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General Information

  1. Dog time
  2. 9 month GSD Puppy still so fearful
  3. Is it ok to leave puppy for 6 weeks?
  4. German shepherd at low temperatures
  5. Dog Walker Stress!!!
  6. About to be 9 week old
  7. Anybody else using homemade leashes?
  8. age to spay
  9. Bothering a dog while it is eating: controversy
  10. Winner Plus Kibble
  11. Rear dewclaws?
  12. Possible Hip Dysplaysia in 5 month old?
  13. K-9 Helps Save A Kidnap Victim
  14. How do they do that?
  15. Tribute to Search & Rescue Teams at WTC
  16. Coat Changes or Lack of?
  17. People are idiots!
  18. Hurricane Florence Preparation
  19. Does your GSd lay down to eat??
  20. Changing Remi's food...not good!
  21. Howling to coyotes
  22. Video Of A K-9 Apprehension
  23. Pet Insurance
  24. 2 fails, and one question.
  25. Feeling The Heat
  26. 4 Months and a half gsd biting habit
  27. Playing fetch in water
  28. Who misses their dogs while on vacation?
  29. a trick to help a sick dog take his meds:
  30. What color is my puppy?
  31. introducing our GSDs to something new
  32. Crate in Toyota Sienna
  33. Rocky's Big Adventure (NOT)
  34. One piece of advice...
  35. Pet Point microchip warning
  36. At what age did you start leaving them out of the crate?
  37. Know of any websites specializing in GSD stuff?
  38. All Cleaned Up & Nowhere To Go!
  39. Daily Schedule of a GSD
  40. Again With The Wolf Thing, and a Raptor Came Along Too
  41. the danger of heat stroke
  42. Coming soon, a new way
  43. Can breeders identify....
  44. Dog and tower speakers / floor subwoofer
  45. weight in 9 old gsds whats normal
  46. Neuter at 6 months
  47. Living with your dog
  48. The Life Of Rocky
  49. Horrifying roach backs
  50. Too much ego after a day...
  51. Height, Problem?
  52. (UPDATE!!) So I ended up with a stray Shepherd... Part 2
  53. Fun loving bundle of energy, just curious what is she
  54. Shaving german shepherd all the way down!
  55. Where did the "fixing the dog" come from?
  56. Counterfeit Nutramax Product Alert!!!
  57. Taking GS to camping trips in parks with wildlife, good idea or not?
  58. So I ended up with a stray Shepherd...
  59. Puppy not!
  60. 7 month old puppy with front leg injury
  61. Does anyone know what this is?
  62. Baby bird keeps falling out of nest...
  63. Breed Books
  64. Can not have a nice lawn when having a GSD?
  65. tooth extracted - any after-care tips?
  66. will my dogs fur grow back?
  67. I must just be weird.
  68. Picky Eater
  69. Odd Behavior
  70. WGSL TOPLINE Critics?? Pictures included!
  71. What the heck is this ?
  72. shadowing dog
  73. Do Dogs Come With You On Vacation?
  74. My german shepherd height
  75. chipped tooth
  76. how many live in oklahoma
  77. Breed mix opinions on Clooney?
  78. When your vet sells to VCA
  79. Kayaking with a dog
  80. Rocky's Swimming Lesson Fail
  81. Pet insurance
  82. West Nile Virus in MD!
  83. K-9 Brix-End Of T-Shift
  84. Playing with the hose: an observation/caution?
  85. Adopting A Recently Spayed Female?
  86. We already knew this :)
  87. GSDs with Berners or Newfoundlands?
  88. Cheap toy idea
  89. Rocky Training At The Park
  90. Volkswagen Tiguan
  91. Flying with puppy, HELP!
  92. The hardest thing I have gone through.
  93. Anyone else' GS likes to carry something in their mouth when excited?
  94. Communication breakdown taking a breather
  95. Cant wrap my head around this.
  96. Is this normal?
  97. Thoughts on another dog
  98. I need my own advice...
  99. My First "Heart" Dog!
  100. K-9 Brix-End Of Shift
  101. How to avoid leaving our dog in the car????
  102. Crating an adult GSD
  103. Just some things on youtube
  104. White toenails???
  105. Does she like us?
  106. Single Solo Dog Owner Companions Out There?
  107. Best Dog Run
  108. Harness for Zipline or rappelling
  109. Keeping cool during summer camping? Nigara Falls, NY.
  110. X-Pen Danger. Found my dog hanging by a toe!
  111. Entertaining an active dog with limited activity
  112. My Puppy Oliver - He's an Interesting Dog
  113. Tough Situation
  114. Corgis and Shepherds
  115. Is he a sable or a patterned sable ?
  116. Crate size
  117. Rentals in Washington state that allow German Shepherds?
  118. 15 Week Old Puppy Running
  119. Inga and the calf testicles
  120. Adding a second pup!
  121. Chaotic right now; just venting
  122. Coat length
  123. What type of GSD exactly do I have?
  124. Need advice
  125. Do you let strangers play with your dogs?
  126. Lobo Training Progress
  127. I've been meaning to ask for a while...
  128. "Bitch stripe" on tail?!
