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General Information

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  1. Dr. Barbara Royal
  2. Howling
  3. Nutro max vs wellness
  4. Dog licensing?
  5. Do you think my puppy is 3 months old?
  6. E fence failure....Dog success
  7. Starting fights around owner
  8. I just purchased.....
  9. The truth about PETA's supposed animal shelter
  10. Akbash
  11. GSD question.....
  12. How many of you have stable GSDs?
  13. Question on neighbors dogs running up to you on a walk
  14. New job..
  15. when to stop rough, one-sided dog play at the dog park
  16. Diyou teach your dog to swim? Or do they already know how?
  17. You Know Your Dog is Spoiled When...
  18. How long is your dog ever in a crate
  19. Posting pictures of your GSD
  20. GSD inside dog or out?
  21. sable puppy?
  22. Looking for protection/Schutzhund type car decal
  23. going to adopt a gsd
  24. Is my puppy going to be blanket back or saddle back?
  25. Indestructible toys?
  26. Need to vent! Other residents not picking up their dogs' poop!
  27. training dvd's
  28. 10 months old today
  29. Do you ever 'forget' you own a dog?
  30. Is the bond of an outdoor dog less/different than one that lives inside?
  31. What every GSD needs!!!
  32. question about Comfortis
  33. problems i can live with but should i
  34. Unusually small gsd...need opinions
  35. 10 mos old, no heat cycle yet?
  36. My girl is growing up!
  37. Microchip migration
  38. Tail wagging ..or not
  39. AKC poll, vote for the GSD!
  40. Spinoff-What type of dog would you LOVE to own (besides GSD)
  41. Dog Training seminar - no dogs, should I still go?
  42. so when did crates and formal potty training become the thing to do
  43. Search the Forum before you post a thread.
  44. 2Nd Fear Stage...Pointers?
  45. Why do you have a a GSD?
  46. GSD Hair Loss on Elbows
  47. Would you get a kick out of this type of thread or find it offensive?
  48. New GSD maybe..
  49. Would you be paying? LONG STORY
  50. Which Is For Me? - The BIG Debate!!
  51. is a german shepherd able to run with me every day?
  52. Help!!
  53. Multiple GSDs 3 or more
  54. Breeder wrote me a bad check
  55. Breed Of Dog You Wouldn't Own
  56. Well now it's my turn the long 8 week wait
  57. Crating
  58. Should I crate?
  59. Dos your dog have a job?
  60. breed clubs V kennel clubs
  61. Curious About the GSD
  62. DUPLICATE Max is home and he's an incredible dog! But I'm a little concerned...
  63. Indra is coming Home
  64. College people w/ GSD's
  65. Introducing two Shepherds
  66. New pup...
  67. True long coat - how to tell?
  68. Poop size?
  69. How far should I walk my 13 week old German Shepherd?
  70. Czech shepherd German shepherd?
  71. Tempted by King
  72. Boy do i have alot of questions..just one more:) - long haired gsd
  73. Registration/Titles
  74. Picky eater
  75. Can someone help me figure out what my dog is mixed with?
  76. Import Papers Needed?
  77. Do trainers have better kids?
  78. Need some help ;)
  79. I want to be a dog trainer
  80. Hi everyone! Meet Jäger!
  81. Early morning mall walking
  82. A vent for me and the Boos (dogs). How do you do balance?
  83. Overly Playful?
  84. 2 male shepherds?
  85. stopped gaining weight?
  86. A few questions
  87. How to train a dog to treadmill?
  88. German Commands - German Kennel Names - Words Pronounciation
  89. Puppy Vs. Tupperware
  90. I took a GS that I will train, this AM!
  91. Anyone know the laws and dog protection in KY
  92. Am I crazy for even considering this?
  93. the pups i bred rough housing - non gsd
  94. Passed up the chance...
  95. For those with hardwood, what do you use to keep them clean?
  96. Do You Think Americans Spoil Their Dogs More?
  97. Are GSD puppies really different....
  98. Question Please Help
  99. What types of non conventional dog treats does your dog like?
  100. its not how they are raised.....
  101. Newborns and GSDs?
  102. PAL (or ILP)
  103. When are we too old?
  104. Took him out on his harness today!
  105. Question about Female GSD
  106. Multiple Breed Owners: Question
  107. How cuddly is your pup?
  108. Shopping online vs. shopping local, which is better?
  109. My brother in law got a pet store gsd puppy :(
  110. Pet friendly Places to live in Dallas, Tx
  111. Lost GSD Near St. Louis
  112. Hahaha- adorable pic
  113. Would your dogs protect your property?
  114. For eveyone who has a dog with a high ball drive
  115. I really need to vent!
  116. Finding out more about a dog via his tattoo?
  117. Cairn Terrier and GSD
  118. Why fur saver?
  119. fitting in dog training for parents of teenage kids?
  120. Ever regret adding a new dog?
  121. Starting a home daycare and have a black GSD!
  122. Best site for blogging?
  123. would appreciate a critique of petra..
