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General Information

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  1. Is GSD right for my family?
  2. pack leader flaws
  3. Dog DNA Test
  4. What games did your dog invent?
  5. is there a separate retreive drive??
  6. Could my GSD be mixed?
  7. Hard decisions-advice please.
  8. Thinking about getting a GSD puppy living with an older BC
  9. I'm going to make a dog bed that stays cool
  10. Koda Got Loose Last Night...
  11. Names for my puppy
  12. BPA-free toys?
  13. Trouble Showing Affection To Your Dog?
  14. being an idiot with yr dogs vids?
  15. Taking Care of a Wolf (Non-GSD)
  16. GSD's are lazy???
  17. Tried and True Odor Get Out!!!
  18. Things Do Get Better
  19. Do you ignore PM's and why?
  20. ALL THOSE "Von" names!!!!
  21. Favorite dog DVDs?
  22. Christmas Stuff
  23. Best handheld vacuum?
  24. Is your dog 13 years old?
  25. Is she purebred?
  26. GSDs over 100lbs... How many ppl have one?
  27. Anybody use this Nylabone toy?
  28. Taking hand in mouth
  29. Playing "tug o war" with your dog...good or bad?
  30. What kind of puppy is this??
  31. Dumbbell - Hold
  32. Adult dog
  33. bad things can happen this easy
  34. Very Disturbing Indiana Craigslist Ad...
  35. The right blow dryer
  36. Dogs At Public Events
  37. My Weapon is a Dog
  38. Owning a dog in a condo?
  39. just love people
  40. how do gsds usually react to ferrets?
  41. Varsity Pets Ball?
  42. can a grey sable turn into a brown sable?
  43. Glasgow Training Club
  44. Why can't people look after their dogs!?
  45. Looking at a new playmate for my GSD
  46. Exceptions To Securing Dog In Car?
  47. Does anyone play/exercise their dog with RC cars?
  48. Just rescued a purebred German shepherd , Can someone help me determine his age?
  49. How many languages does your dog know?
  50. Vehicle question
  51. How did your dogs do??
  52. Ottawa Canada people
  53. Help find good pet relocation company
  54. Happy Thanksgiving! What are your dogs thankful for.
  55. GSD Reviews - Ontarians !! archival magazines
  56. Help me name a dog! (non-GSD)
  57. Anyone Notice A Rash Of GSD Ads Lately?
  58. Bought a $90 steak at a business dinner and gave jäger the bone
  59. GSD, Mal, Mix?
  60. Cats and German Shepherds
  61. Bear saw a Bear!!!
  62. Do they think my signs dont apply to them??
  63. Getting around more dogs
  64. Size and age questions??
  65. Experiences with Rottweilers?
  66. pink papers?
  67. People, Their Kids, and My Dog
  68. Wisconsin Allert
  69. lancastorpuppies a puppy mill?!?!?
  70. doggy TREATS!
  71. apologies to all..
  72. will she get cold
  73. Would You 'Let' Your Spouse Get A Dog Breed You Didn't Like?
  74. Will a dog protect itself?
  75. will my untrained dog protect me?
  76. Barking: At what age does a GSD puppy expected to bark?
  77. forum navigation question
  78. Dog Packs and Tattletale Guilt
  79. Most Expensive Item Your Dog Destroyed?
  80. Space to run and train
  81. Training in a warehouse, need some input
  82. kennel half complete, need advice
  83. What should Mason Do?
  84. "Partial custody" of dog. Am I being ridiculous? (non-GSD)
  85. how can you tell if gsd mixed with malinois?
  86. 2 questions
  87. "Alert/Nervous GSD 4 1/2 yr old GSD" ! Kennel or New Petsitter? Advice please
  88. pack theory versus timid scavengers
  89. degree of cold Junior can withstand
  90. why the D in GSD
  91. apology to hattefattener
  92. Kong Stuffing Ideas
  93. relocating myself and the dog...advice and tips pls.
  94. Do You Let Kids Walk Your Dogs Alone?
  95. Dutch Shepherd???
  96. Help me win
  97. pet name
  98. Everyday Dog Confrontations
  99. Any GSD owners that also have JRT?
  100. places to live that don't have breed restrictions
  101. Worst injury caused by your dog?
  102. About the 5-letter word "*lpha"
  103. Does this pup look full German Shepherd?
  104. Snowshoeing with dogs?
  105. Help me Out! Considering Taking up Training!
  106. Sick! Sick! Sicko!!!!!!!!!!
  107. new gsd owner -- need advice please
  108. Do you love one of your dogs more?
  109. ate a couple of chunks out of her new blanket?
  110. Nat Geo tracking dog short video - longhair black GSD
  111. Are Dogs Capable Of Recognizing our Facial Expression?
  112. How to teach a softer play bite to a 3 year old.
  113. GSD Shelters?
  114. Temporary Fencing
  115. Are There Anymore Control Freaks Up Here?
  116. Poo stained hardwood floors - help!! :(
  117. No "issues" GSD ... how many of you have them?
  118. Beware of dog signs
  119. Anyone speaking Polish here?
  120. How affectionat is your German Shepherd?
  121. this is random but..
  122. What kind of dog is that? Rant...
  123. What Do You Think Your Dog Would Change About YOU?
  124. Are aggression issues common? Are GSDs very hard to train? Newbie questions.
  125. Maintaining the relationship with the first dog after a new one
  126. What's Your Dog's FAVORITE Toy?!
  127. 4 year old tripping over his own paws!!!
