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General Information

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  1. Looking for information
  2. Vet's advise
  3. In need of some advice..
  4. Does your dog stretch a lot?
  5. Going on vacation...Stella may not have a place to stay!
  6. What do you think he was?
  7. Another ?
  8. Alpha Dog
  9. NEW HERE!! Couple different questions about my dog on breed.
  10. Are deaf dogs untrainable, especially when it comes to barking? Neighbor RANT!
  11. Opinion on this GSD
  12. Dog parks yay or nay
  13. Does your dog take treats from strangers?
  14. Doberman Shepherd
  15. Let the hunt begin!
  16. Do you dress your pets? There's actually a good reason-
  17. Why we need to microchip our pets
  18. The best things in life are FREE.
  19. Does anyone own a German Shepherd and a Golden Retriever?
  20. HAAN Multiforce Pro Scrubbing Steam Mop
  21. um who's crazy
  22. Traveling and leaving my German behin
  23. What would some of the 'experts' have done?
  24. MRI's To Screen Service Dogs?
  25. Pedigree
  26. How much do you value your vet's opinions?
  27. Hardwood Floors and Dogs - Questions about Cleaning!
  28. Limping on and off, same leg
  29. Prison Training Program
  30. talking to myself
  31. Tie out "warning this can happen"
  32. I'm moving and I need help
  33. Long Distance Running with my GSD
  34. Hii need advice about a baby around a GSD.
  35. Best way to introduce 2 yr old GSD to new french bulldog puppy.
  36. Would you rescue your dog if it was swept out to sea? news article
  37. For Those Of You With Acreage
  38. 6 month old puppy and spring gardening = $400 in plants destroyed!!! solution?
  39. Markings question
  40. Why does Chief constantly lick himself??
  41. What do you think? Side and top view
  42. Does your dog lick you?
  43. Portland, Oregon gsds being killed?
  44. Moving day
  45. Dog Run?
  46. Leerburg discount?
  47. The big scarry next step
  48. Favorite Softie
  49. Results Of A Chained Unsocialized GSD
  50. Intense Ball Drive?
  51. not sure where to put this
  52. Deep snow
  53. To GSD or not to GSD - I ask for your assistance!
  54. 4 gsds
  55. water bowls
  56. Awesome training session and an invite!
  57. When to add another dog to the family.
  58. Cleaning leash used on another dog?
  59. Too much socialization
  60. Afraid of things
  61. Doggy Booties?
  62. Is a GSD a fit for me?
  63. Everyone should watch "Dog's Decoded" on Netflix or DVD
  64. How did you choose your GSD`s name ?
  65. fed up
  66. $498,000
  67. Dog park etiquette
  68. Safe weight for backpack?
  69. Rant
  70. Anyone have experience with labs?
  71. Car sickness
  72. How are male GSDs with their pups?
  73. Something special about GSDs...
  74. Hiking Preferences
  75. For those that bike or scooter with your dog, question?
  76. I bought a 3D printer... Dog ideas?
  77. Bethsheba and Cats and Me and my Chiropractor
  78. What is animal hoarding?
  79. Cape Coral Florida !
  80. is it normal for a gsd to toss and turn all night?
  81. Shepard/Husky mix
  82. WD's sense of order
  83. Getting My Dog's AKC Papers
  84. 48 hours...
  85. Dandruff in puppies
  86. Squirrels and Chipmunks OH MY
  87. MaDeuces very first steps in Obedience
  88. Doesn't know how to play!
  89. Is my German Shepherd PB or mix???
  90. road salt, paws???
  91. How to bring out potential in my dog?
  92. Indoor Activity Suggestions!
  93. What to make of this
  94. Desensitizing dog to car ride/parked excitement
  96. Help me with a Registration name for my rescue?
  97. Time Managment?
  98. Out of the backs of trucks!
  99. Interpreting Dog Communication
  100. Considering an adopting a female adult
  101. Not mud, but a completely torn up yard!
  102. Sick people...
  103. Naming Dogs/Puppies
  104. Will my GSD get any bigger?
  105. Do we own Alsatians or German Shepherds?
  106. Decision is Final
  107. Anyone travel overseas to hand pick pups?
  108. Neighbor complaining
  109. I've had it with the MUD!!
  110. anyone heard about the new DOGTV hype?
  111. Creative exercise and stimulation for dog
  112. Malinois Insanity - Free Dogs, first comes, first serves!
  113. Would it work out in a apartment?
  114. Is this little girl purebred
  115. To rescue or to raise..THAT is the question
  116. New Owner - How many miles?
  117. Cost of having a dog -- Nearly $60k for life of dog?
  118. Apartments Requiring DNA Tests For Dogs
  119. Need input please
  120. What is an "Australian Labradoodle????"
  121. Taking the value out of a dog
  122. How much time do you spend with your dog?
  123. Sunday Feel Good Story
  124. Ditto needs some fun in her life
  125. Problem with neighbors. What would you do? (non GSD related)
  126. Who does joring here?
  127. Jinx is back!!
  128. GSD Friendly homes/apartments in san diego?
  129. Core conditioning training exercises
  130. Fgs
  131. Hound, Bird-dog, JRT owners??? Help!
  132. Intact male at the dog park
  133. Does your company allow you to bring dogs to work?
  134. Looking for a playmate
  135. Do dogs have bad dreams/nightmares?
  136. pack theory oroginal papers?
