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General Information

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  1. Is my puppy mixed?
  2. When you refer to a SABLE GSD
  3. Mental stimulation
  4. Warning - Be careful what toys your dog plays with!
  5. Anyone ever use dog DNA test?
  6. Does dog hair ruin pool filters?
  7. Dog vehicle suggestions?
  8. Gsd neutered?
  9. Urine Odor in soil
  10. What Is Your Dogs Worst Habit?
  11. Are your dogs a constant source of happiness?
  12. hates kiddie pools?
  13. I just received a dog tax bill from the county tax office...
  14. any way to get more info?
  15. Advice please on taking in a rescue GSD
  16. Name for registration --
  17. ResQ microchip?
  18. carpeting or bare floors?
  19. Apartment Hunting in OC
  20. How do you really read the pedigree papers from AKC?
  21. 7 Questions To Ask When Boarding A Dog
  22. easy to fake pedigree database?
  23. How Important Is Breed Perception To You
  24. this had me laughing for the past few minutes
  25. She doesn't bark
  26. what color is this german shepherd?
  27. 2013 Summerfest Dog Day Afternoon in Fountain Valley
  28. Have you ever been asked..........??
  29. German shepherd male names
  30. King Shepherds
  31. Why microchip?
  32. What's it like with 2 GSDs?
  33. Will he get more tan?
  34. Keeping a dog outside while working.
  35. Tugs your heart
  36. He can't stand the crate..
  37. Silly things our GSD do
  38. How Many People Do You Think Have The Wrong Dogs?
  39. Venting: Treats on Feet
  40. Advice on separation anxiety
  41. Help with daycare decision
  42. Only 2 years old :(
  43. Help with naming our GS please!
  44. How do you keep your dogs busy
  45. Please vote for Mauser (and Spike)
  46. How To Choose the Best Dog Food For Your Dog
  47. multi uses for soybean oil
  48. Dallas, Texas (Plano / Richardson) Meetup ?
  49. AKC Name
  50. posting big pics
  51. Toy ideas?
  52. Ears up?
  53. Toys Toys Toys...
  54. My beautiful 8 month old puppy Leo...
  55. Well trained bear shows off to GSD
  56. The City Dog in Training.
  57. What color is a sable
  58. I feel like this is a dumb question...
  59. Long haired German Shepherds?
  60. Teaching adult dog to play
  61. Best Vacuum for Pet Hair?
  62. Any tips for removing urine smell from dog Kennel?
  63. Bladder control
  64. Show Me A Dog With Good Reach
  65. If the Mom is silver/black & the Dad is black/tan what will the puppy be?
  66. Comment about Comments about Questions!
  67. renting troubles
  68. Poop Management (backyard summer & winter)
  69. How to Ship a Dog?
  70. Work/Vacation dilemma! WARNING LONG!
  71. What would be better?
  72. Problem with Wolf Hybrids (video with Cesar Millan)
  73. Do you have memorials on the anniversary of your dog's death?
  74. Poop eating now?
  75. Is the top running speed of a GSD related to size?
  76. Need advice...
  77. what is a "natural" dog
  78. Do You Make These 5 Dog Car Safety Mistakes?
  79. Should I get a German shepherd?
  80. Being stalked or targeted by dog napping!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  81. Things to think about regarding the breed.
  82. not a GSD but very touching...
  83. Why the biggest stick in the forest?
  84. Any special toy to strengthen dog's jaw?
  85. Non-raw bones for 14 weed old pupp
  86. are your dogs noisy sleepers?
  87. Oh dear, I found a dog...
  88. Augusta Georgia vets
  89. Happy owner, micro chipped my girl today
  90. What is a saddle back vs. blanket back and what are tar heels?
  91. How can we deal with new neighbors that are antagonizing our German Shepherd?
  92. My girl has a soft mouth
  93. Behavior while boarded
  94. Advice for building a skittish Puppy's Courage
  95. 1 yr old hates kids
  96. Returning from vacation
  97. Question about AKC paperwork - not supplied by breeder.
  98. Is a White GSD right for me?
  99. Walking across other dogs ... Grrrr
  100. June Bugs
  101. Sometimes all it takes is a little compassion
  102. How do you call his color?
  103. Flirt Pole making it worse?
  104. The people our dogs see... but we don't
  105. God didn't want us to have dogs?
  106. Breeding handicapped dogs; venting
  107. gsd forum it is but can anyone tell me about dobes - curious?
  108. AKC paperwork question
  109. ProPlan commercials
  110. How do you know if you're capable of owning a dog?
  111. Reasons why GSDs are extraordinary dogs
  112. Question about male pups
  113. I think I found a winner (toy)
  114. Beware of dog
  115. Any ideas on what my dog is mixed with??
  116. What breeds of dogs are good with shepherds?
  117. Taking our first trip, tips please.
  118. Real Tan color.. Origins?
  119. Anyone here from the Netherlands?
  120. plants to watch out for
  121. Pup and cat
  122. indoor and outdoor, dog perspectives?
