thoughts on this boy?
  136. How cool is this!
  137. I think we are going to *only* look at rescues
  138. My boy is not allowed - looking to rent in Florida.
  139. Please Help!
  140. Possible new addition
  141. The boys got a b-day gift
  142. Lazy day by the pool (pics)
  143. Bond Between Kids & Pets
  144. Getting ready for a storm
  145. There ain't room enough in this town for the two of us!
  146. My dog plays too much and I think it's my fault
  147. Twins??? What do you think???
  148. Permanent accommodation for your gsd?
  149. Not Defecating/Urinating on Walks
  150. Messy drinker - splashing water bowl
  151. How long would this bag of kibble last?
  152. Dogs leg trembles. Why?
  153. Advice on giving and taking advice
  154. Help! What supplies to take for camping?
  155. Possible Eviction
  156. Possible Problem...Advice Needed
  157. Dogs being dominate
  158. Cross country move
  159. sick pup from India
  160. What role do you play?
  161. Hackles
  162. Information on german shepherds???
  163. Dyson Animal vac - where have you been all my life??
  164. Faded color ?
  165. One Year today with our Joey
  166. British Columbia with dogs
  167. Things to do in San Diego with the dog
  168. Warm Up - Who warms his dog up before sport?
  169. german vs. american - telling the difference from the pedigree
  170. Close call with mouse poison
  171. Potential new GSD
  172. Getting a new GSD
  173. Artist's Capture -- this is impressive
  174. Are white German shepherds the same as standard black and red gsd's?
  175. Rookie Question
  176. First GSD
  177. Ottawa friendly camping spots ?
  178. paw stink
  179. Public's Attraction To Dogs With A Story
  180. What do you do with your dog while on holiday?
  181. Rough play? or fighting? VERY VERY pic heavy.
  182. We've Got A BIG boy! :)
  183. Bringing my German Shepherd to live with me while I go to college?
  184. does your gsd play tug with other dogs?
  185. San Francisco Vacation with GSD
  186. dna testing help
  187. Your Dog Have a Favorite Toy That Should Be Destroyed, But Isn't?
  188. Does Your Dog Bury Their Head When Pet?
  189. Help, Please! Need Suggestions.
  190. No more ear floofie's!
  191. What would you do/owner injury?
  192. Since she won't stop eating her poop...
  193. Stray Dog Drags a Severly Injured Women to Get Help.
  194. Brainstorming
  195. Purebred Black GSD or not?
  196. Why Do You/Don't You Crate?
  197. Found Chloe's blood brother today
  198. Spying on your dogs while you are away
  199. Dog Caricatures... need your help!
  200. Dog hair Allergy? How do you cope?
  201. Cute had to share
  202. Short or long term memory...
  203. How does your dog adjust to extra crate time?
  204. Weekends-What Do You Do With Your Dog?
  205. Pricing Question
  206. Bit Into An OTC Sleeping Pill
  207. Best way to get dog hair out of upholstery?
  208. I guess I can share this with you...RANT
  209. Do you let your GSD on the couch with you?
  210. Swimming
  211. Great Litter Box for Cats
  212. I felt like a terrible mom.. What happened?!? (text heavy)
  213. What Are You Pet Peeves With Other Dog Owners?
  214. Do "typical" dog owners think you're crazy?
  215. Visiting "alpha/dominanat" dog owners
  216. jerseyites! (training classes? clubs?)
  217. Constant Panters
  218. What is she?
  219. Private Dog Park - Would you pay for it?
  220. GSD in the bedroom, or out?
  221. NEED HELP and ADVICE! German Shepherd with high prey drive living with a little dog
  222. 24PetWatch Microchip issues
  223. Naming question - for AKC PAL
  224. From AC to outside...potential risk?
  225. A typical day
  226. Who Works In The Animal Industry?
  227. My dog gs/mix or belgian?
  228. If you have an unaltered male and female...
  229. Dog friendly lakes in SoCal?
  230. How do you know if they're peeing or marking??
  231. Doggie day care while on vacation
  232. bath time
  233. Need Advice
  234. Dog Training - How far do you travel?
  235. Possible Elkhound but Lucky
  236. To post "Beware of" or not???
  237. How do you feel about allowing dogs to settle their own disputes?
  238. Always changing drinking water
  239. Help with Food
  240. Why Did You Choose Your Particular Dog?
  241. Is it abusive to leave the dog in your car with a/c running?
  242. What's your opinion on this boy
  243. may be getting a GSD! Finally!!
  244. Doggy things in Knoxville, Tn?
  245. Please help - older rehomed gsd depressed
  246. Who goes to the Doctor more often, you or your dog(s)?
  247. What is a dog, but a machine for loving?
  248. Dog-friendly beaches, stuff to do in Puget Sound/NW Washington area
  249. New Toll Free Poison Control #
  250. A little worried (words)