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General Information

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  1. Fear Aggressive dog and Vet and Vet Tech Problem :(
  2. A Reminder, Something so Simple can be VERY Deadly
  3. Sammy whines and cries all the sudden
  4. Flirt Pole Question?
  5. Care arrangements for your dog when you die?
  6. Introducing Ian... A Kitten. Doh
  7. boarding in Austin TX for intact dogs?
  8. Bubbles for dogs
  9. What type of dog is this?
  10. What made YOU (multiple dog owner) want to get another dog after the first? 2nd, 3rd?
  11. Apps for dogs
  12. Winter months?
  13. Zelda: The Sleepy GSD Video
  14. A few training questions, help appreciated (:
  15. Thinking about getting a GSD pup.
  16. older dogs, retired or ads?
  17. had to share!
  18. Just attacked by a pit bull
  19. Purpose for Dew Claws
  20. Just had a bizarre experience with Cudi
  21. Great new Game of Fetch for Very Frisky 1 Year Old
  22. First Snow Trip...Advice
  23. Full Time job with a GSD?
  24. NuVet
  25. GSD pup with A Rough Collie
  26. Ranger won't protect me...
  27. Dog shoes for walking on hard surfaces?
  28. Looks like I got lucky, eight-year old GSD only has mild arithitis in one of her legs
  29. Raising the puppy. Advice appreciated
  30. Could someone tell me if he is a working class or show class GSD?
  31. Backseat Hammocks
  32. Happy Halloween! (picture from internet).
  33. Debating if a GSD is right for me
  34. Drinking problems
  35. Belgian Malinois?
  36. Breed Restriction Lists in Portland :(
  37. Test for wolf content?
  38. 'Worst' dog you know
  39. Fencing for Dog
  40. Critique my 11 month old.
  41. Indoor exercise?
  42. Female approaching adult size - what collar?
  43. What balls should I get? Currently using tennis balls
  44. Interestingly awesome looking.
  45. Buying a 2 year old German Shepherd?
  46. Dog's bed room
  47. Forum/Thread order
  48. You need to see this!
  49. Has this happened to your wgsd
  50. Playing too rough? (Video)
  51. Cactus Spines in Feet
  52. Do GSDs enjoy searching?
  53. Training problem!!!!!!!
  54. Dog Blood Donors.
  55. Custom travel crate size suggestions
  56. Difference in breed
  57. running hamster in a ball toy?
  58. First bath
  59. Fireworks...
  60. Rough coat collies
  61. MRI shows human and canine brains strikingly similar
  62. "Beat her into submission.."
  63. Carrollton VA members!
  64. Please vote for Mikko!
  65. Sheba: SPCA Rescue Purebred
  66. Woke up to a sick pup
  67. Is there a forum for Akitas similar to this one for GSDs?
  68. I read that you should not pet your dog on the head?
  69. Ear drooping to one side
  70. To dog park, or not to Dog park..?
  71. Dog doors!
  72. Tips for Helping a Blind Dog?
  73. Buying a 2 year old German Shepherd?
  74. Movement
  75. Is it me or are there too many "Gorgeous Dog(s)" here.
  76. I think he is bored of the flirt pole! What are some other exercise toys?
  77. Dog afraid of new stove
  78. What 'kind' of GSD is Wolfbane?
  79. Need help to decide priorities for Zelda are-with a low income..
  80. Thinking about the next dog...
  81. Throwing up bile around 3-5am?
  82. Will my dog have under/short coat?
  83. Few questions..
  84. Do you get burnt out with your gsd ever?
  85. A good Pet memorial website?
  86. When can i let my spayed dog offleash?
  87. Transporting your GSD
  88. Breeders vs Hip Dysplasia
  89. Trying to Figure Out Dog Breed
  90. Golden retriever gets along with GSD?
  91. Integrating a new dog into the home... help!
  92. Sick spouse and hyper 5 month old pup.
  93. I can't stack my German shepherd!?
  94. Which would be less stressful for my dog Vinnie?
  95. Looking for dog bed recommendation
  96. Oscar or Vinnie?
  97. Dog walking in a cemetery...yes or no???
  98. Excessive Barking Influencing Puppy?
  99. Advice for tipping someone watching my dogs
  100. Should I let my dog in my bed and what are the consequences of doing so?
  101. Best dog to get, to live with a 1yr old gsd bitch
  102. How do you know a dog is sick?
  103. Well, there goes that....
  104. Female GSD's
  105. Matchmaker dogs
  106. What's the most amazing thing your dog/bitch does or has done....
  107. Do you sing to your dog???
  108. I love the look of the dog in this video!
  109. Can they read our minds?
  110. Bed size?
  111. Wooden fence for dog ... should there be viewing holes?!
  112. My puppy is on the way""
  113. My puppy is born!!!!
  114. I'm so excited!
  115. Long coat question
  116. Alarm barking/house watching
  117. Hose play?
  118. Back from deployment.. a few concerns..Text Heavy
  119. Custom car decals
  120. Short term foster/shipping a dog?
  121. GSD Puppy Feed
  122. Found German Shepherd
  123. Incredible Story
  124. What to do if dog attacks
  125. Need help-non GSD
  126. Possibly needing to relocate puppy
  127. Is it wrong to start saving money for a GSD puppy while my current one is still alive
  128. Good kid!
  129. Fencing your front yard?
  130. where to sleep??