  128. Good, lasting, ball for play?
  129. Is dog insurance worth it?
  130. Checkin in from CT
  131. Indoor Games
  132. Freezy Pups Treats
  133. Breed two wolfdogs, get a full wolf!
  134. Anyone have a GSD pup & new born baby?
  135. Lazer Eyes :) What colour are your dogs?
  136. Toys
  137. Sinking of the HMS Bounty
  138. Volunteering Experiences
  139. New vacuum?
  140. Is Sandy affecting your dogs?
  141. Best halloween costume ever???
  142. Multiple Dogs: Do You Walk Together Or Separate?
  143. Halloween Contest!! Need help!!!
  144. hurricane
  145. How to get titles for my pup?
  146. When Did You Fully Trust Your Dog(s) In The House?
  147. Thoughts on this article???
  148. How fast is your dog
  149. Best sofa to get with GSD's?
  150. Oh Come on!!! They bleached the meat!!!
  151. Funniest "training" story
  152. The boys growed up n moved out!
  153. What's the oldest GSD you've ever known?
  154. Advice please. We do not know what to do.
  155. Vet visit . . . 11 month old GSD
  156. magazine
  157. Talk to me about prey drive.
  158. Would You Evacuate Or Stay With Your Pets In A Hurricane
  159. How often does your GSD stack himself?
  160. German Shepherd Video
  161. Water resistant bed?
  162. Bark Ops
  163. Awesome Police Dog work from the Salzburg Police, Austria
  164. At what age did your dog start to bark
  165. Are my dogs eating dirt or worms or...?
  166. Support Canine Pet Rescue (please!)
  167. Parrots and GSDs
  168. How do you know what work/sport to choose?
  169. Gaining Muscle
  170. RIP mr pillow
  171. Doing Schutzhund (sorta/kinda) with no Schutzhund training
  172. my house stinks molly got sprayed by a skunk what can I do?
  173. Gsd?
  174. GSD colours
  175. Advise on stopping play nipping / biting on strangers
  176. Adding a third dog? Pack structure
  177. My new favorite pic
  178. Short video of Balen and I
  179. Vet Care Fund For Individuals-Good Idea Or Bad?
  180. The dogs new 'toy'!
  181. SO Cute - Halloween idea
  182. Any dog lovers on facebook?
  183. Need advice on length of walk for puppy
  184. So how cool would it be if we pcs to Germany!
  185. So amused!
  186. Frisbee time!
  187. Will a Recording of Children laughing and screaming on repeat help?
  188. Neutering & schutzhund
  189. Adopting from Canada?
  190. Horrible horrible ticks this year
  191. Got Kip a Halloween collar today
  192. Breeders Near Chicago
  193. bonding question
  194. Is pea gravel a solution for dirt/mud? If not..
  195. Dilemma :-\ (long)
  196. What a German Shepherd should be...
  197. meet and greet
  198. How much has your sable's coat changed over time?
  199. Dog Names, vets office, pet insurance, and sport
  200. I've alwas loved Criss Angel! Check this out!
  201. Help !!Protein in Urine in my puppy
  202. obediece classes
  203. Please do not breed your dog !
  204. Exercise help
  205. Doggie Day Camp Frustration
  206. Is this kindness or cruelty??
  207. Trouble playing with other dogs
  208. Do you think dogs can see/sense supernatural beings?
  209. 2012 North American Sieger Show Info
  210. SO, I'm fostering a dog and he's being an jerk
  211. Have You Ever Been Behind In Taking Your Dog To Vet For Routine Visit?
  212. Flashlights, collarlights and Dogs - rant
  213. Pet Health Insurance
  214. advice on getting a crate
  215. Body Count of dogtoys amounts to 20 as of this morning...any help?
  216. how much to feed 11 month old german shep
  217. Why did you withhold information?!!!
  218. too small???
  219. Spotted Pads
  220. Guard Dogs
  221. What are you doing with your dog on Halloween?
  222. Dog Bleeding
  223. Good morning, it's Saturday, what are you with the dog/dogs today?
  224. Wow, pedigree database what have you done?
  225. Is there an Airhead stage with gsd's?
  226. Marking, A very specific question(s)...
  227. How does your GSD like the Snow?
  228. Male vs. Female vs. Little Kids vs. My Lawn
  229. Good or bad idea??
  230. Best living conditions while student w/GSD
  231. Recommended pet shipping company
  232. Important: Tip for scanning stubborn microchips
  233. Which microchip?
  234. Cruising With Skye
  235. just a cute funny video
  236. Debarking Is It EVER Ok?
  237. Dog commands Russian/Ukraine
  238. New User..need help please on Forums!
  239. Would you do a dog door? Or something else?
  240. Older Dog is Not Happy w/New Puppy...Need Advice!
  241. What's this "toupee-like" hair patch at Kira's withers?
  242. Anyone have puzzle toys for their dogs?
  243. She gets car sick
  244. Would you lie to a landlord? :(
  245. Koda's breeder is in the hospital
  246. Neighbors yard, gonna be a problem I think
  247. Favorite person?
  248. Does a cuddly pup=a cuddly adult dog ?
  249. What am I?
  250. Random accident, even though housetrained