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General Information

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  1. Blue Buffalo
  2. In case anyone is interested- (women's) shelters that accept pets
  3. GSD's hair?
  4. New GSD - Worried about neutering
  5. My German Shepherd is to skinny
  6. Dallas Highway Closed to save GSD in HOV Lane
  7. Help please: What kind of GSD do I have? (lots of pictures)
  8. China GSD..
  9. High Drive WL dogs
  10. FYI: be aware of lily pads
  11. Animal control took my baby.
  12. Working dogs and dogs from working breeds does not always mean the same thing
  13. Right time to get a GSD
  14. Wolf GSD mix or other?
  15. Behavior Change after neutering
  16. Dog Beds
  17. Good analogy to dog training
  18. Going away for 3 months. Pet Sitter or Boarding?
  19. Bi-colors Darkening?
  20. Is the GSD the breed I'm looking for? (Kinda long . . )
  21. Neutering and males getting along
  22. Boarding/Kennels
  23. Varsity Ball
  24. Are most GSDs like this with kids?
  25. Ear infection ointment help!
  26. Book by Doc
  27. Considering a GSD as our next family member?
  28. Leaving GSD for a year
  29. wet dog help
  30. Picking dogs based on looks
  31. people with pools
  32. Anyone think 2 dogs are easier than one?
  33. main owner
  34. Looking for a High Quality Dog Crate/Cage
  35. Best option for dog when on vacation???
  36. has anyone been told.. +rant
  37. All black GSD collar colors
  38. Leaving one alone
  39. I Made the LLC Harness Fit!
  40. GSD least destrutive of the top 10 destructive breeds
  41. CA, Bay Area people want to go in on Leerburg DVD's?
  42. Dog Sitting-Need Help!
  43. Legally what do I need to do ?(Non GSD)
  44. Planning a camping trip
  45. Best most popular and recommended dog/puppy kibble.
  46. GSD friendly apartments in southern California
  47. Moving Overseas. Advice, Thoughts & Recommendations?
  48. What is the whole point of having a dog with AKC papers?
  49. Police dog Danny says goodbye to fallen partner at RCMP regimental funeral
  50. A short video about Jäger :-)
  51. Maybe just one of those days? Personal Rant, looking for advice from my forum family
  52. Malinois Military Dog National Geo Video
  53. LLC Harness arrived, but it's too small ;n;
  54. need a little help with translation please...
  55. do you know more about your dog than other people even a trainer?
  56. A friend of mine rescued a GSD yesterday
  57. Behavior problems with strangers??
  58. Do GSDs have different intestines?
  59. Any pug owners??
  60. Should I Take my Dog to a Public Event?
  61. Pedigree Database Problem
  62. Experience with Seizures?
  63. Male names for a "Y" Litter
  64. 'Heart dog'
  65. yellow grass
  66. We all love Gsd's, but what are your other experiences?
  67. Camping
  68. Crate recommendations
  69. Monster dog
  70. Multiple dog apartment people
  71. Getting my GSD tomorrow!
  72. Whistle GPS dog tracker?
  73. Unique Female & Male Puppy Names
  74. Collar Horror Stories?
  75. Long road trips with a GSD?
  76. Dog bites and attacks
  77. Coloring
  78. Is raising a German Shepherd in an apartment advisable?
  79. Powder coated chain link
  80. Anybody else's GSD despise diesel trucks?
  81. Best Guard Dog Breed?
  82. Sitters in North Dallas/Richardson?
  83. Getting an 6 year old dog, good idea?
  84. Baby broke his toe :(
  85. GSD puppy with small 1 year old dog
  86. When/how to introduce your new baby to your dog?
  87. Long lead recommendations??
  88. Need recommendations for INDESTRUCTIBLE toys/chews
  89. Advice on socializing before all puppy vaccinations completed
  90. Advice please
  91. My DDR/Czech GSD was chased off by a deer.
  92. cover for 8' x 12' kennel?