  123. the perfect gsd - (humour)
  124. King shepherd, anyone own one
  125. What a LONG tiring day...
  126. Largest Plastic Dog Crates ???
  127. Post order
  128. reluctant to get out of car, fine getting in.
  129. Two crates, are there any advantages?
  130. dog likes other dogs more than he likes me!
  131. My dog hunter
  132. At what age do they stop growing ?
  133. Mosquitos
  134. Allergies? Lots of hives
  135. Do i have the right to be offended?
  136. How to make a flirt pole
  137. The possibility..
  138. Non GSD related - Shih Tzu (separation anxiety, maybe)
  139. Any recommendations for online purchase of Heartgard plus?
  140. Dogs "talking"
  141. Is This Weird or Is It Just Me? Does It Happen To You?
  142. Blk & Red or Blk & Tan
  143. Can a gsd look like their grandparents?
  144. SHould we add a male to the clan?
  145. Invisible Fence?
  146. Puppy Coat
  147. Khaleesi...
  148. What do you guys thing about this
  149. Rainy Day Activities
  150. That tail
  151. Fleas are bustin' out all over?
  152. What's the perfect number of dogs
  153. What product works best for you for cleaning your carpets after an accident?
  154. Why title a dog?
  155. Do people think your sable is mixed?
  156. Off leash time required for every dog?
  157. Best Solution for Urine on Carpet
  158. When to start looking for another pup?
  159. Working and owning a GSD
  160. (duplicate) Natura (recall)
  161. A dog in the RV??
  162. My jerk neighbor keeps contacting animal control
  163. What is her other half? (pic)
  164. White GSD or husky x GSD?
  165. can anyone recommend a kennel near Ocean City, NJ?
  166. I have a Houdini Dog
  167. Ever had to give up a dog?
  168. What is my dog mixed with?
  169. Have we gone too far over the top?
  170. standard/long coat question
  171. Wild instincts
  172. Need some second opinions
  173. What color is this german shepherd?
  174. torn
  175. Does the shedding ever stop!!!!!!
  176. Dog run advice
  177. giving up my dog
  178. More of Izzy!
  179. Swimming
  180. How do I encourage others to keep up training so my dog can improve?
  181. Kids these days!
  182. This is a kid who knows dogs
  183. General question re dog parks
  184. Dog barrier for truck windows...
  185. Wild Duck Laying Eggs....
  186. The siren howl
  187. I think my PB is a Husky mix??
  188. I hit the jackpot!
  189. Tucson (or Phoenix) or BUST! We are moving in September.
  190. Favorite Toys
  191. Back Again... Knuckles
  192. Why do GSD's take food...
  193. Tober has sensitive little footies!
  194. All ears question
  195. Burns from black dogs?
  196. dog isn't crazy about walks
  197. Gross-maggot eggs in yard?
  198. Oh Boy Wish Me Luck
  199. Looking for some unique backyards for our GSD's
  200. Need help!!!!
  201. Moving Help
  202. Anyone being redirected and receiving a "Your computer is infected page"?
  203. GSD vs Chinchilla... can they be friend?
  204. Any others here that don't want a protection dog?
  205. Should I call animal control?
  206. Sable genetics
  207. What do you give your dogs on their birthday
  208. Having troubles with the forum
  209. Taking Care of the Yard
  210. Entire backyeard covered in wood chips
  211. Oster Claw Trimmer
  212. International Shipping
  213. Dew claws on HIND LEGS?
  214. Need the Forum to Weigh in, please
  215. Can a GSD "point"?
  216. Perch training help
  217. Looking for shipping
  218. She does like water and a hawk almost landed on her...
  219. Need advice, SO frustrated.
  220. Chews/Bones
  221. Starting a family of dogs?
  222. How Far can I walk my puppy?
  223. Getting tired of the discrimination.
  224. Male vs female
  225. New pup
  226. Being rude vs. being careful
  227. Average neck size for adult females?
  228. Final Vote for GSD today!
  229. What is it about the CUZ?
  230. Flea and tick
  231. Brushing your German Shepherd
  232. Vote for the GSD
  233. Show me what you carry on a walk with you
  234. how do you sterilise scent of items???
  235. Neighborhood war.
  236. The ? "Why do you own a dog like that?"
  237. gsd = mastiff, mallinios = collie????
  238. Do puppy's remember other dogs?
  239. Stress & The GSD that is causing it
  240. Vaccum Cleaner
  241. GSD puppy with 2 bernese mountain dogs
  242. GSD Markings - the black dots on the face?
  243. Have you ever?
  244. Custom crate
  245. Non GSD Anyone know much about American Pocket Bully Dogs?
  246. Dr. Barbara Royal
  247. Howling
  248. Nutro max vs wellness
  249. Dog licensing?
  250. Do you think my puppy is 3 months old?