  129. hoping to visit/train while in north Georgia.
  130. Back Leg Problem ?
  131. What color/fur type is he?!
  132. Rant and Rave
  133. Heeling With Rocky, No Hands On The Leash!
  134. Why does she walk differently with me than our dog walker?
  135. GSD mixed with what?
  136. Good Article on Understanding Fearful Behavior
  137. Male GSD + 2 Small Dogs + New Female GSD
  138. Underweight or just small frame?
  139. Old, repetitive advice ...
  140. Do you think she will be a long coat or is she just fluffy?
  141. How does female heat works?
  142. Puppy after desexing
  143. Missing patch of top coat
  144. Playing With Rocky
  145. Service dog? Anyone else?
  146. A chew toy that lasts!!!
  147. German Shepherds with Autistic Children
  148. Clever Pet - the Hub
  149. Coat differences
  150. You can rob the house when the dogs are busy
  151. Burnt grass spots from urine
  152. neighbor dog issue
  153. Judging Water For Swimming?
  154. Vets in Tampa Bay
  155. Commands in German language for GSD?
  156. Foxtails/grass awn troubles
  157. Hair AROUND hot spot not growing back?
  158. Cape Coral - Fort Myers Renting Problem
  159. Need help: Looking for GSD Housing
  160. In the immortal words of Ella Fitzberald....
  161. Which type of sable is my new GSD puppy ?
  162. Help identify the color of my GSD
  163. Things I did not know before getting my GSD pup
  164. Watauga county NC laws and trails
  165. Question About Showing, mostly...
  166. German Shepherd Facial Shape (Will She Have It)
  167. Introducing kitten and GSD
  168. Is. My girl pb or mix
  169. Electronic Barking deterrent?
  170. More Brags for Rocky
  171. Introducing a new puppy to the house while my dog is injured
  172. Thoughts and prayers for K9 Apollo
  173. My story of these amazing animals
  174. Rocky Practicing Heeling With Neighbor Girl
  175. Any recommendations for a sturdy/secure hands free leash???
  176. Socialize with other GSD’s in Houston
  177. Agility Experts, Please Help.
  178. Shaving dog with 7mm (1/32) blade? Too short?
  179. How does spaying change them?
  180. Will this work?!?!?!?!?!
  181. How to keep gnats off
  182. Brags And Funny Mr. Rocky
  183. Labrador's scrotum is red and peeling
  184. Looking for advice
  185. My boy is now 6 months! (Pictures of our adventures included)
  186. That awkward, lanky teenager phase again...
  187. How do you personally handle off leash dogs?
  188. Black and Tan with white?!
  189. The smartest dog toy ever!
  190. Raw Snack + Breakfast/Dinner?
  191. Two Recent Studies on Animal Cognition
  192. 20 things GSDs we alreadyknow
  193. Caesar is 5 mo old and I have a new perspective!!!
  194. chicken necks, chicken necks, and more chicken necks :)
  195. Help! I think I'm being scammed!
  196. Rocky's Training Got Off To A Bad Start
  197. MSM Powder
  198. How much do your dogs sleep?
  199. Neutering at 11 months for Behavioural Issues
  200. New GSD owner, looking for advice.
  201. Bad day with training collar and a wire fence
  202. New Princeton Genetic Study: Canine Sociabilty, Domestication
  203. To all the new GSD owners, share your experience as first time owners.
  204. Is Roxy 100% gsd or a gsd Mali mix?
  205. Rocky With His New Toy
  206. My good deed for the day
  207. Keeper Collar
  208. The puppy
  209. Pedigree or not?
  210. Are dogs smarter than cats?
  211. No trip to the store today
  212. Needing Encoragement Today!!!
  213. Will she stay short?
  214. Temperament question
  215. Equipment Questions
  216. Does your dog/pup look like their siblings?
  217. Things that ONLY your GSD does?
  218. Crate vs Dog bed near bed at night
  219. Travel question
  220. How to find pedigree
  221. Weak Hind Legs
  222. always car sick
  223. Do dogs 'want' to make friends with strange dogs? (and other human projections)
  224. Is running 10K with GSD a good idea?
  225. the power of paint?
  226. New Pup!
  227. The saga of my possible German Shepherd Pup!
  228. Pure bred?
  229. Tattoos and Microchipping
  230. Where Did My Puppy Go?????
  231. Insurance Protection
  232. How many have an invisible fence?
  233. Pets by Nature (online retailer)
  234. GSD with smaller dogs
  235. Pain tolerance
  236. Is It Wrong?
  237. Can a pure bred German Shepherd be this color?
  238. Prong collar in Germany
  239. Microchipping
  240. Examples of loyalty within the breed
  241. What ridiculous songs do you sing to your dog?
  242. Male Puppies Question
  243. Did you pick your dog or did your dog choose you?
  244. Help!
  245. Arlo Security Cameras vs GSD
  246. Air travel from the U.S with pets
  247. Experience with a Tripod GSD/ resource guarding?
  248. Air travel
  249. White Puppy In a Litter of Black and Tan?
  250. Multiple Questions, so posting in General