  93. Backyard mess
  94. what size crate should I get
  95. Flying to Europe with a German Shepherd- please help!!
  96. New kennel and run
  97. Help! Moving with German Shepherd!
  98. Name Change
  99. dog car: ute with canopy vs station wagon
  100. How to post links
  101. Always owned male dogs- getting a female GSD?
  102. Too smart
  103. GSD and Malinois, anything else in here?
  104. Removing Dogs For Carpet Cleaners
  105. German Shepherd Sable.
  106. Leash holding
  107. Lassie and Rin Tin Tin!
  108. Puppy Dog Food
  109. Dog ate cat poop. Make him induce vomiting?
  110. Suggestions on dog house designing and building
  111. How do you make sure to make time for all your pets?
  112. Why am I starting to see more and more dogs in the grocery stores?
  113. Adding a rescue...need advise.
  114. Why did you pick female or male?
  115. Why take a test?
  116. GSD or something else?
  117. Easy clean automatic water bowl
  118. Shepherd and Small Dog
  119. Cat saves child from dog...
  120. gsd figurine
  121. Help me!!
  122. Getting a new pup???
  123. Heavy Duty Crate for Truck Bed
  124. What is this??!!
  125. Fun day with Gunther
  126. Does anyone know about this?
  127. Indoor activities for a high drive dog
  128. Don't Pet The Dang Dog!!
  129. Where to situate his kennel
  130. Bloody feet after very long walk?
  131. GSD with one ball! HELP!
  132. Training/dealing with jealously/protective behaviour
  133. Why don't dogs bury their feces anymore?
  134. USCA Sieger Show May 16-18 Who is going???
  135. Obsessive Behavior
  136. chain link fence question
  137. Are People Crazy These Days? sell my dogs!
  138. Non GSD smart dog, funny video
  139. Mailbox funtimes
  140. By George I think I've got it!
  141. How Long to Crate Train?
  142. Is there any other breed like a GSD?
  143. Redbook?
  144. Recent loss (HS)/ Dog who doesn't like affection
  145. Looking for specific list???
  146. Dirt, dogs and toddlers/babies
  147. Best way to ask to walk someone's dog
  148. Are Stairs Bad for a GSD?
  149. Dog smell!
  150. Shadow my 4 month old gsd saved my life
  151. Dog First Aid Kit
  152. Do working line shows exist based on looks?
  153. Sooo jealous..
  154. Advice!! Found a 1/million apartment that might work.. But..
  155. If you kennel your dog when you travel. . .
  156. Blue/tan or blue sable?
  157. Could someone tell me what type of working line mine is with photo?
  158. I hate people that don`t
  159. Two things..
  160. Can we chat about toys?
  161. Panda Shepherd??
  162. Daily instructions to your dogs
  163. Fixing dog toys
  164. Rescue organization or Craigslist?
  165. Attacked by at large Pit Bull (hidden under guise of Dogo Argentino)
  166. Heavy footed pup...
  167. Leaving a German Shepherd alone
  168. Dog License Fees
  169. Springtime Bug Off Garlic Chewables
  170. behavior in hot weather
  171. Snake Repellant/protection?
  172. Beware: Water Intoxication
  173. What kind of tick preventative do you give your dog?
  174. Reporting a bad breeder to AKC?
  175. Best type of fetch/hike
  176. Advice needed: Want an apartment, I have SA dog who barks, not sure what to do!
  177. Can anyone suggest a ground transport service for a puppy?
  178. Sable or regular?
  179. Pit bull compatibility with GSD?
  180. Safe Activities for GSD and Neighborhood Kids
  181. Kiddie Pool
  182. Coat change question for those with adult GSDs
  183. GSD people = serious people?
  184. How do you keep your dog(s) and your home clean?
  185. Gsd
  186. Puppy German Shepherd got hurt badly in boarding school.
  187. I Rescue a Romanian dog
  188. What Mix is he?
  189. Why would someone make a thread about a dog that isn't theirs?
  190. Carrboro/Chapel Hill, NC German Shepherd Friendly Rentals
  191. Open water swimming with my GSD
  192. When will he calm down around other dogs?
  193. Hiking with my German Shepherd
  194. dog won't pee!?!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??
  195. German shepherds the same?
  196. Gunny the rescue. Input in appreciated.
  197. 10 weeks old female GS - playing or not ?
  198. Is this lil guy purebred?
  199. top "rehomed" breeds?
  200. GSDs with smaller dogs
  201. oh you'll be barking mad !
  202. Talking back
  203. "Prancing" around after eating
  204. Unintentional Training
  205. Am I the only one who has had anxiety over boarding their dog?
  206. Mila ( 9 weeks ) again.. :)
  207. Composting dog waste
  208. International Wolf Center, Ely, MN
  209. Shavings for kennel?
  210. help for GSD friendly landscaping????
  211. Vacuum Cleaner
  212. How many times do you brush your dog?
  213. Mila 8 weeks female GS - nutrition
  214. Canadian Home/GSD owner (liability) insurance!?
  215. What type of coat does my GSD pup have?
  216. Neighborhood doggie lady: how to approach?
  217. Does your gsd do this too?
  218. blocking flies from coming inside
  219. Female GS 8 weeks...
  220. Prong collar help!
  221. GSD saves the day (night) -- check this out!
  222. Temperament..Good Read DUPLICATE POST - SEE PUPPY SECTION
  223. What to do for limping?
  224. Elevated food and water
  225. GSD + which other breed?
  226. Anyone own or have experience with these breeds?
  227. Rehoming GSDs
  228. Stairs as a form of exercise: too harsh on hips?
  229. Who are the 3 dogs in the top left corner?
  230. Lady tests dogs to see if they'll protect children (non GSD)
  231. Any good websites to order dog stuff on?
  232. Varick's Obedience
  233. Transporting in car...
  234. how to get my dog not scared of taking a bath?
  235. Does your pup do a silly walk when he has something in his mouth that shouldnt be?
  236. Article on Temperament
  237. Length of life
  238. Dog safe ant removal products / methods for outdoor use?
  239. what age do GSD's stop growing?
  240. Pawsome Neato Spring Cleaning Contest
  241. Question about military dogs
  242. Emergency supplies!
  243. Magic For Dogs?
  244. Need Naming Help!
  245. Bucket List for your dog? And do you have a bucket list?
  246. Color Opinions
  247. Help! Aggressive sleeping
  248. what is your thoughts on the Head Halti?
  249. How to get my dog to ignore other dogs on walks?
  250. Why am I the only one that cares?