  131. Any runners?
  132. GSD trends and myths on your country
  133. anyone own a sports car + a huge german shepherd?
  134. chasing a rag
  135. Understanding your dog in Erie way
  136. Importing???
  137. The scoop on dog poop? 10 months old GSD
  138. corgis and gsds in the same homes
  139. What toy that he can't destroy in five min
  140. Help me find a unique leather martingale for LC gsd
  141. Treadmills
  142. Simple curiosity
  143. Rescue vs Breeders?
  144. Picture of what I found Zelda eatting..
  145. Dog Run
  146. Looking For an Apartment
  147. Dog grooming - Swimming
  148. Do german shepherds walk different from other dogs
  149. GSD to help
  150. White GSD's badly treated on other GSD forums.
  151. Inside or Outside?
  152. Woohoo a rainy day time for the dog park!
  153. Leaving my dog for a while
  154. Boy VS. Girl. Which do YOU prefer?
  155. San Diego Renting
  156. HELP! my 5 month pup scares me!
  157. "Active" groupings
  158. Leave her with my husband or my parents?
  159. Can a working line live only as a pet?
  160. I'm looking for another dog
  161. Help, he keeps peeing on himself
  162. Excitement Meaning Happiness
  163. Advice: What do you think my GSD is mixed with?
  164. Please help me identify my mix!
  165. Ater 5 years, why am I still bothered when people say she's "small"?
  166. If you were hit by a bus tomorrow...
  167. Traveling with your GSD
  168. What if…
  169. is my puppy a glutten for punishment
  170. Zuke’s Grain Free Gift Pack Giveaway
  171. College and GSD?
  172. shepherd mixed?
  173. Liver GSD ??????
  174. Black and Tan Czech Line?
  175. Disappointing Development at Our Pet Store
  176. Enjoying the 'cooler' weather
  177. Where my GSD came from
  178. Does my German shepherd look mixed?
  179. What do you think my pup is mixed with?
  180. German Shepherd Mix?
  181. Dutch Shepherd
  182. Running out of ideas for SAFE chew toys
  183. What line is this dog,please?
  184. A Couple Questions!
  185. How do you wash a big dog bed?
  186. Partners in Crime!
  187. Wise to adopt a retired police GSD?
  188. Just got taken on a German Shepherd puppy
  189. Question about Belgian malinois
  190. Is this normal?
  191. German Shepherds are bully breeds
  192. dislike for plush or lc gsd
  193. Knuckles got his own page
  194. For Those Of You With Farms
  195. Would you adopt a dog for someone else?
  196. Can dogs smile.
  197. Toughest part of canine good citizens test?
  198. How do you manage SA and living your life, working full time?
  199. Anyone here own a 100% DDR GSD?
  200. Boarding for the first time- questions
  201. Forum is for People not Dogs.
  202. Unattended hunting dog left on trail. >:(
  203. Lobo's paranormal activity house fear
  204. Itchy puppy
  205. scary question need advice
  206. Health & Temperament Myth?
  207. too early to get another gsd?
  208. GSD puppy training
  209. Schutzhund in Action Working Dog Show
  210. Does your dog wake you up?
  211. Does Anyone Have A 'One Person' Dog?
  212. neutered now vomit ?
  213. What kind of German mix do I have?
  214. Do dogs get jealous?
  215. Pedigree database?
  216. need help to see if my dog is a mix? suggestions?
  217. Oh my goodness people are absolutely shameless non GSD
  218. Swimming
  219. old was your dog?
  220. allergic to my pups :(
  221. Please tell me this site isnt full of snobs.
  222. what are some things you and your dog do to stay active?
  223. Jolly Ball
  224. Recommended Dog Breed??
  225. Jobs with Dogs?
  226. Need Help Finding A Dog...
  227. have i just seen right? piebsld gsd?
  228. Getting a new dog (non GSD)
  229. In heat diaper question
  230. does anyone use these?
  231. Best hand held vacuum?
  232. Easing tensions between a GS mix and cats
  233. Vet Recommendation in Houston
  234. First agility 'class' - wore is butt out!
  235. Iverhart Plus Recall
  236. Seattle German Shepherd owners!!!!
  237. Flying with dogs
  238. Best toy ever!
  239. What are the differences between the different GSD lines?
  240. Snappy comebacks?
  241. to soon?
  242. WWE in the den
  243. Warlock, dutch, czech shepherd
  244. Kennels At Shopping Malls/Stores
  245. Is this big enough for an Aussie, or GSD?
  246. Introducing new dog to home...
  247. zee bitter apple, it does nothing!
  248. cant find a bed anywhere!!!
  249. Should I add another dog to my family?
  250. I'm a bad man :*)