  124. Annoying!!
  125. Bath Time Question
  126. Is my Puppy a Pure Breed GSD?
  127. Help with step parents philosophy about dogs
  128. Floor color and day to day dog dirt and grime
  129. GSD and electric horse fences
  130. dog trainer in orlando
  131. Why dogs live such short lives
  132. What do you usually order from
  133. Going out of town
  134. To all GSD Owners: Where do you live???
  135. Books you recommend!
  136. Show me some great breeder and breed websites!
  137. Male coon cat & male German Shepherd.. Help!!
  138. Help please! :d
  139. Boxes and boxes...
  140. New pup---last pick of litter
  141. Shedding
  142. Do You Vacuum Your Dog?
  143. will your cat sometimes beat on working dog?
  144. Waking up
  145. How do you live your life with regaurd to your dogs?
  146. Doggy dreams
  147. 2nd Dog!
  148. Beaucerons, anyone?
  149. Anyone Used Cageless Boarding Or Would You?
  150. Can't even walk my dog??
  151. I need HELP..... please!!!!
  152. What Other Ways Do You Exercise With Your Dog?
  153. Am I doing everything correctly?
  154. What's the worst thing your GSD ate?
  155. How Far Should I Bike?
  156. blue merle?
  157. Let's make this year's dreams into realities !
  158. Gus was just attacked.
  159. New Puppy Need Advice!
  160. Photos and ears?
  161. Border Collies
  162. Does your dog help when it's time to get up?
  163. Best treat ever???
  164. What happened?? Should I get rid of the crate?
  165. Does my dog have Shepherd in him?
  166. Passing a bug??
  167. GSD friendly beach vacation rentals?
  168. Do you walk your dogs after a snow fall?
  169. What bones are good and bad
  170. Do you have conversations with your dogs?
  171. Introducing 2nd Dog and Squabbles Over Human Attention
  172. Favorite Time Of Day To Walk Your Dogs
  173. My poor baby :(
  174. That's what you get for throwing in the towel
  175. Do you ever find it strange
  176. Possible First Time German Shepherd Owner
  177. Leaving your dog in backyard alone?
  178. How do you effectively discourage people from getting another GSD, buying / rescuing?
  179. Is this considered underweight?
  180. wolfs
  181. What would you do in this situation?
  182. Crates
  183. Poop Bags - what do you do with them once they are full?
  184. WGSL owners: Do people think your dogs back looks slightly "sloped"??
  185. Grim 'turns on' they know?
  186. 4 or more GSDs in house
  187. States that have GSD/large dog friendly housing?
  188. Just rescued a Shepherd
  189. should 3 year old gsd be shedding now?
  190. Longcoat AKC GSDs in SV Shows
  191. Few questions
  192. Anyone ever heard of a "BarkBox"?
  193. Pet Gate - Wide Span
  194. male/female ratio; board members
  195. How much time do you spend reading the forums?
  196. Dobermans
  197. Did I do wrong?
  198. Where Is The Best Place To Live For GSD Owners?
  199. Are they serious?!?
  200. Are You The Only Dog Person In Your Family?
  201. Cities with more dogs than children - is yours trending this way?
  202. shutzhund
  203. When did your dog become "aloof"
  204. Need some help!
  205. My GSD is Listed on Home Owners Restriction List?
  206. How much work was your German Shepherd puppy?
  207. I'm sure I'm not the only one
  208. Best Collar Type?
  209. WHERE Are these Photos Taken!?
  210. Fence height?
  211. Local news about a police dog - look at this!
  212. Outside
  213. german shepherds and gardening....
  214. PB?
  215. Why???
  216. Advice about adding new GS pup with senior that has hip problems....
  217. How big should I expect her to get?
  218. GREAT idea!!!
  219. Dog crate size
  220. German Shepherd - How cold is to cold?
  221. Food Recall-Natures Variety Raw
  222. Brazil: Is anyone here from my area?
  223. To those who use PLEASE HELP!
  224. Male or Female - How to choose?
  225. Agility and AKC papers
  226. Wrong Reasons...and Why
  227. Happy Valentine's Day
  228. The German Shepherd in Word and Picture
  229. Maddi's got a new sister.
  230. dog lower incisors
  231. To Neuter or not to neuter
  232. Opinion/advice needed ASAP
  233. groups active to end dog fighting
  234. Examples of a "red sable"?
  235. i'm thinking of joining peta
  236. Now this is a great idea...
  237. What To Do For Her Bday?
  238. Help! Puppy Nipped Wife - Animal Control wants to quarantine
  239. Road Trip + Pet Passport
  240. Urgh - Boarding kennels - they just aren't worth the money :(
  241. Suspicious or Not??(Rant)
  242. Some sort of weird separation anxiety ?
  243. How Much Of A Reward Would You Offer For Your Dog's Return?
  244. No dog restriction renters insurance
  245. gettin the wet out
  246. 'Like' a page and shelter receives $5!
  247. tired pup does forward rolls
  248. Do You Think Your Area Is Behind In How They View Dogs?
  249. So I invited someone to a seminar we are hosting
  250. German Shepsky??!!?