  137. A possible leap in ownership
  138. What would you do?
  139. Is my German Shepherd a runt or large for her a age?
  140. Dog-related etiquette question
  141. Chlorine?
  142. We Are Going Skijoring!!!!
  143. Our Ziva update!
  144. Pet Insurance Recommendations
  145. Pet resistant couch?
  146. New Puppy, Peeing On Bed?
  147. kennel for airtravel
  148. The best time to add another to the pack?
  149. One more question!
  150. Would You Give Your Dog Away In A Special Circumstance?
  151. Need place to board my gsd please help:(
  152. you and I collide
  153. Anyone ever been backpacking with their dogs?
  154. Are You A GSD Convert?
  155. What to do when I am not home?
  156. What silly little thing do you absolutely love about your GSD?
  157. GSD puppy with dachshunds?
  158. GSDs, Apartments & Behavior
  159. Brain toys
  160. Do you have favorites?
  161. Happy New Year
  162. Pet insurance.
  163. Share with me: You're dogs height/weight/age/picture
  164. Truck Boxes for German Shepherds?
  165. Thought I Would Pass This Along
  166. The Power Of The Dog
  167. Happy New Year
  168. any one know of reputable trainers in the indpls, in area?
  169. What to do with the dog
  170. Dogs - Truly a Gift from God
  171. Barking issues
  172. how to pick a trainer or training facility
  173. veggies/fruits to avoid
  174. urinating in kennel
  175. Ready to expand our GSD family,have minor aggression, need some help and information!
  176. Anyone own a Kennel/Dog boarding business?
  177. Training Cesar's way..... For 6K
  178. Repercussions For Feeding Feral Dogs?
  179. How do you choose a name?
  180. What to do in a dog fight?
  181. Coat Question
  182. Lambriar?
  183. Merry Christmas to all!
  184. Merry Christmas to all!
  185. Do You Control Vet Receptionists' Interactions?
  186. What do you guys think?
  187. Homeward bound dogs and PTSD
  188. How much to pay dog sitter?
  189. Remy went to the vet yesterday
  190. Considering getting another pup
  191. Bad ear infection
  192. Question on my dogs size
  193. I Need a Sweater with a Custom Photo of My Dogs
  194. Kong question
  195. vintage working/sport vid, gsd's +
  196. Cedar dog house question
  197. cold weather question
  198. why do dogs cry after dog fights?
  199. Is there any accurate predictor for adult size from a pup
  200. Tennis balls and teeth
  201. stats: bad kids = bad dogs, by nation??
  202. How much do you spend on trainers?
  203. Home Made Food
  204. What to do...
  205. What Keeps You From Getting More Dogs?
  206. Land shark turned gentleman
  207. How I came to name my dog.......
  208. GSDs in the middle East?
  209. Hey LEOs-- Being pulled over with GSD in car
  210. Dog walking etiquette
  211. Moving/pcs to Germany!!! :-) advice needed
  212. Does anyone here have a GSD that's not "acceptable" color wise?
  213. Websites for elk antlers?
  214. What do I do if I'm really sick/injured?
  215. My GSD Ryu (video)
  216. Nine is enough
  217. Kai and the xmas tree
  218. Lots of questions about adding another family member
  219. What's your favorite color?
  220. Beaucerons and GSD's rare in the USA?
  221. Brown Nose?
  222. treadmill or not?
  223. Training To Stay Outside Longer?
  224. shilo shepherds
  225. Wire crate hazard
  226. Photos of 48hr test on Rawhide Swelling?
  227. Moderator ?
  228. New Pics of Felix
  229. My GS Bella
  230. Advice re: GSD hybrid from humane society
  231. Poor old dog
  232. Former/Future GSD owner... getting the "itch"...
  233. Adult Crate Size?
  234. Doggie door suggestions?
  235. Crate Blues?
  236. My bed - sheets, etc that aren't huge hair magnets
  237. Does dog urine burn the grass?
  238. Ready for Christmas.
  239. Suggestions? Dog harness with detachable
  240. What's one thing that you've always wanted to do with your dog
  241. Kai from when we got him to now (pics)
  242. meeting her bio sister
  243. What is the right age to begin running?
  244. The appeal of squeak toys
  245. Please critique my Kennel Design
  246. Leave the dog in the yard..Need advice.
  247. Crates
  248. Puppy Play
  249. Is it your dogs first Christmas? (pics)
  250. Is GSD right for my family?