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General Information

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  1. what type of food do you give your gsd
  2. Therapy dogs and RAW diet
  3. Want to give dog a job carrying water on walks - what harness should I get?
  4. Aggressive-ness?
  5. Another of my stupid questions
  6. Bad behavior?
  7. Can't we all get along?
  8. Static-y couch
  9. Winter exercise?
  10. Wolves and Domestic Dogs
  11. I'll never forget a Dog named Beau.
  12. Any German Shepherd in her
  13. He or She? And why?
  14. What amazes me.
  15. Joint custody
  16. Random non gsd question.
  17. interaction with kittens
  18. Curious if my GSD is full blooded
  19. Home rentals and GSD
  20. Deer Scat
  21. Follow up question for cat owners - food
  22. Does he have any wolf in him?
  23. Need some advice on rehoming
  24. Your GSDs and water
  25. GSD Puppy Wants To Play With Yorkie Mix
  26. What's up with so many GSD owners ?
  27. GSD friendly apartments in Seattle
  28. Getting there.
  29. what to expect from 12 months to 24 months?
  30. Weird idea for kenneling my GSD. . . what do you think?
  31. Where do they all come from?
  32. Pet Insurance
  33. Best Place To Buy Bullysticks?
  34. How much your dog costs
  35. Thoughts on their behavior so far?
  36. Command barking
  37. Difference in Size and Weight between Male and Female GS (Adults)
  38. Doga
  39. Sarge
  40. doggy daycare, thoughts/as a job?
  41. Mice
  42. Animal liberationists worst humanizers
  43. Question for Cat Owners
  44. disgusting litter box
  45. do any of your dogs go through your things?
  46. Ideas From You to Enhance My Dog's Life
  47. Would my GSD be happy?
  48. Fencing Height
  49. Whining Problem...
  50. Neighbors dogs just got out and bit a guy and his dog pretty bad
  51. My puppy won his first trophy!
  52. German shepherd liabilty
  53. K9 takes down suspect...
  54. GSD mix puppy?
  55. Practical solutions for managing poo in the winter
  56. gsd mix or not???
  57. Very Special Request
  58. dog & cat poop theif
  59. I bought a World Champion Show Line Dog.
  60. Should you get another dog if your first one is "bored"?
  61. Kiddie pools n trampolines
  62. The ultimate bed !
  63. Going to meet my puppy!!!!
  64. Could Shiloh be a GSD mix ?
  65. Repairing scratches on synthetic leather sofa
  66. And The Winner Of The Merrick Dog Food For A Year Contest Is…
  67. What to expect owning a German Shepherd
  68. Cyber Bully forum
  69. Mixing Show with Working?
  70. Questions about evaluating and introducing a new dog...and more
  71. What is in the corner
  72. Dog is a compass!
  73. GSDs in cities ????
  74. handler soft and Soft dog info wanted
  75. My First Rescue adoption! Is he part Dutch?
  76. Question about kennel--do you ever STOP using one?
  77. extreme herding -- brilliant fun
  78. Super cold! Strange dog behavior this morning
  79. Need (serious) 'real world' advice for eating poop.
  80. Introducing two dogs
  81. Was there a "Greatest of all time"?
  82. Does he look like a wolf hybrid? Opinions please! :)
  83. Would You Issue a Refund?
  84. Is a GSD the right dog for me?
  85. some leg fur is facing a different direction?
  86. New to this
  87. crate while i am gone ? she hates it
  88. mail carriers
  89. All this talk about coats ...
  90. How large are your neutered males? Age/Height/Length/Weight/Condition
  91. ok so my first question...
  92. Best term owner or guardian
  93. Delete account
  94. Silly sleepers
  95. Red of Tan? (picture heavy)
  96. berger picard shepherd
  97. Need help with female name
  98. Happy New Years!!!!
  99. are German Shepherds the breed for me?
  100. Moving to San Diego with GSD
  101. Dog size Female vs. Male
  102. A tale of 2 puppies....just rambling
  103. Question for vet techs
  104. Panda GSD
  105. Plush or Longhaired
  106. Videos
  107. HELP: International Health Certificate
  108. What's the difference between perceived loyalty and wanting to hang off you....
  109. Rant Rage Time: "I wish i could move out.."
  110. How about some comments made that are funny about us and our dogs
  111. Outfitting Your GSD For Cold Weather Outdoors.
  112. Interior kennel flooring material
  113. First Thing You Do When Your Pet Runs Away
  114. Solid Black GSD, any shampoo recommendations?
  115. snow nose is it for life ??????????????
  116. Stinky Butt..Fishy smell when scared
  117. Wireless dog fence?
  118. Stupid "breed chooser" apps and games
  119. Do you ever regreat getting a dog?
  120. Can she be a pure GSD!
  121. elk antler demolished in one day, ugh, what next?
  122. Will my dogs always get along?
  123. Is this a panda German Shepherd?
  124. I need advice: neighbor/fence
  125. E-bay Classified Ad for GSD.. I'm concerned..
  126. K9 puppy training/ protection
  127. Meanwhile in Canada...
  128. Which breeds are most forgiving when it comes to impulsive dog buyers?
  129. Help! Did I make a mistake?
  130. Is the Belgian Malinois replacing the German shepherd dog?
  131. modern GSD (article)
  132. Whats up with the spam
  133. Will my GSD remember me?
  134. What are your philosophies?
  135. Flip side of the coin
  136. How to properly wash your german shepherd
  137. This melted my heart (non gsd)
  138. blender freaks my shepherd out
  139. Anyone have a second to vote for Ares?
  140. cops using k9's to search cars (edited) is unconstituational
  141. Lucky
  142. Lazy cleaning ideas!
  143. How is this possible
  144. Can someone tell me what all this actually means? lol
  145. 19 month update
  146. Using and Outdoor Kennel as an Indoor kennel-to replace dog crate?
  147. Need Serious Advice !
  148. Floor ideas for kennels?
  149. Pine Straw (or similar mulch) + photo!
  150. Does your GSD react to the TV?
  151. Cats dont care about their owners
  152. My New Pup
  153. Ugh--insurance
  154. How experienced are you?
  155. Rescued puppy a GSD mix?
  156. Advice of shedding ..what brushes to use etc. On my black german shepherd
  157. Spots in Coat (on front shoulder?)
  158. GSD or Belgian Mal Mix?
  159. Best foot forward?
  160. GSD mix....mixed with what?!
  161. Do I have a GSD or Belgian Mal? You be the judge!
  162. Kennels whilst working away
  163. Its good to be back :)
  164. Looking for a second and advice needed
  165. Waiting for Santa
  166. RTF Grass??
  167. sire name
  168. Doggy backpack
  169. Crate Question: Bedroom, or No Bedroom?
  170. anyone play REALLY rough with your dog??
  171. Best Vacuum for that Lovely GSD Hair?
  172. Just thought this was interesting...
  173. Rain, Rain go away!
  174. So do any of you do this?
  175. Tips when walking in tough weather.
  176. gsd w/ a newborn baby ?
  177. Good news and questions
  178. Do you get asked if your dog is a mixed breed?
  179. The Guessing game
  180. This is an embarrassing question but... (bulbourethral gland?)
  181. How do you handle people STRONGLY against all breeders?
  182. Whats the best??
  183. All the dog toys out or rotate them?
  184. is it okay to do this
  185. Ideas for finding a great sitter for my GSD?
  186. Rate my Kennel
  187. Anyone have any ideas on this dude being all GSD
  188. Can anyone give info about this dog?
  189. Is this a czech gsd?
  190. Which one do you think or know is better?
  191. Protecting those ears in winter
  192. Psychology of the Dog
  193. How Long Before You Got Another?
  194. The front paw tuck and back leg stretch.
  195. I Hope Their Night Vision is Better Than Ours
  196. RVing with your Shepherd
  197. Ugh..
  198. Your GSD's name
  199. Is a German Shepard right for me?
  200. Lisl is losing her wavy fur
  201. Leaving dogs in car while you shop
  202. FCI (or someone else) to address extremes in top line
  203. How many people have only one dog?
  204. My dog wee's nearly every time I go near him
  205. Avoiding her crate. Why?
  206. calling all Canadian's
  207. Yup, my vacuum is ruined...
  208. Any suggestion for a good dog proof winter jacket?
  209. What is a 'bad' pet owner to you?
  210. Are spots common?
  211. Win A Year’s Supply Of Merrick Dog Food
  212. If you find a stray dog, what do you do?
  213. Boozer won't gain weight but his sister does
  214. GSD Mix?
  215. SO upset right now, could really use some good thoughts.
  216. Itching
  217. First Aid Kit For Fido...
  218. GSDs supporting their favorite teams
  219. Just a thought...Happy Thanksgiving!!
  220. What I am grateful for this Thanksgiving. Zelda who has helped me more than she knows
  221. Wishing you all
  222. The Neighbors (fence, driveway, parking, etc.)
  223. Is's the dog not the line!
  224. pure or not?
  225. What Would You Do? PC Sensitive
  226. Doggy help
  227. Talkies!
  228. Need help with a video.
  229. safe and Effective Flea remedy!
  230. What breed does she look like?
  231. Beaucerons
  232. Washing Stuffed Toys
  233. Scared of thunder
  234. I made a thread months back...
  235. Advice on new pup
  236. Anyone else have a problem child? Vent :'(
  237. Beware of Dogs signs
  238. Keep your GSD on a leash in public!
  239. Am I bad for thinking this?
  240. Worst pet names ever
  241. Drive level
  242. Finding the right rescue cat for life with Beau
  243. They grow up too fast. :-(
  244. I am trying really hard....
  245. Good News on Zelda's Separation Anxiety!
  246. Hypothetical: If you were given a chance to "create" a new breed...
  247. New puppy aggressively biting my girlfriend, but not me!
  248. Does your GSD sleep cross-legged?
  249. Color or pattern?
  250. Toys....